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Jeanne Allen: The Bigotry of Blaine No More
Jul 6, 7:55 AM: Prayers of thanks, huzzahs and hoorays are being heard across the country since the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court June 30 that it is unconstitutional to discriminate against parents simply because they choose to send >
'How the hell are we going to do this?' The panic over reopening schools (CER in the news)
Jul 6, 7:54 AM: Pediatricians say schools should strive to bring kids back to classrooms. Teachers unions are on the verge of revolt, in fear of infections. Local school districts are struggling with everything from technology to staging >
Review & Outlook : Joe Biden Bows to the Teachers Unions
Jul 6, 7:52 AM: Teachers first. Put it on a bumper sticker, Mr. Biden, and hope people don’t notice the corollary is that students, and especially poor and minority students, come second.
Opinion: Supreme Court school voucher ruling threatens American unity and public education
Jul 6, 7:51 AM: Even the mildest voucher program sends the wrong message, telling individuals that there is merit in retreating to their own corner.
Parents are opting to home school their children because of COVID-19, but experts say it might not be for everyone
Jul 6, 7:49 AM: While there's no comprehensive data on how many parents plan on home-schooling come fall, several states, including Texas, Utah and Washington, have reported sharp upticks in interest.
Debates turn emotional as schools decide how and if to open
Jul 6, 7:48 AM: The plans for the upcoming school year are taking shape by the day, and vary district to district, state to state. The debates have been highly emotional, with tempers flaring among parents and administrators, and have >
Charters Close The Achievement Gap, Says Thomas Sowell
Jul 6, 7:46 AM: The economist Thomas Sowell turned 90 on June 30. He has made a career out of judging public policies by their actual results rather than their stated intentions and wished-for effects.
SCOTUS ruling may impact Vermont’s tuition voucher program
Jul 6, 7:43 AM: A conservative advocacy group has dropped a lawsuit against the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) over private school voucher eligibility, after the DPI and the Department of Revenue (DOR) said they'd end a >
Editorial: True school choice still eludes Michigan
Jul 6, 7:42 AM: The U.S. Supreme Court last week made a stand for school choice and religious liberty. Yet while Michigan choice proponents can share in that victory from afar, families here aren’t likely to see any tangible change. >
Editorial: Sacramento’s ongoing hits at charter schools
Jul 6, 7:30 AM: At a time when many Californians are being thrown out of work and forced to close their businesses because of the COVID-19 emergency, one select group of people has been fully protected by a provision in the new state >
Opinion: How charter schools double dip
Jul 6, 6:50 AM: Amistad Academy charter school in New Haven was approved for a federal loan of $2.7 million. Amistad, with a little more than 1,000 students, will receive a forgivable loan for more than the entire ESSERF allocation for >
Opinion: A need for comprehensive virtual learning for students
Jul 6, 6:41 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in Gov. Tom Wolf closing schools, proved the need for comprehensive virtual learning and the value of Pennsylvania’s public cyber charter schools.
Statewide virtual school provider selected, broadband access ‘inequities’ remain
Jul 6, 6:36 AM: The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) has selected a company called SchoolsPLP to provide a statewide virtual learning option for K-12 students in the upcoming school year.
Private schools expect less tuition revenue, more need for financial aid
Jul 6, 6:32 AM: While local private schools the Journal spoke to are largely reporting that enrollment is holding steady, the schools are seeing they need to ramp up financial assistance because of economic uncertainty caused by the >
3 steps to ensure that Pa.’s private and Catholic school students can go back to class | Opinion
Jul 6, 6:27 AM: Lilian’s school serves a community where the median household income is less than $25,000. The school is part of Independence Mission Schools, a network of Catholic schools serving 5,000 pre-K-8 low-income kids throughout >
After Lawsuit, Families Can Get Another Shot At School Choice Voucher Eligibility
Jul 6, 6:23 AM: A conservative advocacy group has dropped a lawsuit against the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) over private school voucher eligibility, after the DPI and the Department of Revenue (DOR) said they'd end a >
Idaho students, teachers short 186,000 devices for remote learning, SBOE says
Jul 6, 6:20 AM: SBOE’s previous research found that economic status is one of the biggest factors determining whether students have access to a computer or other learning device.
Thousands of Connecticut students did not have access to a device or reliable WiFi during coronavirus school closures
Jul 6, 6:18 AM: When the coronavirus pandemic hit Connecticut in March, forcing schools to rapidly shift to distance learning, Raquel Smith’s five children were all given laptops to complete their school work from home. There was just one >
State announces public-private partnership to help tech needs of families with children in school
Jul 6, 6:16 AM: Tuesday, Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan announced a public-private partnership to help meet the technology and connectivity needs of families with school-aged children.
‘A lose-lose situation’: Schools try to plan their reopening amid conflicting coronavirus guidelines
Jul 6, 6:06 AM: With easily more than a million students and parents waiting on their decisions, few schools in the area have finalized their plans; Philadelphia, like many districts, has said to expect guidance later this month. >



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