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TPS research into high school experience shows inequities, opportunities for improvement
Sep 19, 5:11 AM: Tulsa high school students feel unsafe at school and burdened by systemic education inequalities and are worried about the public’s perception of their schools, according to Tulsa Public Schools documents. >
Opinion: Stop blaming charter schools for districts' financial distress
Sep 19, 4:53 AM: While parents throughout the state work to find the right education environment for their children, many in Pennsylvania want to see the expansion of effective charter schools prevented altogether.
California Gov. Brown signs bill banning for-profit charter schools. But will it really do that?
Sep 19, 4:45 AM: California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that has been billed as banning for-profit charter schools. But does it really do that?
Candidates For 75th Assembly District Disagree On Private School Voucher Need
Sep 19, 4:43 AM: Voters in the 75th Assembly District north of Eau Claire have a clear choice of candidates depending on their views of the state’s private school voucher program.
New report questions growth of charter schools in Florida
Sep 19, 4:41 AM: A new report from nonpartisan watchdog organization Integrity Florida indicates that charter schools have largely not offered the innovative education they were intended to create and almost 400 have closed in the last 20 >
Gov. Doug Ducey backs GOP lawmaker's call for charter-school reform
Sep 19, 4:33 AM: A Republican state senator said Tuesday that she will push for an overhaul of Arizona's charter-school laws to require that they be more transparent and comply with the same procurement and conflict-of-interest laws that >
Ron DeSantis education plan: Cut bureaucracy, back school choice
Sep 19, 4:29 AM: Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis released his education platform Tuesday, vowing to cut administrative costs and put the savings into school choice programs and incentives to recruit and retain teachers. >
Reality Check with Jeanne Allen Episode 37: Jonathan Hage, Charter Schools USA
Sep 18, 7:43 AM: From his service in the U.S. Army to his creation of CSUSA, Jon Hage’s life and career have been dedicated to service, leadership, and creating systemic change for the better for America’s schools and schoolchildren. >
Opinion: College rankings need more focus on graduation rates of low-income students
Sep 18, 7:42 AM: This time of year always brings a robust debate over college rankings — which ones matter most, and whether to trust what they value. Too often, rankings have asked America’s college and university leaders to face the >
Up To 60 Percent Of College Students Need Remedial Classes. This Needs To Change Now
Sep 18, 7:41 AM: This September, millions of college students move to campus for their first semester. Many will begin courses in engineering, calculus, science, or another advanced field, but other incoming freshmen will be stuck in >
D.C. Council members look to curtail mayor’s control of city schools
Sep 18, 7:37 AM: Some D.C. lawmakers want to curtail mayoral control of the city’s education system — a move that could blunt criticism that the D.C. Council has done little to hold Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) accountable after high-profile >
'Is this really a school?' Desperate for education, Detroit students pin hope on lawsuit
Sep 18, 7:33 AM: Jamarria Hall's Detroit high school reminded him of a state prison: chains on the doors, disgusting food and dirty water, bathroom stalls without doors. No computers, tablets or SMART Boards. The few books he saw in the >
Metro Atlanta schools address ‘digital divide’
Sep 18, 7:18 AM: Across metro Atlanta, school districts have spent millions on technology and plan to invest more. As the digital push push goes deeper — from textbooks to make-up snow days — experts and parents want to sure make students >
Still no more than 1/3 of Tulsa Public Schools juniors ready for college or career, and wide racial disparities remain, district reports
Sep 18, 7:04 AM: Tulsa Public Schools has seen its graduation rate rise both overall and in every demographic group during the past three years, but the proportion of students deemed college- and career-ready has remained unchanged. Only a >
Column: Amendment 8 and the Future of School Choice
Sep 18, 6:30 AM: The Florida Supreme Court may have struck down a proposed education amendment to the state’s constitution, but the issue the measure raised can’t be easily dismissed.
District halts enrollment at four charter schools that could close this spring
Sep 18, 6:28 AM: Edgar P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy may soon have to make cuts to stay within its budget for the rest of the school year. The Central City charter school faces a $264,000 deficit, its chief financial officer told >
A charter school puts out the “Students wanted” sign
Sep 18, 6:25 AM: Perhaps it is the competition.The city is now home to six charter schools, a half dozen traditional high schools and a smattering of private school choices. Maybe it’s reputation. The Bridge Academy Charter School >
Electeds Fight To Stop Controversial Charter School From Opening In Overcrowded District
Sep 18, 6:19 AM: In the wake of an approval of a Letter of Intent (LOI) of a Brooklyn-based charter school, a coalition of local electeds are looking to stop the school from opening a second location.
TASD approves assistance for virtual academy
Sep 18, 6:13 AM: One of the primary functions of the Pittsburgh-based company will be to target the students and families who have chosen to attend a cyber charter school instead of TASD. The district must partially pay for the tuition of >
Milton High School partners with GivingPoint Social Innovators Academy
Sep 18, 5:55 AM: Milton High School is the first public school to partner with the GivingPoint. Through the partnership students have a new outlet to help “turn their passions and ideas into real-world entrepreneurial opportunities. >



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