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Opinion: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (unwittingly) flirts with school choice
Jul 19, 7:25 AM:

While Ocasio-Cortez answers every question with more government, on education at least, she correctly identifies the problem. In fact, she identifies with it personally, telling voters again and again that she came from >

Colin McNickle: Funding not solution for underperforming schools
Jul 19, 7:22 AM: The long proffered claim that Allegheny County’s poorer performing public school districts would deliver better academic results if only they had more funding is laid bare in a new analysis by the Allegheny Institute for >
Voters to decide on school voucher program expansion in November
Jul 19, 7:19 AM: Voters will decide whether to expand Arizona’s school voucher program this November, spurring promoters and challengers to vie for community support for or against Proposition 305.
Families accused of residency fraud re-enroll at Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Jul 19, 7:08 AM: Students at Duke Ellington School of the Arts accused of residency fraud are being allowed to re-enroll in the acclaimed D.C. public arts academy, quelling some fears that enrollment would suddenly plummet following >
The Painful Demise Of A Big Island Charter School
Jul 19, 7:00 AM: The rural area, between Puna and Kona on the southern end of the island, contains two traditional Hawaii Department of Education schools — an elementary school and another serving grades K-12 — while the closest charter >
High school students can get ahead with dual enrollment
Jul 19, 6:55 AM: Students who wish to get a head start on college or workforce training have an array of dual enrollment options at local community colleges and four-year institutions, typically beginning in their sophomore years. >
School districts ask judge to halt student transfers
Jul 19, 6:49 AM: Two Southwest Arkansas school districts are asking a federal judge for temporary restraining orders on interdistrict student transfers until court hearings are held on whether such transfers would conflict with >
Pathway to competition
Jul 19, 6:27 AM: This summer, school districts across northern Rhode Island are jockeying for position as they try to get ahead of the field on developing new educational pathway programs for students. With money at stake as children leave >
Column: Liberal policy scary as violent behavior
Jul 19, 6:23 AM: Still, bizarrely, yes. Each of the Democratic candidates for governor has promised to ban these schools and to force tens of thousands of Michigan kids out of the schools that help them succeed and back into the failure >
Charter Network Drops English Immersion, Doubles Down On Bilingual Education
Jul 19, 6:20 AM: Acero Schools, formerly known as the UNO Charter School Network, has altered its practices for the last two years and adopted a polar opposite approach to teaching Latino students: dual language education.
School board rejected them. But 2 new charters will open anyway.
Jul 19, 6:15 AM: The state Board of Education unanimously upheld recommendations by a charter school commission and judges to allow South Palm Beach Charter School, a K-8 school, and Renaissance Charter School of Palm Beach, a high school >
School funding formula revisions could streamline school budget, tie $$ to enrollment
Jul 19, 6:13 AM: A panel of Idaho lawmakers and education officials is looking into streamlining the the state’s public school budget, getting rid of line items such as the teacher career ladder, and giving school districts and charter >
Letter: Charter schools: Good for Washington
Jul 19, 6:11 AM: David Leonhardt wrote a fine column about the success charter schools have achieved in New Orleans. Unfortunately, he neglected to mention that charters are being fiercely fought all over the country by teachers unions, >
South Mountain High School transforming campus to attract students
Jul 19, 6:09 AM: South Mountain High School will start the school year with a new concept in learning, with specialized programs to prepare students for career fields like aerospace science, nursing, and legal services. Administrators are >
MDHA extends fundraising deadline for controversial new charter school in East Nashville
Jul 19, 6:07 AM: The Metro Development and Housing Agency granted influential nonprofit Martha O’Bryan Center an 11-month extension to raise $5 million to help pay for a new charter school building in East Nashville.
Editorial: League of Women Voters is right to sue over deceptive ballot item
Jul 19, 6:04 AM: And that leaves the third proposal, which is the particularly toxic one. It’s a stealth amendment to remove local control of charter schools, though the word “charter” doesn’t prominently appear anywhere in the proposal’s >
HISD leaders optimistic about avoiding sanctions after schools post big gains
Jul 19, 5:52 AM: Several of Houston ISD’s longest-struggling elementary and middle schools posted significant gains on state standardized tests in 2018, including all three campuses that must meet Texas academic standards this year to >
How do charter, private schools compare to Dayton Public Schools?
Jul 19, 5:15 AM: Of the 70 school buildings in Dayton that receive public money to educate the city’s children, only 27 are actually Dayton Public Schools. The rest are publicly funded charter schools or private schools for which kids can >
State ed board OKs Duval plan to turn around two schools
Jul 19, 5:06 AM: The State Board of Education on Wednesday approved without reservations Duval County Schools’ plan to have an outside company take over and turn around Lake Forest Elementary and Northwestern Middle.
Chattanooga Preparatory School Invites 300 Men To Welcome Inaugural Class
Jul 19, 4:54 AM: Inspired by other schools around the country, the Chattanooga 300 will be hosted on the first day of school to motivate students and get them excited for the year ahead. The goal of the event is to get 300 men from the >



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