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Senate panel advances charter school amendment
Feb 3, 7:33 AM: The Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections voted along party lines to advance a bill and resolutions that would together allow the state Board of Education to unilaterally create charter schools anywhere in the >
Virginia's Charter School Amendment Is Prepped For Round Two In Assembly
Jan 29, 7:26 AM: Members of Virginia's General Assembly are about to consider a proposal that could radically change how public school students are educated in Virginia. At issue is an amendment to the state Constitution to make it much >
House GOP presses for school choice program, charter growth
Jan 27, 6:05 AM: Virginia House Republicans called Tuesday for sweeping changes to the state's educational system, giving parents more power to choose where their kids learn, but the proposals face intense pushback from the state's largest >
General Assembly measure would lift charter schools
Jan 25, 6:50 AM: Almost 18 years after Virginia passed a law allowing charter schools in the charter-hungry sweep of the 1990s, there are only nine public charter schools in the state, only two of which were launched by independent >
Critics say lawmakers’ push for more charter schools could hurt classrooms
Jan 20, 7:00 AM: They’re an alternative to public schools: Charter schools allow educators to get creative with how they educate students. The idea is to replicate successful programs in public schools. Currently, there are only nine >
Franklin County School Board elects vice chair, discusses charter schools
Jan 12, 7:02 AM: The board also discussed a proposed constitutional amendment that the General Assembly will consider in its 2016 session regarding charter schools. The amendment would give the Virginia Board of Education the authority to >
Roanoke organization fighting to keep charter schools out of Virginia
Jan 8, 7:33 AM: A new budget amendment this year going before the general assembly would make it easier for charter schools to set up shop in Virginia, but one organization in Roanoke is fighting it.
Lawmakers to Look at Passing Online Public School Bill
Dec 31, 6:49 AM: Virginia lawmakers will take a second look at a plan to set up an online public school system for students across the commonwealth.
'Virtual schools' up for debate in General Assembly
Dec 29, 7:11 AM: A battle over charter schools is expected to be one of the most heated in the upcoming legislative term.
Green Run charter school gets green light to raise private money
Nov 20, 7:54 AM: Green Run Collegiate High School received word Thursday that it has obtained nonprofit status, opening the door for tax-deductible donations.
Virginia lawmakers look at virtual classroom options
Nov 11, 7:01 AM: The funding trend for virtual education is moving toward a performance-based model, one that means students must successfully complete the course, an expert told state legislators Tuesday.
House Education Committee puts focus on student-centered policies
Nov 10, 7:04 AM: The two-day Summit, being held at the University of Virginia (UVA), will feature state and national experts and tackle topics such as early childhood education, public charter schools, higher education, high-performance >
Official frets over charter school's lack of private donations
Oct 1, 5:18 AM: Virginia Beach Education Association President Trenace Riggs raised concerns Wednesday that Green Run Collegiate High School has put an unfair burden on the rest of the school division by not generating support from >
Virginia Beach charter school grows, and so does the tension within its leadership
Sep 28, 5:02 AM: Since it opened in 2013, Green Run Collegiate has posted some of the Virginia Beach school division's highest standardized test scores. Teachers and students embrace innovative approaches. Class sizes are small. >
Lynchburg City Schools explore new alternative education option
Sep 2, 6:43 AM: The Lynchburg City Schools are exploring the creation of a new alternative education option for high school students who are not earning credits fast enough to graduate.
Va. beach charter school counts success against the odds
Aug 12, 6:48 AM:

When it opened in Virginia Beach, some thought Green Run Collegiate High School would just be a new location for troubled teens. Two years later and the school is not only accredited, but also exceeding expectations and >

The complicated correlation between poverty and lower test scores
Jul 27, 5:31 AM:

The many factors that contribute to a student being successful in the classroom interweave into a complicated tapestry, and one that has grown even more intricate in the last decade.

Albemarle charter middle school faces funding uncertainty
Jul 20, 7:24 AM:

VA charter school addresses budget concerns by asking school board to full-time-equivalent teaching positions. Explains background and gives info on school, but leaves out teacher voice.

Despite Obstacles, Charter School Movement Making Gains In Virginia
Jul 13, 7:03 AM:

Deep dive into difficulties of opening a charter school in VA, particularly fact that only local boards can authorize schools. Proponents seek constitutional amendment to give state board authorizing power. Touches on >

Concerns remain as Virtual Virginia online learning program begins
Jul 6, 9:04 AM:

Fully online learning program created for VA high school students in need of something different from typical school setting. Thorough understanding of need for alternative education option, requirements, and how >



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