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Could school vouchers take hold in Washington state?
Nov 17, 5:59 AM: Vouchers have been a popular cause among conservatives for years. But the concept has faced stiff opposition in Washington state.
Opponents ‘on offense' against new charter school
Oct 21, 6:53 AM: California-based Green Dot, plans to open a new charter school in Southeast Seattle despite heavy opposition against them.
Charter chain plans tuition-free middle school in Rainier Valley
Oct 17, 4:51 AM: The California-based Green Dot chain plans to open a new charter school in Seattle’s Rainier Valley next fall for middle-school students.
Seattle Mom Urges NAACP To Reconsider
Oct 14, 6:10 AM: Shirline Jones and her son Miles, 12, a sixth-grader at Rainier Prep Public Charter School in the Highline community south of Seattle, were among the hundreds who successfully lobbied the Washington state legislature >
Virtual schools appear to thrive in Washington
Sep 13, 5:09 AM: A survey from by Edge Research found that of the parents with kids enrolled in Washington Virtual Academy, 94 percent felt their child benefited academically from the curriculum.
Online classrooms combating teacher shortage
Sep 9, 5:49 AM: A nationwide teaching shortage is forcing some districts to take a more creative look at how to continue providing education for students.
State justices question how to compel state in McCleary school-funding ruling
Sep 8, 5:58 AM: In the hearing, which lasted more than an hour, the nine justices seemed preoccupied with whether punishing the state any further would succeed in prodding legislators to finally tackle the remaining aspects of fully >
Former Seattle charter school cuts back, sheds grades 2-5
Sep 6, 5:14 AM: First Place Scholars, which last year became the state’s first charter school but since has reverted to operating as a private institution, will serve only students in prekindergarten through first grade this year. >
Parents, state file motions to intervene in charter school lawsuit
Aug 30, 7:02 AM: Twelve families, representing Washington's eight public charter schools – including Excel Public Charter School in Kent – as well the Washington State Charter Schools Association, filed a collective motion last week to >
Charter school advocates undeterred, will fight second lawsuit
Aug 24, 5:21 AM: Washington charter school advocates announced Tuesday that they plan to intervene in a lawsuit filed earlier this month that challenges the state’s newest charter school law.
State Supreme Court justices decry tactics
Aug 15, 7:52 AM: An orchestrated effort is attempting to unseat three state Supreme Court justices over two controversial school-funding rulings, the court’s most junior justice said during the Jefferson County Bar Association’s Continuing >
Lawsuit challenges Charter School Act
Aug 12, 6:00 AM: As Excel Public Charter School in Kent prepares to start it second school year Aug. 22, the constitutionality of charter schools across the state is in question again.
Coalition files new challenge to Washington’s charter-school law
Aug 4, 7:59 AM: A new challenge to the constitutionality of the state’s charter-school law was filed in King County Superior Court on Wednesday by a coalition of parents, educators, school administrators and civic groups. >
Charter-school backers spending big to try to unseat state Supreme Court justice
Jul 29, 6:10 AM: Some of the biggest proponents of charter schools in Washington state are pouring money into the race to defeat state Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen, who authored last year’s decision declaring the privately run, >
State schools chief sues 7 districts over use of levy dollars
Jul 20, 5:36 AM: Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn sued Tuesday to stop seven school districts, including Everett, from using local levy dollars to pay teacher salaries and other expenses of basic education.
State schools chief preparing legal action against districts
Jul 15, 7:08 AM: State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn plans to sue a few school districts that use local levy dollars to pay for elements of basic education, such as teachers’ salaries.
Angela Allen turned around "persistently failing school'
Jun 23, 5:17 AM: Allen inherited a low-income school that the state labeled “persistently low achieving” in state test scores. With $1.45 million federal school improvement grant, she hired two instructional coaches to lead changes in math >
Excel charter wraps up first school year, prepares for second
Jun 9, 7:19 AM: As Excel Public Charter School's first year comes to an end, Adel Sefrioui, its founder and executive director, says he has accomplished what he set out to do: create a school that could see different results than a >
Controversial school-funding rulings prompt crowded Supreme Court races
Jun 9, 6:55 AM: The three judicial candidates also take issue with the court’s 2015 decision striking down the state’s voter-approved charter school law.
Lots of black students, few special ed students at Washington's first charter schools
Jun 6, 6:22 AM: The state’s eight charter schools are not technically charters right now. The state Supreme Court invalidated the original charter law last year. Since then the schools have either operated independently or as part of a >



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