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Opinion: Believe it or not, markets work in education
Nov 16, 7:05 AM: For the first time in nearly a decade, a vocal and committed opponent of Wisconsin’s school voucher program will occupy the governor’s mansion in Wisconsin.
Opinion: Stop trying to claim charter schools 'steal' money from traditional public schools
Nov 16, 7:02 AM: In late October, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the state’s 12 charter schools can continue to receive public dollars. While school choice advocates may breathe a sigh of relief for now, this is only the most >
Many Latino students lag academically in prosperous Maryland County
Nov 16, 6:54 AM: A troubling number of Latino students in one of the nation’s most prosperous counties are unprepared for kindergarten, lag in reading, drop out of high school and falter as they head to college, according to a report >
Apprenticeships and work-based learning help close the skills gap
Nov 16, 6:46 AM: While the Mississippi River Delta region has experienced its share of successes, the region has not seen the same level of economic activity realized across much of the country. In fact, much of the region has failed to >
Fewer New Mexico grads need remediation in college
Nov 16, 6:37 AM: State officials announced Wednesday a steady decline since 2012 in the number of college-bound students taking remedial courses in college, a sign that they say points to an improving educational system.
Teachers Sue State, NJEA for Allegedly Violating Supreme Court Ruling on Union Dues
Nov 16, 6:33 AM: Two Ocean Township teachers are filing a federal class action suit against the state of New Jersey, the NJEA and their local union. They claim the labor groups are violating a recent U.S. Supreme Court Janus ruling that >
Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen to leave state post for national nonprofi
Nov 16, 6:31 AM: Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen will leave her post in January for the top position at a national nonprofit focused on teaching.
Editorial: Virginia turns it attention to rural revival
Nov 16, 6:24 AM: Rural Virginia lags the more developed urban crescent in nearly every measure. Higher unemployment. Lower high school and college graduation rates. More poverty. Much more illegal drug use. Declining population, especially >
Editorial: Charter school oversight?
Nov 16, 6:16 AM: If you read the paper regularly, you’ll know The Record has been among the harshest critics of the politics behind charter schools.
The Public School With The Highest Attendance Rates In D.C. Is Empty Most Of The Year
Nov 16, 6:13 AM: Friendship Public Charter School Online is the only K-8 tuition-free virtual school in Washington, D.C., and it reported the highest attendance rates in the city for the 2017-2018 school year — 99.8 percent. They also >
Meet Superintendent-elect Kathy Hoffman
Nov 16, 6:09 AM: And we do want to make sure all of our students have access to a high-quality education and the learning opportunities that they need to be successful, whether that's your regular books and paper and pens to be successful >
In wake of ECOT, lawmakers explore new e-school funding methods
Nov 16, 6:06 AM: As state lawmakers move on from the ECOT scandal that led to the closure of Ohio’s largest online charter school as a result of state enrollment overpayments, the next step is figuring out a better way to fund e-schools. >
Opinion: New York parents need better schools — not more ‘marketing’
Nov 16, 6:01 AM: Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza recently came to my Harlem community to talk about education. Many parents asked how he was going to improve traditional public schools so more families would want their children to >
State board orders Boulder Valley to review charter school application District board voted in September voted not to consider incomplete application
Nov 16, 5:57 AM: The Colorado State Board of Education on Thursday sided with the organizers of a classical charter school, ordering Boulder Valley School District to review the charter application.
Another View: Why Is Education Reform Stuck In A Rut?
Nov 16, 5:52 AM: For at least a century, New Hampshire and nearly every other state have been developing plans to help turnaround low performing schools. In his 1922 book, Samuel Brooks, then the school superintendent in Winchester, >
New Orleans parents call on district to directly manage schools
Nov 16, 5:35 AM: Parents from four New Orleans public schools are putting pressure on the school district out of frustration with what they call the city’s “charter school experiment.
Commentary: School choice is an idea whose time has come.
Nov 16, 5:32 AM: Although the transition team includes the head of the Colorado Education Association and a former Democratic member of the Colorado State Board of Education, as one might expect, the other K-12-focused members are >
Jeb Bush has advice for new governors: Ignore DC's 'gridlock, dysfunction and arrogance'
Nov 15, 9:21 AM: I believe Governors can be most impactful — immediately and for generations to come — by focusing on education. A quality education is the great equalizer in our society, holding the power to break the cycle of poverty and >
Opinion: State laws keep stopping employers from giving students apprenticeships
Nov 15, 8:43 AM: As we conclude National Apprenticeship Week, a week that was marked by events across the country held by leaders in business, labor, education, and government, we have to ask ourselves: Why aren’t more industries using >
Tennessee has a strong plan to help its struggling schools, national report says
Nov 15, 8:42 AM: Tennessee is listed as a leader in its plan for struggling schools in a report that reviews 17 states' plans to better its lowest-performing schools.



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