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Charter, Magnet Schools Top U.S. Best High Schools
Apr 25, 7:34 AM: Charter and magnet schools rank among the best in the country at a time when the Trump administration is pushing a pro-school choice policy agenda and proposing billions in federal funding to give parents and students more >
Voucher Bill Tests Ambition of School Choice Advocates in N.H.
Apr 25, 7:32 AM: Lawmakers will debate a controversial education bill Tuesday that would allow parents to use state tax dollars to pay for private school tuition and homeschool expenses.
Despite new construction in Pacoima, the question remains: How much will L.A. Unified spend on chart
Apr 25, 6:45 AM: New classrooms under construction at a charter school in Pacoima mark a moment of truce — even mutual respect — in a hot and cold war between charters and the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Cape Coral mayor storms out of meeting about charter schools
Apr 25, 6:41 AM: In what was billed as a discussion on best practices for the Cape Coral Charter School System, Mayor Marni Sawicki became so agitated she left in the middle of a Cape Coral City Council meeting Monday night.
Should charter school enrollment be a corporate employee perk?
Apr 25, 6:30 AM: Students could gain admission to charter schools based on where their parents work or where they live under legislation that would make significant changes in the ways the schools fill their classrooms.
New charter school plans to open in August on Francis Street
Apr 25, 6:28 AM: The initial building is 5,000 square feet, including four classrooms. A 1,500-square-foot addition is planned for the future, as Tassie expects to add one grade every year up to sixth grade. Grand Valley State University is >
New Albany Charter School asks for expansion money; Teacher’s Assoc. pushes back
Apr 25, 6:16 AM: A Montessori School in New Albany is asking the district for a quarter of a million dollars to help build a new fine arts facility.
Voucher-backing group runs thank-you TV ads in Arizona
Apr 25, 6:05 AM: A national group vocally backing school voucher expansion in Arizona ran television ads during a political talk show over the weekend thanking Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and GOP lawmakers who voted for the legislation.
Democrats kill attempt to provide tax credits for private education
Apr 25, 6:00 AM: A backdoor attempt to institute an education voucher-like program in Colorado was struck down Monday by Democrats in the state Legislature.
ECOT case stalls recovery of millions paid to other online schools
Apr 25, 5:47 AM: Ohio's attempts to recover about $20 million in state tax funding from eight online charter schools has stalled for more than six months while a much larger battle over more than $60 million from e-school giant ECOT lingers in >
Parkinson Calls for Elimination of Achievement School District
Apr 25, 5:39 AM: State Rep. Antonio Parkinson is renewing his call for an end to the Achievement School District amid revelations a charter school operator hired a convicted felon to run Lester Prep.
House Dems tackling charter school reform
Apr 25, 5:34 AM: Unhappy with a comprehensive charter school reform bill being pushed by House Republicans, House Democrats recently unveiled a package of nine separate bills aimed at solving the issue.
House committee approves charter school growth, enrollment ‘perks’ for charter partners
Apr 25, 5:28 AM: The House K-12 Education Committee approved several charter school bills Monday, including one that would allow faster growth and another that would give children of charter school business partners enrollment priority.
Governor appoints new member to State Charter School Board
Apr 25, 5:25 AM: Gov. Gary Herbert has appointed Cynthia K. Phillips, executive director of Park City’s Weilenmann School of Discovery, to the State Charter School Board.
SC nonprofit raises $10 million for private school choice
Apr 25, 5:18 AM: The state’s private school-choice nonprofit has raised $10 million this year, hitting the cap on state tax credits available to donors.
Philly charter officials call for charters for 20 schools but not Laboratory
Apr 25, 5:01 AM: Geary said the charter office would recommend expansions for three K-8 charter schools that would add a total of 797 seats. He identified the schools as Alliance for Progress, in North Philadelphia; Southwest Leadership School in >
Kucinich emerges to blister charter school operators
Apr 25, 4:53 AM: Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on the attack against Ohio’s charter-school industry — and associated “corruption” within the General Assembly.
Letter: More School Choice (by Jeanne Allen)
Apr 24, 7:19 AM: Arizona has a long history with school choice — it has a pioneering strong charter school law, various tax credit and special needs scholarships, and competitive public schools. Now, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts will pick up >
Activists see conspiracy in plan to help charter schools
Apr 24, 7:12 AM: Beth Overholt is gearing up for a showdown on high-stakes testing and charter schools. But first, she has to get across town in mid-day traffic.  Pick up her high school senior – class valedictorian - and head to Atlanta to check >
Head of the (virtual) class
Apr 24, 7:11 AM: Founded two years ago, the North Carolina Virtual Academy is a state-funded, public charter school designed to help students who are having trouble in a traditional, brick and mortar schools, NCVA Head of School Joel Medley >



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