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Charter school to open in Walla Walla in August
Mar 16, 6:47 AM: Finding the right home is a problem inherent with charter schools, he explained. While schools like Willow are state and federally funded for every student, they don’t get access to financing resources such as traditional >
Charter schools, despite ongoing legal questions, attract the families they hoped to get
Feb 12, 5:44 AM: Washington voters were among the last in the country to approve charter schools, which are free, publicly funded and, in this state, run by independent nonprofits. The oldest have been open less than three years, so their >
Local charter school expands, offers new positions for teachers
Feb 9, 6:21 AM: It was only a couple years ago when charter schools in Washington state were in a legal battle to keep their doors open. Now, their future in Spokane seems brighter than ever.
Spokane International Academy's plans for new charter high school delayed
Feb 6, 7:13 AM: Spokane International Academy, a charter school, had been seeking approval from Spokane Public Schools to offer 9th grade starting the 2018-19 school year. In 2015, it opened for just kindergarten, first and sixth grades, >
Charter schools get a bad rap, says new leader of state association
Jan 8, 7:34 AM: After a long career advocating for traditional public education, Patrick D’Amelio recently stepped up to lead the Washington State Charter Schools Association, which aims to spread the word about this model. >
Opposition and legal challenges don’t deter Washington’s new charter-school leader
Jan 8, 6:12 AM: After a long career advocating for traditional public education, Patrick D’Amelio recently stepped up to lead the Washington State Charter Schools Association, which aims to spread the word about this locally untested >
Fearing new South Seattle charter will hurt nearby schools, School Board opposes zoning request
Jan 5, 6:11 AM: In an attempt to inhibit the growth of charter schools, the Seattle School Board voted Wednesday to oppose a request to let one charter construct a larger building than city zoning rules allow.
State Supreme Court to hear charter-schools case again
Dec 20, 6:06 AM: The Supreme Court announced in early December that it will hear the latest legal challenge to charter schools in 2018. The challenge came after a King County Superior Court judge ruled in February that the state’s >
School Board may try new tactic to fight charter schools in Seattle
Dec 15, 7:53 AM: Seattle’s board of education has been resolute in its opposition to charter schools, and next month will try a new approach to thwart their growth. The Green Dot network, which runs 28 charters in California, Tennessee and >
New charter high school planned for South Seattle
Dec 1, 6:19 AM: Despite strong headwinds, charter-school supporters continue to increase their foothold in Washington. If the California-based Green Dot group gets its way, a three-story charter high school will open in Seattle next >
Growing school district, growing city: Seattle officials announce partnership to plan for both
Nov 21, 6:14 AM: Seattle Public Schools and the city of Seattle plan to work together to build a new Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center, consider locating a school at or near there, too, and look into possible sites for other new schools >
Is school funding fixed? That’s up for debate in front of the Supreme Court soon
Oct 23, 5:31 AM: The time is finally near for the Washington Supreme Court to decide if lawmakers have done enough to comply with a court order to fix issues with school funding, work that has dominated the agenda at the state Capitol for >
Spokane Charter Schools put up strong academic marks
Sep 27, 6:52 AM: In Spokane there are currently two charter schools, Spokane International Academy and Pride Prep that between the two of them have 820 students. At Spokane International Academy there are currently 350 students on a wait >
Enrollment Continues to Grow at One Spokane Charter School
Sep 27, 6:32 AM: Enrollment is expanding in at least one of Spokane’s two public charter schools and there’s a significant waiting list.
New Bellevue schools chief driven to tackle ethnic achievement gaps
Sep 26, 5:57 AM: Superintendent Ivan Duran takes over at the Bellevue School District, known for high-performing schools but persistent achievement gaps for some nonwhite students. His own shattering experience of racism as a Latino kid in >
Online public schools a growing option for parents
Sep 22, 5:39 AM: "It’s working fantastic for us,” said Mills, whose son and daughter Gwen are both students at Washington Connections Academy, an online school. The tuition-free online schools offer students direct instruction with >
Lawmakers didn’t finish job on school reform, lawyer argues
Sep 1, 4:54 AM: The Legislature only came part way to meeting a Supreme Court directive to improve public schools by passing a plan that doesn’t spend enough, soon enough, an attorney for the families who won a landmark decision on >
Fain named Champion for Kids for online public school advocacy
Aug 31, 5:54 AM: While much of the focus remains on public school students in traditional classroom settings, thousands also embrace alternative options including online learning, for which Sen. Joe Fain was recognized as a “Champion for >
Life after No Child Left Behind: Washington state to submit plan for new federal K-12 law
Aug 28, 7:00 AM: When the new federal K-12 education law — called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) — takes effect this coming school year, parents won’t receive letters that their child’s school “needs improvement” because the school >
School choice surges in Washington state and beyond
Aug 25, 5:48 AM: Washington state became the 42nd state in the nation to offer parents the option of enrolling their children in a public charter school. In the fall of 2015, eight public charter schools opened in Seattle, Tacoma, >



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