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Months of Searching Still Hasn’t Found New Schools Chancellor
Feb 15, 7:57 AM: That the mayor has not yet made a choice — he said the administration had already been searching for several months in late December — points to the challenge of finding a match between a politically ambitious mayor with >
Charter's lesson plan 
for smart spending
Feb 15, 7:53 AM: While charter schools are known for educational experimentation, their finances are often a different story. Raj Thakkar, founder of Charter School Business Management, which consults for New American, said it is not >
Virtual Academy of Lafourche provides online education
Feb 15, 7:42 AM: The Virtual Academy of Lafourche is a Type 1 Charter School that services approximately 500 public school students yearly who reside in Lafourche Parish. VAL provides an online curriculum for its students grades K-12. >
House Education introduces new private school scholarship bill
Feb 15, 7:40 AM: The House Education Committee voted Wednesday to introduce a bill that would create new scholarships students could use to pursue an education outside the public school system.
Indiana lawmakers aren’t cracking down on virtual charter schools despite calls for change
Feb 15, 7:22 AM: Indiana lawmakers have killed three attempts to tighten the state’s charter school authorizing laws, even after Gov. Eric Holcomb called for improved accountability of troubled online charter schools.
Under Florida House proposal, going to the store could mean funding school vouchers
Feb 15, 7:06 AM: Most people don't consider walking into a corner store and buying a gallon of milk to be a controversial action. But under a new proposal in the Florida House, part of that sales tax could pay for school vouchers that have >
Legislature Slips School Voucher Change In Class Size Bill
Feb 15, 7:05 AM: Among those measures tucked into the bill is a major change to the state's newest school choice program. The provision greatly expands eligibility for the state's new Education Savings Account. The accounts are >
Palmyra superintendent reiterates concerns about charter school, voucher bills
Feb 15, 6:58 AM: The Palmyra School Board heard an update this week on some state legislative initiatives that pose a financial worry for Superintendent Kirt Malone. In a report at the board's monthly meeting, Malone expressed reservations >
More charter schools could be on the way for Leon County
Feb 15, 6:54 AM: The Leon County School district has received an application from Plato Academy, a Greek-based charter school that operates mostly out of the Tampa area. There is also talk of an application for a classical charter school. >
Crossing A Fault Line, Teachers At Two Boston Charter Schools Join Union
Feb 15, 6:50 AM: Teachers at two charter schools in Roxbury are joining the Boston Teacher’s Union. It’s the first time the union, which is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, will have charter school staff in their >
Board rejects legislature’s budget for more charter school funding
Feb 15, 6:45 AM: Adding insult to injury for the public school advocates, the legislature’s two-year budget next year will send charter schools another $7.1 million. It will increase charter school enrollment and pay for an additional $250 >
Stung by loss of funding, Syracuse district wants to halt charter school expansion
Feb 15, 6:43 AM:

The growing number of charter schools in Syracuse are draining the school district's finances and hampering efforts to improve city schools.

Judge sides with Waukegan charter school in lawsuit filed by District 60
Feb 15, 6:36 AM: The Waukegan District 60 school board is leaning against challenging an appellate court ruling that allows a local charter school to continue operating.
County school board urges educators to lobby lawmakers
Feb 15, 6:28 AM: Board Chairman Kerry Young agreed. Describing his recent trip to Frankfort to meet with lawmakers, Young said they seemed more receptive to protecting public education funding than last year when the state passed charter >
Reform proposal would weaken State Board of Education
Feb 15, 6:23 AM: House Republicans on Wednesday proposed a sweeping overhaul of Ohio’s educational structure, removing many of the powers of the State Board of Education and state superintendent and giving them to a new cabinet-level >
Protesters decry Philly district's 'overreach' with charters
Feb 15, 6:17 AM: Decrying a proposed policy shift they say would hamper their ability to operate charter schools in Philadelphia, dozens of administrators, parents, and students demonstrated outside the city’s school district headquarters >
Detroit parents, teachers and youth push back on 'school choice' at education town hall
Feb 15, 6:11 AM:

A movement made up of 25 organizations from across that country — including the NAACP, Advancement Project, Dignity in Schools and Journey for Justice Alliance —  the group is working to support racial justice and end >

One Year In, Betsy DeVos Has Supercharged Teacher Activism (CER in the news)
Feb 14, 8:15 AM: As in so many industries and among Democrats at large, there has been a wave of activism in response to President Donald Trump in the past year. In education, this activism has manifested as a renewed rallying around >
Does Trump’s Education Budget Even Matter? 
Feb 14, 8:13 AM: President Trump’s proposed federal budget, unveiled Monday, calls for major cuts to existing education programs and a huge increase for school-choice initiatives. The first question stemming from his blueprint is this: How >
NC lawmakers will consider dividing school districts, including Wake County
Feb 14, 8:11 AM: State lawmakers will begin studying next week how to break up North Carolina school districts, potentially paving the way for splitting large school systems like Wake County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg.



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