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Sanders’s Education Plan Renews Debate Over Charter Schools and Segregation
May 24, 7:39 AM: When Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a wide-ranging speech on education Saturday, he became the first major Democratic candidate to propose a detailed plan to racially integrate schools, calling for $1 billion in funding >
DeVos becoming popular target for Democrats in 2020 race
May 24, 7:35 AM: Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls Betsy DeVos the “worst secretary of education we’ve seen.” Sen. Amy Klobuchar says DeVos “shouldn’t be in her job.” Beto O’Rourke’s take on DeVos: “We can do better. >
Opinion: Bring Back the Old Cory Booker
May 24, 7:32 AM: As a young councilman in Newark, Cory Booker listened to parents describe how they broke the law by claiming they lived somewhere other than the city to get their kids into good schools.
State Board of Education blasts Duval for slow turnaround of failing schools
May 24, 7:29 AM: Duval County Public Schools faced intense scrutiny at a Florida Board of Education meeting this week, with members of the board even floating the idea of a state takeover.
Editorial: Where’s the accountability for charter schools?
May 24, 7:07 AM: Taxpayers should demand — and expect — accountability. At all levels of government, we elect representatives who must answer for their votes.
New Bedford charter school plan on the ropes
May 24, 7:04 AM: A PLAN TOUTED by state education leaders as a breakthrough compromise aimed at healing the rift between district and charter schools has instead inflamed passions on Beacon Hill where the proposal is faltering and has >
Letter: Charter grant concerns State Board
May 24, 6:53 AM: This month, the State Board of Education was presented with grant criteria that ultimately could spend $47 million in taxpayer money on new and expanding charter schools. As elected board members, we raised legitimate >
Family Focus: Northwest Ohio Classical Academy is new this fall
May 24, 6:47 AM: "The nice thing about charter schools or community schools is that they're grassroots,” Principal Phillip Schwenk said. “So the only significant attribution I can give it is that there’s families here that care a lot about >
Explorer Academy showcased as charter school compromise
May 24, 6:43 AM: But the model set by Explorer Academy - built four years ago completely under the Expeditionary Learning (EL) curriculum, though operated as a normal public elementary school in Cabell County - may be a point of compromise >
Utah governor questions the state’s ranking as dead last in per-pupil funding. But the figure he’s using is for a different year.
May 24, 6:24 AM: Gov. Gary Herbert said he doubts the accuracy of U.S. Census data showing Utah has again ranked last in the nation for money spent per student — despite the state holding the bottom spot for at least the past two decades. >
EDITORIAL: Legislative Democrats burden school districts with higher costs
May 24, 6:22 AM: Obviously, Nevada’s public school funding “crisis” isn’t as acute as advertised. State taxpayers are scolded ad infinitum that more money, money, money is the solution to all of Nevada’s education pathologies, particularly >
Opinion: State needs innovative teacher training
May 24, 6:19 AM: It’s no secret that one of the biggest keys to Mississippi’s longterm success is having the best possible corps of teachers in its classrooms.
Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy – known for 100% college acceptance rates – put reputation ahead of results
May 24, 6:05 AM: Each spring, Urban Prep Academies boasts that 100% of seniors graduating from each of its three campuses gains admission to a four-year college or university. But if you look beneath the 100% college acceptance claim – >
Students flourish at this high school. So why is it labeled an F?
May 24, 5:20 AM: School leaders have fought these ratings from the beginning, arguing the assessments Davis and her peers prepare for all year should be the ones the Mississippi Department of Education uses to grade the school district, >
A charter school moratorium won’t help California education. More flexibility will
May 24, 5:17 AM: During the last few weeks, the Legislature has been debating whether a moratorium on public charter schools is the best way to help traditional school districts with their crippling financial problems.
Why some students don’t go to college even when it’s free
May 24, 4:58 AM: Graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools since 2006 have been offered free college tuition, though many do not go on to earn a degree. Some leave the money on the table altogether.
Letter: Protecting school choice is important
May 24, 4:52 AM: Jacob was struggling with both attendance and low grades. He needed a different way to finish school. We found ISWA, public school at home, where the teachers, the curriculum, and the method work in concert to personalize >
Commentary: The ‘Underpaid Teachers’ Myth
May 23, 7:42 AM: Are public-school teachers really underpaid? It’s a claim often made during teacher pay disputes, but the same data and statistical methods that produce the “teacher salary gap” lead to some ridiculous conclusions—such as >
Letter: Charter Schools Underserve Students of Color
May 23, 7:40 AM: Regarding your May 7 editorial “An NAACP Revolt on Charters”: Let us be clear—a quality education should be provided to all children. As we commemorate the 65th anniversary of the historic Brown v. Board of Education >
Coloradans show strong support for vocational education, worries about teacher pay
May 23, 7:37 AM: A new poll by Magellan Strategies found 83 percent of a sample of Colorado registered voters surveyed favored increasing opportunities for vocational education in high school. The idea was popular across subgroups, with at >



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