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If You Think Teacher Strikes Are About Pay, Think Again (CER in the news)
May 22, 7:27 AM: 20,000 North Carolina teachers took to the streets of Raleigh for what was billed as a march and rally against low wages and underfunded schools. It was neither. “My heart goes out to the teachers that did turn out for the >
Opinion: Pay Teachers More—but Make Sure They Earn It
May 22, 7:26 AM: As usual, the politics of education lately seem like they’re all about the grown-ups. Teachers unions hope their walkouts in states like Arizona, Kentucky and Oklahoma will turn red states blue in 2018, while others >
Why does Bowser keep saying D.C. is the ‘fastest improving’ school district in the country?
May 22, 7:24 AM: The idea that D.C. is the fastest-improving urban district in the nation gained steam in 2013 — more than a year before Bowser took office — when the city posted some of the country’s biggest gains on the National >
Charter School in Lebanon Finds Solid Financial Footing
May 22, 7:21 AM: The New Hampshire Department of Education provides its 21 charter schools, all of which operate independently from school districts, with less than $7,000 a year per student, in a state where average per-pupil spending is >
Survey shows Louisiana teachers support a strike for pay raises
May 22, 6:35 AM: Sixty one percent of respondents in an online survey by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers said they would support a statewide walkout or strike in order to force lawmakers to approve pay increases. The survey results >
Parents get 3 days' notice Cypress Academy in New Orleans will close this week
May 22, 6:26 AM: Three days before summer break at Cypress Academy, the small charter school in Mid-City told parents that Wednesday will be its last day — forever.
CMS report blasts plan to let towns open charter schools: 'A nightmare for taxpayers'
May 22, 6:15 AM: Critics of a bill that would allow Mecklenburg County towns to create their own charter schools took their fight to the General Assembly Monday, calling the measure "a nightmare for taxpayers.
Rep. Brenner claim about ECOT donations draws fire
May 22, 6:03 AM: As he battles his opponent on Twitter, Rep. Andrew Brenner is taking heat for arguing that he never received campaign donations from ECOT, although the school’s founder is his largest contributor.
Opinion: Every child deserves a choice in their education
May 22, 5:51 AM: While the state's tax credit scholarship programs have helped many students attend schools of choice, more must be done to bring equal education opportunity to all Pennsylvania students.
Opinion: School voucher legislation would divert needed funds from public schools
May 22, 5:40 AM: We are deeply disappointed to learn that the state Senate Education Committee is again giving serious consideration to Senate Bill 2. Although named the "Education Savings Account Act," this bill stands to create vouchers >
New state director named for Louisiana charter schools
May 22, 5:32 AM: Alonzo "Lonnie" Luce has been named the state director of Louisiana for Charter Schools USA. In this role, he will oversee academics, school improvement, operations and leadership development for all CSUSA schools in >
Georgia online school’s closure means one less option for high-risk students
May 22, 5:21 AM: When Georgia’s first online statewide charter high school closes next month, it will leave behind roughly 1,700 students without a diploma— many of whom have struggled in school — and a mixed legacy as an education pioneer >
3 Detroit charter schools' contract renewals rejected by board panel
May 22, 5:19 AM: Three Detroit charter schools face an uncertain future after two subcommittees of the Detroit Board of Education rejected giving them a three-year contract renewal.
Rollingstone can’t be used for charter
May 22, 5:08 AM: It’s official: Rollingstone Community School is for sale — and, according to a clause approved with a 5-2 vote by the Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) Board, new owners will not be allowed to use it as a schoolhouse. >
Why charter school backers are spending big in California's governor's race
May 22, 4:53 AM: California teacher unions are convinced that if Antonio Villaraigosa is elected governor this year, education funding for traditional public schools will erode, leaving them worse off as they compete with charter schools >
Charter backers outspend teachers in 2 California races
May 21, 7:30 AM: In the battle for the future of California’s schools, charter school advocates are far outpacing teachers unions in spending to support candidates for governor and state schools chief.
Litchfield parent wins rare school-choice case
May 21, 7:28 AM: In a rare reversal of a local school board’s decision, the State Board of Education has ruled that a high school sophomore who moved to Litchfield last fall after her father died can continue to attend Pinkerton Academy in >
Why U-46 is looking at adding more high school academies
May 21, 7:24 AM: Elgin Area School District U-46 students soon might be able to pursue careers in health care, tourism, government and the military while still in high school.
New Jersey hit with major lawsuit arguing it must end school segregation
May 21, 7:16 AM: The New Jersey law that requires most children to attend public school within their communities has led to some of the worst school segregation in the nation, prompting a coalition to sue the state to overturn that law and >
2 new city charter schools appealing rejection of applications
May 21, 7:13 AM: Two charter schools whose applications were denied by the Pittsburgh school board intend to appeal the decision, taking their turn in the often predictable back-and-forth struggle over new charter schools in Pennsylvania. >



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