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Washington students have new options to earn a high-school diploma
Nov 19, 8:48 AM: It’s official: Starting this school year, Washington students no longer need to take a federal test to earn a high school diploma. Instead, students now have a new menu of options that acknowledge differences in their >
"It gives us hope:" Why Yakima County families chose homeschooling – and what it looks like
Nov 18, 6:53 AM: Yakima County had 311 families that opted out of the public school system in the 2018-19 school year. They each take a different approach to the school day, and have many reasons for choosing an alternative education >
Opinion: The college-or-bust message leaves a majority of our students behind
Nov 15, 8:49 AM: In the past decade, Washington state has poured tremendous resources and energy into getting students ready for and directly admitted into a four-year college: structured “college-prep” curricula in most every high school; >
Do charter schools increase socioeconomic segregation?
Nov 6, 9:16 AM: Do charter schools affect school segregation by income? According to new research published this week, public schools in the United States are becoming more separated based on class — and the expansion of charter schools >
Editorial: Education must challenge, prepare students
Nov 5, 7:04 AM: A change of focus in American education has taken place over the past two decades. In 2002, more than half the states required students to pass an academic proficiency test in order to graduate from high school; today, 12 >
Op-Ed: State voters should approve Ref. 88 to give opportunity to all
Oct 30, 6:58 AM: When I was elected the superintendent of the state’s public education system, I became responsible for the success of every child in Washington’s K-12 schools – in 295 unique school districts and 6 tribal education-compact >
Gap widens between Washington’s low and high performers on national test as gifted education faces scrutiny
Oct 30, 5:27 AM: New national test scores in math and reading are out, and while averages across Washington have largely flatlined, the gap between the state’s high-flyers and lowest performers continues to grow.
Editorial: Keep accountability high in handing out diplomas
Oct 28, 6:59 AM: Not every student wants or needs to go to university to have a productive, satisfying career and life, but pathways to graduation must not shortchange student learning. Our students’ and state’s future depend on upholding >
A new pathway to construction, electrical and labor trades
Oct 24, 7:24 AM: Students who complete the program will receive college credit through Everett Community College.
Charter schools are having their moment in Spokane and the rest of the state
Oct 21, 5:44 AM: These are exciting times for charter schools. Spokane International Academy is preparing for a major expansion next year. Innovation High School won a nationwide STEM contest, and along with its sister school, PRIDE Prep, >
Charter school that opened in Kent this fall abruptly closes
Oct 17, 6:25 AM: A charter school in Kent that debuted this fall suddenly closed because of a staff exodus and dwindling student enrollment — making it the fourth Washington charter school to shutter in the past year. >
As more charter schools get ready to open in Washington, feds issue grant of nearly $20M
Oct 7, 6:50 AM: Five new charter schools are expected to open across Washington next year — and they now have a multimillion dollar reason to celebrate. A Washington charter schools nonprofit has won a nearly $20 million competitive >
Union membership steady in Clark County after ruling
Aug 26, 8:04 AM: Union opponents saw the ruling’s potential to reduce the power of public-sector unions, which they’ve blamed for bloated government. With unions traditionally being a key constituency of the Democratic Party, the ruling >
Seattle school district and union still divided on pay less than 2 weeks before school starts
Aug 23, 7:35 AM: Seattle Public Schools and the union representing 6,000 of its educators reached the end of their scheduled bargaining days on Wednesday without producing a new contract.
Opinion: Nebraska must stand against failed education policies
Aug 14, 7:44 AM: For the sake of children our education leaders in Nebraska must take a stand against Washington’s failed education policies. All statewide testing, national testing and international testing shows the same results — there >
Opinion: Give our youth the support they need to grasp the rewards of a postsecondary education
Jul 15, 7:28 AM: Our region’s rapidly changing and vibrantly growing economy requires education beyond high school. Whether a college degree or a career credential, postsecondary education and professional training is necessary to secure a >
For the first time, Seattle schools general fund will break $1 billion in spending
Jul 12, 7:34 AM: The Seattle School Board approved the record-breaking budget for the 2019-2020 academic year at a meeting Wednesday. Combined with the other budgets that were also approved, including one for the district’s debts and the >
Yakima Valley apprenticeship opportunities for high schools expand
Jul 10, 6:43 AM: Riley Thompson finished his junior year at West Valley High School in Yakima this spring, and last week began entering coding into machines and using mills to produce airplane parts for Pexco Aerospace in Union Gap. >
Spokane’s third charter school will cater to teen parents across the county
Jul 1, 6:45 AM: Card is working on designing programs for the new school, which has yet to select a site but hopes to set up shop near downtown to be close to bus routes and other services, Edwards said. Teen parents need day care, which >
Editorial: Who pays the price for Tacoma’s failed charter schools? Kids do
Jun 21, 5:27 AM: In the 2019-20 school year, 10 charter schools will be up and running in the state; four have been authorized to open the following year. These publicly funded, privately-run schools would do well to take a forensic >



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