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Texas Senate panel backs funding cut of almost 6% for public schools
Mar 18, 5:51 AM:

Disagreement reigns in TX over how much to cut education spending, as Senate Ed Subcommittee voted a 6% decrease. House and Senate budget factor in higher cut. District breakdown of dollars lost included. Lots of talk >

Point Austin: We Have Just Begun To Fight
Mar 17, 1:09 PM:

Thousands attend Austin rally to defend public schools. That's the stated purpose anyhow but it actually seems to be a pro-union gathering. Claims that business and political interests are lining up against the education >

Editorial: Perry passes buck on school cuts, but why all the surprise?
Mar 16, 4:26 PM:

Editorial faults Gov for cheerleading but not really leading on budget cuts; said to pass the buck to school districts. However, it is up to locals to manage and move around the money to the best advantage. Any >

Dallas students, parents rally against education cuts at Perry speech in Richardson
Mar 16, 2:47 PM:

Dallas area parents and students protest Gov. Perry's speech. Want him to use TX rainy day funds to ease the pain of proposed ed funding cuts. Missing here, details on just how much money is in the rainy day fund and >

Texas ed board pressed to make change curriculum
Mar 16, 11:39 AM:

Controversy in Lone Star state over new history curriculum that allegedly waters down teachings of events like the civil rights movement. State board's taking heat to rework standards, but officials claim there's no time >

School budget drama masks spending legacy
Mar 16, 9:16 AM:

Smart, thought-out analysis of hard budget times in TX school districts. Puts aside the teacher protests at the cuts and layoffs, and looks at districts who have been smart with their money from the beginning. Funding >

Residents, teachers lament cuts to public education
Mar 16, 8:46 AM:

Large state budget deficit in TX means all school districts facing tough decisions on laying off teachers and administrators and cutting programs. Highlights decision-making processes of districts, made difficult by >

Teachers protest proposed cuts to education
Mar 15, 6:53 AM:

TX teachers rally against Gov. Perry's budget proposals which project a $27 billion shortfall and cuts to as many as 100,000 teacher jobs. Teachers want Perry to blow through state's Rainy Day Fund to save jobs, but >

School funding plea based on Alamo letter spreads quickly
Mar 14, 4:00 PM:

Letter from a first-year North TX school district superintendent seeking help for education from his state representatives takes on a life of its own as "the Alamo letter." He criticizes Gov.Perry and lawmakers, saying >

Protesters march in Austin
Mar 14, 11:12 AM:

Thousands rally at Austin State Capitol against plans for $10 billion in education funding cuts in 2012-13. Gov. urged to accept federal education jobs funding, redistribute money among districts and use state's $9 >

Grier plans key overhaul of HISD bonus program
Mar 9, 2:17 PM:

Tomorrow Houston trustees will consider superintendent's suggestions for restructuring teacher bonuses to save $4.6 million. Wants to more thorough overhaul in future -- doesn't think current system identifies top >

Texas teachers urge Senate to keep class-size limit
Mar 9, 6:17 AM:

TX legislator, reacting to budget cuts, wants to give districts flexibility to change class size limit to 24. Nice historic touch on genesis of class size limits in state. Information on limits in other states and a look >

Texans Duel Over Millions in School Funding - WSJ.com
Mar 7, 11:05 AM:

Big brawl, Texas-style, over use of fed. stimulus funds still sitting at the U.S. Dept. of Education. All about cash flow, no mention of where cash is flowing once it hits, if it ever does, TX schools.

Education secretary taken to task over funding issues
Mar 7, 8:46 AM:

Sen. John Cornyn locks longhorns with Education Secretary Arne Duncan over federal stimulus funds currently in limbo for Texas public schools. Duncan holding TX to same budgetary requirements as 48 states already >

Topic: Public Education | The Texas Tribune
Feb 28, 8:31 AM:

Whether or not these school positions across the state could help yield lawmakers the savings they need to survive hard economic times is still in question; most seem to agree here that there's plenty to trim from >

TX Senate bill aims to ease pressure on school districts about teacher layoffs
Feb 25, 12:30 PM:

If a bipartisan bill in the TX State Senate passes, it will allow administrators to finalize teacher layoff decisions after the budget process is complete. Makes teachers happy, but may not benefit them as much as they >

HISD Considers All Options
Feb 25, 9:45 AM:

Houston School Board holds "public workshop to discuss Texas school budget crisis"—to the tune of $15 billion. Now, now....While the fact that the well-meaning workshop took place may be fit to print,  the meat of what >

Senate bill would give Texas teachers more time to challenge job losses
Feb 25, 8:54 AM:

TX faces budget shortfall like rest of nation, predicts 1,000 teacher layoffs over next two years. Legislation proposes that within 15 days of pink slip, teacher can request hearing to keep job. Reporting fails to >

Legislature should help Texas’ charter school movement grow
Feb 23, 9:49 AM:

Editorial highlights weak charter law, presents solutions. No idea if any resistance to change. Could've taken broader perspective and provided model legislation elsewhere and what it took to become reality. Also, what >

Lawmakers May Come to Charter Schools' Aid
Feb 22, 1:07 PM:

TX charters called a credit risk, are denied access to the Permanent School Fund (PSF) and  face higher interest on bank bonds than traditional public schools. Some state lawmakers pushing for legislation to allow some >



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