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Charter school creates choice, competition
Jun 30, 5:38 AM: Choice is good. That’s the initial reaction of local school officials to the news that Pinnacles Prep application has been approved to become the Wenatchee Valley’s first charter public school.
As COVID-19 changes education systems, Washington school superintendent candidates push for local control
Jun 29, 5:45 AM: Five candidates are running in Washington’s Aug. 4 primary against incumbent Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction, calling for more local control of schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. >
Parents and students need new learning options since public schools may not open this fall
Jun 18, 5:44 AM: For those parents who are not ready for their children to return to traditional classrooms, or who believe they are underserved by the routine programs offered by their local district, officials should make available, and >
Tacoma teachers lead march pushing for education reform for students of color
Jun 15, 6:40 AM: Speakers talked about several issues including a lack of diversity in hiring at schools and policies that impact black students disproportionately.
Calling for reforms to police and education, Seattle students flood the streets to protest
Jun 8, 6:19 AM: Opponents to these police-school district partnerships say having law enforcement at schools endangers students and opens the door for police to intervene in minor disciplinary issues.
Parents gamble on virtual schools amid coronavirus closures. Who stands to gain?
May 11, 5:53 AM: She soon found an alternative in Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA), one of the state’s largest public virtual schools — and one that was accepting new students, even in the middle of the school year. And like other >
Editorial: This is the perfect time to reform the K-12 calendar
May 4, 5:41 AM: Gov. Jay Inslee and his advisers – though not the Legislature – are figuring out when and how to reopen the state. It’s a work in progress. Life in Washington will change in many ways, some of them permanent. And one of >
Opinion: Connecting youth to career pathways — and hope — from home
May 1, 6:59 AM: That’s why Career Connect Washington (CCW) is doubling down on building viable pathways to college and career for 15- to 29-year-olds and delivering more pathways through virtual learning experiences. >
No failing grades for high-school students during coronavirus closures, Reykdal says
Apr 23, 5:39 AM: A new grading policy framework released by state schools superintendent Chris Reykdal Tuesday gives school districts broad latitude on how to assign grades to high-school students in the remaining eight weeks of the school >
Stakeholders make case for education choice
Apr 21, 5:52 AM: As students shift toward remote learning due to COVID-19, some education experts say it’s time to create more flexible learning options.
Seattle will give high-school students A’s or incompletes; colleges urged to adopt generous grading
Apr 21, 5:44 AM: The Seattle School Board on Monday adopted a policy giving all high-school students either A’s or incomplete grades for the spring 2020 semester to reflect the hardships of remote learning. The change was recommended by >
Spokane Public Schools lays out new standards for online learning, partnership with KSPS
Apr 20, 6:02 AM: With eight weeks left in the academic year and students homebound because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spokane Public Schools will roll out a more standardized distance learning model this week.
Many families in Washington State are waiting on special education services during coronavirus closures
Apr 10, 9:03 AM: The state’s sudden pandemic-driven experiment in remote learning has illuminated several of the K-12 public education system’s shortcomings, and education for students with disabilities is one of them. >
Editorial: School shutdown could inspire adjustments to K-12 education
Apr 10, 7:12 AM: With all K-12 schools in Washington ordered closed at least until the fall and teachers preparing and fine-tuning lesson plans for students at home, there’s no better time for school leaders across the state to rethink the >
Coronavirus school closures to continue in Washington state through the end of the school year
Apr 7, 5:53 AM: Washington K-12 public, private and charter schools will remain closed through the end of the academic year, Gov. Jay Inslee announced at a Monday news conference. Distance learning should continue, he said, and schools >
Confusion, uncertainty on first day of state-mandated remote learning for Washington school districts
Mar 31, 7:02 AM: On Monday, the first day school districts were required to provide some type of education services during their state-mandated closure, Trice — a single, recently unemployed mother with multiple sclerosis — and her five >
Digital divide challenges Washington districts seeking equity in at-home learning
Mar 25, 7:53 AM: As the crisis deepens, so too does the digital divide that isolates tens of thousands of Washington students who lack internet connections, devices and the means to obtain them.
Parents of children with disabilities see special challenges with Clark County schools closed
Mar 25, 7:51 AM: As area school districts are gearing up to provide some online learning opportunities to students, district officials are grappling with how to provide services to those children who have disabilities. By federal law, >
Washington education officials: school must continue, even during coronavirus closures
Mar 24, 6:07 AM: The state’s Education Department released guidance Monday that calls on school districts to provide some form of instruction while schools are closed because of the novel coronavirus.
Inslee signs charter school bill into law
Mar 23, 7:57 AM: Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Wednesday that Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, sponsored to enhance administration capabilities at state charter schools.



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