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Texas Students Are Failing Classes, Can They Catch Up?
Nov 23, 7:14 AM: Report cards are not looking good from the COVID-virtual classroom, and show that thousands of students are failing at least one subject, skipping assignments, or not signing-in to their classes. The shift to virtual >
Ask Texas students how remote learning is working. Many will tell you it's not, and they want it fixed.
Nov 20, 8:50 AM: A summer of delay and inconsistency from state political and education leaders left Texas schools little time to prepare for an academic year with millions of students learning from home. Now many of those kids are failing >
DISD Touts Plan to Promote Racial Equity, Opportunities for Black Students
Nov 17, 6:13 AM: Diversifying leadership within schools and supporting measures aimed at providing racial equity continue to be a focal point for the Dallas Independent School District. During its latest meeting, the Board of Trustees was >
Dallas ISD outlines plan to boost opportunities and academics for Black students
Nov 6, 6:19 AM: The district will focus on recruiting more Black staff members and improving access to special magnet schools and advanced academic programs.
El Paso ISD to begin 'learning pod' virtual classes Monday
Nov 5, 8:20 AM: In less than one week, El Paso Independent School District will start learning on campus for some students, but it’ll still be virtual.
Republicans maintain majority on Texas education board with three seats too close to call
Nov 4, 9:46 AM: Democrats targeted three seats on the Republican-dominated board, and had a lead in one of them early Wednesday morning.
Opinion: Is Texas on the verge of a pandemic-induced teacher shortage?
Nov 4, 9:13 AM: This year has been extraordinarily difficult for educators. The last school year ended with teachers and students on lockdown, and this school year began with teachers fearing a return to the classroom in the middle of a >
Commentary: Closing charter schools shuts out struggling families
Oct 30, 7:27 AM: We are in a time of deep learning loss, and children and parents are struggling to cope with the pressures of remote learning. Sound policy recommendations during these historic times would involve not only aggressively >
Report: Some public schools obstructing parents’ efforts to withdraw children for home-schooling
Oct 26, 8:18 AM: Some public schools are telling parents they can’t withdraw their children to home-school or aren’t following the TEA guidelines for withdrawal, according to a new report published by the Texas Home School Coalition >
Private school enhances flexibility to stay safe during pandemic
Oct 23, 6:51 AM: De La Cuadra believes the school’s hybrid model will become more permanent as time goes on, even beyond the pandemic.
Texas Offers Grant Money for Special Education Students
Oct 23, 6:10 AM: Disabled students have suffered through the pandemic, especially through the changes and challenges of remote learning and the shuttering of schools and in-person learning that special education students rely upon. Some >
Texas launches funding initiative for students with disabilities
Oct 22, 6:00 AM: Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Education Agency officials on Wednesday announced the creation of the Supplementary Special Education Services program, which will provide up to $1,500 to families of children with severe >
Some Texas school districts are requiring in-person instruction again, leaving parents scrambling for options
Oct 22, 5:26 AM: As the numbers of people infected and hospitalized by the coronavirus tick back up across the state, dozens of Texas school districts eliminated the option for remote learning and forced students, faculty and staff to >
Local teachers find innovative ways to help virtual learners interact with classmates
Oct 22, 5:23 AM: From young children to the elderly, social interaction is very important, not just for mental health but for our overall well-being. The need for human contact is especially crucial in a child’s development. >
Opinion: Charter school expansion is not what Texas needs during a pandemic
Oct 19, 8:17 AM: The Texas Education Agency recently approved new charter schools for the next school year, which means the state will be redistributing some education dollars and resources to new schools during a recession that has >
Abilene ISD at-home learners failed at least one class at roughly 3x higher rate
Oct 19, 6:25 AM: Abilene Independent School District officials have crunched the numbers and it's not fantastic news for at-home, online education.
Editorial: We support a longer school year to arrest the COVID slide
Oct 15, 5:43 AM: As is the case with so many things in 2020, new circumstances are requiring new solutions. DISD and other Texas districts can’t expect to return to business-as-usual, and can’t afford to “write off” a year of instruction. >
Texas Teachers Are Demanding That Schools Be Safe Before They Return. But They Have Little Leverage Short Of Quitting.
Oct 13, 8:50 AM: More than a month after the first wave of Texas schools opened their classrooms, teachers are clashing with school administrators over how to ensure safe working conditions during a pandemic. Under the leadership of state >
The solutions a charter school found to foster relationships virtually
Oct 12, 7:04 AM: Legislation to provide a tax credit to parents who have had to spend money on educational equipment for remote learning is being co-sponsored by state Rep. Avery Bourne.
40% of virtual learners in this Texas ISD failing at least one course, district says
Oct 9, 6:20 AM: This marks the third school district in North Texas that has raised concerns after seeing a large amount of students failing online classes.



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