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Asking the inmates to run the asylum
Jan 4, 5:11 PM:

Why would even the best principals in a system as dysfunctional as NY's school bureaucracy have any advice Ms. Black could use? Perhaps the Times should spend some time asking those same principals some tough questions >

Seismic shake-up? Nonsense.
Jan 4, 5:08 PM:

We're happy the Tiny State considers recent activity seismic, but these milestones -- while progress -- are hardly earth shattering. For models, see Massachusetts or proposals coming out of new governors' offices >

New school chiefs face tough obstacles to reform
Jan 4, 5:02 PM:

Many of the newer state school chiefs are indeed well positioned to tackle the big issues -- and have a big wind at their back to do so. But they will need the backing of state legislators through meaningful legislation >

Education reform, Florida-style
Jan 4, 4:56 PM:

Florida's methods offer data and useful lessons for new Governors, but it's not all roses in the Sunshine state. Charters are still plagued by hostile districts and while better than most, standards do not always result >

Education is no different
Jan 4, 4:52 PM:

A growing chorus of people -- and clearly some journalists -- who recognize that schools are for kids, not adults. Amen Minnesota Post-Bulletin!

NCLB Redux?
Jan 4, 4:46 PM:

If creating NCLB the first time around is any guide, bi-partisanship didn't matter. Despite Bush and Kennedy supporting, staffers negotiated the new law into 1,000 new pages, leaving any consequences for failure on the >

Largest isn’t always best
Jan 4, 4:33 PM:

Despite great numbers of great charters, the Los Angeles public schools still woefully underserve their kids, leaving their education largely to bureaucrats and union leaders who put adults first. As California goes, so >

Jan 4, 3:59 PM:

Everything old is new again. Rhee-style education platform resembles a "best of" modern education reform proposals. Whether legislators will embrace these will be determined by who contributed to their campaigns.

Guess who?
Jan 4, 3:50 PM:

Can you believe that California teacher's unions are up to thier old tricks?  Parents are in revolt over this new proposal to shorten the school day to 2.5 hours for good reason.  With Teacher's negotiating for an >

Funding concerns are front and center in District 281
Jan 4, 2:56 PM:

It's been all about funding in Robbinsdale District 281 this year - how to get it, how to save it and how to spend it. Early in the year, officials announced that $5.7 million would have to be cut from the budget for >

Charter School for Clifton?
Dec 21, 9:15 AM:

Members of the Clifton Elementary community are pursuing the option of starting a public charter school after Fairfax County School Board decided to shutter their current facility in the traditional public school >

Calif. settles case, will enforce school fee ban
Dec 21, 9:11 AM:

A settlement reached between the state and the American Civil Liberties Union means California school districts will no longer charge parents extra fees for textbooks, art supplies and other basic educational items.  >

Chicago Charter School in the Top Ten Again
Dec 18, 3:03 PM:

Amid the tsunami of information about the failures and closings of charter schools that regularly washes over the public by way of media and pro status quo commentators, it's nice to have proof of the possibility of >

Students First: 100,000 Strong in Week One
Dec 18, 2:21 PM:

Dear writer: Don't worry about Michelle, don't conflate the general public with the media, and do take another look at the public's position. You say folks are 'dead set against change'?! Michelle Rhee's new non-profit, >

Another Liberal Fights Unions
Dec 18, 1:37 PM:

Excuse me, but you gotta appreciate the irony. The writer of this piece is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia but his opening premise couldn't be more inaccurate— he says that liberal Democrats are >

No longer waiting for Superman?
Dec 16, 11:09 PM:

D.C.'s former groundbreaking school reformer Michelle Rhee, who was featured in the documentary "Waiting for Superman," took her message to Oprah Winfrey's TV talk show.

Rhee, former D.C. schools chancellor, appeared >

Ezra Klein - Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the Bush tax cut deal
Dec 16, 11:00 PM:

Former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is launching a campaign organization that plans to spend $1 billion to bring her aggressive educational reform plans to the national stage.

Rhee said the new organization, >

'Wake-up call': U.S. students trail global leaders
Dec 16, 10:50 PM:

American students continue to trail behind their peers in a pack of higher performing nations, according to results from a key international assessment.

The study finds 15-year-old students in the U.S. perform about >

NJEA takes up teacher tenure
Dec 16, 10:44 PM:

The New Jersey Education Association agreed to bring forward plans for eliminating under-performing tenured teachers from schools. The group wants to "address the legal process' by outlining a system to use arbitrators >

Study Finds Fewer 'Dropout Factory' Schools
Dec 16, 10:32 PM:

States have begun to turn the corner, improving or closing hundreds of so-called "drop-out factory" schools and recovering some of the thousands of students who had already given up.

Civil Enterprises' 2006 report, >



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