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Special Report: To reopen or not to reopen - That is the fraught question for U.S. schools
Nov 25, 10:21 AM: Across the United States, district leaders face pressure from all sides as they grapple with how to educate children during the pandemic, a Reuters survey of 217 districts showed. Many parents are balking at online >
Advocacy groups call for teachers to be among first to get coronavirus vaccine
Nov 25, 10:19 AM: Calls are mounting for teachers to be among the first recipients of coronavirus vaccines when they become available.
Opinion: Why Do Teachers Unions Hate Our Kids?
Nov 25, 10:17 AM: Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, teachers unions have used in-person learning as leverage to forward their demands. They also have a history of bargaining for political advantage without apparent regard for the mental >
Opinion: Americans Risk Losing the Ability to Govern Ourselves. Better Civics Education Can Help
Nov 25, 10:15 AM: You would think that by now our country would have arrived at some generally accepted principles when it comes to life, liberty, and the happiness of our fellow citizens. However, the rule of law, equal protection under >
Failing grades spike in Virginia’s largest school system as online learning gap emerges nationwide
Nov 25, 9:58 AM: A report on student grades from one of the nation’s largest school districts offers some of the first concrete evidence that online learning is forcing a striking drop in students’ academic performance, and that the most >
As staff shortages emerge, CMS may begin shifting individual schools to remote learning
Nov 25, 9:21 AM: In an emergency meeting Tuesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board members granted Superintendent Earnest Winston the authority to move individual schools to remote-only instruction during the coronavirus pandemic. >
As California’s new charter law takes effect, schools bracing for shutdowns could win a reprieve from pandemic
Nov 25, 9:15 AM: Last year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new charter school law intended to settle a longstanding feud between charter operators and those calling for tighter restrictions on their growth.
Philly’s Black-led charter schools are treated unfairly, new group says
Nov 25, 9:12 AM: Philadelphia’s Black-led charter schools play an important role in educating thousands of city children, yet are routinely subjected to inequities and racial bias by the School District, leaders of a new coalition said >
Philly’s Black-led charter schools band together for ‘Black Schools Matter’ campaign
Nov 25, 9:10 AM: A group of Philadelphia charter schools led by Black educators are banding together to highlight racial inequities in the public school system, and advocate for more resources.
Lawsuit filed by parents, private schools over virus restrictions is 'dumb,' Beshear says
Nov 25, 9:06 AM: A group of churches, private Christian schools and parents sued Gov. Andy Beshear on Tuesday over his new orders temporarily banning in-person classes and limiting indoor social gatherings to eight or fewer people from two >
Public school enrollment plummets statewide amid coronavirus pandemic
Nov 25, 8:53 AM: Overall, the state’s 400 public school districts, which include charter and vocational schools, have lost more than 37,000 students from their rosters this fall, causing statewide enrollment to drop to 911,432, according >
'Not even effective': Parents seeking injuction against closure of Marion County schools
Nov 25, 8:43 AM: A group of Indianapolis parents say they plan to sue the city over its decision to close all schools for the next two months if officials don’t rescind part of a recent public health order – issued two weeks ago as >
Blog: Public education establishment seeks to cover its failings by pursuing a race-based agenda
Nov 25, 7:39 AM: Washington state, by contrast, will deny families the direct aid they need to get a quality education, and instead hold Work Sessions on race-based agendas to produce reports and more empty promises, this time using the >
Ohio Education Association wants new voucher options vetoed
Nov 25, 7:10 AM: Senate Bill 89 would expand the number of students potentially eligible for the state’s EdChoice Program, which provides private-school vouchers for students. It’s been trumpeted as a victory for parents, but the Ohio >
Editorial: Proposed voucher fix is necessary first step
Nov 25, 6:54 AM: The question of what school vouchers should accomplish and who should be eligible for them has been up in the air for years; Ohioans deserve some certainty.
Rockford teachers union demands choice for teachers to work from home, district requiring teachers in schools
Nov 25, 6:46 AM: The Rockford Public School Board met both in-person and online Tuesday night for its board meeting. The Rockford Education Association demanded the board consider giving teachers the option to teach from home during the >
Opinion: Our next Education secretary must support all public schools — including charters
Nov 24, 9:14 AM: As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office, one of the big questions is whom he will name as the new secretary of Education. There’s no question that his pick must renew our country’s focus on supporting public >
Sonja Santelises has earned praise running Baltimore schools. Will she be Joe Biden’s cabinet pick?
Nov 24, 9:12 AM: A national education group is pushing Baltimore schools CEO Sonja Santelises as one of its top choices to lead President-elect Joe Biden’s Department of Education.
California Black Educators Could Play Key Role in Picking Biden’s new Education Secretary
Nov 24, 9:03 AM: The academic future of America’s more than 56 million K-12 students, 93 percent attending public schools, will be shaped significantly by President-elect Joe Biden’s new Secretary of Education, and several of California’s >
Opinion: A promise for Biden to break
Nov 24, 9:01 AM: But Joe Biden told the National Education Association in November 2019, “First thing, as president of the United States — not a joke — first thing I will do is make sure that the secretary of education is not Betsy DeVos, >



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