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Blue ribbon higher ed panel pushes legislation
Mar 18, 7:28 AM: The Blue Ribbon Commission on Four-Year Higher Education hasn’t had a full meeting since December and never met the deadline for their final report. Yet, a number of their proposals were pushed during the 2019 legislative >
Education reform forums begin this week
Mar 18, 6:44 AM: Anderson said she expects topics to be both familiar, like the education reform issues discussed in the legislative session, and some new ideas.
Editorial: Mental health tops checklist of education reform
Mar 15, 7:26 AM: As the West Virginia Department of Education prepares to hold public forums around the state to discuss education reform, we can’t stop thinking about a laundry list of issues that need attention. But, most of all, we are >
Lawmakers send free community college bill to governor's desk
Mar 13, 7:09 AM: Lawmakers completed a bill Thursday morning that seeks to make community college free for in-state students who meet certain requirements.
WVDE to host forums on education reform
Mar 12, 5:18 AM: The state Department of Education is holding forums for people to say what state lawmakers should tackle in their special session, and the first will take place in Cabell County.
W.Va. Legislative Session Ends With Bill Successes and Failures
Mar 11, 5:39 AM: Even with the loss of the massive education reform package that first originated in the Senate at the end of January, Carmichael was happy that the attempt helped spur further conversations on education reform. He’s >
Education union leaders mixed on Governor’s call for special session
Mar 8, 8:08 AM: West Virginia Education Association (WVEA) President Dale Lee said WVEA and its members applaud Gov. Justice for attempting to keep his word on a promised 5 percent pay raise, however, they remain skeptical of a special >
WV Lawmakers send free community college bill to governor's desk
Mar 8, 6:48 AM: Senators unanimously voted to confer with a few changes delegates made to Senate Bill 1, a measure that establishes the WV Invests grant program. The grant is a so-called last-dollar-in approach, meaning other forms of >
Letter: Randi Weingarten helps WV students
Mar 7, 8:01 AM: There are plenty of corporate lobbyists cozying up to West Virginia lawmakers and trying to make money off our children with promises of “reform,” which really involves funneling money out of our communities that need it >
Senate OKs budget without teacher raises, Justice to call special session
Mar 7, 6:57 AM: But Fred Albert, president of the state’s arm of the American Federation of Teachers, said the union would rather not have a special session, even if the raise fails. “It would be best to end this session and just let it >
Commentary: Let’s save the rest of education reform bill (SB 451)
Mar 6, 5:49 AM: Charter schools and ESAs are done for this session.  Proponents need to lick their wounds, develop a better strategy for passage, and come back next year.  Parents everywhere are demanding more school choice, so it’s just >
Jeanne Allen: West Virginia Legislators Block Charter School Law
Mar 4, 8:40 AM: Regarding your editorial “Teachers Strike to Kill Student Choice” (Feb. 20): The West Virginia Education Association would like to take full credit for the death of the pro-student education reform bill, but this time it’s >
Carmichael: Senate holding out on raises for school choice options
Mar 4, 6:16 AM: Senate President Mitch Carmichael confirmed Saturday that state senators are still hoping to tie school choice options, meaning charter schools and education savings accounts, to teacher and state employee pay raises. >
Letter: Misled Over the Strike
Mar 4, 6:13 AM: We had schools shut down for two days in Ohio County by the teacher unions over the mere possibility of seven charter schools across the state and 1,000 education savings accounts for students currently in public schools. >
Opinion: What about the student’s voices?
Feb 28, 6:49 AM: Sadly, an ambitious education reform bill that would provide students with new educational options, improve public schools across the state, and also increase teacher pay and benefits was held hostage and killed because >
Opinion: Delegates gave up on students, teachers and innovative ideas
Feb 28, 6:23 AM: In abandoning the Senate’s education omnibus bill, West Virginia delegates gave up a precious opportunity to help the state’s teachers and students. The bill, passed earlier in February by the Senate, would have allowed >
Sen. President Carmichael Says He Is ‘Hesitant’ on Pay Raise Without Education Reform
Feb 27, 8:09 AM: Wednesday is crossover day, meaning it’s the last day for the West Virginia House of Delegates and Senate to consider bills on third reading, or voting stage, in their chamber of origin. Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with >
Editorial: WV’s own border wall needs to tumble down
Feb 27, 6:09 AM: Only hours after the state’s teachers and school service personnel unions called a strike last week, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten flew in to rally striking teachers and preach the evils of >
Letter: Teachers' unions run WV public school
Feb 26, 6:23 AM: Last Wednesday, Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, one of three school workers unions, decided that schools in West Virginia would be open on Thursday. He decided and he announced it. It was >
Column: Explaining Education Bill
Feb 26, 6:18 AM: The misinformation that was propagated by the unions was such a disservice to children, parents, county boards and teachers in my district. Everybody but the union leaders loses.



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