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Racine voucher results: Which schools passed, which failed?
Nov 21, 6:41 AM: It was the second year private schools that participate in the Racine Parental Choice Program, where some students receive state-funded tuition vouchers, were required to submit data to the Department of Public Instruction >
BUILD Academy, a school with a proud community legacy, is running out of time
Nov 21, 6:34 AM: Long before Buffalo ever had charter schools, it had BUILD Academy. The school on the city's East Side was once the pride of the African-American community and a symbol in its fight for quality education. It infused black >
How this small Hamilton County school jumped from an 'F' state grade to an 'A' in one year
Nov 21, 6:30 AM: For the first few minutes of Adam Spencer's sixth-grade math class, students sat hunched over their laptops in the darkened room. They were engrossed in a self-led digital math program, working toward completing their 10 >
Most schools meet or exceed standards, but failures can be found in every education sector
Nov 21, 6:20 AM: The vast majority of Wisconsin's publicly funded schools met or exceeded state expectations for educating children in the 2016-'17 school year, according to the latest round of report cards released by the Department of >
Bloomfield charter school hopes to receive district’s approval after second application
Nov 21, 6:18 AM: The Bibb school board unanimously denied Bloomfield’s first petition in January 2016. Members cited a lack of details on fiscal and operational practices and the need for more clarification in some areas of the >
Growing school district, growing city: Seattle officials announce partnership to plan for both
Nov 21, 6:14 AM: Seattle Public Schools and the city of Seattle plan to work together to build a new Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center, consider locating a school at or near there, too, and look into possible sites for other new schools >
Should Detroit schools stop authorizing charters? Board weighs the fallout
Nov 21, 6:09 AM: Will the Detroit school district get out of the business of authorizing charter schools? A decision is coming in December, but board members who discussed the possibility at a meeting Monday night asked administrators for >
Charter school sponsor ratings rise locally, across state
Nov 21, 5:58 AM: Charter school sponsors improved their ratings significantly this year, both on a statewide level and among sponsors of Dayton-area schools, according to new data from the Ohio Department of Education.
Charter schools draw thousands, with Rochester Prep leading the way
Nov 21, 5:48 AM: More than one-third of Rochester-area students attending charter schools are at one of Rochester Prep's six schools. Nearly two-thirds of the 3,157 names on charter school waiting lists belong to Rochester Prep as well. >
Another school board member gets booted by governor over commissioner spat
Nov 21, 5:36 AM: Missouri’s first-year governor hastily withdrew yet another of his appointees to the state’s school board Monday as he attempts to remake the state’s education bureaucracy.
Horry County debates upsides, downsides to 'school choice' policy
Nov 21, 5:32 AM: That challenge is overcrowded buildings. For the 2017-2018 school year, nine Horry County schools are over capacity. Officials say 18 other schools are at 90 percent capacity or higher. To combat this, school board members >
Would charter schools snap up closed South Bend buildings?
Nov 20, 8:42 AM: A proposal to close a handful of South Bend schools could reinvigorate the back-burnered plan of a local group that wants to start a charter school here.
Bilingual education bill would overturn Massachusetts ballot question requiring English immersion classes for non-native speakers
Nov 20, 8:40 AM: Many of the state's charter schools have extremely high rates of English Language Learners. For example, three Community Day Charter Schools in Lawrence enroll between 40 percent and 60 percent English Language Learners. >
Nearly one-third of Missouri’s charter schools score in unaccredited or provisionally accredited zone
Nov 20, 8:38 AM: The latest annual report cards from the Missouri Education Department show that three Kansas City charter schools have fallen in the unaccredited range and another 12 Missouri charters are provisionally accredited. That’s >
Nevada officials admit funding mistakes hurt school districts
Nov 20, 8:11 AM: Now the department is acknowledging that it erred in two calculations that financially affected school districts statewide — one on how much to reimburse for full-day kindergarten programs and another in how much it would >
Poudre School District conditionally approves new charter school
Nov 20, 7:59 AM: Poudre School District will have a new charter school come August, so long as the school can meet conditions set by the district's governing board this month.
Faced with losing teachers, Oklahoma school converts to a charter
Nov 20, 7:51 AM: But as the school system faced the prospect of losing dozens of its emergency certified teachers who had failed to pass a teaching test within the state-required two year window, the elementary and middle schools were >
Ohio relied on ECOT for data on how much to pay charter school
Nov 20, 7:50 AM: When the Ohio Department of Education audited ECOT’s attendance for a second school year last summer, the embattled online charter’s verified attendance went up more than 80 percent, and the amount it was forced to repay >
No longer a simple question: Where are you going to high school?
Nov 20, 7:45 AM: It’s November, so school guidance counselors are busy compiling student transcripts with grades, attendance and standardized test scores, as well as proofreading their application essays, so they can enter the schools of >
Lebanon puts brakes on charter idea
Nov 20, 7:17 AM: The Lebanon School Board isn't discounting the idea of a countywide vocational charter school, but it is going to look at other ways to expand career-technical education, too.



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