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Bill would still allow thousands into virtual charter schools
Feb 26, 7:43 AM: The bill that would allow charter schools to spread faster in West Virginia and fully legalize online charters is up for amendments Friday in the state Senate.
West Virginia Senate committee accepts Democratic changes to charter school bill
Feb 25, 7:36 AM: A public charter school expansion bill from the House of Delegates was approved Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee after accepting an amendment from a Democratic senator to slow down how quickly the program ramps >
Editorial: Rushing charter schools will not help anyone
Feb 19, 7:36 AM: A more robust charter school system must therefore give ALL parents a choice. It must not deepen the divide between the haves and have nots. It must not rob traditional public schools of resources, nor fail to adopt >
WV House passes bill that would give parents public money for home-, private-schooling; bill now heads to Senate
Feb 19, 6:23 AM: The West Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday passed a nonpublic school vouchers bill that would provide a currently estimated $4,600 per-student per-year to every family for every child they remove from public schools >
House nears passage of bill allowing use of public dollars for private education costs
Feb 18, 6:06 AM: The House of Delegates is lined up to pass a bill allowing families to use public money for private education costs. The “Hope Scholarship” would be established through funds from the state Department of Education to pay >
House of Delegates passes charter school expansion bill
Feb 17, 7:04 AM: The West Virginia House of Delegates passed two education bills Tuesday, with much debate over an effort to expand the state’s public charter school pilot program.
Charter schools expansion on edge of passage in W.Va. House
Feb 16, 6:57 AM: Beginning the first full week of West Virginia’s legislative session, a bill allowing more charter schools and more paths to approve them is already on the verge of passage in the House of Delegates.
Another strike unlikely against charter, voucher bills flying through WV House
Feb 15, 6:51 AM: Bills on schedule to pass the state House of Delegates this week would allow faster charter school expansion, promote online charter schools and give parents public money for non-public schooling.
West Virginia Academy files suit against state Board of Education over charter school rejection
Feb 12, 8:30 AM: West Virginia Academy, which was denied a request last year to open a charter school, filed legal action with the state Supreme Court against the West Virginia Department of Education.
West Virginia lawmakers working on charter school, education savings accounts bills
Feb 12, 7:44 AM: On day two of the 60-day legislative session, members of the House Education Committee wasted no time wading into two high-profile education bills.
WV House Ed, a past obstacle to 'school choice,' advances charter, voucher bills; rejected charter sues Ed Dept
Feb 12, 6:16 AM: But Republicans won supermajorities in both state legislative chambers in November. And on Thursday, the House Education Committee put both a vouchers bill and a bill to accelerate charter school expansion on its agenda. >
WV GOP lawmakers put school choice bills on their very first committee agendas
Feb 11, 6:04 AM: Leaders of the new Republican supermajority have queued up a “school choice” doubleheader for the very first meeting of the House Education Committee Thursday: charter schools and vouchers.
Education reform advocates make another attempt at education savings accounts
Feb 10, 6:00 AM: A coalition of Republican lawmakers, conservative public policy groups, and advocates for choice in educational options held a virtual press conference Tuesday calling for passage of legislation creating the Hope >
Remediation programs to offer students opportunity to recover from learning loss
Feb 9, 7:24 AM: For students who went in and out of remote and in-person instruction, or participated in virtual school, the $33 million will allow for more robust and longer-term remediation, he said.
West Virginia House of Delegates Leaders Focus on Regulations, Taxes, Education
Feb 5, 6:22 AM: Both Summers and Espinosa said additional education reforms will be presented, including making it easier for parents to start charter schools and other school choice options. The only attempt to create a charter school — >
Charters can lead: Career education leads to good jobs
Jan 28, 8:07 AM: Traditional high schools aren’t for everyone. People like to learn different things in different ways. That’s why vocational and technical schools can be so attractive for many young adults.
Judge declines to halt return-to-school mandate while teachers conclude vaccinations
Jan 27, 7:06 AM: A Kanawha Circuit judge denied a temporary restraining order for teachers unions who wanted to hold up a return to classrooms long enough to give educators enough time for two doses of covid-19 vaccine.
Teachers unions file suit, while state board pushes for all counties to return to classrooms
Jan 21, 7:02 AM: Two West Virginia teachers unions filed separate lawsuits over the state’s return-to-classrooms mandate today, while the state school board weighed possible actions against counties not already in compliance. >
State board of education set to discuss districts not offering in-person learning option despite motion
Jan 20, 7:22 AM: The West Virginia Board of Education is set to hold an emergency session Wednesday morning to discuss county school systems that are not offering in-person learning to students due to the coronavirus pandemic. >
Commentary: Teachers Union Challenges Back-to-School Order
Jan 15, 7:57 AM: For West Virginia school children to receive the best education available they need to be back in the classroom with a trained, dedicated teacher in front of them. But as our state continues to struggle with containing the >



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