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For Maverick Polly Williams, the Mother of School Choice, The Point Was Always to Empower Parents
Jan 29, 8:20 AM: "Don’t call it a voucher plan,” she told me in 2012 during one of many interviews. “That’s not what I call it. It’s parental choice. My focus is always empowering the parents." >
Nation's first private school voucher program has grown, but still remains divisive
Jan 29, 7:55 AM: Thirty years since Milwaukee’s school voucher program started — the oldest modern voucher program in the country — Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Republican Wisconsin lawmakers >
New York City Spends $200 Million a Year to Aid High-Poverty Schools, With Mixed Results
Jan 29, 7:36 AM: A New York City initiative to help hundreds of public schools in high-poverty areas by providing them with social services had no effect on students’ state test scores in reading and little effect in math, a study released >
Bill advances to let KY school boards skip charter school training
Jan 29, 7:04 AM: A bill received initial approval Tuesday that would allow local school boards to delay charter school training until they received an application from a group wanting to open a charter school.
Letter: Help charter schools in NH succeed
Jan 29, 7:02 AM: As any parent who has experienced it knows, few things are as heart wrenching as watching your child suffer at school because of bullying. In my case, I watched my vibrant and eager to learn child turn into someone I >
Springfield charter school Veritas Prep approved to add high school grades
Jan 29, 7:00 AM: A charter school in Springfield has been unanimously approved to add high school grades to its student body.
'Weak tax base,' charter enrollment keeping York City district in recovery, officials say
Jan 29, 6:57 AM: York City School District's tax revenue has not met its expenses in recent years, and the district has relied on its reserves to buy down its tax rate, according to data from a recent report.
Opinion Newark charter schools aren’t just good. They’re ‘incredibly high performing,’
Jan 29, 6:52 AM: Public education is not immune to this problem. Which is why our goal at the New Jersey Children’s Foundation is to promote a fact-based discussion about education -- with a focus on our home city of Newark. >
Austin’s charter school enrollment is growing, drawing in many Hispanic and Black families
Jan 29, 6:48 AM: Researchers at UT Austin have compiled numbers that show charter school enrollment in Austin has ballooned in recent years.
Birmingham School Board denies charter school applications
Jan 29, 6:46 AM: Birmingham School Board members voted to reject two charter school applications. It happened during a late special called meeting Tuesday night.
Ohio Senate votes to block expansion of voucher program
Jan 29, 6:24 AM: Shortly before midnight Tuesday the Ohio Senate voted to block this fall's massive voucher expansion that would have had Ohio public schools paying millions to send students to private or religious schools. >
Five years of state control of the LRSD
Jan 29, 6:21 AM: Little Rock School District supporters are wearing black today to mark the fifth anniversary of the Arkansas State Board of Education’s vote to remove the democratically elected Little Rock School Board and take control of >
State education board urges dramatic action for struggling Boston schools
Jan 29, 6:10 AM: Improving Boston’s lowest-performing schools will require dramatic steps, members of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education said Tuesday.
Tennessee school voucher program rules approved, but opposition remains in statehouse
Jan 29, 6:07 AM: A Tennessee legislative committee gave the green light to rules that will govern the state's Education Savings Account program even as some lawmakers hope to end the initiative before it begins.
District leaders call for moratorium on new charters until law is changed
Jan 29, 5:47 AM: In what they called an “unprecedented” coalition, more than 30 superintendents and other school district leaders in Southeast Pennsylvania — joined by several from the center of the state — are calling for a moratorium on >
Charter school backers see path forward for expansion in Missouri
Jan 29, 5:44 AM: After years of falling short, advocates of school choice see an opening to get a charter school expansion plan across the finish line this spring.
Hundreds rally at Virginia Capitol for education reform
Jan 29, 5:42 AM: Bells chiming through Capitol Square were drowned out Monday as hundreds of education advocates dressed in red chanted for lawmakers to “fund our future.” The Virginia Education Association and Virginia American Federation >
Opinion: A tale of two sons: our families deserve school choice
Jan 29, 5:38 AM: Unfortunately, some of our state leaders have recently limited the very options, like charter schools, that serve more than 600,000 California students and that have been linked to significant achievement gains for >
‘We are not anti-public school people, but we are pro-choice,’ supporters say at annual rally
Jan 29, 5:29 AM: The Mississippi State Capitol was awash with bright yellow scarves Tuesday as hundreds of students, parents and educators traveled here to celebrate “school choice,” the notion that parents should be able to choose where >
Opinion: School choice promotes equity
Jan 29, 5:24 AM: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work very well when it comes to things like clothing. Just imagine the results if a UNM football player and petite Flamenco dancer tried putting on the same outfit. That same concept, of >



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