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Letter: Charter schools: Good for Washington
Jul 19, 6:11 AM: David Leonhardt wrote a fine column about the success charter schools have achieved in New Orleans. Unfortunately, he neglected to mention that charters are being fiercely fought all over the country by teachers unions, >
Opinion: Public unions should negotiate in the light
Jul 11, 6:20 AM: Open/observable negotiations is perfectly aligned with the concept, principles, and spirit of Washington’s open government laws as spelled out in the Open Public Meetings Law and Public Records Law. It will end the >
Three years of charter schools in Tacoma, and the fight against them rages on
Jul 9, 4:15 AM: Charters came to the state after a 2012 voter-approved initiative gave them the green light. They're not part of the public school system, which is divided into districts and governed by a publicly elected board. >
Why nearly 1,000 families are clamoring to get into Spokane's charter schools
Jul 6, 5:21 AM: Increasingly, families across the area are starting to agree. Between Spokane's two charter school systems — Spokane International Academy and PRIDE schools — the waitlist for students trying to get in stands at about 900. >
Newest Tacoma academy will give students healthy choice
Jul 6, 4:53 AM: Tacoma Public Schools is unveiling yet another specialty school experiment, created with the region’s shortage of healthcare workers in mind.
Some see move toward more charter schools in online course bill
Jun 18, 6:12 AM: Some Boone County superintendents say a new law requiring districts to pay for online courses takes away local control and represents a march toward charter school expansion.
Commentary: Charter schools debate about impact, not funding
Jun 18, 5:41 AM:

The Herald Editorial Board published an editorial on May 23 calling for continued support for charter public schools, but erroneously suggested that support needs to come in the form of a legislative funding fix.

Editorial: Charter school backers easily refute position by opponents
Jun 4, 6:41 AM: Charter school supporters have had to defend themselves in court — again. Back in mid-May, the state Supreme Court heard arguments over a lawsuit that challenges the law that authorizes the schools, which won voter >
It’s My Privilege to Stand Up for Charter Schools and Students
Jun 1, 5:47 AM: But I mean it sincerely when I say it’s a great honor and privilege to represent our state’s charter public schools and their students in court. I stood before the state Supreme Court in May to make the case that our >
Mom cites safety concerns as reason for virtual schooling
May 31, 6:08 AM: Connie Krestel is a mother of four who was concerned about the security at her boys’ Snohomish County middle school. She enrolled her sons Dustin, 13, and Trevor, 12, at Washington Virtual Academies.
‘Square pegs’ avoid ‘round holes’ at online school
May 29, 6:14 AM: During typical school days, though, the children go to class using a computer, headset and internet connection. They are enrolled in Washington Connections Academy, an online public school. This is the school’s second >
Opinion: Dads like me know charter schools must be allowed to stay open
May 29, 5:53 AM: Charter schools, Washington’s innovative public schools that provide an alternative to the traditional K-12 school district model and focus on serving students from low-income families, recently went before the state >
Debate over state charter schools still isn’t over
May 29, 5:09 AM: It may surprise you to know that the debate over whether or not Washington state charter schools are constitutional still isn’t over. Voters approved an initiative in 2012 that allows up to 40 charter schools in Washington >
In Our View: Leave Charter Schools Be
May 29, 4:22 AM: Washington’s public charter schools are governed by a well-designed system that should be allowed to establish roots and flourish.
Editorial: High court should side with charter schools
May 25, 6:26 AM: Last week, the state Supreme Court heard arguments in another charter school challenge case. Outside of the Temple of Justice, hundreds of charter school students rallied to keep their educational homes open. Inside, the >
Editorial Give charters schools chance to succeed
May 23, 7:11 AM: As a charter school prepares to open this fall in Walla Walla, the state Supreme Court last week heard arguments in a case that could keep the doors from opening.
Editorial: Find better funding source for charter schools
May 21, 7:04 AM: Hundreds of charter school students rallied at the state Capitol on Thursday as the state Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the fate of their schools and the more than 2,400 enrolled in them.
State Supreme Court weighs validity of charter school law
May 18, 5:56 AM: Those challenging the law object to using public money to operate alternative, nonprofit charter schools over which voters have no control. Charter-school advocates and state attorneys argue that opponents are trying to >
Editorial: End legal fight over charter schools so focus can move to education
May 18, 4:58 AM: Washington’s public charter schools are flourishing, with 2,400 enrolled and promising early indications of student success. But a shadow remains over the these schools. And the state Supreme Court should put a stop to >
Letter: Fund rural school districts
May 16, 6:10 AM: Washington has a track record of great teachers in its metropolitan districts, while its rural districts struggle to attract experienced and even qualified teachers. Dozens of the rural school districts in central >



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