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Lawmakers talking about ‘omnibus bill,’ which could bring lots of changes to state’s education system
Jan 22, 6:47 AM: Such a bill might include provisions allowing educators to bank personal days while also rolling in measures allowing charter schools or education savings accounts.
Letter: WV public education is like the old company store
Jan 22, 5:48 AM: The public K-12 education system in West Virginia appears to have become a variation on that same theme. The majority of our families have no option, no choice and no real freedom to go outside the system. And the system >
Sen. President Mitch Carmichael: State public education can be best in nation
Jan 18, 7:18 AM: In addition, we should consider concepts that other states have used to improve student achievement such as empowering parents and students with options that better serve their needs, charter schools, and Education Savings >
Editorial: Graduation rates tell only part of education story
Jan 17, 6:35 AM: Simply graduating from high school isn't enough for most people. Knowledge and skills in reading, math and science are necessary. Without these, a diploma is merely a certificate of attendance.
Commentary: Dual enrollment and early college are essential ingredients to college completion
Jan 17, 5:39 AM: Despite the popularity of DE programs throughout the state of West Virginia, I believe that these programs are underutilized. Our DE programs need to be more comprehensive in nature to improve their quality, add more >
Column: Educational excellence demands reform and a commitment from all
Jan 16, 6:14 AM: There is no greater responsibility of state government than to provide a thorough education for our children. Thomas Jefferson felt so strongly about the importance of public education that he wrote the following: >
Letter: In education, time to try something new
Jan 11, 7:06 AM: Gov. Jim Justice stated in his State of the State address that education reform will be a central pillar of future success for West Virginia. Yet, he wants to deny West Virginia a viable option for education reform – >
As session begins, W.Va. governor says no to charter schools; Senate president is ‘100 percent’ in favor
Jan 9, 5:54 AM: Don’t count on Gov. Jim Justice to support legislation establishing charter schools in West Virginia. “I’m not for that,” the governor said when asked about the possibility during a press conference. >
Column: Rucker Has Important Ideas for School Reform
Jan 7, 6:11 AM: West Virginia spends more tax dollars on education than most other states in the country. However, even though we spend all this money, our students still rank near the bottom in terms of overall success and achievement. >
Editorial: While discussing education, don’t forget the students
Jan 2, 7:44 AM: But, with all of the talk, we are concerned that we all might be missing the most important pathway to improving educational outcomes in West Virginia: Quality instruction, K-12.
New chairs of education committees will have their hands full
Jan 2, 6:57 AM: Public education is highly personal — for teachers, administrators, parents and policy makers.  The issues are often emotional and complicated by endless state and federal laws and guidelines. Frequently, change agents >
Opinion: Charter schools will not help education in WV
Dec 27, 6:56 AM: Amid the backdrop of a successful teacher strike in West Virginia last winter, both parties reoriented their agendas to focus on education policy. In the upcoming legislative session, education will undoubtedly be a battle >
Commentary: New chairs of education committees will have their hands full
Dec 20, 7:35 AM: The conservative Republican education agenda often clashes with the state’s two influential teacher unions—the West Virginia Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers West Virginia. Last session, anger >
WVU joins national initiative to increase college access, graduates
Dec 13, 6:55 AM: West Virginia University is joining a national initiative to increase college access, close the achievement gap and produce more degrees by 2025, WVU officials reported Tuesday.
A quarter of college-going WV grads sent to remedial college ed, down from 31%
Dec 11, 7:24 AM: About a quarter of West Virginia public and private high school students who graduated in 2017 and enrolled in the state’s public colleges in fall 2017 were required to enroll in remedial education classes. >
WV colleges and universities reaching out for expedited education
Nov 26, 7:13 AM: More and more colleges across West Virginia are reaching beyond state lines to form partnerships to accelerate students’ educational opportunities.
Talk of Teachers Dominates West Virginia 1st District Senate Debate Between Ferns, Ihlenfeld in Wheeling
Oct 25, 7:24 AM: Talk about teachers dominated a debate Wednesday night between candidates for the West Virginia Senate 1st District seat.
Panelists say personalized learning may help schools
Oct 22, 5:53 AM: A panel of three state educational leaders agreed that if student-centered learning takes off throughout West Virginia, the more personalized approach may allow students to gain more in their school experience. >
Column: What WV can learn from Puerto Rico
Oct 12, 6:18 AM: What lessons can West Virginia glean from the Puerto Rican experiment? First, a couple of notes on similarities. Like West Virginia, Puerto Rico’s public-school enrollment has seen substantial decline over the last several >
Commentary: W.Va.'s best kept secret: Community and Technical Colleges
Sep 10, 5:26 AM: West Virginia’s community colleges are doing some of the most innovative and interesting work of any community colleges across the country. We’re getting smarter about scheduling. Gone are the days of a community college >



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