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Commentary: Warren’s Insight on Teacher Pay
Dec 5, 9:19 AM: Ensuring that money makes it to the classroom is only the first and lowest hurdle to clear on the path to education reform. That it is still so difficult points to a deeper truth that Howard Fuller, a former superintendent >
On school choice, Democrats are the hypocrites | Opinion
Dec 5, 9:14 AM: Ask most Democrats, and they will claim that it is their party that represents marginalized Americans, and specifically lower income black and Hispanic voters.
Opinion: 2020 Democrats are school choice hypocrites
Dec 5, 9:14 AM: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander — unless you’re talking about the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and education policy. The majority of the front-runners either attended private schools themselves >
EDITORIAL: Pa.'s weakest districts targeted
Dec 5, 8:28 AM: But the "school choice" red herring only serves to line investors' pockets and rob taxpayers of accountability. And, judging by recent history, the enemies of public education are targeting Pennsylvania's weakest districts >
D.C. Council mulls solutions to high rates of teacher turnover in District
Dec 5, 8:15 AM: Teacher burnout, frustration with the evaluation system and a workplace culture that doesn’t include teachers in decision-making were some of the issues raised Wednesday as D.C. Council members examined high turnover rates >
Opinion: A chance to reform education funding
Dec 5, 8:15 AM: Ever since the passage of Act 60 in 1997 and Act 68 in 2003, Vermonters have been perpetually frustrated with our education financing system. And for good reasons. Vermont has the second highest property tax burden in the >
Our View: With 12 county schools seeing ratings drop, CCPS must figure out why and fix it
Dec 5, 8:03 AM: Given that the objective evaluations of Carroll County Public Schools in recent years — from standardized test scores, to graduation statistics to the first Maryland School Report Card — have been overwhelmingly positive >
Detroit Chamber: Metro students must finish degrees to find good jobs
Dec 5, 8:03 AM: According to the Detroit Regional Chamber’s first-ever State of Education Report, released Thursday, students are dropping out of the region’s education system at every stage, resulting in a talent pool without the >
Column: Charter school success hiding in plain sight
Dec 5, 7:57 AM: Oklahomans, in recent weeks, have been buffeted by report after report, including results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the ACT college readiness exam, and the state’s own A-F assessment of the >
Local charter school measures impact of 4-day school week
Dec 5, 7:54 AM: Dohn High School’s experiment of a four-day week is paying off, according to the school’s director. Ramone Davenport said staff members have seen an increase in enrollment and increased productivity with students and >
Judge nixes Chester Community Charter School petition - for now
Dec 5, 7:51 AM: Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge Barry Dozor denied a petition from Chester Community Charter School Wednesday that could have opened the door to "charterize" all elementary schools in the Chester Upland School >
Ky. school districts ask to skip charter school training. State education board says no.
Dec 5, 7:22 AM: Eight Kentucky school districts on Wednesday asked to skip mandatory charter school training for their school board members, but the charter-friendly state board of education unanimously voted to deny the requests. >
Judge blocks regulator from moving to shut Nevada Virtual Academy
Dec 5, 7:16 AM: A judge has issued a temporary restraining order to block a potential closure of the online Nevada Virtual Academy charter school until a lawsuit alleging that the State Public Charter School Authority imposed unlawful >
Students in Michigan increasingly turning to virtual schooling
Dec 5, 7:14 AM: The number of students opting to attend online virtual schooling is on the rise, according to numbers from the Michigan Department of Education.
Letter: Who benefits from tuition voucher programs?
Dec 5, 7:08 AM: When politicians advocate school voucher programs they always claim the purpose is to help “poor” families. This is a lie. The only people who actually benefit are middle and upper class.
IPS Makes Play For Manual High School, As State Board Paves Way
Dec 5, 6:56 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools teamed up with a local and powerful charter operator in a last-minute attempt to save one of its former high schools under state takeover from becoming a charter school managed by an >
State board session studies ideas for LRSD
Dec 5, 6:52 AM: Arkansas Board of Education members explored ideas Wednesday regarding the future of the state-controlled Little Rock School District, including one to convert the district's existing Community Advisory Board into "a >
Editorial: California can’t account for billions of education dollars
Dec 5, 6:42 AM: Since then, state spending on schools has increased about 50%. But, as state Auditor Elaine Howle explained in a troubling report last month, there is no way to track whether money is being spent as it should. >
SCS board members call for moratorium on charter schools until state evaluates effectiveness
Dec 5, 6:27 AM: Shelby County School board members don’t want to see another charter school open or expand in Memphis until the state evaluates how they are doing.
Sharp Nationwide Enrollment Drop in Teacher Prep Programs Cause for Alarm
Dec 4, 10:01 AM: Teacher preparation programs have experienced sharp enrollment declines over the last eight years in nearly every state across the country, a new analysis shows.



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