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Hundreds rally at Virginia Capitol for education reform
Jan 29, 5:42 AM: Bells chiming through Capitol Square were drowned out Monday as hundreds of education advocates dressed in red chanted for lawmakers to “fund our future.” The Virginia Education Association and Virginia American Federation >
Editorial: Will Virginia finally mandate equal schools?
Jan 24, 8:19 AM: It’s a proposed constitutional amendment that would require the state to provide “equal educational opportunities” for all students. That requirement might seem so basic that you’d think it would already be in the state >
Some Virginia private schools have struggled or closed. Here’s how Hampton Roads Academy is growing.
Jan 8, 7:25 AM: The expansion comes at a time of hardship for many smaller private schools. On the Peninsula in the past few years, Summit Christian and Calvary Classical merged in the hopes of pooling resources. St. Andrews Episcopal >
Editorial: Bill would allow 529s plans to pay for vocational training and certification
Jan 8, 7:19 AM: Most parents of school-age children are familiar with 529 plans — those tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be used to fund qualified higher education expenses.
Teachers, advocates rally for more education funding in proposed state budget
Jan 3, 8:16 AM: Jim Livingston with the Virginia Education Association says the total “simply does nothing but account for current practices and inflation. In other words, those are not new dollars going to k-12 education.” He adds that >
EDITORIAL: Education initiatives offer brighter future
Dec 13, 9:25 AM: GETTING YOUNG people off to a good start with education and job skills can make all the difference between a future of personal and professional progress, and one that languishes in self-doubt and under-achievement. A >
In Virginia, Groups Call To Boost School Spending By Nearly $1 Billion
Dec 12, 9:35 AM: Statewide groups in Virginia have launched a campaign to boost education spending by nearly $1 billion when the next General Assembly starts in January.
Editorial: Tuition-free community college would help rural areas most
Dec 12, 9:29 AM: When Gov. Ralph Northam presents his proposed two-year budget on Tuesday, he’s widely expected to include a provision for some form of tuition-free community college. This was something Northam campaigned on 2017, so for >
Editorial: Should metro America subsidize rural America?
Dec 9, 9:22 AM: Take one of the most basic functions of government — operating a school system. In Virginia, it’s the state and federal government (mostly the state) that pays most of the expenses for rural school systems — because >
New report on Virginia schools says achievement gaps persist
Dec 3, 8:33 AM: A new report by the Virginia State Board of Education says there remains a persistent achievement gap for certain student groups and the state faces a growing shortage of high-quality teachers.
Opinion: Here's what Virginia's rural schools need most
Nov 25, 9:21 AM: As we approach the 2020 General Assembly session in January, one of the most consequential decisions faced by the legislature will be to approve a new two-year state budget that will determine the future of Virginia’s >
Opinion: Montgomery County talks a good game on “equity.” Now it has a chance to walk it, too.
Nov 21, 8:16 AM: There’s been a lot of talk about racial equity in Montgomery County as of late. It is motivated in part by a disturbing “racial equity profile” released in June, which shows dramatic disparities between white and Asian >
Democratic-backed candidates take full control of Fairfax County, Va., school board
Nov 6, 8:41 AM: The school board in Fairfax County, Va., will be fully controlled by Democratic Party-backed candidates after the elections of Nov. 5, 2019. Two Republican Party-back incumbents on the nominally nonpartisan board were >
Shifting motives: Home schooling becoming more mainstream across state
Oct 30, 5:49 AM: While Martin said they are religious — and actually are using a religious curriculum this year for Oliver’s kindergarten — their beliefs did not play a part in the decision to home-school. For Martin, it’s about freedom >
‘Haven’t seen a year quite like this’: Inside epic battles for school board seats in Northern Virginia
Oct 28, 7:02 AM: Half of the Fairfax County School Board members will retire or leave office at the end of the year, setting the stage for a fiercely partisan battle for the future of Virginia’s largest school system.
Virginia’s spending on schools expected to rise by $596 million over two years
Oct 23, 5:53 AM: One of the two big immovable objects in Virginia’s budget — the every-two-years update to public school costs — looks like it will be a lot bigger this year.One of the two big immovable objects in Virginia’s budget — the >
Editorial: Do not rest after improved accreditation scores
Oct 22, 6:39 AM: Accreditation scores were a cause célèbre in several school divisions across Hampton Roads in recent weeks, including Hampton and Chesapeake where 100% of schools were accredited.
Del. Webert wrong about special education vouchers
Oct 17, 5:26 AM: Delegate Michael Webert (R-Marshall/18th) professes to be a strong supporter of public schools and yet, in 2016, he co-sponsored legislation that provides special education vouchers for a “school choice” option for >
OPINION: Rural Retreat Elementary shows us we should never settle for mediocrity
Oct 2, 7:19 AM: Here’s a lesson for those outside — or even within — our region who believe schools in rural Southwest Virginia could never measure up to those in areas that are more urban and affluent outside Appalachia: >
Editorial: Colleges must adapt with changes to high school educations
Oct 2, 5:53 AM: In short order, students graduating high school will have already dedicated several years toward achieving their career goals.



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