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Shame on Michelle Rhee
Mar 29, 2:49 PM:

Testing irregularities under former D.C. Chancellor prompt reporter to conclude that Rhee is dooming public education. Says her success is a "chimera." Lots of disdain over one incident. Did you look into those teachers >

Rhee lashes out at USAToday for questioning DC test scores
Mar 29, 2:36 PM:

Ex-D.C. Schools chief Rhee blasts newspaper investigations of erasures on achievement tests. Rash of cheating scandals may indicate need to look for tighter controls or outside proctoring to ensure valid results.

Belleville high school district cuts 37 teachers, support staff
Mar 29, 2:31 PM:

Three dozen teachers and aides laid off to help save Belleville high school district $1.2 million dollars. They're not tenured. Was their performance considered or did the board just cut those without seniority? No >

Broward School Board says cuts must first come from district offices
Mar 29, 2:08 PM:

Broward County, FL, to preserve school programs even if it costs administration jobs. Budget crunch requires priorities. How much can be saved by office cuts and outsourcing and how will this help educational >

Do our lawmakers lack faith in states public school systems? - The Times-Herald
Mar 29, 2:01 PM:

Editorial slams GA lawmakers for entertaining voucher expansion -- investment should be in public schools. Data backing claims is M.I.A. If you'd done some research, you'd realize average private school tuition is less >

District 150 approves sweeping changes
Mar 29, 1:15 PM:

School Board in IL votes to close several schools to deal with smaller enrollments. Maintains closures won't affect class size. Unclear how that's possible without specifics on where they're being sent next.  How are >

School District May Unleash Drug Dogs
Mar 29, 12:39 PM:

FL district considers drug-sniffing dogs to bring 298 reported incidents down to 0. No details on disciplinary actions. Indicative of problematic school culture? Canines used elsewhere besides one charter you mention -- >

Excelsior Prep opening could be delayed
Mar 29, 12:33 PM:

Excelsior Prep in Woodburn, OR, may not welcome students this summer. No building space yet, so charter committee says it should open in 2012. Unclear why the charter doesn't have a facility or why first proposal >

Tennessee teachers may get mandatory summer raise
Mar 29, 11:43 AM:

TN Gov proposes pay raise for state workers. Spokesman didn't say if there's link to teacher-related bills in legislature. Couldn't do homework? Push to see how rewarding teachers extra for doing their jobs will somehow >

State struggles with teacher license backlog
Mar 29, 10:58 AM:

Backup of teacher license applications means five months wait, with more graduates soon in pipeline. Much ado, but where's the fix? Is the license really an indicator of quality anyway? Look at how it works in other >

Decades of complaints about Pinellas teacher surprise School Board members
Mar 29, 10:57 AM:

Veteran educator repeats history of parent complaints and student dislike -- over half of new class leaves by year's end. 3rd and 4th chances for employees thanks to union chokehold. How tight's the grip, and when's it >

Wisconsin students' test scores rising
Mar 29, 10:47 AM:

WI test scores released, showing slight decreases in earlier gaps. Some owe this minor achievement to catching struggling students early but the state may be patting its back a little early. National assessments still >

Gavel's fall will seal fate of Lakeland Elementary building
Mar 29, 10:34 AM:

Former school building up for sale in Ohio, and a charter organization is bidding. That would be news if we knew more about the school that plans to open, what the area is like and why parents may be interested in seeing >

Online charter school to accept applications
Mar 29, 10:08 AM:

New online charter to open for up to 500 students in Louisiana, though at least one state board member whined about money not being spent the old fashioned way. Respond to skeptics of financial needs of virtual schools. >

Bisbee school board OKs $4.5M budget
Mar 29, 10:08 AM:

Local district tackles new budget reality, and shows how they can make do with less. Question is whether they are doing more with less or less with less.  Where's the analysis of whether educational quality will trump >

The News-Press investigation: District's paid millions to suspended workers
Mar 29, 9:46 AM:

Exposes the outrageous money one FL county spents on suspended teacher pay (minus the cost of hiring replacements!). Brief mention how hands are tied thanks to union contracts, but that's the real story, which needs to >

Conejo Valley school board votes to close Park Oaks
Mar 29, 9:20 AM:

Lagging enrollment results in need to close CA school while public charter enrollment grows and can use the building. What does this say about the quality of schools, and the choices parents are making? A lot.

TUSD discusses vacant school properties
Mar 29, 8:49 AM:

Use for excess facilities explored, but barely passing mention of offering these to charter schools, which face difficulty finding good facilities. Also what happened enrollment wise last year to make these close? Might >

Obama says too much testing makes education boring
Mar 29, 8:35 AM:

Too much testing is a problem, says the President. Boring, he calls the experience. Oh is that the problem? He is pushing for big, fast changes in NCLB, to develop alternatives to annual testing and his rationale is >

State Legislature Looks at Charter School Changes
Mar 29, 8:11 AM:

New FL bills would allow expansion of high-performing charter schools and foster new ones. Help us understand how and which schools today would be allowed to expand. What if all public schools could only expand based on >



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