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Opinion: What Rural America Has to Teach Us
Mar 22, 7:50 AM: Everybody says rural America is collapsing. But I keep going to places with more moral coherence and social commitment than we have in booming urban areas. These visits prompt the same question: How can we spread the civic >
Commentary: Giving America An Effective Workforce
Mar 22, 7:50 AM: Offering vocational training as a recognized and respected alternative career route will create a workforce with the skills the economy will increasingly need, many of which colleges and universities simply cannot >
Editorial: Keep mayoral control of schools, but hold City Hall accountable
Mar 22, 6:59 AM: Anyone who debates whether the mayor should control NYC’s school system probably does not know or remember what it was like before.
BCIU will head to Harrisburg to advocate for fair funding of online schools
Mar 22, 6:53 AM: The cyberschools have been a hot-button topic, costing Berks districts more than $17 million during the 2017-18 school year. Charter and online charter schools on average receive $12,540 per regular student and $28,003 per >
Phasing out remedial college education could help more Colorado students earn their degrees
Mar 22, 6:28 AM: A bachelor’s degree eluded Armando Manzanares for two decades because he couldn’t pass introductory college math. As he got older, his lack of a degree made it harder and harder to catch the attention of potential >
Education hearing expected to draw hundreds to Statehouse on Friday
Mar 22, 6:26 AM: Hundreds of teachers, parents, students and advocates are expected to come to the Statehouse on Friday to testify on a slate of bills that would update the state’s public education funding formula.
Opinion: More school choice strengthens public education
Mar 22, 5:49 AM: Over the past 20 years, Florida public schools have improved as much as any in America. At the same time, educational choice here revved from fringe to mainstream. That’s a point worth noting to those who keep insisting, >
Bill targets Texas charter school admissions
Mar 22, 5:46 AM: An Austin legislator wants to prohibit charter schools from denying admission to students based on their disciplinary history, setting up what could become the biggest battle during this year’s legislative session in the >
IPS Partners With Charter High School KIPP Indy
Mar 22, 5:42 AM: Commissioner Diane Arnold voted in support of the partnership. “The students and their families that attend KIPP and other innovation schools are not stepchildren, they are IPS children, and they deserve the same >
Charter school on Indy's east side to close at end of school year
Mar 22, 5:17 AM: Lighthouse East Charter School on Indianapolis' east side is closing at the end of this school year. Its board announced the decision Thursday morning, citing poor performance and dwindling enrollment.
All Florida families have right to educational freedom — from homeschool to public school
Mar 22, 5:12 AM: According to a new poll conducted by the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), 78 percent of Florida voters agree that every family should be able to decide where to send their children to school. >
Dobie: Power Poll survey shows education choice divides Tennessee leaders
Mar 22, 5:04 AM: A survey of Chattanooga and Hamilton County leaders shows sharp divisions on Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's proposals for a school voucher plan and for granting the state greater authority in approving charter school >
New Bedford School Committee approves MOU with Alma, 5-2
Mar 22, 4:53 AM: The New Bedford School Committee Thursday night voted 5-2 to approve the memorandum of understanding between the city public schools and Alma del Mar Charter School as presented.
Letter: Democrats Really Do Own Education Reform
Mar 21, 7:42 AM: Democrats are the predominant party in the vast majority of districts with the largest numbers and concentrations of charter-school students.
Commentary: Want to Fix College? Admissions Aren’t the Biggest Problem
Mar 21, 7:39 AM: Busting the admissions cheaters is the right thing to do, in addition to being emotionally satisfying. But it won’t change America much for the better. Anyone who wants to do that through higher education, and who focusses >
Opinion: Public schools are no longer a foundation of America's Republic
Mar 21, 7:37 AM: To the extent that civics is taught, it emphasizes grievance and activism, rather than core knowledge about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. These days, just noting that the original purpose of the common >
The Lottery That’s Revolutionizing D.C. Schools
Mar 21, 7:33 AM: Nobel Prize-winning economist designed an algorithm that transformed where Washington kids go to school. But how far can it go in addressing segregation and inequality?
Editorial: Addressing issues facing left-behind communities is good policy — and good politics
Mar 21, 7:24 AM: Clean water and renewable energy are other areas in which investment by the federal government could yield big dividends and improve the quality of rural life. And as Booker noted, the federal government could give a boost >
Acclaimed BASIS charter schools nearly $44 million in the red, audit shows
Mar 21, 6:50 AM: The globally renowned BASIS charter school system is nearly $44 million in the red, according to a recent report from a Phoenix-based watchdog group.
Approved transparency bill will impact local charter schools
Mar 21, 6:48 AM: A newly signed bill will require all California charter schools to adhere to the same transparency laws that public schools follow, and the soon-to-be state law is expected to impact Santa Barbara County’s charters in >



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