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Facing State Cuts, Will Schools Raise Local Taxes?
Jun 13, 12:44 PM:

TX district to consider asking local populations to pay higher taxes while state funding decreases. Tribune reviews some of the inherent challenges to that prospect, but here's the real story: how will districts make the >

Area school districts maintain state accountability ratings
Jun 13, 9:23 AM:

Article reports state accountability test scores, providing lots of figures but no analysis or context for the layperson to be able to interpret what they really mean. Good details, however, on new, more difficult >

Manual-Amid School Finance Scuffle, Pre-K Measure Returns
Jun 9, 3:13 PM:

As TX House cuts ed funding, it considers plan to bring in new pre-K standards. Supporters say it adds quality control; opponents criticise extra spending and bureaucracy. Without more details of program it's hard to >

Jun 8, 2:18 PM:

Waller, TX, district wins accolade from Texas Education Agency for 2nd year. Story could have wider appeal if reporter asked  for reasons behind highest ever results. With budget cuts, we're told schools are doing more >

Texas Senate OKs teacher pay cuts, furloughs
Jun 8, 11:58 AM:

Loads of familiar rhetoric as TX legislature approves first round of education cuts, but little firm exploration of cuts' scope and merit. Can't allow back-and-forth without factchecking and analysis. Some hyperbole >

Why Consider Closing Successful HS?
Jun 8, 10:15 AM:

Citizen committee recommends closing a remarkably successful high school that offers substantial college credit, up to associate degrees. Story makes case that school is serving an underprivileged student population and >

Lawmakers consider class sizes, teacher measures
Jun 6, 8:49 AM:

TX lawmakers consider larger elementary classes and quicker dismissal process for teachers to ease budget woes. Find data to back up claims about class sizes -- research suggests a small increase has no effect. The key >

House panel approves plan to slash education funding
Jun 6, 8:38 AM:

Scant specifics on stte-seducation cuts. Spends too much time with protesters, less with the budget itself. $4 billion is a big number. Should ask superintendents and administrators how they'll handle cuts while >

Teachers stage new demonstrations over school cuts
Jun 6, 8:35 AM:

TX teachers will protest coming budget cuts at State Capitol. Very brief report that doesn't even tell readers whether teachers will be be missing any classroom time. Appears Monday is the last day of school. Is missing >

Texas lawmakers would cut school funding and then say 'trust me'
Jun 3, 2:33 PM:

Lambasts legislative cuts to education, saying it is unconstitutional. Cites constitution, which calls for a "general diffusion of knowledge" as "essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people."  >

Senate panel OKs school bill over objections
Jun 3, 2:22 PM:

Storm brewing over whether or not to use the rainy day fund to decrease unprecedented spending cuts to education, with Senate Finance Committee voting to approve cuts. Both sides well articulated here. Why not add the >

HISD's Apollo project getting $6 million donation
Jun 3, 7:59 AM:

Foundation grants $6M to expand city's school reform program. Good example of private/non-profit donations aiding public schools. Super hopes it'll become national model. More details would be good here: how are >

Inside the Unraveling of School Finance Legislation
Jun 2, 10:28 AM:

Heavy political analysis on failure of education reform bill, but almost nothing else. Too much time spent detailing the various political manuevers that killed bill; no effort to explore what this means (or doesn't >

Lawmakers prepare to tackle school finance, teacher furlough bills in special session
Jun 1, 6:48 AM:

GOP revives school finance and teacher furlough bills in special session. $2B funding cuts, teacher pay cuts intended to save jobs. Some good ideas -- ending seniority protection could raise teaching standards. Political >

Senator kills school finance bill with filibuster
May 31, 9:08 AM:

Passionate filibuster by TX senator demanding more funding. Question remains: would more money do much to help state's schools? History suggests it won't. Need to know how money is used to impact instruction and >

Texas House OKs $4B in cuts to schools
May 30, 8:31 AM:

Late-night budget battle has House passing Gov's plan to pay public schools $4 billion less than what they are owed. Equity issue over elimination of mandate to close funding gaps caused by drops in property values. >

Lawmakers struggle over school financing deal
May 26, 3:26 PM:

Lawmakers scrambling to make necessary ed funding cuts. Real story is how will districts weather cuts without adversely affecting students' education. Talk to administrators about their plans. More money hasn't >

Lauded Dallas campus could help shoulder Texas school cuts
May 25, 1:30 PM:

Dallas School for the Talented and Gifted might not be protected from cuts this year. Question is why it was protected from cuts before. Coverage makes connection to layoffs happening nationwide because of budget >

Once-Stalled Education Bills Live On as Amendments
May 25, 6:21 AM:

Thirteen amendments to TX bill on instructional materials. Unknown what all amendments say. Certain ones taken out "to get bill through third reading." Rationale behind changes and why they were stripped is left out of >

Time Dwindling, Another Lost Chance At School Finance
May 24, 6:24 AM:

TX legislature at an impasse on school funding. A largely superficial write-up that fails to explore what will happen for schools if nothing is done by end of session. A previous article tackles subject more in-depth but >



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