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Most state high schoolers meet proficiency exam requirements
Jun 15, 9:10 AM:

Reveals results for WA graduation exams. State law only requires high schoolers to pass reading and writing exams to graduate, but that's changing. Dig up testing stats on math and science to see how well students are >

State investigates Seattle district's sale of MLK School
Jun 7, 12:09 PM:

WA state auditor investigating deal selling Seattle's Martin Luther King Elementary building to First AME Church. Article gives extremely detailed account of how deal came to be, potential conflict of interest, and >

Seattle schools: better accounting, more work to do
May 31, 5:29 AM:

Ambivalent editorial demands greater financial oversight for Seattle schools. Examples of unacceptable practicies given, but unclear if anyone will be held accountable. Why would district enroll ineligible students in a >

School pay cuts not so easy for state districts
May 27, 10:00 AM:

WA lawmakers approve school employee pay cuts, but leave it to districts to decide how to make them. Locals usually want decision-making power. Seems like each wants the other to make hard choices so they're not >

Wash. budget deal relies on massive education cuts
May 25, 2:50 PM:

Education takes a heavy hit in WA, as lawmakers announce budget cutbacks. Teachers face salary cuts and class size will increase. Union says these cuts hurt kids. Yet, no mention of how to shelter top teachers from >

1.9% teacher pay cut: Lawmakers strike budget deal
May 25, 11:18 AM:

Bipartisan budget cuts WA teacher pay. Misplaced priorities in Seattle Times coverage, which spends first half of story exploring the laborious legislative process and its effects on tired lawmakers. Details scarce for >

Enfield reverses decision to fire Ingraham High principal
May 19, 11:43 AM:

Seattle super reverses decision to fire principal. Unclear here why principal fired. Implied that there might be issues with "instructional leadership". Why not provide test scores and details on school's performance to >

Green Washington State Schools Worth Cost?
May 17, 11:54 AM:

It's a great question... but lack of details here means it's hard to make sense of study questioning efficiency of WA "green" schools. Lots of unanswered questions -- compare extra cost with energy savings. Why were >

School leaders frustrated by layoff deadline, Legislature's slow pace
May 16, 10:26 AM:

WA districts frustrated with drawn-out legislative process. Budget cuts, teacher layoffs hang in balance. Another example of lawmakers and school officials being at odds rather than cooperating to work in best interest >

Gregoire, teachers share concerns on WA education
May 16, 9:39 AM:

WA Gov promises teachers union to veto performance-based firing policy. No pushback from reporter on how "last in, first out" policy hurts students. Good to work with unions on compromise, but not when it comes at >

Dozens of online teachers to receive layoff letters
May 6, 11:01 AM:

WA virtual school bracing for layoffs during state’s budget crisis. Why is an innovative program taking the fall? Notes that program is growing; others are popping up. Achievement data would reinforce school’s >

Bigger classes save money, but impacts are worrisome
May 4, 7:16 AM:

Class size may be increased due to funding issues. Cites research, but here's the kicker: Research opposing class size increases is from major teacher union. Vested interest means questionable results. Does report that >

Manual-Little school, big dreams: Obama as speaker
May 3, 10:20 AM:

Bridgeport High in WA is finalist for presidential commencement visit. Focus is on students' success. 94 percent graduation rate with 100 percent in reduced/free lunch program proves reformer mantra students can do well >

Teachers brace for salary cuts
May 2, 10:59 AM:

WA considers cutting teachers' pay, ending collective bargaining and rewards for longevity and advanced degrees. New group will look at merit pay. Good point on "superstars and slugs" being paid same. Quotes study >

State looks at home schooling pay plan
Apr 27, 7:10 AM:

WA school districts reimburse parents for certain expenses incurred for students enrolled in at-home Alternative Learning Experiences. Good analysis of potential for abuse and need for change, but tell reader how many >

Smart Online Strategy Beats Dumb Cuts
Apr 20, 10:50 AM:

The country's first online K-12 program faces 10-20% budget cuts in WA which may lead to closure. Boils down to a numbers game of looking for budget cuts without regard to education quality. Great case study of >

Senate OKs bill linking teacher evals to layoffs
Apr 13, 9:09 AM:


WA Senate approves education bill ending seniority preference for layoffs, instead mandates cutting teachers with low performance evaluations first. Predictable opponent reaction relies on rhetoric without research.

Toppenish, Wapato school districts on federal grant list
Apr 1, 2:32 PM:

In WA, six school districts chosen for federal School Improvement Grants targeting worst performing schools. Among the options for receiving the money is turning schools into charters. How about more on why state law >

Everett School District turns to community for answers
Mar 28, 8:24 AM:

Everett, WA school district must slash as much as $5 million in expenses. Innovative approach in surveying the community to find out what residents would cut in order to make ends meet BEFORE actually making decisions.

Teacher incentives should be refocused
Mar 25, 7:41 AM:

Getting National Board certification (and extra money for it) won't make teachers better nor help struggling WA students. So take on bigger ed workforce problems that will: Easy tenure, teacher prep, union contracts.




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