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Virginia colleges give students choice for how they'll be graded with classes moved online
Apr 1, 5:57 AM: As college students in Virginia finish the semester with classes online, universities are giving them extra flexibility for how they’ll get credit.
Saying 'a period of sacrifice' could last months, Northam cancels rest of school year
Mar 24, 7:19 AM: Gov. Ralph Northam on Monday ordered all schools closed for the rest of the academic year, along with additional closings and restrictions for businesses and gatherings of more than 10 people, in an effort to combat the >
Virginia doesn’t want school closures to hurt seniors’ graduation chances
Mar 18, 6:13 AM: The Virginia Department of Education said Tuesday it is working to ensure that the extended closure of schools does not affect seniors who are scheduled to graduate in June.
Unique Schools: Hybrid model of home school and private school is growing
Mar 9, 7:45 AM: Onward Christian School is a hybrid model. Students are homeschooled three days a week and come to learn with other students in Madison Heights two days a week.
Virginia Department of Education hosts literacy summit to tackle declining reading test scores
Feb 25, 7:31 AM: The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) hosted a literacy summit in Charlottesville Monday afternoon with representatives from every school district in the state. The event featured presentations from professors at the >
Virginia public school teachers poised to gain collective bargaining rights
Feb 19, 8:32 AM: Teachers in Virginia may soon gain the right to collectively bargain with the public school systems that employ them — signaling a historic shift for the state and a major victory for labor advocates nationwide. >
Governor’s plan to boost access to community colleges would benefit people and businesses
Feb 5, 6:43 AM: State lawmakers have the opportunity in the next few weeks to approve a plan that could improve the lives of tens of thousands of our fellow Virginians.
Virginia’s Misguided Attack On Online Education
Feb 3, 9:55 AM: In his most recent proposed budget, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced his intention to end a popular college-grant program for students pursuing a degree online.
Hundreds rally for education reform
Jan 30, 6:44 AM: Bells chiming through Capitol Square were drowned out Monday as hundreds of education advocates dressed in red chanted for lawmakers to “fund our future.
Editorial: Virginia perpetuates school disparity and there are plenty of people to blame
Jan 30, 6:15 AM: The next day, McClellan — and other legislators — had an opportunity to close that loophole. But they didn’t. Instead, the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee took all of 29 seconds to punt until next year a proposed >
Hundreds rally at Virginia Capitol for education reform
Jan 29, 5:42 AM: Bells chiming through Capitol Square were drowned out Monday as hundreds of education advocates dressed in red chanted for lawmakers to “fund our future.” The Virginia Education Association and Virginia American Federation >
Editorial: Will Virginia finally mandate equal schools?
Jan 24, 8:19 AM: It’s a proposed constitutional amendment that would require the state to provide “equal educational opportunities” for all students. That requirement might seem so basic that you’d think it would already be in the state >
Some Virginia private schools have struggled or closed. Here’s how Hampton Roads Academy is growing.
Jan 8, 7:25 AM: The expansion comes at a time of hardship for many smaller private schools. On the Peninsula in the past few years, Summit Christian and Calvary Classical merged in the hopes of pooling resources. St. Andrews Episcopal >
Editorial: Bill would allow 529s plans to pay for vocational training and certification
Jan 8, 7:19 AM: Most parents of school-age children are familiar with 529 plans — those tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be used to fund qualified higher education expenses.
Teachers, advocates rally for more education funding in proposed state budget
Jan 3, 8:16 AM: Jim Livingston with the Virginia Education Association says the total “simply does nothing but account for current practices and inflation. In other words, those are not new dollars going to k-12 education.” He adds that >
EDITORIAL: Education initiatives offer brighter future
Dec 13, 9:25 AM: GETTING YOUNG people off to a good start with education and job skills can make all the difference between a future of personal and professional progress, and one that languishes in self-doubt and under-achievement. A >
In Virginia, Groups Call To Boost School Spending By Nearly $1 Billion
Dec 12, 9:35 AM: Statewide groups in Virginia have launched a campaign to boost education spending by nearly $1 billion when the next General Assembly starts in January.
Editorial: Tuition-free community college would help rural areas most
Dec 12, 9:29 AM: When Gov. Ralph Northam presents his proposed two-year budget on Tuesday, he’s widely expected to include a provision for some form of tuition-free community college. This was something Northam campaigned on 2017, so for >
Editorial: Should metro America subsidize rural America?
Dec 9, 9:22 AM: Take one of the most basic functions of government — operating a school system. In Virginia, it’s the state and federal government (mostly the state) that pays most of the expenses for rural school systems — because >
New report on Virginia schools says achievement gaps persist
Dec 3, 8:33 AM: A new report by the Virginia State Board of Education says there remains a persistent achievement gap for certain student groups and the state faces a growing shortage of high-quality teachers.



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