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Some districts offering school choice after Act 46 unifications
Aug 1, 4:26 AM: Families in a half dozen districts in Vermont are being given a choice of which school they want their children to attend, in a move that educators say could keep even the smallest schools vital.
Commentary: New myths around school accountability
Jul 5, 4:21 AM: It is disappointing that the critics defending the status quo misunderstand a grass-roots school choice movement, driven by a hunger for accountability, not as its critics suggest, a desire to eliminate accountability. >
Commentary: When school choice isn’t really a choice
Jul 3, 5:05 AM: I hear stories about students using their state vouchers to attend prestigious private schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and that’s great for them, but please remember that for every perceived success of “choice” >
Commentary: Is the public vs. private education conflict real?
Jun 27, 4:39 AM: Some critics question whether allowing school choice and independent schools leads to social and economic inequality. We know the answer, because Vermont has run the school choice experiment for decades: U.S. Census data >
Commentary: All Vermont students should have choices
Jun 25, 4:39 AM: I believe in public schools and public education. I have been a school board chair. I have been a volunteer coach for 20 years. My wife teaches at a public school. I am proud of our schools. I am grateful for the steps we >
Senate passes requirement for private schools to enroll special ed students
Mar 20, 6:08 AM: Federal law requires public schools to provide a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment to children with learning disabilities. Whenever possible, these students should go to school with >
School choice advocates tout Vermont tuition voucher program
Jan 25, 6:53 AM: Hundreds of school-age Vermonters with yellow scarves bustled through the Statehouse Wednesday, staring at paintings and statues of historic Vermont leaders in the Statehouse lobby with wide eyes.
More Than 350 Attend Governor's Education Summit
Dec 19, 7:43 AM: More than 350 school superintendents, teachers, school board members and legislators attended Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott's daylong education summit.
Private school leaders agree to widen special education access
Dec 19, 6:11 AM: Ending a stalemate with public school interests, private school representatives have accepted the principle that special education students should be able to attend any school — private or public — just like their peers. >
Panel fails to break deadlock over private schools' public funding
Nov 28, 6:06 AM: A panel with representatives of public and private schools has been unable to iron out differences over special education and financial accountability for independent schools in advance of a legislative deadline. >
Panel fails to break deadlock over private schools’ public funding
Nov 27, 5:46 AM: A panel with representatives of public and private schools has been unable to iron out differences over special education and financial accountability for independent schools in advance of a legislative deadline. >
Private schools balk at new financial reporting analysis
Oct 27, 5:52 AM: A panel of stakeholders and state officials have been holding meetings since May to determine what financial information private schools must give to the state.
Private Schools Offer New Plan For Accepting More Special Education Students
Oct 17, 4:58 AM: When a school district does not have a school for a certain grade, Vermont's school choice law lets parents take their public money and use it at private schools — but some of those schools don't have to admit students >
State approves school-choice plan
Aug 31, 4:36 AM: The Vermont State Board of Education has approved Rutland Town’s proposal to remain as a standalone school district that preserves the town’s tradition of school choice for its high school students. >
Rochester residents advocate for choice
Jun 15, 5:43 AM: While writing legislation this year to give school districts more flexibility in complying with Act 46, lawmakers worried the changes might derail local merger conversations already taking place.
Vermont Lawmakers Want More Say In State Board's New Private School Rules
Apr 20, 6:00 AM: An education bill that's being debated in the Vermont Statehouse could raise some separation of power issues between the legislative and executive branches.
Families want more opportunity
Mar 23, 4:49 AM: More than 80 people filled the Mettawee School gym on Monday night to get misinformation cleared up about the current state of education options in Rupert and Pawlet.
Statewide school reform stirs creativity, headaches
Mar 20, 5:09 AM: Paradee and Foran are among the surprise beneficiaries of a statewide effort in Vermont to “personalize” learning: They are teachers who say that their jobs have become far more rewarding by giving students greater freedom >
Senate panel drops attempt to overhaul education board
Mar 17, 5:08 AM: The bill, which does not yet have a number, was mostly stripped of language taking away the State Board of Education’s ability to recommend a secretary of education and restructuring the board.
How Much Oversight Should The State Board Of Education Have Of Independent Schools?
Feb 23, 6:11 AM: Last year, about $43 million in public money was spent on private schools by families using school choice in Vermont. Now, the State Board of Education says it wants more oversight on how Vermont's independent schools are >



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