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DPS may be tough sell to charter firms Operators, experts cite numerous obstacles to district's 41-school plan From The Detroit News:
Mar 22, 4:59 PM:

Detroit Public Schools' ambitious plan to transform 41 low-performing schools into public school academies may be a tough sell. Critical reaction from charter school operators detailing their concerns and raising >

Teach them with tech
Mar 22, 4:54 PM:

Showcase in NC highlights positives of embracing technology in the classroom for all subjects. Students praise gadgets like Google maps and blogs as fun, interactive ways to enhance knowledge about world events. Any >

Activists push school to adopt humane alternatives following frog dissection incident
Mar 22, 4:51 PM:

Choice-in-Dissection FL law supported middle school student who preferred not to participate in frog dissection for ethical reasons but was "bullied" by teacher over her choice. Whoa. How many states have this law on the >

Several North and Northeast Portland schools chosen for pilot program to end racial disparity in suspensions
Mar 22, 4:49 PM:

New OR program aimed at cutting racial disparities in school expulsions and suspensions getting underway in several Portland public schools. SSketch out the program and tell who advocated for its launch. Was it based on >

School officials: Snyder's cuts go too far
Mar 22, 4:18 PM:

MI Gov can expect challenges to his proposed ed budget cuts. Pain is heard from numerous sources. You'd think budgets have never been tightened before. More focus on what can be done with funds that efficiently and >

Virtual reality the newest thing in school field trips
Mar 22, 4:08 PM:

Virtual field trips replace real thing in Riverside County because of tighter budgets. Plus, schools reluctant to have students spend time away from classroom instruction. Enterprising look at the kinds of interactive >

SD: State board will create teacher evaluations
Mar 22, 4:01 PM:

Looks like teacher evaluation standards aren't front and center in SD, as board will miss legislative deadline to consider them. Well, why is the deadline going to be missed? And why mention something like the "Charlotte >

Muscogee County School Board Board approves waiver for larger class sizes Measure taken to prepare for potential BRAC-related influx of students
Mar 22, 3:54 PM:

Report from Muscogee School Board meeting says class size moving up, but no mention of research that says it doesn't matter as much as teacher effectiveness. Board, though, doesn't discuss teacher quality. Also, no >

School trustees face budget cuts, levy decision
Mar 22, 3:45 PM:

MT district considers budget options, even though state's funding plan is unknown. Superintendent doesn't want to gut programs, and pleads for voters to approve plan. Can't tell from this reporting if this is the most >

State index ranks most Federal Way schools as 'fair'
Mar 22, 3:36 PM:

WA Board of Education Achievement Index lists how well individual schools perform on state tests. Most in Federal Way School District got a "fair" ranking. Story digs into what that really means, explaining how a lower >

MN: Dayton objects to GOP education plan
Mar 22, 3:08 PM:

Upheaval over MN GOP proposal to change ed funding, cap special ed funding and ease requirements on special ed, outlaw teacher strikes, changing seniority rules, contract negotiations only over summer and new teacher >

Cuts to curriculum budget at Wisconsin Rapids School District run deep
Mar 22, 2:53 PM:

WI school curriculum director has to cut $80,000 from next year's budget to help manage shortfall. Good breakdown of exactly what's being chopped and illustration of impact. Even figures out number of professional >

Elmer Smith: Hope is free. And that makes a difference how?
Mar 22, 2:53 PM:

Opinion piece highlights ridiculousness of hoopla surrounding Moffett case now that she's back to business as usual. Uses opportunity to voice discontent on NCLB, since she's preparing kids for upcoming state tests. >

W.H. unveils college completion kit
Mar 22, 2:47 PM:

Covers release of White House's College Completion Tool Kit, sort of. Notes it's for Govs and goal is to put US at top of world in college grads. Peppered with press release quotes. Missing is what's in the kit to help >

Pre-K gets results, despite budget woes
Mar 22, 2:44 PM:

FL pre-K kids found to be more ready for kindergarten. Gain may last into 3rd grade, with literacy bump-up most noticed among non-native English speakers. State has limited data. Look at what's happened in other states >

Cleveland school officials consider selling historic downtown headquarters |
Mar 22, 2:34 PM:

Tough economic times have Cleveland school officials contemplating the sale of their historic headquarters. A meeting this evening will discuss  layoffs and school closings, most likely even more controversial topics. >

Let's give charters access to funds
Mar 22, 2:22 PM:

State senate committee considers legislation to give charters access to the Permanent School Fund bond guaranty. Charters could issue AAA-rated bonds, just like trad. public schools --  lowering building costs. Here's a >

Residents able to provide input on PSD innovations
Mar 22, 2:16 PM:

CO district gets input from residents on "innovations and efficiencies plans" aimed to help schools deemed underutilized. Would be nice to know why these schools are under-enrolled. Cover your bases and bring readers up >

Westport school board won't renew contracts for non-tenured teachers
Mar 22, 2:03 PM:

First time in 25 years non-tenured teachers have been given pink slip. Anyone care to comment on whether kids are losing exceptional or incompetent teachers? What's the CT conversation on seniority and teacher evaluation >

Four school districts warn of financial distress ‘Qualified’ rating on state watch list means potential trouble paying bills
Mar 22, 1:53 PM:

Four districts make a state financial warning list. One district official admits there must be cuts or new revenue. You don't say. How about some specifics about how they can manage and how funding will impact >



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