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New charter operator targets Austin district
Jun 13, 7:45 AM: The founder of Harmony Public Schools, one of the largest charter school networks in Texas, wants to open a slate of new charter schools, called Royal Public Schools, in Austin and Houston by August 2020.
TEA Announces Charter School Expansions to Meet Parent Demands
Jun 13, 5:52 AM: On Monday, Education Commissioner Mike Morath announced that the Texas Education Agency had approved five new public charter school operators to potentially open new schools as early as the 2020-21 school year. >
Editorial: Public education reforms lack financial sustainability
Jun 12, 7:13 AM: The Texas Legislature did well by public school children this session, but a permanent — sustainable — fix is still needed. Decades of neglect cannot be corrected in one legislative session, but it was nonetheless >
IDEA Public Schools to partner with Midland ISD come August 2020
Jun 12, 6:40 AM: From under performing schools to top performing charter schools, Bethany Solis says IDEA Schools are where all children can succeed and that they are just what Travis Elementary needs to get back on track.
The New Vocational High School: an Innovative Campus and a Bistro
Jun 3, 8:16 AM: As more students nationwide pursue career training in school, students in Texas draw blood, make omelets and run a bank branch
Students say goodbye to a San Antonio school sunk by state law
May 30, 7:49 AM: Rodriguez Elementary is closing, the only San Antonio school so far forced to send its students elsewhere under a relatively new law allowing the state to shutter campuses that haven’t met academic standards for five >
Recapture, high-poverty districts among biggest winners in school finance reform
May 29, 5:00 AM: For districts like Spring Branch that increasingly pay into “recapture,” the state’s method of creating equity among property-wealthy and property-poor districts, the only hope for reversing course rested this spring with >
In Texas education funding plan, more teacher ‘compensation’ isn’t necessarily pay raises
May 28, 4:47 AM: Public school teachers in Texas could see a pay raise under the Legislature’s sweeping education reform bill, but the size depends on the district, which can choose whether to boost salaries or put the money toward health >
Campus takeover upsets parents
May 21, 6:24 AM: A group of parents of University of Texas Permian Basin STEM Academy students voiced their concerns during a Monday news conference about IDEA Public Schools taking over the campus.
Commentary: The war on poverty in Texas will be won in public education, and the Legislature must do its part
May 20, 7:27 AM: We cannot hope to break the stranglehold of intergenerational poverty in our communities if our public education system continues to leave our low-income students behind. We know that a postsecondary credential is >
Can pay raises help rural Texas districts like Buffalo retain teachers?
May 17, 5:35 AM: Starting teacher pay in Buffalo is thousands below the state average, and it's hard to attract people from outside the small town. The district's superintendent hopes school finance reform will help. >
Trinity launches incubator for new public and charter schools
May 17, 4:53 AM: Trinity University is launching an incubator for principals looking to open “innovative, high-quality” public and charter schools, funded by a $5 million grant from the Walton Family Foundation.
Editorial: Houston drops Teach For America, while Dallas keeps making smart choices
May 14, 7:10 AM: Sometimes, it’s hard to know how good we’ve got it until we see how badly others are doing. Take public schools. We rightly spend a lot of time worrying about the performance of Dallas ISD, even as we’ve taken comfort in >
‘A School Everywhere On The Map’: IDEA’s Big Plans For San Antonio
May 3, 7:05 AM: San Antonio’s largest charter school network is gearing up for a fast-paced expansion over the next three years. IDEA Public Schools plans to add 15 schools in Bexar County by 2022, doubling its local enrollment to nearly >
Commentary: Civics class can save U.S. democracy
May 2, 7:41 AM: As Americans, we are all inculcated with democratic values early in life. "Majority rules" determines the games we play, and "fairness" ensures that no one ought to play with a toy for any longer than the rest. Democracy >
To better market its schools, Austin ISD is turning to Realtors
May 2, 6:31 AM: It’s one way AISD is trying to lure more families into its schools as it faces an enrollment crisis. The district has lost thousands of students over the last decade, because of a combination of families leaving to live in >
As Longview ISD faces charter deadline, Pine Tree ISD explores options
May 1, 6:04 AM: As the clock ticks on the deadline for Longview ISD to modify its state application for six charter campuses, Pine Tree ISD is considering turning one of its schools or programs into a charter.
Texas Lawmakers Consider Boosting Dual Credit Education Program As More Students Opt In
Apr 29, 7:26 AM: Texas now has 169 early-college high schools. The model for early colleges is different than traditional public high schools. Students are placed in smaller classes and are specifically prepared to take college courses. >
Federal money to fuel charter expansion, including IDEA’s big San Antonio plans
Apr 26, 5:00 AM: Officials at San Antonio’s largest charter school network want to have campuses within 10 minutes of every family in the city — a goal they now believe reachable in five years thanks to a $116 million grant from the U.S. >
Every student in IDEA Public Schools' entire first class is headed to college
Apr 18, 6:50 AM: There are 83 seniors in IDEA Montopolis' graduating class, the first group to graduate from the IDEA schools in Austin. All of those seniors attending this Austin charter school have been accepted to college. >



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