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Confusion, uncertainty on first day of state-mandated remote learning for Washington school districts
Mar 31, 7:02 AM: On Monday, the first day school districts were required to provide some type of education services during their state-mandated closure, Trice — a single, recently unemployed mother with multiple sclerosis — and her five >
Digital divide challenges Washington districts seeking equity in at-home learning
Mar 25, 7:53 AM: As the crisis deepens, so too does the digital divide that isolates tens of thousands of Washington students who lack internet connections, devices and the means to obtain them.
Parents of children with disabilities see special challenges with Clark County schools closed
Mar 25, 7:51 AM: As area school districts are gearing up to provide some online learning opportunities to students, district officials are grappling with how to provide services to those children who have disabilities. By federal law, >
Washington education officials: school must continue, even during coronavirus closures
Mar 24, 6:07 AM: The state’s Education Department released guidance Monday that calls on school districts to provide some form of instruction while schools are closed because of the novel coronavirus.
Inslee signs charter school bill into law
Mar 23, 7:57 AM: Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Wednesday that Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, sponsored to enhance administration capabilities at state charter schools.
Opinion: As Schools Shift to Virtual Learning, Educators Worry That Online Instruction Is Inequitable
Mar 18, 8:08 AM: Meanwhile, public schools across the state are closing by order of Gov. Jay Inslee. Most have no plans to provide any instruction at all. Our superintendent of public instruction advised schools not to offer online classes >
Commentary: Online learning can be key to career readiness
Mar 9, 8:44 AM: When it comes to preparing high school students for long-term career success, Washington is headed in the right direction.
Opinion: We need to fund education choice and restructure public education funding
Mar 6, 9:18 AM: Everyone believes a good education and instilling a love of learning can allow any child to achieve the “American dream.” It’s the one thing you can’t take away, regardless of their family situation. In one of Spokane’s >
Online learning and equity in the age of the coronavirus: Will other districts follow Northshore’s move?
Mar 5, 7:57 AM: Still, some are hatching plans to try to make it work. On Wednesday night, Northshore School District announced all schools would be closed March 5 through 14, but that instruction would resume online. The decision came >
‘We are no longer able to provide quality instruction’: Northshore School District closes all schools for coronavirus concerns
Mar 5, 7:47 AM: On Tuesday, staff members and students were trained on how to transition from teaching in classrooms to online learning, a system that will begin Monday, the statement said. The district said it equipped all students with >
Editorial: Charter schools are public schools and deserve more equitable funding
Feb 10, 9:16 AM: Washington’s public charter schools receive state funding for basic education, just as traditional public schools do — money follows each student. But they are not allowed to augment those budgets through enrichment levies >
Charter schools are new to Washington state. How strong is the law behind them?
Jan 30, 6:56 AM: With one year left for the state to authorize new charter schools, a national ranking of charter-school laws placed Washington’s near the top.
Mailer encourages Washington state teachers to stop paying their union dues and ‘save up to $1,200’
Jan 3, 8:24 AM: The mailers are part of a wider and litigious political battle between the state’s labor unions and the Freedom Foundation, an Olympia-based conservative think tank, whose website says the group is “working to reverse the >
Offering something new: charter school coming to Manette in 2020
Dec 26, 7:58 AM: For parents and students looking for an alternative school option that prioritizes personalized learning and focuses on developing leadership, a tuition-free, nonprofit public charter school will be coming to Bremerton >
Column: What can we learn from Washington’s recent charter-school closures?
Dec 9, 8:13 AM: The closures have riled lawmakers, charter-school advocates and researchers. Ashé was backed by a swell of community support, a fact that makes its closure all the more perplexing — and for some, painful. The closures add >
Editorial: Prepare students for technical careers
Dec 2, 8:31 AM: A college education should be within reach of all students with the aptitude and interest to pursue a four-year degree, but not everyone wants to follow that path. At the same time, there is a high and consistent workforce >
Washington students have new options to earn a high-school diploma
Nov 19, 8:48 AM: It’s official: Starting this school year, Washington students no longer need to take a federal test to earn a high school diploma. Instead, students now have a new menu of options that acknowledge differences in their >
"It gives us hope:" Why Yakima County families chose homeschooling – and what it looks like
Nov 18, 6:53 AM: Yakima County had 311 families that opted out of the public school system in the 2018-19 school year. They each take a different approach to the school day, and have many reasons for choosing an alternative education >
Opinion: The college-or-bust message leaves a majority of our students behind
Nov 15, 8:49 AM: In the past decade, Washington state has poured tremendous resources and energy into getting students ready for and directly admitted into a four-year college: structured “college-prep” curricula in most every high school; >
Do charter schools increase socioeconomic segregation?
Nov 6, 9:16 AM: Do charter schools affect school segregation by income? According to new research published this week, public schools in the United States are becoming more separated based on class — and the expansion of charter schools >



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