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Partisan divide reaches into views of higher education
Oct 18, 7:57 AM: Once, American colleges and universities enjoyed bipartisan support, and Republicans and Democrats alike believed in the value of higher education.Today, not so much. And that could be a big issue as Congress considers >
Review & Outlook: Chicago Teachers Strike Again
Oct 18, 7:54 AM: In a popular children’s book “Click, Clack, Moo,” the cows refuse to produce milk and persuade some hens to stop laying eggs until a farmer acquiesces to their demands. After he concedes, the ducks go on strike. Welcome to >
Editorial: Missouri releases baffling school performance scores. Does anyone know what they mean?
Oct 18, 7:52 AM: Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released results from its annual performance reviews of schools in the state.
Teachers union won't back candidates who voted for PERS reforms
Oct 18, 6:52 AM: A third Oregon union says it won’t endorse or contribute to primary campaigns for candidates who voted for reforms to Oregon’s costly public pension system earlier this year.
New proposals on the table, but Chicago teachers strike enters Day 2
Oct 18, 6:35 AM: Chicago teachers will forge ahead with day two of their strike after spending Thursday picketing outside schools, rallying and marching through downtown streets and, for a couple dozen, continuing to work toward a deal >
Editorial: A useful guide for parents
Oct 18, 6:28 AM: Almost every parent will now have an objective measure of how ready their child is to attend college. No longer will parents have to guess about projected success. It will enable them to help their child make an informed >
Over 81 Percent of Students Snagging Taxpayer-Funded Private School Vouchers in Statewide Program This School Year Attended A Private School Last Year
Oct 18, 6:08 AM: As the cost for the private school voucher program hits nearly $350 million per year, data from the state Department of Public Instruction shows nearly 82 percent of students in the statewide expansion of the program in >
Guest columnist: Bevin undermining public education to boost charter schools
Oct 18, 5:58 AM: Gov. Matt Bevin is determined to undermine public education in Kentucky. His quest is to establish charter schools in our state, which can make charter school bosses rich but rob public schools of their funding. >
Court Nixes Watered-Down Standards for Charter School Teachers
Oct 18, 5:54 AM: New York’s largest teachers union scored a victory in the war over charter schools Thursday with an appeals court ruling that state policymakers overstepped by diluting certification requirements for charter school >
Charter school supporters concerned about Leandro Commission
Oct 18, 5:52 AM: Proponents of charter schools worry the Governor’s Commission on Access to a Sound Basic Education will use the Leandro ruling as a roundabout way to restrict charter schools. The most recent commission meeting, Monday, >
Chris Linn, 'champion' of Appleton school district's manufacturing charter school, wins Scullen Award
Oct 18, 5:48 AM: That gave Linn an idea. Newly retired with four decades of work in the business world and a decade's experience in education before that, he could become a sort of "go between" Fox Valley businesses like Bassett and the >
9 Investigates: Virtual Charter Schools Become Stronghold In Oklahoma Education, Receive Millions In Funding
Oct 18, 5:26 AM: Many families, happy with their Epic experiences, spread the word to others, which helped generate the statewide virtual charter school's nearly exponential growth. But that growth, in turn, aroused suspicions and brought >
In a first, Philly school board votes to take back control of two charters
Oct 18, 5:13 AM: The Philadelphia Board of Education voted Thursday against renewing charters for two schools run by a powerful Latino nonprofit, a decision years in the making.
Education deserves more focus from 2020 Democrats
Oct 17, 8:20 AM: Fourteen minutes and 50 seconds — by my count, that’s about how long the Democratic presidential candidates have spent talking about K-12 education over the last four debates.
On Higher Education Accountability, House Democrats Both Hit And Miss
Oct 17, 8:19 AM: Democrats on the House Education and Labor Committee this week released the College Affordability Act (CAA), their proposed overhaul of the federal role in higher education. Yesterday I wrote about the Act’s questionable >
Commentary: Some charter schools use their flexibility to serve special ed kids.
Oct 17, 8:17 AM: For parents of children with disabilities, finding a school where the adults not only care about what your child needs but are capable of providing it can be life-changing. Over the last 12 months, researchers at the >
Opinion: Three steps to fix New Jersey schools
Oct 17, 7:50 AM: Empower parents to choose a district and/or school and apply a portion of their school funding taxes to that education. We need a state charter system and allow for parents to take a direct tax credit if they choose to >
Talking shop brings together Paterson traditional and charter schools
Oct 17, 7:47 AM: Eight months after blasting charter schools for taking millions of dollars from her budget, school superintendent Eileen Shafer joined charter school leaders to form what’s called the “All City Education Council. >
Chicago teachers are on strike. The reasons why come down to politics, time and money.
Oct 17, 7:37 AM: Teachers at Chicago Public Schools will go on strike Thursday after the Chicago Teachers Union and the city failed to settle on a new contract before the union-imposed deadline.
In Chicago, 25,000 teachers on strike and 300,000 children out of the classroom
Oct 17, 7:21 AM: Teachers in Chicago, home to the nation’s third-largest school district, went on strike Thursday, part of a broad fight to force the city to cap class sizes, hire more teacher’s assistants and nurses, and tackle an >



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