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Romano: We need education solutions not slogans from DeSantis, Gillum
Sep 20, 5:53 AM: Florida politicians are the ones who have stifled innovation in education by needlessly meddling in curriculum and turning schools into testing assembly lines. Teachers have little discretion in the classroom, and >
Democracy at work: What this Las Vegas inner-city charter school had to endure to pull off memorable upset
Sep 20, 5:48 AM: Democracy Prep represents his neighborhood, which is too often characterized more by those drunkenly sleeping in the park than by the accomplishments of its children. The school—which selects students “regardless of race, >
Teacher shortage in rural school districts
Sep 20, 5:34 AM: Rural Texas school districts are experiencing a teacher shortage, even more than their larger counterparts are. It can be difficult for these districts to not only attract teachers to work there, but also to stay there. >
Voucher Showdown
Sep 20, 5:18 AM: Prop 305 would expand the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, referred to colloquially as school vouchers. The ESA program started in 2011 to provide educational options other than public school for children with >
Charleston Mandarin language charter school faces closure 1 month after opening
Sep 20, 5:15 AM: Low enrollment, financial woes and staffing problems could spell the end for East Light Academy, a Mandarin-language charter school that opened in the Charleston area just one month ago.
How schools are revolutionizing vocational training
Sep 20, 4:52 AM: Educators no longer refer to the skill-based education as “vocational.” Instead, the name “career and technical education” is a better fit for all students, particularly those who may want to further their education after >
Column: Gov. Doug Ducey is finally backing charter school reform? Now, that's funny
Sep 20, 4:45 AM: While I’m certainly happy to see that Ducey and his Republican colleagues at long last might be willing to plug gaping loopholes that have allowed some charter operators to plunder public money, I have to ask the same >
Opinion: Arizona's Prop. 305 is a false choice on school choice. We have a better way
Sep 20, 4:28 AM: We support the legislation behind Prop. 305. But the referendum is so flawed that parents lose, no matter how they vote.
Puerto Rico’s beleaguered public schools face controversial reform after Hurricane Maria
Sep 19, 7:04 AM: Puerto Rico's school system was struggling long before Hurricane Maria struck a year ago. But the disaster exacerbated deep problems, as schools were destroyed, thousands of children moved to the U.S. mainland and students >
Experts Recommend California’s Next Governor Stay The Course On Brown’s Ed Reforms
Sep 19, 6:33 AM: “Complex” and “irrational” were two of the words used to describe California’s education system in a 2007 report called “Getting Down to Facts.” A decade later, a follow-up to that report paints a rosier picture — and a >
Column: Pearce’s education ad is deceptive
Sep 19, 6:28 AM: The recent television advertisement in which U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce tries to create the image he will be a strong governor on behalf of our students by using sweet-sounding words such as “Let our teachers teach. … Good >
California's children fall behind before they start school, and some never catch up, study finds
Sep 19, 6:21 AM: When students enter school in California, they learn at a pace on par with — if not better than — those in other states. The problem is that they arrive far behind their national peers, and they never catch up. >
Op-Ed: Parents don't consider charter schools political
Sep 19, 6:06 AM: And here’s the thing: To students like Rickea Jackson, and to her family, charter schools are not about politics. Charter schools are about getting a great education.
Not a ‘charter versus district’ issue: A discussion with several leaders of local charter schools
Sep 19, 6:02 AM: For students in underserved school districts, charter schools can prove to be an important educational option. Some charter schools fail, but others thrive.
Amid critical audit, board says it may now penalize Utah schools over fees
Sep 19, 6:00 AM: The Utah State Board of Education may start withholding education funding from school districts or charter schools that don't comply with state laws and rules on secondary school fees.
Charter school’s use of Lutheran building sparks church-state complaint
Sep 19, 5:58 AM: A national group that fights for separation of church and state is taking issue with Discovery Charter’s new campus at the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, calling on the school to remove religious symbols from its >
Reading School Board denies performing arts charter school again
Sep 19, 5:57 AM: For the fourth time in three years, the Reading School Board has declined to support a proposed performing arts charter school.
Letter: Don’t paint charters with anti-ECOT brush
Sep 19, 5:53 AM: The midyear closure — and unfortunate displacement of students — of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow has made charter schools a key theme in the campaigns of candidates on the November ballot. >
Editorial: Minnesota school districts can learn from odds-defying schools
Sep 19, 5:21 AM: Minnesota needs well-educated workers and cannot afford to have so many of its students do so poorly academically. Districts statewide should take more lessons from schools that are getting it right, focus resources on >
TPS research into high school experience shows inequities, opportunities for improvement
Sep 19, 5:11 AM: Tulsa high school students feel unsafe at school and burdened by systemic education inequalities and are worried about the public’s perception of their schools, according to Tulsa Public Schools documents. >



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