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Opinion: Montgomery County talks a good game on “equity.” Now it has a chance to walk it, too.
Nov 21, 8:16 AM: There’s been a lot of talk about racial equity in Montgomery County as of late. It is motivated in part by a disturbing “racial equity profile” released in June, which shows dramatic disparities between white and Asian >
Democratic-backed candidates take full control of Fairfax County, Va., school board
Nov 6, 8:41 AM: The school board in Fairfax County, Va., will be fully controlled by Democratic Party-backed candidates after the elections of Nov. 5, 2019. Two Republican Party-back incumbents on the nominally nonpartisan board were >
Shifting motives: Home schooling becoming more mainstream across state
Oct 30, 5:49 AM: While Martin said they are religious — and actually are using a religious curriculum this year for Oliver’s kindergarten — their beliefs did not play a part in the decision to home-school. For Martin, it’s about freedom >
‘Haven’t seen a year quite like this’: Inside epic battles for school board seats in Northern Virginia
Oct 28, 7:02 AM: Half of the Fairfax County School Board members will retire or leave office at the end of the year, setting the stage for a fiercely partisan battle for the future of Virginia’s largest school system.
Virginia’s spending on schools expected to rise by $596 million over two years
Oct 23, 5:53 AM: One of the two big immovable objects in Virginia’s budget — the every-two-years update to public school costs — looks like it will be a lot bigger this year.One of the two big immovable objects in Virginia’s budget — the >
Editorial: Do not rest after improved accreditation scores
Oct 22, 6:39 AM: Accreditation scores were a cause célèbre in several school divisions across Hampton Roads in recent weeks, including Hampton and Chesapeake where 100% of schools were accredited.
Del. Webert wrong about special education vouchers
Oct 17, 5:26 AM: Delegate Michael Webert (R-Marshall/18th) professes to be a strong supporter of public schools and yet, in 2016, he co-sponsored legislation that provides special education vouchers for a “school choice” option for >
OPINION: Rural Retreat Elementary shows us we should never settle for mediocrity
Oct 2, 7:19 AM: Here’s a lesson for those outside — or even within — our region who believe schools in rural Southwest Virginia could never measure up to those in areas that are more urban and affluent outside Appalachia: >
Editorial: Colleges must adapt with changes to high school educations
Oct 2, 5:53 AM: In short order, students graduating high school will have already dedicated several years toward achieving their career goals.
EDITORIAL: Making SATs more accessible
Oct 1, 8:37 AM: When Virginia reports that 68 percent of graduating seniors took the SAT, compared to 59 percent nationally, and that its scores were 74 points higher than the national average, that’s not necessarily chest-pounding good >
All Alexandria, Va., schools earn accreditation for the first time
Oct 1, 6:05 AM: In 2013, Virginia officials moved to take over Jefferson-Houston Prek-8 IB School in Alexandria as part of a broader campaign to turn around low-performing schools.
Mosley: Charter schools would give parents options
Sep 27, 5:34 AM: This past week I met an African American mom at Whitman Middle School’s Back to School Night who expressed concern because when her 8th grader graduates from Whitman she will be placed into one of the lowest-performing >
ODU partnership with four community colleges helps students earn associate and bachelor’s degrees
Sep 26, 5:39 AM: Students who apply to Old Dominion University, but may not be ready to begin there, can now reap the benefits of a new partnership guaranteeing their future transfer.
Arlington schools were named best in Virginia, but a growing chorus of black parents is disrupting that narrative
Sep 23, 8:27 AM: There is no shortage of praise or accolades for Arlington Public Schools. Students in the suburban D.C. school system outperform their peers on state tests. Most high school students graduate with advanced diplomas. The >
Online learning program gives Virginia students different option for public school
Sep 20, 5:58 AM: Some Virginia parents are seeking an alternative program to traditional schools through an online public school. Virginia Virtual Academy offers students a chance to learn without leaving their house.
Opinion: Why black parents of Arlington are joining forces
Sep 5, 7:08 AM: There is a whirlwind of change afoot in Arlington Public Schools: The appointment of an interim superintendent and the search to fill the position permanently; the hiring of the newly approved chief diversity officer >
Editorial: The disconnect in politics, and the workforce
Sep 5, 6:42 AM: The problem isn’t just getting high school students acquainted with the certain fields; it’s getting adults into community college to acquire those skills. The average age of a Virginia community college student is 26; but >
Decades after Brown decision, Virginia is still grappling with school segregation
Aug 26, 5:53 AM: Jenny Aghomo was excited about the new teachers and friends her daughter would meet if the majority-black school she attended in Richmond merged with a nearby majority-white school as part of a plan to increase the >
Student exam scores in Virginia spark concerns about gaps
Aug 14, 7:19 AM: Virginia education officials will work with school systems to bolster students’ reading skills after state standardized test scores released Tuesday revealed persistent and, in some cases, deepening gaps in scores between >
Apprenticeships can be 'a golden ticket' for those looking to learn on the job
Jul 8, 6:49 AM: The 36-year-old applied to and was accepted into the University of Virginia Facilities Management’s four-year apprenticeship program. The program employs and trains participants with classroom and on-the-job experience in >



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