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Editorial: Find better funding source for charter schools
May 21, 7:04 AM: Hundreds of charter school students rallied at the state Capitol on Thursday as the state Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the fate of their schools and the more than 2,400 enrolled in them.
State Supreme Court weighs validity of charter school law
May 18, 5:56 AM: Those challenging the law object to using public money to operate alternative, nonprofit charter schools over which voters have no control. Charter-school advocates and state attorneys argue that opponents are trying to >
Editorial: End legal fight over charter schools so focus can move to education
May 18, 4:58 AM: Washington’s public charter schools are flourishing, with 2,400 enrolled and promising early indications of student success. But a shadow remains over the these schools. And the state Supreme Court should put a stop to >
Letter: Fund rural school districts
May 16, 6:10 AM: Washington has a track record of great teachers in its metropolitan districts, while its rural districts struggle to attract experienced and even qualified teachers. Dozens of the rural school districts in central >
Willow charter school holds initial 'signing' event for students
Apr 24, 6:27 AM: The evening was a personal milestone for Christianson and visibility at last for Walla Walla’s new and only charter school. After being granted charter status in 2014, Willow appeared headed to the chopping block along >
Apprentice program serves youth and business
Apr 19, 6:18 AM: Weissenbuehler’s company has benefited from its participation in Washington’s Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) program, which allows young apprentices to graduate from high school with college credit, a >
Washington implementing new system for judging schools
Apr 19, 5:44 AM: Parents have a new way to examine how schools are doing in Washington state. State Superintendent Chris Reykdal said the new system will help administrators, teachers and parents identify deficiencies in all schools, >
Guest Commentary: High Schools Need to Strengthen Vocational Education
Apr 18, 5:31 AM: Some career preparation options already exist, but are little-known and underutilized – options like New Market Skills Center, online Running Start, technical college Running Start, the alternative programs like Olympia >
These rare schools see benefits of combining AP classes with vocational training
Apr 12, 6:07 AM: At most high schools, however, the book learning and hands-on experiences are kept separate. Tesla is a rare case in which classes blend a college-oriented curriculum with one aimed at employment. Students say the benefits >
These classes keep kids in school. A Tri-City area district just invested $5 million in them
Apr 12, 6:03 AM: CTE classes are proven effective in keeping kids engaged — reducing dropout rates and increasing on-time graduation rates. In a community like Finley, they're particularly valuable.
Seattle School Board selects first Native American superintendent in city history
Apr 5, 4:42 AM: The Seattle School Board spent less than two months narrowing down a pool of 63 candidates to just three finalists vying to lead Washington’s largest school district. Wednesday night, the Board voted unanimously to select >
Charter school to open in Walla Walla in August
Mar 16, 6:47 AM: Finding the right home is a problem inherent with charter schools, he explained. While schools like Willow are state and federally funded for every student, they don’t get access to financing resources such as traditional >
Charter schools, despite ongoing legal questions, attract the families they hoped to get
Feb 12, 5:44 AM: Washington voters were among the last in the country to approve charter schools, which are free, publicly funded and, in this state, run by independent nonprofits. The oldest have been open less than three years, so their >
Local charter school expands, offers new positions for teachers
Feb 9, 6:21 AM: It was only a couple years ago when charter schools in Washington state were in a legal battle to keep their doors open. Now, their future in Spokane seems brighter than ever.
Spokane International Academy's plans for new charter high school delayed
Feb 6, 7:13 AM: Spokane International Academy, a charter school, had been seeking approval from Spokane Public Schools to offer 9th grade starting the 2018-19 school year. In 2015, it opened for just kindergarten, first and sixth grades, >
Charter schools get a bad rap, says new leader of state association
Jan 8, 7:34 AM: After a long career advocating for traditional public education, Patrick D’Amelio recently stepped up to lead the Washington State Charter Schools Association, which aims to spread the word about this model. >
Opposition and legal challenges don’t deter Washington’s new charter-school leader
Jan 8, 6:12 AM: After a long career advocating for traditional public education, Patrick D’Amelio recently stepped up to lead the Washington State Charter Schools Association, which aims to spread the word about this locally untested >
Fearing new South Seattle charter will hurt nearby schools, School Board opposes zoning request
Jan 5, 6:11 AM: In an attempt to inhibit the growth of charter schools, the Seattle School Board voted Wednesday to oppose a request to let one charter construct a larger building than city zoning rules allow.
State Supreme Court to hear charter-schools case again
Dec 20, 6:06 AM: The Supreme Court announced in early December that it will hear the latest legal challenge to charter schools in 2018. The challenge came after a King County Superior Court judge ruled in February that the state’s >
School Board may try new tactic to fight charter schools in Seattle
Dec 15, 7:53 AM: Seattle’s board of education has been resolute in its opposition to charter schools, and next month will try a new approach to thwart their growth. The Green Dot network, which runs 28 charters in California, Tennessee and >



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