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Opinion: A Plea for a Fact-Based Debate About Charter Schools
Jul 23, 7:24 AM: There are two high-profile camps on education reform. Staunch defenders — who tend to be conservative — support not only charter schools but virtually all school choice, including vouchers for private schools. They see >
Tulane lands $10 million federal grant to study school reform across the U.S.
Jul 23, 7:22 AM: The five-year grant, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, will fund research on how voucher programs, charter schools and other choice programs in various cities can better serve >
Libraries, LinkedIn agreement to offer online courses free
Jul 23, 7:14 AM: Ohio residents with valid library cards will have access to thousands of online courses they can take for free under an expansion of the state’s online library learning program.
Scott Walker leans into 'education governor' message as opponents scoff
Jul 23, 7:09 AM: Over the last month, his campaign has released two television ads featuring teachers praising his education record as he seeks a third term. "I’m being aggressive on this," Walker said in an interview last month. "We’re >
More central control is coming to CMS schools: What it means for kids, teachers.
Jul 23, 6:52 AM: Over the years CMS leaders have struggled to strike a balance between the freedom to let educators be creative and the control that ensures basic standards are being met.
Experts offer tips to strengthen New Mexico charter school law
Jul 23, 6:50 AM: New Mexico’s laws for authorizing and overseeing charter schools are solid but could benefit from some additional measures, according to recent National Alliance for Public Charter Schools data.
Report: Charter school demand skyrockets in San Antonio
Jul 23, 6:35 AM: A new report by Families Empowered says nearly 40,000 families applied to three of San Antonio's charter school networks.
Doctor inspires a new way to train teachers — and a new kind of school
Jul 23, 6:33 AM: In its place, they’re creating a new method — one based on the way doctors are trained — that will extend teacher training through their first three years on the job, supporting them as they take on the daunting >
Indianapolis Public Schools plan to save teachers, raise pay could be in trouble
Jul 23, 6:13 AM: A rift with the Broad Ripple community over the fate of the recently-closed Broad Ripple High School also has some residents in that neighborhood questioning if the district deserves more tax dollars. Colleen Fanning, a >
Virtual school opening brick-and-mortar office in Wilkes-Barre
Jul 23, 6:04 AM: Hayden is chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, and the space next door to R/C Wilkes-Barre Movies 14 is being set up as the virtual school’s ninth regional office. “Our goal is to have an >
Latino teachers, principals extremely rare in Utah schools
Jul 23, 5:57 AM: Latinos are the largest racial minority group of students in Utah and make up about 17 percent of statewide enrollment in K-12 education, while Latino educators made up 2.45 percent of the 37,326 active educators in public >
New Mexico loses education lawsuit
Jul 23, 5:49 AM: New Mexico is violating the constitutional rights of at-risk students by failing to provide them with a sufficient education, a state judge ruled Friday in a blistering, landmark decision.
District hopes students will stick with Palm Terrace Elementary after third D from state Previous HIDE CAPTION Principal Tucker Harris trades fist bumps and high fives for a job well done at an event near the end of the last school year. Despite a t
Jul 23, 5:28 AM: The marquee on the corner of Palm Terrace Elementary School’s Daytona Beach campus proudly proclaims a new message to passersby after the release of school grades last month: “D’s don’t define us." >
Column: Charters don’t need specific piece of special tax
Jul 23, 5:23 AM: At Wednesday’s lengthy, jam-packed meeting, board members said that they did not want to distribute more taxpayer dollars to charters. Why? Because they couldn’t guarantee — read that, force — charter schools to spend the >
Why 2 Louisiana private school tuition programs are still growing, but at slower pace
Jul 23, 5:15 AM: After rapid growth in its first two years, the voucher program has hovered around 7,000 children annually for the past few years. About 120 private schools participate, or about a third of the private schools operating in >
DeAngelis: More Regulation of D.C. School Vouchers Won’t Help Students. It Will Just Give Families Fewer Choices for Their Kids
Jul 23, 5:13 AM: Families choose schools for their children based on several important factors including culture, individual attention, and, of course, safety. Research tells us that parents — unsurprisingly — often value these things more >
Editorial: Equity in school improvement spending is a must for CPS
Jul 23, 5:00 AM: Rose and other parents who criticized the spending plan are rightly suspicious. Schools on the South and West sides were slated to get fewer capital dollars in 2019 than North Side schools, according to a WBEZ report. The >
EDITORIAL: To attract better teachers to low-performing schools, reform union pay structure
Jul 23, 4:43 AM: State education officials raised concerns last week about disparities in teacher quality between Clark County schools in affluent and low-income areas. And, once again, the problem can be traced to the one-size-fits-all >
What is Gov. Matt Bevin doing with Kentucky's education boards?
Jul 23, 4:31 AM: Bevin quietly altered or abolished several education boards this month through executive order, reasoning that the changes will streamline bureaucracy and enhance student learning.
Voucher vote creates dilemma for school-choice supporters
Jul 23, 4:26 AM: School-choice supporters won legislative passage of a 2017 law to expand Arizona’s voucher program, but some now aren’t sure whether they want the law’s fate in the hands of a voters’ referendum. >



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