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Act 46: Poverty drives rift between Upper Valley school districts
Jul 7, 5:46 AM: A plan to create a regional high school in Windsor has failed to gain traction because parents in wealthier towns don't want to give up school choice and send their students to what is perceived to be a poor town. >
Vernon to vote on leaving Brattleboro Union High School District
Jul 7, 5:42 AM: Maintaining school choice is the biggest reason, according to Hebert. But there's also keeping local control via a town school board, and managing staff and administration.
To cut costs and strengthen public schools, Vermont plans massive consolidation
Jun 1, 5:13 AM: Vermont is in the midst of the largest reorganization of public schools it has seen in the last 125 years. As many other rural states have already done, Vermont wants to consolidate its many small school districts. But >
Education Agency wins tug-of-war over control of licensing
May 5, 6:29 AM: By the time the turf war between the Agency of Education and the Office of Professional Regulation made it to the Senate Finance Committee, their differences over the licensing of speech language pathologists and a study >
Vermont Law Launches Personal Learning Plans for All
Apr 19, 6:01 AM: So go just a few of the questions that seventh-graders, ninth-graders and their counselors, teachers, principals and parents all over Vermont are asking of themselves and each other under Act 77. The state Legislature >
Lawmakers talk school choice, mergers
Apr 8, 5:03 AM: On Thursday, the House School Choice Caucus called for a clarification of Act 46 — the 2015 school district merger law — as it relates to towns that offer school choice.
Educators see inequalities emerging as new programs roll out
Mar 30, 5:39 AM: Flexible pathways (Act 77), universal preschool (Act 166) and the new education governance law (Act 46) have been referred to as the pillars of Vermont's future education system. And while all three have the support of the >
Hartland Wants School Choice, No Matter Cost
Nov 6, 5:40 AM: Hartland is considering branching away from Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union to comply with Act 46, the school merger law, because the Vermont State Board of Education decided that school districts can either operate >
School choice issue triggers confusion
Oct 21, 4:42 AM: Vermonters are accusing the State Board of Education of taking steps to eliminate school choice, while board members say the decision rests not with them, but with local voters.
Learning Without School: Vermont Students Have New Choices
Sep 30, 5:07 AM: Schools across Vermont are trying to figure out how to consolidate services and also expand academic opportunities. As controversy swirls about how to preserve school choice, a growing number of students are choosing >
State board rules on school choice
Sep 23, 5:00 AM: Vermont’s new education law is supposed to save money and improve education by pushing school districts to merge. For some towns, becoming part of a larger school district might come with a trade-off: less school choice. >
Windsor Southeast Mulls School Choice Options
Aug 17, 7:12 AM: For the residents of four Vermont towns in the lower part of the Upper Valley, it’s a choice about choice — school choice.
Confidential Agency Of Education Memo Reveals Uncertainty About School Reform Law
Jul 31, 5:56 AM: A confidential memo obtained by Vermont Public Radio shows that the Agency of Education is still working to decipher a school reform law passed by the Legislature earlier this year.
ACLU says new education reform law is unconstitutional
Jul 9, 6:59 AM: The main focus of the new law deals with the consolidation of school districts. But it also includes a provision that’s designed to slow down the growth of school budgets.
Holcombe: Education Reform Law Will Help Small Schools, Not Hurt Them
Jun 17, 8:41 AM:

Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe says the state's new education reform law provides smaller schools with a governance framework that could help them stay open in the future.

Vermont Senate education bill advances
Apr 23, 5:51 AM: The bill would boost incentives for Vermont's nearly 300 school districts to merge into larger districts that meet state criteria, and remove some support for districts that choose to keep the status quo. >
House bill sets a course toward better schools
Mar 5, 8:15 AM: The ball is starting to roll toward education reform in Vermont. The House Education Committee, interestingly, started with structure rather than payment formulas — it’s pushing for an educational setup that allows >
Hartland Rep. Calls School Choice Bill ‘Alarming’
Feb 17, 5:56 AM: About 50 people filled the Hartland Elementary School library on Tuesday night to discuss a bill that would prevent other states from educating Vermont students on the state’s dime.
Vermont among lowest-scoring states in parent input on schools (CER in the news)
Oct 6, 7:20 AM:

Vermont recently ranked 45th out of the 51 states and Washington D.C. in a report designed to rank states based on how much power parents have over their childrens' education.

Online H.S. program sees growth
Aug 26, 6:49 AM: With the start of school just a few days away, empty desks at Springfield High School will soon be buzzing with students, but just down the hallway, at the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, classes have been going >



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