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Schools to Continue Teaching Through Online Programs
Mar 26, 5:47 AM: Shay said the school district was fortunate its leadership had the foresight to lay the ground for online learning over the past two years. More than 2,000 Chromebooks were purchased so that students in grades 6-12 would >
House passes similar legislation to Senate’s ‘Tebow’ bill
Feb 25, 7:33 AM: On Monday, the House of Delegates passed a bill that would allow homeschool students to play public school sports if certain requirements are met.
State board approves rules for charter schools but with some qualms
Feb 13, 7:08 AM: Only board member Deborah Sullivan, former principal at Charleston Catholic, voted against the rules. Sullivan said her objection is not with how the rules were produced but instead with the charter schools concept. >
W.Va. Senate Passes Bill Opening Public School Sports To Homeschool, Private School Students
Feb 12, 7:52 AM: The West Virginia Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow private and homeschool students to play public school sports and participate in other extracurricular activities. Senate Bill 131, known as the Tim Tebow Act, >
WV's school board set for final votes on charter school, social studies requirements. And it needs to find a new superintendent.
Feb 11, 7:47 AM: State Board of Education members are set Wednesday to approve their first regulations for West Virginia’s first charter schools.
Senate Education Committee approves ‘Tim Tebow bill’
Feb 5, 7:01 AM: The West Virginia Senate Education Committee passed the measure, Senate Bill 131, on a voice vote Tuesday. It would allow home-schoolers to play public school sports in addition to allowing kids at private or religious >
COLUMN: When it comes to our children, one size does not fit all
Jan 22, 6:55 AM: When I was appointed to the West Virginia Board of Education, I knew there was work to be done to ensure that West Virginia's children received the best education possible.
Hopefuls for W.Va. governor give their best pitch to teachers union
Jan 21, 7:50 AM: Three candidates for governor of West Virginia let their ideas be graded by one of West Virginia’s big teachers unions.
W.Va. Lawmaker Reintroduces Education Savings Account Bill
Jan 20, 7:22 AM: A controversial proposal that failed in the GOP-led West Virginia Legislature’s education overhaul last year has been reintroduced in the state senate.
Education? Add to scholarship, tuition acts
Jan 9, 6:54 AM: Education has been a hot topic during the last two years of West Virginia's legislative sessions. With teacher strikes two consecutive years, legislators have passed along back-to-back 5 percent pay raises. >
New retention effort to begin for college students
Dec 30, 8:50 AM: The implementation of "completion grants" is set to help fill the gap between checkbooks and commencement, and WVU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Maryanne Reed said school officials continue to see the >
Column: WV deserves shot at prosperity
Dec 27, 8:32 AM: The status quo for our children’s education needs to change. We should continue to reimagine our K-12 education system to help students fulfill their potential. Every child deserves access to the educational opportunity >
Editorial: ‘Flexibility’ must not water down results
Dec 26, 8:13 AM: More “flexibility” may benefit some students. It would be a license for more than a few school districts to hand out even more diplomas to under-educated students.
Law, draft policy indicate: One does not simply deny a charter school in WV
Dec 23, 8:10 AM: Seeing as charters draw students — and their associated state per-pupil funding — away from traditional public schools, county board members may be predisposed to reject them. Other than during state takeovers — when the >
Editorial: Virtual schools will not work without 100% broadband
Dec 23, 7:14 AM: While there may be a lot of excitement in Charleston surrounding two new proposals put forth by the West Virginia Board of Education, one of the proposals should certainly be raising eyebrows across The Mountain State. >
Column: Flexibility To Be Uneducated
Dec 16, 7:11 AM: Flexibility — the goal of proposed changes in Policy 2510 — is important. So is an adequate knowledge base. Results on standardized tests, as well as the fact that many new college students have to take remedial courses in >
Editorial: Really Investing In W.Va.’s Future
Dec 9, 8:46 AM: Despite all the talk about “investing” in West Virginia’s future, few acts of the Legislature do that. The unpleasant truth is that our state cannot afford all the “investment” we would like. >
Advocating for education choice
Dec 3, 6:06 AM: Not seeing local school boards or public educators as her enemies, Buckland just wants children to have equal access to all opportunities, and she’s poured much of her energy into doing so. Although she never attended >
Op-ed: Education system is not serving students
Dec 2, 6:16 AM: Rather than looking at this as an opportunity to improve education, they take the attitude that parents are robbing the school system. They quickly head for cover by changing the subject to school closures and pressuring >
Editorial: Are charter schools going to save W.Va. education?
Nov 21, 7:23 AM: From the first utterance of the words “charter schools” in West Virginia, there seems to have been nothing but trouble.



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