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Senate Republicans push through massive property tax shift as part of school reform plan
Mar 24, 5:44 AM: Senate Republicans pushed through a massive shift in property taxes as a way of balancing their two-year, $43 billion spending plan and the school reforms it would contain.
Washington House passes Democrats’ school plan; GOP asks ‘Where’s the money?’
Feb 23, 6:32 AM:

Lawmakers face a difficult task of sorting through two very different plans to improve Washington’s public schools and change the way it pays for them after the House passed its version of education reform Wednesday.

King County judge says Washington charter school law can stand
Feb 20, 6:38 AM: A King County Superior Court judge ruled Friday that Washington state’s newest charter school law — approved by the Legislature last year — does not violate the state constitution.
Why one local family chose online school
Feb 8, 7:36 AM: With the recent confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, there's been a lot of conversation about the future of public schooling. Some families say traditional public schools just aren’t for them. >
Summit Atlas, first charter school in West Seattle holds groundbreaking ceremony
Feb 3, 7:16 AM: The school will open in August for the 2017-2018 school year to its first class of 6th graders and 9th graders. The school will grow each year to eventually serve 6th - 12th grades. The plan involves two phases with phase >
Latest charter-school fight plays out in King County courtroom
Jan 30, 7:48 AM: The state’s charter schools are well into their second school year, but they still remain in legal limbo with a lawsuit challenging their constitutionality before a King County Superior Court judge.
Will Thurston County get its first charter school?
Jan 19, 7:06 AM: Efforts are underway for what could become Thurston County’s first charter school. The Ducere Group will hold two community forums this month for people to learn about its plans to apply for state authorization of a >
Tacoma charter schools host Thursday bus tour for parents
Jan 10, 6:44 AM: The tour is the first of several planned to answer questions from parents and students curious about school options and whether charter schools meet their family’s needs.
Split on school funding marks start of new legislative session in Olympia
Jan 10, 6:34 AM: So divided were the eight lawmakers on the task force that they didn’t even adopt a final report to sum up their seven months of work, which involved analyzing school-funding issues that have landed the state in contempt >
Third Wave Of Washington Charter Schools Eyed
Jan 6, 7:39 AM: Opening and running a charter school isn’t for the faint of heart, but in Washington their ranks will grow this year with three more starting up in the fall. Eight are already running – six under state supervision in King >
Washington Charter Schools Best in the Nation
Dec 7, 7:50 AM: Washington ranks first in the country when it comes to state policies that promote a strong charter school sector, according to a new report out today from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). >
Virtual public school working wonders for Clark County elementary student
Nov 23, 6:57 AM: Before enrolling in Washington Connections Academy this school year, Monte attended a brick and mortar school in the Battle Ground School District. Since kindergarten, he’s been more advanced than his peers. He was >
Could school vouchers take hold in Washington state?
Nov 17, 5:59 AM: Vouchers have been a popular cause among conservatives for years. But the concept has faced stiff opposition in Washington state.
Opponents ‘on offense' against new charter school
Oct 21, 6:53 AM: California-based Green Dot, plans to open a new charter school in Southeast Seattle despite heavy opposition against them.
Charter chain plans tuition-free middle school in Rainier Valley
Oct 17, 4:51 AM: The California-based Green Dot chain plans to open a new charter school in Seattle’s Rainier Valley next fall for middle-school students.
Seattle Mom Urges NAACP To Reconsider
Oct 14, 6:10 AM: Shirline Jones and her son Miles, 12, a sixth-grader at Rainier Prep Public Charter School in the Highline community south of Seattle, were among the hundreds who successfully lobbied the Washington state legislature >
Virtual schools appear to thrive in Washington
Sep 13, 5:09 AM: A survey from by Edge Research found that of the parents with kids enrolled in Washington Virtual Academy, 94 percent felt their child benefited academically from the curriculum.
Online classrooms combating teacher shortage
Sep 9, 5:49 AM: A nationwide teaching shortage is forcing some districts to take a more creative look at how to continue providing education for students.
State justices question how to compel state in McCleary school-funding ruling
Sep 8, 5:58 AM: In the hearing, which lasted more than an hour, the nine justices seemed preoccupied with whether punishing the state any further would succeed in prodding legislators to finally tackle the remaining aspects of fully >
Former Seattle charter school cuts back, sheds grades 2-5
Sep 6, 5:14 AM: First Place Scholars, which last year became the state’s first charter school but since has reverted to operating as a private institution, will serve only students in prekindergarten through first grade this year. >



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