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Online learning program gives Virginia students different option for public school
Sep 20, 5:58 AM: Some Virginia parents are seeking an alternative program to traditional schools through an online public school. Virginia Virtual Academy offers students a chance to learn without leaving their house.
Opinion: Why black parents of Arlington are joining forces
Sep 5, 7:08 AM: There is a whirlwind of change afoot in Arlington Public Schools: The appointment of an interim superintendent and the search to fill the position permanently; the hiring of the newly approved chief diversity officer >
Editorial: The disconnect in politics, and the workforce
Sep 5, 6:42 AM: The problem isn’t just getting high school students acquainted with the certain fields; it’s getting adults into community college to acquire those skills. The average age of a Virginia community college student is 26; but >
Decades after Brown decision, Virginia is still grappling with school segregation
Aug 26, 5:53 AM: Jenny Aghomo was excited about the new teachers and friends her daughter would meet if the majority-black school she attended in Richmond merged with a nearby majority-white school as part of a plan to increase the >
Student exam scores in Virginia spark concerns about gaps
Aug 14, 7:19 AM: Virginia education officials will work with school systems to bolster students’ reading skills after state standardized test scores released Tuesday revealed persistent and, in some cases, deepening gaps in scores between >
Apprenticeships can be 'a golden ticket' for those looking to learn on the job
Jul 8, 6:49 AM: The 36-year-old applied to and was accepted into the University of Virginia Facilities Management’s four-year apprenticeship program. The program employs and trains participants with classroom and on-the-job experience in >
Northam to address education leaders on equity in the classroom
Jul 8, 6:13 AM: Virginia’s education leaders will meet for a two-day event focused on equity in public schools. The Virginia is for All Learners Education Equity Summer Institute from the Virginia Department of Education is scheduled for >
Virginia launches teaching degrees at colleges in effort to curtail teacher shortage
Jul 1, 6:56 AM: The state is launching 53 new teacher preparation programs and 25 new degrees, by Gov. Ralph Northam announced last week, that will let people become teachers after getting an education degree in four years. >
Column: Choose new path to improve Norfolk schools
Jun 24, 7:48 AM: Norfolk, my beloved city has a historic choice: Cling to the last century’s industrial-age model, to a system heavy on bureaucracy and light on choice, high on politics and low on accountability to families, or switch to a >
Column School was painful. So what did he do? He decided to fix things.
May 10, 7:43 AM: Arlington County has one of the best-run school systems in the country. It proved that again by eliminating, at the urging of John’s parents, the rule that kids with learning disabilities couldn’t take auto mechanics. Its >
Editorial: Bringing broadband to rural customers
Apr 2, 6:25 AM: Though the disparity in telecommunications services between sparsely and densely populated areas has existed for a century or more, the gap in access to modern broadband may have the most lasting impact on the future >
Albemarle's charter schools seeing growing interest from prospective students
Mar 18, 6:58 AM: As demand increases, acceptance to the schools will continue to be determined by a random lottery. The schools’ combined capacity is 160 students; however, Ratliff said capacity could increase to 210 after a reevaluation >
Editorial: Online program good for schools
Feb 22, 7:38 AM: As enrollment in Franklin County Public Schools declines, homeschooling has been on the rise. The school district has been examining an alternative solution by adding an online program.
Sen. David Suetterlein's bill to incentivize early high school graduation killed by General Assembly panel
Feb 14, 6:25 AM: Sen. David Suetterlein, R-Roanoke County, proposed incentives for school divisions to allow students to graduate from high school earlier. His SB 1587 would have allowed students to leave high school earlier without the >
Special Report: Rural Internet Access
Feb 4, 7:45 AM: William Marshall has lived off a rural highway in Toano his entire life. Now, he's a single dad raising his 9-year-old son. Marshall's son is in fourth grade and increasingly needs internet to complete his school work. >
Opinion: Time to let families lead the way in education
Jan 31, 6:17 AM: The time is ripe for Virginians to push for true educational freedom so all families – regardless of their income or ZIP Code — can personalize their path toward success in school, in careers and in life. For our nation >
Virginia teachers are marching on the Capitol on Monday. Here's why.
Jan 28, 6:58 AM: Teachers from across the state will gather Monday in Richmond’s Monroe Park, tired of wages below the national average and with less money in their schools than 10 years ago, and march to the steps of the state Capitol. >
A private school in Richmond is changing the way parents pay for school
Dec 21, 7:35 AM: Saint Gertrude High School in the city’s Museum District is rolling out a flexible tuition model, where families pay what they can afford rather than having to apply for financial help. The all-girls school has an $18,500 >
Gov. Northam proposes $269 million in new funding for Virginia schools
Dec 12, 8:11 AM: Gov. Ralph Northam would boost K-12 spending by nearly $269 million, increasing teachers’ pay raises to 5 percent and plowing more money into school construction, per-pupil spending and programs for at-risk students under >
Making it personal: Pilot program looks to create better learning environment
Nov 26, 7:35 AM: Officials with Bedford County Public Schools said schools involved in the division’s personalized learning pilot program are “definitely on the right track” in creating a better learning experience for students. >



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