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Jeb Bush has advice for new governors: Ignore DC's 'gridlock, dysfunction and arrogance'
Nov 15, 9:21 AM: I believe Governors can be most impactful — immediately and for generations to come — by focusing on education. A quality education is the great equalizer in our society, holding the power to break the cycle of poverty and >
Opinion: State laws keep stopping employers from giving students apprenticeships
Nov 15, 8:43 AM: As we conclude National Apprenticeship Week, a week that was marked by events across the country held by leaders in business, labor, education, and government, we have to ask ourselves: Why aren’t more industries using >
Tennessee has a strong plan to help its struggling schools, national report says
Nov 15, 8:42 AM: Tennessee is listed as a leader in its plan for struggling schools in a report that reviews 17 states' plans to better its lowest-performing schools.
Can a more diverse charter school help students feel at ease in college? IDEA takes first step toward finding out
Nov 15, 8:37 AM: When the fast-growing charter network IDEA asked the federal government for several million dollars two years ago, it explained that it wanted to do something different with one of its next schools.
Teachers at Acero charter schools in Chicago call for Dec. 4 strike if no deal on new contract
Nov 15, 8:29 AM: Teachers at a group of charter schools in Chicago say they'll go on strike next month if their demands for a new contract aren’t met, setting a date for what could be the latest in a string of job actions that have >
Bullis seeks space at Mountain View schools
Nov 15, 8:12 AM: Bullis Charter School officials have formally asked for a stand-alone campus at one of the Mountain View Whisman School District's schools, seeking to expand outside of Los Altos and serve students exclusively from >
San Diego Unified denies renewal of Thrive charter schools, raising debate about how to judge school quality
Nov 15, 8:07 AM: The fate of 1,000 students at Thrive charter schools is uncertain after the San Diego Unified School District board declined to renew the four campuses at a board meeting Tuesday, citing continuously decreasing state test >
Parents voice concerns to charter school board
Nov 15, 8:04 AM: About 30 parents showed up to Wednesday’s meeting of the Rocky Mount Prep Board of Trustees to hear updates about the school and to share concerns about high school academics and recent fights at the school. >
Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund sends poor children to private schools
Nov 15, 7:58 AM: The Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund has been one of the Queen City's best-kept secrets for nearly 40 years, according to executive director Mabe Rodriguez. She doesn't want it to be a secret anymore. >
School bond referendum requests fare better in 2018, but rural-urban divide persists
Nov 15, 7:22 AM: Taxpayer support for these sorts of perks that help districts stay competitive tends to fall along an urban-rural divide. More urban, high-property-wealth districts consistently have an easier time passing these sorts of >
Voucher fight got newest LD18 rep interested in running
Nov 15, 7:20 AM: A transplant from the Bay Area who moved to Arizona with her husband Michael in 2011, Jermaine said she got interested in running for office last year after a coalition of activists launched the petition drive to put the >
Portland Public Schools Could Allow Some Part-Time High School
Nov 15, 6:50 AM: As Gov. Kate Brown calls for more analysis of the state Board of Education’s decision that allows high schoolers to take less than a full load of courses, Portland Public Schools is weighing whether to take advantage of >
Michigan charter school closures fire up education debate
Nov 15, 6:42 AM: The sudden closure of Delta prompted cries for help from parents, renewed criticism from lawmakers and scrutiny put on the state for its charter school closure rate by education watchdogs.
Florida Priorities Summit panel: Education system not benefiting all students
Nov 15, 6:38 AM: Florida’s education system is improving, but too many students are still getting left behind, a panel of the state’s leaders in the field warned.
Jacques: A back door to quash school choice
Nov 15, 6:31 AM: Michigan’s new crop of elected leaders are preparing to take over state government in January, and several of them campaigned on putting limits on charter schools and other forms of education choice.
District school? Charter? Private? Philly school-choice advocates want streamlined applications
Nov 15, 6:30 AM: Multiple applications and deadlines. Confusion over the process and where to get information. Inconsistent support for families trying to navigate their choices.
Reality Check Episode 45: Putting Education in Reach of Every Child, with Denise Gallucci
Nov 14, 7:50 AM: Denise Gallucci, chief executive officer of GEMS Education Americas, works tirelessly within and outside of her own company to help build a global citizenry among learners at all levels who can contribute positively and >
Editorial: The School Choice Election Bonus
Nov 14, 7:46 AM: Republicans rarely get media credit for promoting school choice programs that help poor and minority kids, but last week GOP candidates running for Governor in Arizona and Florida appear to have received a political >
Opinion: The Blue Wave May Wash Education Reform Away
Nov 14, 7:42 AM: Liberals may be able to slow these reform efforts, but snuffing them out completely is another matter. The good news is that the critical mass of people benefiting from school choice over the past quarter-century continues >
Voters Widely Support Public Schools. So Why Is It So Hard to Pay for Them?
Nov 14, 7:32 AM: If it were going to happen any year, it should have been this one. After a wave of teacher walkouts fired up people on both sides of the party line, the time seemed ripe for big investments in public schools. >



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