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Opinion: Nebraska missed chance on tax-credit scholarships
Jun 19, 5:09 AM: When it comes to parental choice in education, Nebraska is a 77,000-square-mile desert. The state has zero choice programs.
Jeanne Allen: On Revolutions And Moonshots
Jun 18, 7:44 AM: Far from the busy cities and suburbs most Americans inhabit are communities like Fayetteville, North Carolina a sprawling city among the state’s six-largest, with a rich past that would make any history buff proud. It is >
Op Ed: Recognizing Donald Hense
Jun 18, 7:42 AM: The African American community’s fight for quality education is a 12-months-a-year struggle, and every month — not just Black History Month — is a great time to reflect on what’s working and who is successful in fighting >
The Precarious Position of the Charter School Sector
Jun 18, 7:38 AM: Charter schools are facing similar obstacles in states across the country: Lori Lightfoot, Chicago's new mayor, has pledged to enact a moratorium on new charters, while a state report authored by California's Department of >
A Way for High-School Students to Boost Their GPAs: Take Classes at Other High Schools
Jun 18, 7:36 AM: The pitch to high-school students and their parents is simple: Take that tough class at an online or alternative school, while remaining enrolled full-time elsewhere, and boost your grade-point average. Such schools are >
Strikes, pay raises & charter protests: America's teachers' exhausting, exhilarating year
Jun 18, 7:35 AM: America's educators have survived a rollicking year in the public spotlight — and no slowdown is in sight. In the last 18 months, we've seen teachers striking for higher pay, teachers running for political office, teachers >
Editorial: Support from president irrelevant in education fight
Jun 18, 7:33 AM: Over the weekend, a report from The Associated Press noted that West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Senate President Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson, were locked in battle to prove who is more beloved by the Trump >
Opinion: Accountability is a must in higher education reform
Jun 18, 7:30 AM: This summer, thousands of Alabama high school graduates are preparing to enter college. Unfortunately, they will only have a 50:50 shot of graduating, well below our nation’s average.
NC Senate wants students to take a personal-finance class. Why some teachers object.
Jun 18, 7:27 AM: North Carolina lawmakers say they want to teach students about being financially responsible. But critics say the change will disrupt the social studies curriculum and shifts the blame away from financial institutions. >
MPS centers help connect students to college
Jun 18, 7:25 AM: Four MPS College and Career Centers around the city are open this summer to help students navigate the steps to higher education and jobs.
Inmates graduate from Jackson College
Jun 18, 7:22 AM: Amid the turning of tassels and the cheers of loved ones, graduates of a Jackson College program in a Monday, June 17 ceremony may have forgotten they were behind bars.
Editorial: Make vocational training available to disadvantaged kids
Jun 18, 7:10 AM: A second analysis has confirmed what should be no secret to school officials: The vocational program that trains students for well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree is failing those who could benefit the most >
Teacher Union Leaders Focus on Charter Schools Amid Dwindling Membership
Jun 18, 7:06 AM: During the January teachers’ strike in Los Angeles, unions dedicated a great deal of attention to charter schools, with some even accusing officials of hurting public schools.
North Texas charter school among top in U.S. with all 65 graduates accepted into college
Jun 18, 7:00 AM: Westlake Academy’s first graduating class was in the 2009-10 school year. Now, a decade later, the school has soundly established itself as one of the top academic schools in Texas and the United States. >
Knowledge Academies sues Nashville school board, accuses members of violating open meetings laws
Jun 18, 6:57 AM: Knowledge Academies charter school sued Metro Nashville Public Schools on Monday, alleging the school board violated open meetings laws last week when it began the process to shut down the embattled school.
Chester Charter Scholars Academy salutes first graduates
Jun 18, 6:55 AM: The 45 members of the first high school graduating class of the Chester Charter Scholars Academy (CCSA), formerly the Chester Charter School for the Arts, celebrated last week during ceremonies held at the Lang Performing >
West Virginia Considers Bill Penalizing Teachers Who Strike
Jun 18, 6:52 AM: The bill, passed with wide support among the GOP-controlled Senate earlier this month, would allow striking teachers to be fired or have their pay withheld. The bill also allows for charter schools to be established in the >
Legislation would ratchet down on charter schools
Jun 18, 6:51 AM: California’s charter schools could face tighter restrictions if a pair of bills making their way through the Legislature is approved.
ASPIRA Academy to open high school in 2020
Jun 18, 6:48 AM: ASPIRA, a dual-language immersion charter school that has students learn English and Spanish, opened in 2011 with 300 students. It started with students in kindergarten through fifth-grade and later expanded to serve up to >
Topsham group applying for state’s final charter school spot
Jun 18, 6:31 AM: A proposed Topsham-area public charter school vying for the last open slot in the state would focus on arts and technology if its plan is approved by the Maine Charter School Commission.



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