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Windsor Southeast Mulls School Choice Options
Aug 17, 7:12 AM: For the residents of four Vermont towns in the lower part of the Upper Valley, it’s a choice about choice — school choice.
Confidential Agency Of Education Memo Reveals Uncertainty About School Reform Law
Jul 31, 5:56 AM: A confidential memo obtained by Vermont Public Radio shows that the Agency of Education is still working to decipher a school reform law passed by the Legislature earlier this year.
ACLU says new education reform law is unconstitutional
Jul 9, 6:59 AM: The main focus of the new law deals with the consolidation of school districts. But it also includes a provision that’s designed to slow down the growth of school budgets.
Holcombe: Education Reform Law Will Help Small Schools, Not Hurt Them
Jun 17, 8:41 AM:

Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe says the state's new education reform law provides smaller schools with a governance framework that could help them stay open in the future.

Vermont Senate education bill advances
Apr 23, 5:51 AM: The bill would boost incentives for Vermont's nearly 300 school districts to merge into larger districts that meet state criteria, and remove some support for districts that choose to keep the status quo. >
House bill sets a course toward better schools
Mar 5, 8:15 AM: The ball is starting to roll toward education reform in Vermont. The House Education Committee, interestingly, started with structure rather than payment formulas — it’s pushing for an educational setup that allows >
Hartland Rep. Calls School Choice Bill ‘Alarming’
Feb 17, 5:56 AM: About 50 people filled the Hartland Elementary School library on Tuesday night to discuss a bill that would prevent other states from educating Vermont students on the state’s dime.
Vermont among lowest-scoring states in parent input on schools (CER in the news)
Oct 6, 7:20 AM:

Vermont recently ranked 45th out of the 51 states and Washington D.C. in a report designed to rank states based on how much power parents have over their childrens' education.

Online H.S. program sees growth
Aug 26, 6:49 AM: With the start of school just a few days away, empty desks at Springfield High School will soon be buzzing with students, but just down the hallway, at the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, classes have been going >
Vermont School Districts Consider Consolidation
May 5, 6:55 AM:

Old traditional districts now too small to justify costs are considering consolidation.  Schools as center of community life fight consolidation, governor recognizes changes must be made.

Editorial: Redefine success in school
May 2, 6:43 AM: Vermonters should be concerned that the state has failed to translate one of the nation’s highest high school graduation rates into a comparable ranking in post-secondary education.
Burlington mayor calls for change of superintendent
May 1, 5:38 AM: Mayor Miro Weinberger says he is unable to support the new school budget proposal without additional steps from the School Board — including a change of superintendent.
New law allows high schoolers to take one free college course
Jul 30, 10:26 AM:

Recent state legislation allows juniors and seniors in high school to take a free college class. As VT falls below national average in percentage of students that move on to higher ed, officials hope this will encourage > Preschool partnership has raised $800,000
Jul 12, 9:44 AM:

Public-private partnership raises funds to provide 100% of VT preschoolers access to quality early-childhood education. Only 70% of 4 year olds have access to Pre-K, a service which drastically improves education >

Pasco pushes its own eSchool to retain student funding lost to Florida Virtual
Jun 26, 6:07 AM:

One FL district starting its own online summer school in order not to lose funds due to change in law that charges districts to pay out for every student signing up with FL Virtual School. Duke up now between FL Virtual >

New school choice rules get mixed review
Feb 11, 4:36 PM:

High schoolers in the state can now enroll at any of the 61 schools in the state. But the funding doesn't follow the student, so few districts will accept transfering students. Earth to Burlington: choice without >

Vt. school boards, officials propose reform
Jan 16, 7:09 AM:

VT groups urge for state education reform. Proposing providing universal preK, more STEM and updating collective bargaining. State has no charter law but no mention of increasing choice options or digital learning even >

BRSU superintendent discusses goals for schools
Nov 19, 12:13 PM:

Overview of VT district leader's call for improved wireless capabilities so teachers and students can use iPads and other computers system already has but not fully using. Raises questions about costs, but no numbers.

A School Distanced From Technology Faces Its Intrusion
Nov 8, 6:57 AM:

School in small-town VT with limited connectivity strives to balance life online with time to reflect and do what's at hand. Students spend semester here from reg HS and are part of discussion about future of >

Petition calls for re-vote on school closure
Oct 25, 11:57 AM:

After 2 votes that authorized closing of a VT school, petitioners -- again -- seek new vote because some questions are still left unanswered.  Impact far-reaching, as is absurdity.



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