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HISD leaders optimistic about avoiding sanctions after schools post big gains
Jul 19, 5:52 AM: Several of Houston ISD’s longest-struggling elementary and middle schools posted significant gains on state standardized tests in 2018, including all three campuses that must meet Texas academic standards this year to >
Charter schools continue to grow in Texas, and districts shouldn't treat them as enemies
Jul 19, 4:49 AM: If there were any lingering doubts about the growing strength of charter schools in our state, KIPP Texas' move to consolidate its individual networks into one school district should dispel them.
San Antonio Schools Are Still Segregated – By Income As Much As Race
Jul 18, 4:39 AM: Just as it was in 1954 and 1973, current school segregation is as obvious as it is harmful. San Antonio schools have been feeling the effects of economic segregation for decades. They’ve watched the students from McAndrew >
Career-themed schools in San Antonio tackle job skills – and inequality
Jul 17, 5:05 AM: All of this is by design. CAST Tech, an in-district charter school which opened last fall with 175 freshmen, is the first of three career-themed public high schools planned for the city. The schools are the brainchild of >
Pre-K 4 SA starts partnership with local charter school
Jul 13, 6:27 AM: The partnership, announced on Thursday, will allow families to enroll their 4-year-old children in the Pre-K 4 SA program before beginning studies at the New Frontiers charter school on South Presa Street. It's the first >
Democracy Prep prepares for transition at Stewart Elementary
Jul 12, 5:12 AM: From the start, the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel was against the move. They don't believe Democracy Prep is a good fit and believe that the school is just being turned over to a New York charter >
KIPP’s four charter networks merge into single statewide group
Jul 11, 6:51 AM: Texas’ four KIPP charter school networks, which have operated independently for 15 years, have consolidated into a single statewide organization designed to streamline operations and clear the path for opening more >
State approves AISD partnership to save Mendez Middle School
Jul 10, 5:45 AM: The TSTEM Coalition, which has improved struggling campuses across the state, will operate as an in-district charter over the campus, with hiring authority and control over the budget and curriculum. The University of >
Tyler ISD shatters goals for 2017-18 career and technology certifications
Jul 10, 5:38 AM: Before the state even launched its 60x30 initiative, which aims to have 60 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds have some sort of post-secondary credential by 2030, the district already was building its ambitious career and >
Trinity University To Launch School Incubator Program For Charters, Districts
Jul 10, 4:51 AM: Trinity University is creating a school incubator program with the potential to launch five new charter schools — or charter-like district schools — a year. The program joins a growing list of initiatives that has the >
Commissioner Morath announces inaugural cohort of Math Innovation Zones
Jul 3, 5:38 AM:

Math Innovation Zones (MIZ) will support school districts and open enrollment charter schools in the expansion of high-quality blended learning programs in math. “The opportunity to dramatically impact the life >

How Do Charter Schools Factor Into Texas' Education Landscape?
Jul 2, 4:46 AM: Although these public schools are typically open-enrollment and should come at no cost to families, they are subject to fewer state laws than traditional public schools. Many schools select students by lottery for limited >
Editorial: Dallas ISD’s turnaround of struggling schools is huge
Jun 29, 5:22 AM: Anyone who has ever been around an urban school district knows that, even on the best days, two steps forward on one front can be quickly eclipsed by three steps back elsewhere. That’s simply the reality of the work the >
Commentary: It’s Time for San Antonio’s Public Schools to Compete
Jun 27, 7:28 AM: Sometimes being bold means doing what teachers unions won’t like – handing over underperforming schools to leaders with a proven record of turning them into exemplary schools, for example. SAISD Superintendent Pedro >
Vanguard Academy to blend STEM with liberal arts
Jun 26, 6:55 AM: Vanguard Academy is known for its liberal arts program. However, in recent years, the academy and FIRST RGV have partnered up to incorporate a robotics program to encourage students to join the STEM field. STEM stands for >
Charter Takeovers Erode San Antonio’s Public School System
Jun 26, 5:13 AM: Indeed, public schools in the United States are under attack, and charter schools are merely the latest attempt by private corporations to rebrand the school reform movement and exploit public funding for profit. Behind >
Early results show big gains at Houston ISD’s turnaround schools
Jun 25, 5:48 AM: One year into Achieve 180, early results show marked improvement at many of the district’s chronically underperforming schools. After years of falling behind academically, the 42 schools covered under HISD’s targeted >
Editorial: Teachers union should drop suit against SAISD
Jun 25, 5:32 AM: Specifically, the union wanted the judge to order the charter operator to stop hiring employees and moving materials into what will become Democracy Prep at P.F. Stewart School at the beginning of the fall semester. In a >
Opinion: Using Crooked City Zoning to Punish Charter Schools Is a Truly Terrible Idea
Jun 25, 5:28 AM: Dallas school trustee Joyce Foreman urged the Dallas City Council last week to begin using its power over real estate zoning as a sword to chop off new charter schools at the knees by denying zoning for new campuses. She >
One Of Education's Best Examples Of A Learner-Driven Community
Jun 22, 6:56 AM: The idea of a more personalized approach to education has gained a lot of traction in the last decade. But there’s a lot of variation among those claiming “personalization.” Some are teacher-driven and prescriptive. In >



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