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'Best-kept secret': Area districts with virtual school option consider promoting their programs as Epic continues to grow
Feb 19, 7:10 AM: As enrollment at Epic Charter Schools continues to soar, local education leaders are thinking twice about keeping their own virtual programming out of the spotlight.
New leader brings fresh eyes to Frederick Classical Charter School
Feb 19, 7:07 AM: Frederick Classical Charter School’s new principal doesn’t settle for the middle of the pack, and she’s wasted no time adding a much-needed surge of strong leadership to make improvements since her tenure began in July.
Chicago Teachers Union suspends city's second charter school strike after winning pay increases
Feb 19, 7:01 AM: Regular classes at four Chicago International Charter School campuses were set to resume Tuesday, after negotiators reached a tentative deal to end the city’s second strike at the independently operated schools. >
Kansas Hope Scholarship Act would transfer base aid to private schools for bullying victims
Feb 19, 6:58 AM: Former Rep. Chuck Weber explained the hopelessness bullying victims experience in testimony last week for lawmakers entertaining ideas to restructure the way public school funding is used.
Opinion: Oppose funding for private education vouchers, Rutherford school officials tell lawmakers
Feb 19, 6:55 AM: Rutherford County and Murfreesboro school officials want more funding to support public education. They oppose any Tennessee General Assembly legislation that would allow state tax dollars to be spent on vouchers or >
Opinion: Scholarship tax credits are backdoor vouchers for private schools
Feb 19, 6:50 AM: This bill is a perfectly terrible idea — not only because it funnels money from public schools to private ones without any accountability, but because it allows donors to actually make money on hurting schools. Thus far, >
DeSantis announces new 'equal opportunity' voucher program, aims to end scholarship waiting list, expand school choice
Feb 19, 6:45 AM: Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday he wants to create a new private school voucher program that would pay tuition for students now on the waiting list for the state’s popular Tax Credit Scholarship Program. >
Springfield students eligible for private school vouchers double
Feb 19, 6:39 AM: More Clark and Champaign County students, including those who attend nine Springfield City Schools, are eligible for state-funded vouchers to attend private schools next year.
Lawmakers back bigger tax break for companies who fund private-school scholarships
Feb 19, 6:36 AM: South Dakota lawmakers are considering boosting tax breaks for insurance companies that contribute to a fund paying for private school scholarships.
R.I. charter school Times2 failing to deliver, state finds
Feb 19, 6:21 AM: A local charter school with STEM in its title has come under fire by the state Department of Education for not offering a rigorous and well-designed selection of science courses.
Union leaders call for statewide public school workers strike beginning Tuesday
Feb 19, 6:14 AM: That bill angered school workers because it would’ve allowed unlimited charter schools to form in West Virginia, which currently has none, and would’ve provided public money for private-, online- and home-schooling and >
Opinion: Scholarship tax credits aren't vouchers and won't hurt public schools
Feb 19, 6:00 AM: It is not a secret that Kentucky’s education system has oftentimes been the subject of heated debates in recent years. We cannot continue to allow arguments between adults to hold Kentucky children back from the education >
Commentary: Teachers jump the gun on strike call
Feb 19, 5:51 AM: West Virginia school teachers have called for a statewide strike starting Tuesday—the second strike in as many years–shutting down the state’s schools. The strike call came Monday afternoon after word circulated that >
Editorial: Omnibus education bill a great start toward reform
Feb 19, 5:48 AM: If ever parents of school-aged kids and state taxpayers were looking for another good reason to support school choice in West Virginia, striking public school teachers and service personnel just gave them a strong one. >
State's AG appealing school case
Feb 19, 5:41 AM: Arkansas' legal and education leaders are appealing a federal judge's orders that exempt four south Arkansas school districts from participating in interdistrict student transfers because of their decades-old federal >
Editorial: Charter schools come home to roost
Feb 19, 5:37 AM: But if DeSantis and the Republican majorities in both the House and Senate decide to establish a straight-forward funding of non-public schools from general revenues, it’s a good bet the new right-tilt of the court could >
A High School Diploma, Even For A Valedictorian, Will Never Be Enough
Feb 15, 8:54 AM: It’s true that the series identified some of the major flaws in a system where 25 percent of the highest performing students are segregated into three high schools, and where too many high school students are not getting >
DC files suit against 4 parents, city employee for defrauding schools
Feb 15, 8:44 AM: Four Maryland parents and a D.C. employee are in hot water with the city, facing fraud charges for allegedly enrolling their children in District schools.
Student group says rising CMS grad rates mask grim future for many black graduates
Feb 15, 8:34 AM: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ credit recovery program lets students who fail a course take online lessons to pass. But it allows too many students in high-poverty, mostly black schools graduate with grade-point averages >
Opinion: Time for bold education reforms to move Massachusetts forward
Feb 15, 8:08 AM: As Beacon Hill moves forward with discussions on how to best improve our schools, the chamber would like to present five recommendations for consideration. These proposals were developed, with input from educators, by a >



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