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Opinion: Education beyond high school is win-win for students, economy
Jan 22, 8:24 AM: For our students to be ready for these jobs, many need to continue their education after high school and complete a credential, such as a degree, apprenticeship or certificate in a specific industry. In the near future, >
Gov. Inslee proposes broadband access for all
Jan 17, 6:44 AM: A lack of quality broadband impacts kids trying to do their homework, entrepreneurs hoping to launch a startup, and rural employees who work remotely for companies in bigger cities.
Making less than $61.5K with a family of four? Inslee wants to guarantee college money for your kids
Jan 16, 7:54 AM: Gov. Jay Inslee has proposed a change to the state's most important financial-aid program for college students, changing the program's name and guaranteeing every student who qualifies will receive funding. >
Editorial: Research confirms quality of Washington charters
Jan 14, 6:57 AM: Washington charter schools, especially those in Seattle, got some much deserved validation from researchers at Stanford University.
Dori: Teacher union’s greed causing massive deficits for districts
Jan 11, 8:00 AM: When the teachers union went on strike, and school district after school district started giving teachers gigantic raises at the beginning of this school year, I told you it was not sustainable. I told you that within one >
Students in Washington's charter schools and public schools learn at similar rates, Stanford report finds
Jan 10, 7:25 AM: What kind of academic impact do the state’s charter schools have on their students? Their answer, after studying three school years’ worth of data: Overall, charter-school students’ scores on state math and reading exams >
Are member dues pushing Seattle teachers out of union?
Dec 14, 8:08 AM: A June 2018 Supreme Court decision ruled that public workers aren’t required to pay union dues as a condition of employment, and it’s resulted in an exodus of hundreds of employees from Seattle’s public schools union. >
Editorial: Invest in programs that boost high school graduation
Dec 13, 6:16 AM: Every year, 17,000 Washington high school students fail to graduate on time. The statewide graduation rate has improved to about 80 percent, but that leaves 20 percent of students still not getting the help they need to >
Opinion: Charter schools welcome scrutiny as we strive to boost all students
Dec 4, 8:31 AM: As chair of the Washington State Charter School Commission, I feel the recent Seattle Times article regarding the charter school performance audit [“New report offers early look at how well Washington’s charter schools are >
Seattle high-school graduates will get 2 free years of community college. Here’s how it will work.
Nov 30, 8:53 AM: Seattle joins a wave of programs across the country that have been created by lawmakers, or voters, that aim to remove the barriers to higher education by making community college tuition-free.
Portland Public Schools Could Allow Some Part-Time High School
Nov 15, 6:50 AM: As Gov. Kate Brown calls for more analysis of the state Board of Education’s decision that allows high schoolers to take less than a full load of courses, Portland Public Schools is weighing whether to take advantage of >
Editorial: Seattle education levy should benefit charter students, too
Nov 13, 6:26 AM: And all public school children in Seattle should benefit from tax dollars collected in the Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Program levy, including charter school students.
Recall supporters sweep Tecumseh school board
Nov 8, 7:17 AM: The conflict began last year with the district’s implementation of mass-customized learning, project-based learning, competency-based grading and a renaming of schools and reshuffling the grades within those >
Editorial: Preserving charter schools great news for Tacoma
Nov 5, 7:17 AM: Last month the Washington state Supreme Court upheld the state’s lottery-supported charter school system. It was the high court’s second ruling in three years on the constitutional question of paying for the publicly >
Editorial: Ruling leaves charter-school focus on learning
Oct 31, 5:41 AM: Washington voters agreed to support charter schools in 2012 as an experiment. In effect, charter schools are free to operate with more innovation — or at least with fewer constraints — than typical K-12 public schools. >
Editorial: Charter schools must be given chance to succeed
Oct 30, 6:38 AM: The state Supreme Court last week upheld funding charter schools with public lottery funds. The court did not find this in violation of the state constitution and thus it can continue.
Editorial: New start for charter schools
Oct 29, 5:57 AM: In a complex, yet decisive, ruling, the court’s majority found the charter law constitutional, with one notable exception concerning collective bargaining. The decision may make it easier for charter-school employees to >
What’s next for Washington state charter schools and their opponents following Supreme Court ruling
Oct 29, 5:55 AM: The Washington Supreme Court ruled that the state’s 12 charter schools can continue to receive state lottery money, but there could still be more litigation over the publicly-funded, privately-run schools. >
Charter schools can continue to receive state funding, Washington’s Supreme Court rules
Oct 26, 4:58 AM: The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that funding charter schools with lottery money does not violate the state constitution.
Letter: State, districts, teachers coming for more money
Oct 23, 6:38 AM: The teachers union with support from the state Superintendent of Public Instruction now has us, the taxpayer, where they want us. Due to a poorly thought-out school funding scheme and mismanagement of funds at the district >



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