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Washington’s 2018 state test scores still show large gaps between student groups
Sep 14, 6:43 AM: Washington’s 1.1 million public-school students are performing slightly better on English exams than they were in years past, according to new numbers released by the state education department this week. >
Tumwater district says school will start Friday, after teachers vote to keep striking
Sep 13, 7:03 AM: Hours after a Thurston County Superior Court Judge told striking Tumwater teachers to go back to work, the teachers voted to stay on the picket line.
Tacoma school district may sue teachers union after weeklong contract stalemate
Sep 13, 6:54 AM: Pleas from Gov. Jay Inslee failed to end the strike that's lasted almost a week. Taking legal action against the teachers union is "certainly an option that’s under consideration," said Dan Voelpel, a spokesman for Tacoma >
Inslee weighs in, but Tacoma teachers’ strike heads to fifth day
Sep 12, 6:06 AM: Across the state, teacher contract negotiations have been particularly fraught after lawmakers this year injected about $1 billion into the state’s K-12 budget to pay for educator salaries. The infusion of cash prompted >
Tacoma teachers strike hits Day 4, with no end in sight as district sends mixed messages
Sep 11, 6:30 AM: Tacoma teachers voted last week to strike after weeks of negotiations over hoped-for salary increases broke down. Teachers want increases that compare to raises received by other teachers across the state. Tacoma schools >
Teacher strikes, unrest hit West Coast as unions flex muscle
Sep 10, 7:42 AM: The latest disputes are particularly acute in Washington, a state that has infused at least $1 billion for teacher pay to resolve a long-running court battle. With students returning to school in the last few weeks, >
Editorial: Will another Washington governor use bully pulpit to end teacher strikes?
Sep 7, 7:03 AM: School strikes are raging all along the I-5 corridor. Scores of families, including 52,000 students in Tacoma and Puyallup, are dealing with child-care crises of unknown duration. While thousands of teachers wait for >
Tumwater is going to court to get striking teachers back to work
Sep 7, 6:59 AM: The Tumwater School District will be in court Friday morning to try to get its teachers back to work.
Tacoma teachers will strike on the first day of school
Sep 6, 6:53 AM: Classes in Tacoma Public Schools won't start as scheduled Thursday after the district and union failed to reach agreement.
Tacoma and Puyallup teachers vote to strike; first day of school on hold
Sep 5, 6:30 AM: Teachers in Tacoma and Puyallup voted Tuesday evening to strike, delaying the start of school for about 52,000 South Sound students.
Washington lawmakers knew school-contract chaos was coming — and not just in Seattle
Sep 4, 5:32 AM: When lawmakers overhauled the state’s education budget, they were well aware they were setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to the most chaotic summer of teacher-contract negotiations in recent memory. >
State agencies seeing unprecedented demand for mediators, 30 out of 325 open mediation cases are school-related
Aug 31, 7:02 AM: With unions and school districts still at odds, often an outsider is needed to bring both groups together. But, the state agency tasked with providing mediators is seeing an unprecedented demand for them.
As negotiations continue, teachers union leader says a 3-year contract is unlikely
Aug 31, 6:58 AM: Two days after Seattle educators voted to authorize a strike, bargaining was still underway for a teacher contract. In case talks fall through and school is canceled next week, here's where children can be taken. >
With possibility of a strike looming, still no contract for Seattle educators after bargaining session Wednesday
Aug 30, 7:08 AM: With six days to go before a possible strike occurs, salary raises are the biggest item on the table during this round of negotiations, with many in the union — which includes both teachers and other school employees, like >
Will Tacoma teachers strike? What about Puyallup? Odds are increasing
Aug 29, 6:24 AM: It’s not a sure thing, but chances are growing that teachers in the Tacoma School District could vote to strike for the first time since 2011, meaning school might not start Sept. 6.
WA Policy Center expert: Teachers union strikes are illegal
Aug 21, 6:45 AM: Finne called the teachers union’s actions a “classic bait-and-switch,” noting that after asking for money to reduce class sizes for the past few years and then receiving that money through the Legislature’s McCleary >
Seattle Public Schools and Teachers’ Unions Spar of Alleged Deficits
Aug 7, 6:50 AM: Despite the increase in state funding, Seattle Public School (SPS) officials say that the decreased levy dollars will lead to a deficit in upcoming years that could result in staff downsizing. Meanwhile, teacher union >
Why there aren’t any Native American charter schools in Washington state
Aug 2, 6:43 AM: The Trump administration is proposing a tweak to a funding competition that would prioritize applications for charter schools focused on Native American students. Here's why that probably won't change much in Washington >
School Stats: Do charter schools in Washington actually serve students with disabilities?
Jul 30, 4:31 AM: A new report from researchers at the University of Washington Bothell attempts to satisfy critics who doubt that the state’s nascent charter schools serve their fair share of students who might need more supports to >
UW study: Want highly trained teachers to work at high-poverty schools? Try offering them $10,000
Jul 20, 7:05 AM: In Washington state, teachers who complete a rigorous national certification program and work at a high-poverty school collect a combined $10,000 bonus each year. And new research from the University of Washington finds >



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