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Teachers in Steilacoom's online schools program get good news
Aug 4, 9:33 AM:

District begins recalling teachers employed in online program, after warning 71 they could be laid off. Steilacoom operates WA Virtual Academy with K12, a VA-based for-profit company. Despite state cuts, between 80% and >

Time to pay school board members
Jul 27, 5:51 AM:

Columnist argues for turning Seattle board seats into salaried positions. Makes a compelling argument that, given recent events, members simply don't have enough time to devote to their roles. So, further compensation >

Edmonds School District students get a jump on learning during summer
Jul 25, 8:03 AM:

Aptly describes how, why and who of online learning in one WA district. Excellent points made on diversity of kids who choose online or blended learning and work of teachers. Would like to see any end results -- how many >

School districts finding ways to deal with big budget cuts
Jul 18, 2:40 PM:

Borders on being a litany of what different WA districts are doing to stave off teacher pay cuts. No attempt to tie in teacher pay, layoffs, etc. to quality.  Needs that bigger picture.

Puyallup School District superintendent gets high grades
Jul 13, 9:57 AM:

WA district Super exceeds ratings in all 8 categories of annual performance review. Categories vague. Focus is on why some praise leader and others don't. Point out how blame over school principal controversy shouldn't >

Enfield may want Seattle schools job, but do we want her?
Jul 6, 9:01 AM:

Seattle's interim Super has put her stamp on system, suggesting she wants permanent job. She's  reduced admin costs, brought in teacher incentives. Good summary of district's main challenges, with parents' and teachers' >

Overhauling Early Education
Jun 27, 9:40 AM:

Brief article examining PreK-3 effort pushing full-day kindergarten, free public early childhood ed for all seamless curriculum through 3rd grade. Few details here. Would like to know specifics on how well it works, how >

Two education groups head toward merger
Jun 23, 9:46 AM:

Two advocacy groups joining to improve WA schools. Will combine efforts in lobbying for legislation and working on the ground at struggling schools. Would be useful to know more about their histories and successes with >

Schools' dilemma: Workers don't have to accept pay cuts that state passed
Jun 23, 8:54 AM:

Union approval necessary for proposed pay cuts for Seattle teachers. No surprise unions object. Reveals other WA districts' tactics to balance budget. Shares where else Seattle has cut, noting this is almost only option. >

State's online high-schoolers to meet for first time
Jun 17, 11:37 AM:

Competitive gymnast and international volunteer among WA virtual students to meet for 1st time at grad ceremony. Quick insight into the benefits of flexible education for talented and motivated students. But brief report >

McKenna's call to boost school funds short on details
Jun 15, 1:52 PM:

Rob McKenna kicks off Gov. campaign, saying 2/3 of state budget should go to education. Aside from question of  balancing budget, there's little evidence just throwing more money will improve schools.Tell us more about >

State's high schoolers maintain in some areas, gain in others
Jun 15, 12:59 PM:

WA grad rates are steady and achievement gap is narrowing. No data to prove the latter. Uses quote from state Super found in AP report without corroborating it. Leaves readers in danger of falsely thinking that more >

Washington state releases high school test results
Jun 15, 11:28 AM:

AP puts WA graduation exam stats into perspective, exploring dropout rates, achievement gaps, and budget cuts. Tells us minority groups are making progress but forgets to reveal last year's numbers alongside present >

Alternative elementary faces steep climb to stay open
Jun 15, 10:31 AM:

Alternative Seattle schools seeks to prove its worth to prevent its shuttering. Times story outlines what makes the school unique and its recent efforts to add some accountability to its alternative brand of education. >

Most state high schoolers meet proficiency exam requirements
Jun 15, 9:10 AM:

Reveals results for WA graduation exams. State law only requires high schoolers to pass reading and writing exams to graduate, but that's changing. Dig up testing stats on math and science to see how well students are >

State investigates Seattle district's sale of MLK School
Jun 7, 12:09 PM:

WA state auditor investigating deal selling Seattle's Martin Luther King Elementary building to First AME Church. Article gives extremely detailed account of how deal came to be, potential conflict of interest, and >

Seattle schools: better accounting, more work to do
May 31, 5:29 AM:

Ambivalent editorial demands greater financial oversight for Seattle schools. Examples of unacceptable practicies given, but unclear if anyone will be held accountable. Why would district enroll ineligible students in a >

School pay cuts not so easy for state districts
May 27, 10:00 AM:

WA lawmakers approve school employee pay cuts, but leave it to districts to decide how to make them. Locals usually want decision-making power. Seems like each wants the other to make hard choices so they're not >

Wash. budget deal relies on massive education cuts
May 25, 2:50 PM:

Education takes a heavy hit in WA, as lawmakers announce budget cutbacks. Teachers face salary cuts and class size will increase. Union says these cuts hurt kids. Yet, no mention of how to shelter top teachers from >

1.9% teacher pay cut: Lawmakers strike budget deal
May 25, 11:18 AM:

Bipartisan budget cuts WA teacher pay. Misplaced priorities in Seattle Times coverage, which spends first half of story exploring the laborious legislative process and its effects on tired lawmakers. Details scarce for >



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