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Virtual school eyeing Wichita Falls students
Apr 18, 5:59 AM: A new virtual school is seeking to expand its reach in Wichita Falls. Texas Connections Academy, which partners with the Houston ISD, is offering an informational session for interested parents and their children 6 p.m. May 10 at >
Texas made a school district take in more students. But will it help fund them?
Apr 18, 5:32 AM: As lawmakers debate possible reforms to the school finance system this week, they might decide whether to continue offering extra funds to districts like Texas City ISD, which last year was forced to annex a struggling district next >
School choice advocates hope ‘special needs bill’ passes in compromise
Apr 18, 4:57 AM: In the wake of the Texas House scuttling a Senate idea of spending tax dollars on private and home schooling, school choice advocates say they hope their ideas could come from the House itself.
Patrick vows to continue school voucher fight
Apr 17, 5:11 AM: The House may have all but driven a stake through the heart of school vouchers, but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick vows that he isn’t giving up on the idea.
Who are the forces behind the school voucher push in Texas?
Apr 17, 5:07 AM: Few topics being discussed at the State Capitol this session as well as at town hall meetings across the state are creating a stir, such as the proposal to create a school voucher system in Texas. Senate Bill 3 would give students >
As Dallas’ Focus Charter Faces Closure, Parents And Students Burdened With Next Move
Apr 12, 5:41 AM: Focus Academy, an 18-year-old charter school in southern Dallas, is about to close because the state says it has failed to improve bad ratings three years running. The school wants a reprieve after taking in kids from Prime Prep >
Patrick goes silent after House votes to reject school vouchers
Apr 10, 5:13 AM: A day after Texas House members pointedly approved an amendment to prohibit the use of public money for private schools, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Legislature's most vocal proponent of so-called "school choice," has yet to issue a >
Parents, Students Make Last Effort To Keep Struggling South Dallas Charter School Open
Apr 7, 5:46 AM: Families and students of Focus Academies in southern Dallas are holding a rally Thursday to make a last-ditch bid to keep the school open. The state says the charter school has agreed to close after poor academic years.
House bans school-voucher funding, strikes accord on social issues to speed passage of state budget
Apr 7, 5:10 AM: By a better than 2-to-1 margin, House members voted to slap a provision on the two-year, $218.2 billion state budget that would ban use of money for school vouchers "or any similar program."
House budget amendments hint at old and fresh fights
Apr 5, 6:19 AM: An amendment Herrero filed Monday states that the Texas Comptroller cannot use any money in the budget to “pay for or support a school voucher, education savings account, or a tax credit scholarship.” That, essentially, would gut >
Amarillo ISD decries school choice
Apr 3, 4:49 AM: Amarillo Independent School District has recently launched a social media campaign rallying against “school choice,” even though proposed state legislation is unlikely to pass.
Senate passes ‘school choice’ bill
Mar 31, 4:32 AM: After weeks of negotiations, the Texas Senate on Thursday passed a significantly scaled-back version of so-called ‘school choice’ legislation that would allow parents to use public school funds to enroll their children in private or >
Sam Houston State University to open eight charter schools this fall in Greater Houston area
Mar 30, 6:17 AM: Sam Houston State University will launch a charter school program this fall by opening eight elementary schools in the Greater Houston area.
Senators mulling a scaled back version of ‘private school voucher’ bill
Mar 30, 4:57 AM: Amid concerns that he doesn’t have enough support in the Senate, the author of a bill that would divert some state money to help students pay for private school tuition, among other non-public education system expenses, is >
Senator considers shrinking voucher bill to boost chances of passage
Mar 29, 5:17 AM: The lawmaker carrying the Senate's "school choice" bill plans to narrow the scope of the measure in hopes of winning over rural legislators hesitant to vote for the bill that would allow Texas parents to use public money to pay >
Mixed feelings on school voucher bill as it heads to Senate
Mar 28, 6:03 AM: Some Central Texas public schools and teachers groups are voicing their opposition to the school voucher bill, which is headed to the full Texas Senate for a vote.
Hundreds rally at Capitol for public education
Mar 27, 5:05 AM: The rally, organized by the nonpartisan coalition Save Texas Schools and the advocacy group Austin Voices For Education and Youth, called for more money from the Legislature for public schools in Texas. Speakers included state Sen. >
With high re-enrollment, school looks toward expansion
Mar 24, 6:32 AM: The first semester is over and the second is mid-way through and the Southwest Preparatory School’s Seguin Elementary is booming.
Parents learn more about school choice
Mar 24, 5:50 AM: The conversation on school choice has taken center stage this year as more and more residents throw their voices into the complex conversation.
Texas Senate Education Committee passes school choice legislation
Mar 24, 4:54 AM: After little debate Thursday, the Senate Education Committee voted 7-3 to pass legislation that would create two public programs subsidizing private school tuition and homeschooling expenses.



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