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Rochester residents advocate for choice
Jun 15, 5:43 AM: While writing legislation this year to give school districts more flexibility in complying with Act 46, lawmakers worried the changes might derail local merger conversations already taking place.
Vermont Lawmakers Want More Say In State Board's New Private School Rules
Apr 20, 6:00 AM: An education bill that's being debated in the Vermont Statehouse could raise some separation of power issues between the legislative and executive branches.
Families want more opportunity
Mar 23, 4:49 AM: More than 80 people filled the Mettawee School gym on Monday night to get misinformation cleared up about the current state of education options in Rupert and Pawlet.
Statewide school reform stirs creativity, headaches
Mar 20, 5:09 AM: Paradee and Foran are among the surprise beneficiaries of a statewide effort in Vermont to “personalize” learning: They are teachers who say that their jobs have become far more rewarding by giving students greater freedom >
Senate panel drops attempt to overhaul education board
Mar 17, 5:08 AM: The bill, which does not yet have a number, was mostly stripped of language taking away the State Board of Education’s ability to recommend a secretary of education and restructuring the board.
How Much Oversight Should The State Board Of Education Have Of Independent Schools?
Feb 23, 6:11 AM: Last year, about $43 million in public money was spent on private schools by families using school choice in Vermont. Now, the State Board of Education says it wants more oversight on how Vermont's independent schools are >
State board struggles to bring public, private schools together
Jan 25, 7:12 AM: Members of the State Board of Education have found some common ground as they consider proposed changes to draft rules for private schools wanting to receive public tuition dollars. But open enrollment and special >
Vermont state board looks to correct `mistakes' in private school rules
Jan 12, 5:48 AM: Officials blame the controversy over new private school rules on mistakes made in the drafting process. Ambiguous language, they say, is the source of confusion that has sparked a statewide debate over whether the State >
Lawmakers Question Ethics Of State Board Member's Stance On School Choice
Jan 4, 7:08 AM: Three state lawmakers say a member of the State Board of Education who wants more oversight of private schools might be receiving payments from national education groups to support that work.
AG Says Board Of Education Can Write Rules For Private Schools
Dec 21, 6:52 AM: Vermont's Attorney General says the State Board of Education can set the rules governing the approval process for private schools.
In Manchester, Hundreds Come Out To Fight Proposed Private School Rules
Dec 14, 6:38 AM: Vermonters who have school choice are pushing back hard on new rules that the State Board of Education is proposing.
Kingdom turns out in force to speak up for private education
Dec 9, 6:45 AM: The State Board of Education this week heard northern Vermonters’ concerns that a proposed set of state rules threatens their long tradition of using public dollars to send students to private high schools. >
Vt. could change rules for private schools
Dec 7, 6:31 AM: Many parents, teachers, alumni and students from some of Vermont's independent schools are furious with the state board of education.
Planning starts for new Harwood unified school district
Nov 11, 6:34 AM: The time for talking and training is over and things are starting to get real for the recently elected board of the Harwood Unified Union School District — a six-town, seven-school educational entity that will replace the >
New rules 'devastating' for private schools, lawmaker says
Nov 2, 4:52 AM: The new rules are for private schools that receive taxpayer dollars through tuition arrangements with local communities. The rules include a mandate that the schools take special education students. In addition, teachers >
Minter, Scott want school choice preserved in consolidations
Oct 28, 5:08 AM: Vermont's two major party candidates for governor both say they want to preserve school choice in school district consolidations where it could be lost.
Minter, Scott Seek to Keep School Choice
Oct 27, 5:03 AM: Vermont’s two major party candidates for governor both say they want to preserve school choice in school district consolidations where it could be lost.
Burlington School Board reacts to strike vote
Oct 14, 6:31 AM: The Burlington teachers union announced Thursday afternoon that they have voted to strike, following bitter contract negotiations.
Act 46 forum becomes pep rally for school choice
Oct 14, 4:56 AM: A public forum meant to focus on how Act 46 was affecting private schools and school choice turned into a discussion about how awesome school choice is and how it should be universal so no Vermont student would be denied a >
New state rules could hurt school privatization
Sep 16, 4:40 AM: The Vermont State Board of Education is looking to raise the bar for independent schools to receive tax money from districts that offer school choice, which could make it tough to establish a private school in Stowe. >



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