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Malloy promises level funding of education aid to state towns
Feb 10, 11:33 AM:

Gov. Malloy announced budget plans keeping ed spending level amid worries dried up federal stimulus wouldn't be replaced.  Challenges to this plan are needed for proper discussion but do not appear in this article.

Murrieta student speakers compete for scholarships
Feb 10, 11:30 AM:

Debate club in Murrieta, CA finds a winner in Matt Richardson.  Protracted article didn't mention the contestants' merits.  Little attempt to place the opportunities afforded Murrieta students in a broader context. 

Erie School Board accepts preliminary budget with deep cuts
Feb 10, 11:27 AM:

Tough times lie ahead for a Pa. school district facing budget troubles. This bleak accounting considers the scope of the problems and unpopular or unrealistic solutions. 

New ways to fund schools
Feb 10, 11:23 AM:

State Rep. Jason Lewis files bills reforming ed funding for first time in 20 years. Health, special ed and tech need special focus but entire budget will be reviewed. Article doesn't detail what reform will really mean. >

3 Rhode Island schools use different routes to better scores in NECAP testing
Feb 10, 11:20 AM:

Three schools use different methods to lift proficiency scores and reduce number of scores at bottom. Techniques could serve as model for other struggling schools, but bigger picture missing: How state's best schools >

Grant helps two districts implement online classes
Feb 10, 11:11 AM:

Watertown High School is developing some online components in class, to increase proficiency with technology for teacher and student.  Proponents say it gives control over learning. But is the problem really not enough >

Wednesday at the NC General Assembly
Feb 10, 11:10 AM:

Push to lift charter cap faces less opposition since N.C. General Assembly switch to GOP. Lets stop politicizing the charter war and focus the discussion around student achievement.

Greenville News editorial: Proposed changes to school funding are sensible
Feb 10, 10:58 AM:

Proposed SC bill will provide money for schools educating poor and changes in teacher pay.  Calls on legislature to fix funding, and assails union opposition to merit pay.  Clearly there is more to the proposal than the >

Laurel Boys and Girls Club proposes charter school
Feb 10, 10:55 AM:

After school program to be turned into a regular full service school for boys. Hopeful article that shows what can be done when things are built from the ground up.

Renaissance Initiative to help troubled schools
Feb 10, 10:51 AM:

Five hurting Philly high schools will be converted to follow new models including conversion to charters.  The plan includes high accountabilty and support for school staff.  More community response is necessary for >

Teen Pregnancies on Rise in Tulare County; Area Bucking Statewide Trend
Feb 10, 10:37 AM:

Student mothers in CA have new education opportunity at Visalia Charter. Sheds light on a laudable school, but only one alternative is mentioned. Isolated example should be examined against the wider issue of student >

Caln Elementary decision sent to school board
Feb 10, 10:30 AM:

The Coatesville PA School District debates closing Cain Elementary School to save $34 million in replace of pursuing renovations.  Members need more detail about charters in the district to assist in their decision.

Jamaica, Beach Channel H.S. Ordered Closed By City PEP
Feb 10, 10:27 AM:

Two more Queens schools are on the chopping block due to poor performance. If the meeting where they got axed was "contentious," the arguments should play out right here.

Upland school district denies Options for Youth charter renewal
Feb 10, 10:25 AM:

Board of education has decided not to renew Options for Youth alternative charter,  despite evidence of some success. Attention given to what having drop-outs return to traditional district schools will do to numbers.

Schools brace for the worst under governors public education budget
Feb 10, 10:24 AM:

Oregon's decreased spending plan bothers educators who reminisce about localized control and fear good teachers will be cut. No context -- info on overall ed budget and teacher quality provisions missing.

McGonegal addresses safety audit concerns in Manatee schools
Feb 10, 10:21 AM:

School board says it is no longer worried about safety and security question. Reporter mentions their brief concern, but now says everything is OK. It's hard to believe that as mistakes in schools can often be repeated. >

School dollars: Pennsylvania can't afford a funding hole next year
Feb 10, 10:20 AM:

Gov. Corbett proposed budget manuvers saving $337 million in ed via yet-to-be-distributed federal funds.  Debate about what to do with that savings the next fiscal year is abound.  Lacks views of ed spending opponents.

Panel won't try to stop charter school closing
Feb 10, 10:12 AM:

Board of education has ruled that it will allow a charter school to shutter. The school has problems with finances, enrollment, and curriculum. What will happen to all those students who attend the school? You would have >

NC virtual public school among fastest growing in US
Feb 10, 10:04 AM:

Nothing but high praise for N.C.'s booming virtual public schools. Program solves most practical concerns, but what about the real question: how's the quality of the education?

District's report card is in
Feb 10, 9:57 AM:

Some Montclair schools fail to meet progress benchmarks -- disabled, poor, and African-American students' scores especially fall short. Lets talk about what schools are doing to help all students achieve instead of >



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