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NISD earns recognized TEA status
Aug 1, 11:23 AM:

Three districts receive accountability rankings with Navarro earning recognized designation -- the 2nd highest available -- and Seguin and Marion each receiving academically acceptable -- 3rd out of 4 possible rankings. >

Free Virtual Public School 07/31/11
Aug 1, 9:00 AM:

Parents and students embrace virtual academy. School provides computers and materials for enrollees then replicates entire learning experience online. Some features include live class sessions, P.E. clubs and occasional >

Teacher merit pay is imperiled
Aug 1, 7:18 AM:

San Antonio merit pay program could be axed as TX cuts billions in ed funding. Teachers' verdict: bonuses seemed arbitrary, with lack of clear criteria. Money intended to boost math and science achievement, reward >

Schools shouldn't be painted as winners in budget debate
Jul 29, 9:01 AM:

Columnist isn't pleased with TX politician pleading for credit in increasing spending for education. As detailed by journalist, funding actually decreased because of loss of federal funding. Observes that state will add >

Schools Turn To Fees After Drop in State Aid
Jul 29, 4:58 AM:

TX schools, faced with a budget crunch, are passing on costs to parents in the form of fees. Basics like bus transportation, athletics and other extracurricular activities, once free, will now come at a cost. Some >

Virtual public school targets local students
Jul 27, 11:42 AM:

Houston-based virtual academy is expanding statewide, offering flexible learning at home. Case study illustrates how it can suit some families, with kids meeting on field trips and math camps. Although breakdown of math >

Dallas district keeps ex-APS deputy on paid leave
Jul 26, 1:14 PM:

New Desoto, TX, Super, who was named in Atlanta cheating scandal in previous job, remains on paid leave as district decides whether to keep her. Clearly a difficult situation, but she's innocent until proved guilty. >

For Some, School Ratings Change Increases the Worry
Jul 26, 8:29 AM:

TX districts worry change in reporting method will increase numbers of schools rated "unacceptable." Unclear is why projection measure that boosted ratings began being used in first place if it didn't give accurate >

Metro Academy was caught in 'a vicious cycle,' state says
Jul 26, 6:01 AM:

Mixed results at TX charters as another is forced to close after financial problems arose. Offers raw numbers to illustrate how many charters have closed since they were first approved in 1995. Gives context to >

Charter schools could help DISD with its building problems
Jul 22, 6:51 AM:

In wake of financial crisis, Dallas Morning News suggests TX allow charters to rent empty public school buildings to utilize space. Space will be used, and districts could reap new revenues from contracts. It seems like >

Texas school district to charge students to ride the bus
Jul 21, 5:19 AM:

Budget woes mean students in Keller Independent District (TX) have to pay to get on the bus to get to class. Details here on reasons why, with blame game on display. Unclear here whether district making plans for how to >

Online charter school offers unique options
Jul 20, 6:33 AM:

Case study of 11-year-old who's thriving at TX cyber charter, after being bullied at traditional school. Illustrates benefits of alternative approach, with insight into teaching. Could widen focus to look at more >

School Prepares to Sue State Again
Jul 19, 11:34 AM:

Comprehensive coverage of negative reaction to recent budget cuts in public education. Also touches on issue of inequalities in school funding. A variety of credible sources makes this an informative and balanced >

Outreach Academy makes plans to open, despite judge's ruling
Jul 19, 11:03 AM:

Charter school fighting to stay alive after judge rules it should be closed. Surmise it's due to dire financial straits, but paper not clear. Also, info about the amount of the school's debt is dispersed throughout the >

State education board chair already in hot seat
Jul 19, 10:12 AM:

TX Ed Board leader is criticized for "divisive" comments on religion and concerns over ideology. Much of article seems speculative, with no evidence she wants to introduce "intelligent design" to science classes. Both >

State orders North Forest ISD to close
Jul 14, 2:30 PM:

TX district can appeal state's order to shutdown after upcoming year. Financial mismanagement along with housing state's worst-performing school among reasons for closing. Makes school sound like only one in district. >

TEA to lay off 178 workers
Jul 13, 1:06 PM:

TX Ed Agency will lay off 178 workers, part of 1000s of state job losses expected. Plenty of details about process, but little about how it'll affect schools. Would be good to look at broader impact of education cuts. >

STAAR Rollout May Bring More Duties for Counselors
Jul 11, 8:56 AM:

With budget cuts looming, TX schools prepare to implement new assessment tests. Tells an interesting story about the struggles for school counselors who will take on bigger roles in testing. But would like to hear more >

More Texas Students Taking AP Classes
Jul 8, 10:17 AM:

Broadcast story focusing on increasing numbers of students taking AP exams and getting higher ed degree more quickly. Details on who is taking tests and why doing well. Would like to know what, if any, special efforts >

TEA shutting down Arlington charter school
Jul 7, 10:25 AM:

TX ed agency closes charter due to low performance and financial troubles. Star-Telegram notes failed attempts to contact charter leaders to get their side.  Want to know more about why school failed. Juxtapose with what >



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