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Budget increase for CMS debated
Apr 28, 1:18 PM:

Charlotte Super backs board's request for $45 million because that's what the budget used to be. No push to see if items money would keep intact are even worthwhile to students. Take cue from NC lawmaker wanting "honest >

STAR Education Center in line for new name
Apr 28, 1:15 PM:

FL school serving "students at risk" (hence STAR name) looks to rid stigma. Says focus on technology could help all students, not just ones "with attendance or discipline issues." Documents changes to school since 1967 >

Idaho teachers union sues governor, public schools chief over reform law on contracts
Apr 28, 1:06 PM:

Lawsuit filed by teacher union against Gov, challenging constitutionality of one of his reform bills. At stake: phase out of teacher tenure and wipe out of collective bargaining. Including analysis by legal experts on >

California state Senate leader makes sweeping education proposals
Apr 28, 12:47 PM:

CA lawmaker wants to de-emphasize standardized tests to better prepare students for world of work and/or college. Sounds nice, but nothing here to anchor this idea.

Does he hold that all standardized tests are bad, or >

AL Senators vote for ed. budget that cuts teachers
Apr 28, 12:32 PM:

AL Senate votes to cut about 2% of state's teachers, similar to House version of bill. Foes say it will increase class size, but no note of research that says that's not an issue. Supporters say attrition can handle much >

Manual-EDITORIAL: Support Crown Point school referendum
Apr 28, 12:28 PM:

Crown Point wants voters to approve referendum raising school system's tax rate. Editorial backs increase saying system has cut budget to bone and quality will suffer without more revenue. Tell us more about cuts and >

Manual-Allen County teacher attendance rates revealed
Apr 28, 12:25 PM:

Allen County's teachers have a higher absentee rate than students. Innovative piece questions whether there's abuse of days in collective bargaining deal, and spotlights high cost of substitutes. That should get budget >

Missouri House votes to expand charter schools
Apr 28, 12:22 PM:

MO House passes charter expansion bill. No comparison to similar legislation in state senate. Bet readers won't understand what accredidation is or why it's important to charters. Not only that, but what's wrong with >

Wake schools might cut some teacher assistant, custodial jobs
Apr 28, 12:02 PM:

Wake County, NC,  could lose teacher assistants and custodians as cuts $30M more than expected. Officers warn this will impact students --  tell us how. Find research on benefits of teaching assistants.


Is district >

Haley promoting online finance program for schools
Apr 28, 12:02 PM:

EverFi program is now teaching SC students personal finance. Article emphasizes financial literacy instruction in state. Points to possible mandate that all schools use EverFi. Its interactive, educational, and fun. If >

Oklahoma House approves raising teacher retirement age
Apr 28, 11:59 AM:

OK Leg approves bill that increases teacher retirement age. Affects only hires after Nov. 1. Plenty of budget numbers to consider, but little consideration for what this could mean for education. Performance pay recently >

Westmoreland County students delve into shale issue
Apr 28, 11:55 AM:

Students in Westmoreland Cnty, PA learned that the Marcellus Shale they lived above could be a huge energy, and employment, source for the country. While a great learning opportunity, there was little exploration into >

Beaverton, Aloha, Century high schools make gains in graduation rates, despite challenge of significant numbers of poor students
Apr 28, 11:47 AM:

OR's Washington Cnty. comprehensive high schools exceeded expectations (though no mention of what those were), showed the most improvement over the last year. Could serve as an example to other struggling, area high >

Merging school systems may not save that much money
Apr 28, 11:46 AM:

Editorial unconvinced by push to consolidate NC city districts. Argues savings will be minimal with possibility of spending increases in future. Raises some valid points. What it doesn’t do is propose cost-cutting >

Federal appeals court says Forest Grove School District doesn't have to pay for boy's private education
Apr 28, 11:39 AM:

Latest ruling favors school district in ongoing court case filed by parents who said district did not meet legal obligation under fed disability legislation. Got the legal to-and-fro. But, what precisely was missing from >

Four KC teachers reinstated
Apr 28, 11:26 AM:

KC board changes mind on cuts of 4 of 87 teachers without tenure. Board accepted arguments including letters of recommendation. Skims over the process and decisions for cuts. District serve students by retaining the >

Bobb told to repay 4 teacher $8,500
Apr 28, 11:24 AM:

Detroit teachers demand money back from emergency manager Robert Bobb. $250 deducted from teachers paycheck every other week under flawed agreement. No response from Bobb. No details on "provision" city used.  Needs more >

Pre-k readies for cuts in classes, salaries
Apr 28, 11:12 AM:


State reductions forcing GA pre-k programs to increase class sizes, cut classes. Waiting lists are also overflowing. Research, rather than quotes, on importance of such programs in child development would add to >

Students often repeating some classes at Macomb CC
Apr 28, 11:10 AM:

Over 500 students at MI's Macomb Community College repeated the same class 4 or more times. Main culprit: algebra. Wow. Delve into why these students are not prepared from high school to pass course first time around. >

Manual-Georgia offers graduation test remediation
Apr 28, 11:08 AM:

State Ed Dept. offers free opportunity for juniors who fail math portion of state high school graduation exams to retake it. Few details here. Tell us how many students statewide may need to take advantage and whether >



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