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FCAT starts today with writing test
Mar 1, 12:37 PM:

Announcement that statewide writing test starts today. Students must score a 4 to be deemed proficient, which is up 0.5 points from last year. Schools nervous kids won't meet higher standard. Is increase that significant >

Lawmakers fast-track new teacher merit pay bill
Mar 1, 12:34 PM:

Performance pay on the move in Legislature. Teacher union opposed. Let's be clear about shoddy state of FL education under present system to gauge if fear of multiplying standardized tests and teachers fleeing holds >

Sen. John Flanagan Bill Targets Wayward Teachers
Mar 1, 12:23 PM:

New bill proposes layoffs not based on seniority but rather on unsatisfactory rating within last 5 years, crime conviction, and 7 other similar criteria. Reporting claims 7,300 teachers eligible according to new >

Study: Manassas Park and Calvert County have most efficient schools in D.C. area
Mar 1, 12:20 PM:

Doing more with less, the "new normal" for schools, isn't news anymore. And, a study that gives school districts efficiency ratings based on output (student achievement) vs. input (dollars per student) doesn't do much to >

Average O.C. teacher salary: $77,862
Mar 1, 12:16 PM:

Now that average teacher salaries throughout Orange County, CA, schools have been divulged in state report, what does this say about how well teachers are doing their job? Nothing. Lots of ink, but no meaningful >

NY Dems rebel against Cuomo cuts
Mar 1, 12:10 PM:

More than 40 elected Democrats send letter blasting their gov's proposed cuts to education and health care as part of his plan to cut NY's $10 billion budget deficit. Unconsidered is whether current or even greater >

charter school aims to narrow achievement gap
Mar 1, 12:06 PM:

New Salt Lake City area 4-7th grade charter will use blended web/face-to-face teaching to help economically disadvantaged and minority students via individualized curricula. Tailored learning at one's own speed sounds >

Drive for education reform has teachers unions on the defensive - KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |
Mar 1, 11:51 AM:

Informative piece urging public to think before automatically criticizing unions as roadblocks to reform. Yes political battle takes attention away from nationwide examples of cooperation, but large protests like recent >

Portland high school lottery closes today
Mar 1, 11:50 AM:

Portland kids who want to transfer to city's top academic high schools are "pretty much out of luck" because district cut back slots in order to funnel kids into remaining neighborhood schools. Blunt appraisal still >

Many amendments expected to voucher bill
Mar 1, 11:45 AM:

Pennsylvania's voucher bill passed its first test, securing passage in an 8-2 vote on Tuesday. Specifics of the bill as passed thus far more limited than its importance to Keystone State parents. Devil is in the details. >

Nonprofit warns schools on seniority-based layoffs
Mar 1, 11:45 AM:

Public Counsel Law Center threatens litigation to force San Diego Unified to avoid laying off teachers based on seniority. Lists which schools will be hardest hit by laying off newer teachers but completely missing is >

Demand for charter schools is convincing
Mar 1, 11:40 AM:

IN charter schools oversimplified by an editorial that ends up favoring them -- calls them "a cross between public and private schools." Mentions dated Indiana Univ. study finding that state charter students perform no >

Metro Nashville schools to ask for more state money
Mar 1, 11:37 AM:

Nashville schools cry for more money. Programs with positive results are on chopping block because funds needed for insurance and step increases for teachers. Why are these given priority if they don't help students? >

East Palo Alto parents rally for charter school
Mar 1, 11:33 AM:

Union chagrined that more parents don't come out to support public schools as they did for this charter application. Follow logic to see why parental support backs change to charter. Fed up with their kids trapped in >

School board scheduled to vote on charters involved in alleged cheating
Mar 1, 11:26 AM:

Cheating at Crescendo charter schools has Deputy Supt. of LA Unified to recommend one-year rather than typical five-year extension of contract. What were school adm/staff thinking crosses mind, but no coverage on that >

Mid-Del School Board votes to sell two elementaries
Mar 1, 11:04 AM:

District board puts two schools up for sale with goal of freeing up funds to keep teacher jobs. Although, coverage doesn't say if sold schools will hire new personnel or not. No clue why these two chosen, especially >

SC superintendent to discuss charter schools on TV
Mar 1, 10:22 AM:

SC Superintendent to discuss increasing charters alongside panel of charter authorities and personnel in hour-long TV program. All-too-short piece gives zero context on why. Panel stacked with supporters, which hints to >

The cheating charter
Mar 1, 9:17 AM:

Hands down no-vote for renewing Los Angeles' Crescendo Schools charter due to widespread cheating by staff and faculty to help kids do better on state tests. Just wondering why paper didn't mention its view on what >

Linwood opens enrollment for next year
Mar 1, 8:40 AM:

One school's story about enrollment challenges begs the question about what's going on in the rest of the city or state where this school resides. How do parents know what to choose and where's the data to inform them?

City should be careful with donation
Mar 1, 7:47 AM:

Favors, with reservation, Jackson City, Tenn., donation of land for charter. If the donation "will be viewed as a comment on our public school system" how about collecting some of those comments and casting light on the >



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