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Angelina school districts could lose $1 million apiece in proposed budget
Apr 5, 1:47 PM:

TX districts say legislation on state budget cuts is unfair to public education. Counter bill proposes more equitable system, but does that just mean more funding? How about showing public proof of more money outcry from >

Farmers Branch parents say their children will stay in private Catholic school despite possibility of new public schools
Apr 5, 1:37 PM:

Farmers Branch, TX residents vote next month on nonbinding proposal to form an independent school district. Get beyond mayor's view: Why's it needed and what would it offer? Featured parents aren't interested. Are >

No magic bullet for evaluating teachers
Apr 4, 12:38 PM:

Paper takes issue with new TX study to measure teacher effectiveness, arguing standardized test scores should be only small part. Value-added measures aren't perfect, but neither are student surveys. Teachers have to get >

Crowd Rallies Against Proposed Deep School Funding Cuts
Apr 1, 9:40 AM:

Thousands in Athens rally against education cuts. Much noise and color here. Needs a look at likely cuts and their effects. A better case needs to be made for spending in these tight times.


"Save our schools" is a >

Students' online courses facing uncertain future
Mar 31, 6:14 AM:

TX Virtual Academy may face budget ax. While going strong in some districts, others shy away from experimenting with cybers. Info on what other states are doing, PA, GA, good comparison. Data points needed on reducing >

For our children: Budget crunch must not be allowed to penalize an entire generation of young Texans | Editorial | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle
Mar 28, 10:35 AM:

Editorial thinks TX cuts are too deep. But what's an "appropriate" amount? Funding programs that don't work won't uplift kids. Thorough examination needs to take place to really boost learning. 


It's important to >

IDEA schools recruiting teachers
Mar 24, 10:34 AM:

Successful TX IDEA charter schools are hiring. Teachers must have proven record of success and want to change students' lives. Fantastic, but shouldn't all educators' job ads sound like this? 

Passing the Education Buck
Mar 24, 8:18 AM:

Education budget problem prompts bills that give districts more control over how to spend/cut money. Giving districts decision power just so state doesn't have to make hard decisions isn't why they should have autonomy. >

Texas House panel approves budget cutting state aid to public schools
Mar 23, 5:08 PM:

Lone Star State to cut school funding "for the first time in memory" under a budget approved by a state House committee. But the reduction is about 3%, not painless, but not likely lethal either.

And with budget knives >

Let's give charters access to funds
Mar 22, 2:22 PM:

State senate committee considers legislation to give charters access to the Permanent School Fund bond guaranty. Charters could issue AAA-rated bonds, just like trad. public schools --  lowering building costs. Here's a >

Budget crunch: Plano ISD fears devastating changes in store for education
Mar 22, 1:43 PM:

TX district braces for loss of state aid. Refuses to take money from Rainy Day Fund until looking at every possibility to cut spending. Prides itself on lower costs compared to other districts, but are learning outcomes >

Local control of schools must be preserved
Mar 22, 9:07 AM:

Explanation of TX funding inequities amid massive state deficits. System now passes extra money from wealthy to poorer districts. Wide range of allocations under state funding formula gets a passing knock. What about >

Charter school applicants face long odds
Mar 21, 6:04 AM:

While legislative debate to lift charter cap begins, 32 charter applications are filed. If cap isn't lifted, only 5 can win approval. Wondering about the criteria School Board uses to select charters and lawmakers' >

Texas Senate panel backs funding cut of almost 6% for public schools
Mar 18, 5:51 AM:

Disagreement reigns in TX over how much to cut education spending, as Senate Ed Subcommittee voted a 6% decrease. House and Senate budget factor in higher cut. District breakdown of dollars lost included. Lots of talk >

Point Austin: We Have Just Begun To Fight
Mar 17, 1:09 PM:

Thousands attend Austin rally to defend public schools. That's the stated purpose anyhow but it actually seems to be a pro-union gathering. Claims that business and political interests are lining up against the education >

Editorial: Perry passes buck on school cuts, but why all the surprise?
Mar 16, 4:26 PM:

Editorial faults Gov for cheerleading but not really leading on budget cuts; said to pass the buck to school districts. However, it is up to locals to manage and move around the money to the best advantage. Any >

Dallas students, parents rally against education cuts at Perry speech in Richardson
Mar 16, 2:47 PM:

Dallas area parents and students protest Gov. Perry's speech. Want him to use TX rainy day funds to ease the pain of proposed ed funding cuts. Missing here, details on just how much money is in the rainy day fund and >

Texas ed board pressed to make change curriculum
Mar 16, 11:39 AM:

Controversy in Lone Star state over new history curriculum that allegedly waters down teachings of events like the civil rights movement. State board's taking heat to rework standards, but officials claim there's no time >

School budget drama masks spending legacy
Mar 16, 9:16 AM:

Smart, thought-out analysis of hard budget times in TX school districts. Puts aside the teacher protests at the cuts and layoffs, and looks at districts who have been smart with their money from the beginning. Funding >

Residents, teachers lament cuts to public education
Mar 16, 8:46 AM:

Large state budget deficit in TX means all school districts facing tough decisions on laying off teachers and administrators and cutting programs. Highlights decision-making processes of districts, made difficult by >



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