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Vermont to establish remote education hub program, what will this look like?
Sep 3, 6:10 AM: To make this easier for families the state is setting up “hubs” for students to go there during remote learning days.
Uneasy about hybrid school, some Vermont families choose an alternative education path
Aug 4, 7:32 AM: Although Vermont public schools intend to open Sept. 8, many in the area have proposed to start in a hybrid learning schedule with the possibility of transitioning to fully in-person or fully remote in response to COVID-19 >
Opinion: Don't let 'Degrees of Freedom' corporatize Marlboro campus
Jul 21, 7:06 AM: I am writing to urge you to not sell the campus to this purported charter school business, for a number of reasons. Following a closer look at the proposal and the background of "Degrees of Freedom," I have strong >
SCOTUS ruling may impact Vermont’s tuition voucher program
Jul 6, 7:43 AM: A conservative advocacy group has dropped a lawsuit against the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) over private school voucher eligibility, after the DPI and the Department of Revenue (DOR) said they'd end a >
Opinion: Time to hit the pause button on Marlboro College
Jun 16, 6:08 AM: This transaction seems to be taking advantage of Vermont's status as one of the very few states without a charter school law. Charter schools target students and divert funding away from local public schools, on average >
A brand new COVID-era college in Vermont?
May 29, 7:44 AM: Andrew’s plan? To open a higher education institution, called Degrees of Freedom, that will target low-income and first-generation college students from charter schools across the Northeast, including the Boston area. The >
Education may never be the same — remote learning inspires new ways to deliver instruction
May 28, 6:45 AM: Schools say the innovations have made them stronger and plan to incorporate them into the new era of education, in whatever form it takes.
Commentary: Reimagining education after Covid-19
May 6, 6:09 AM: In the midst of this crisis, we must come together to get the future right. We may not yet know what a post-pandemic public education system looks like, but we have all the tools we need to build it. Educators, families, >
State expands support for virtual learning
Apr 24, 6:26 AM: The Vermont Agency of Education announced an expanded agreement Thursday with the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative to provide resources to schools and students across the state as they work to teach and learn remotely >
93 Vermont Towns Have No Public Schools, but Great Education. How Do They Do It?
Feb 28, 6:55 AM: Many of these young men are residents of Vermont’s “tuition towns.” Too small and sparsely populated to support a traditional public school, these towns distribute government education funds to parents, who choose the >
On education funding reforms, lawmakers told to go slow
Feb 25, 6:44 AM: School officials are urging lawmakers not to act with haste as they mull sweeping reforms to the way Vermont pays for its preK-12 system.
Opinion: A chance to reform education funding
Dec 5, 8:15 AM: Ever since the passage of Act 60 in 1997 and Act 68 in 2003, Vermonters have been perpetually frustrated with our education financing system. And for good reasons. Vermont has the second highest property tax burden in the >
Legislative commission looks to force State Board of Education reform
Nov 14, 6:31 AM: In a bid to pressure lawmakers to reform the structure and mandate of Vermont’s State Board of Education, lawmakers tasked with reviewing the relevance of state bodies said Wednesday they will recommend that it be repealed >
Vermont’s Board of Education ponders its purpose following reforms
Sep 24, 7:07 AM: Back in 2012, the Legislature restructured the state entities that oversee education K-12 in Vermont. Most notably, lawmakers got rid of the state’s Department of Education and replaced it with the Agency of Education. >
Your teacher is on Skype: What can VT schools learn from North Dakota's online classes?
Aug 23, 7:59 AM: Peterson has made it his mission to make sure that other rural kids aren’t left behind. Rather than consolidating schools, Peterson believes that small towns can use technology to keep school doors open while narrowing the >
Popular early college programs put high schools in tough spots
Aug 19, 5:33 AM: Since lawmakers dramatically expanded Vermont’s early college and dual enrollment programs in a 2013 education package, high school students have had more opportunities to take college courses on the state’s dime. But many >
Commentary: School choice provides multiple paths
Aug 8, 5:38 AM: The disagreement between Vermont gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Holcombe and Gov. Phil Scott about whether he did or did not advocate statewide school vouchers misses the point. The real issue for voters is whether >
State defends dual enrollment program against religious discrimination claim
Aug 5, 6:32 AM: Attorneys for the state defended Vermont’s dual enrollment program in federal court Friday, asking U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss to dismiss a lawsuit that argues the program discriminates against students at >
Vermont's former education secretary says governor's pushing statewide vouchers. He’s not.
Jul 26, 5:44 AM: When Rebecca Holcombe stepped down as education secretary in March 2018, she went quietly despite apparent rifts with Gov. Phil Scott. When she announced last week that she was running to take Scott’s job, she came out >
Scott presents higher education incentives
Jul 18, 7:55 AM: Vermont officials Wednesday presented a suite of new education incentives they hope will encourage more Vermonters to attend college, boost jobs, and attract new families to the state.



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