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Bill Would Help Charter Schools for At-Risk Students
May 6, 5:03 AM:

TX "recovery" charters give at-risk students a 2nd chance. But they could be penalized under accountability laws for high dropout rate. Illustrates students' stories and problem of formulating a fair policy. While >

'Prison ISD' faces tougher budget axe than other districts
May 4, 8:32 AM:

TX prison district faces harsher reductions compared to traditional districts. Inmate ed already cheaper though thanks to lack of busing and facilities costs. Push harder to figure out why lawmakers think this is a good >

Federal education aid delayed
Apr 29, 10:13 AM:

TX finally set to receive $830.8M federal funding for education jobs. Why was it delayed? Mixes federal aid issue with district budget cuts, but fails to shed light on either. Rep. Brady says funds will go a long way -- >

Could Bills Allowing Teacher Furloughs and Pay Cuts Prompt Unionization?
Apr 27, 3:53 PM:

Premise: Bill touted as protecting teachers, may not do so. Basically bill gives more power to districts in the way of cutting budgets, furloughing teachers, etc. But entire emphasis of piece is on ways to slash >

State Lawmakers Consider Virtual High School
Apr 27, 3:19 PM:

Legislation in the works for cyber HS. Highlights benefits for rural students, but uses flexibility to trump concerns instead of thoughtfully combating them. Why not substantiate worries with examples from FL, especially >

Legislators should allow schools to increase class sizes
Apr 26, 7:09 AM:

Editorial thinks TX districts need more control to manage budgets. Doesn't mention how unions could be hindering authority. Legislation to increase class size helps, but it's only by 3 students. Wouldn't changing teacher >

State Education Boss Scraps Controversial Texas Projection Measure
Apr 25, 10:26 AM:

TX to scrap controversial school perfomance measure, based on projected, not actual results. Explores rationale for method and criticism - now look at implications for schools and what will replace it. Tests must be fair >

ECISD makes changes to teacher contracts
Apr 20, 10:07 AM:

New clause about possible future layoffs and cuts in TX county teachers contract shows lack of trust between officials and educators. Open communication could have allowed more time to be spent focused on improving >

House Bill on Student Testing Reopens a Familiar Debate
Apr 19, 10:24 AM:

TX legislature debating when to initiate new state testing and whether grad requirements should be eased. Some legislators concerned with education budget and how new test rollout will affect that. Others concerned >

Outrage emerges over construction of cell phone tower at Cy-Fair school
Apr 18, 11:53 AM:

Tight budgets force Cypress-Fairbanks district to pursue non-traditional revenue sources, including  construction of a cell tower on school property. Parents fear for kid safety. Cite research regarding this.


Despite the odds, Pilgrim Academy hits the mark
Apr 18, 8:20 AM:

Houston's Pilgrim Academy uses bilingual classes, tight-knit support system to educate students, many of whom start with little English. Enlightening coverage of support but detail the success points of the academic >

Texas Senate votes to increase number of charter schools
Apr 14, 6:04 AM:

Bill to grant 10 new charters per year heading to TX House after Senate approval yesterday. Brief overview of state's charter scene says charters receive less than traditional schools. But what should model funding look >

Texas lawmaker backs four-day school week
Apr 13, 10:50 AM:

TX lawmaker proposes shorter school week to save cash. Spotlights favorable and unfavorable outcomes of truncated weeks for districts around nation. Results inconclusive, but why? Restructuring day useless if instruction >

AISD considers property tax hike
Apr 12, 10:30 AM:

Austin, TX school district considers property tax hike to generate funds and save teaching jobs. Money's only a part of the equation. Mine the charter's methods for ideas about benefitting students. What can other ASID >

Charter school expansion must be matched by state scrutiny
Apr 12, 5:56 AM:

Short editorial opines budget cuts shouldn't affect charter oversight agency. Doesn't tell readers what that is or why it's important. Do traditional schools have same accountability? Shouldn't all schools be held to the >

Hybrid school: Harmony goes step beyond
Apr 11, 9:10 AM:


Harmony School of Innovation bills itself as being public with the freedom of a private school, using state curriculum but going 'a little further'. Success stories are great, but compare it with other local schools. >

Ratliff calls for people to demand better funding for public schools
Apr 8, 2:18 PM:

Former TX Lt. Gov is saying residents need to get their act together and push for more ed funding from state. Says districts' expenses aren't all outside the classroom, but you don't back it up and lay out budgets for >

Guns on campus proposal gets stuck
Apr 8, 8:51 AM:

TX bill that would allow legally concealed handguns on colleges and univ campuses didn't pass Senate in 1st attempt. Concerns about bloodshed, age of college students (most under 21), proximity of K-12 schools. Offer >

The Standardized Testing Test
Apr 7, 9:31 AM:

TX House voted to loosen graduation requirements due to implementation of a new standardized test. While Dems and Repubs agreed on bill, did not agree on testing plans. Cutting students slack won't do anyone any good.

Angelina school districts could lose $1 million apiece in proposed budget
Apr 5, 1:47 PM:

TX districts say legislation on state budget cuts is unfair to public education. Counter bill proposes more equitable system, but does that just mean more funding? How about showing public proof of more money outcry from >



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