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Tax dollars to private and home school faces long odds in TX capitol
Jan 22, 6:56 AM: This week education reform advocates will again push to change Texas law, allowing more flexibility and resources to help students who attend private or home schools. Hundreds are expected to march on the state capitol >
At Inauguration, Greg Abbott Declares It’s “Time for Texas to Deliver Real Education Reform”
Jan 17, 7:05 AM: In the first inauguration set against the backdrop of the north, rather than the south, side of the Texas Capitol in modern history, Greg Abbott took the oath of office for the second time as the state’s governor on >
Beaumont ISD to vote on partnership with charter operators
Jan 17, 5:58 AM: "We got to do something, and we've got to get a hand on it because we're losing our children to the streets, to the gangs, to just dropping out of school," Perkins said.
In Rural Districts, Texas High Schoolers Face Challenges In Getting College Credit
Jan 16, 7:10 AM: About 10 percent of students enrolled in college courses in Texas are still in high school. They're taking dual credit classes – that's where they get high school and college credit. These dual credit classes are growing >
Greg Abbott’s Tweet Shines A Spotlight On Troubled Houston School District
Jan 8, 6:58 AM: Opinions about what should be done in Houston vary, Carpenter says. They range from the governor’s assertion that a complete change in leadership is needed, to education advocates who support additional funding for >
Opinion: City of Houston partnership can save community schools in HISD
Jan 3, 6:39 AM: I was disappointed when the Houston Independent School District board of trustees recently decided against pursuing a partnership with the Coalition for Educational Excellence and Equity in Houston, a nonprofit >
Opinion: To save Houston’s schools, fight the TEA
Jan 3, 6:36 AM: Last month, the Houston Independent School District trustees voted to reject any partnerships with outside organizations to take over its schools. In doing so, they declared that separate is never equal and that all HISD >
Schools battle for students, move forward on projects
Jan 2, 7:00 AM: Public school finance continued to be an underlying theme during 2018 as school districts across the Rio Grande Valley battled to keep current students and enroll new ones. In Brownsville, the battle was primarily between >
Too few black men are earning college degrees. Can Texas turn that around?
Dec 27, 7:44 AM: The numbers are staggeringly low: Only one college in Texas graduated more than 100 African American men in 2016. It's a grim statistic that punctuates glaring disparities across their educational journey. >
Leadership and high expectations: Schools work to foster empathy without lowering the bar
Dec 27, 7:00 AM: No one has an apple for the principal. But that does not mean their work should be overlooked. The effect of a good school administrator might be behind the scenes, but leadership has an impact throughout a school and >
Blended learning aids in educational innovation
Dec 26, 7:45 AM: One of the innovations currently in vogue at Temple High School is the flipped classroom, where students watch lectures on a video and complete their “homework” in class. Ahmed is a fan.
Path to school reform is lit, will Texas lawmakers walk it?
Dec 21, 6:58 AM: The blue-ribbon group of Texans charged with recommending solutions to a woefully outdated school finance system released their report. Part of the advice delivered by the Texas Commission on Public School Finance >
Texas has failed to close educational gaps for kids of color. In Edgewood ISD, the fallout has lasted generations.
Dec 18, 6:48 AM:

Generations apart, the threads connecting Lopez and Herrera — low expectations in their schools and meager resources from the state — reflect the limited progress Texas has made over the last few decades to ensure poor >

‘It’s shameful.’ Lawmakers’ panel sounds alarm on Texas schools
Dec 17, 6:17 AM: Texas slipped to 46th in the nation in fourth-grade reading. Even the best school districts report that just half their low-income students are at grade level. And just 28 percent of graduating seniors earn a >
Longview ISD submits application to team up with charter school on seven campuses next fall
Dec 14, 8:05 AM: Longview ISD submitted an application to the Texas Education Agency on Thursday in hopes of turning over operations at seven campuses to a nonprofit charter school network in the 2019-20 school year.
HISD trustees opt against seeking partnership bids, risking sanctions in 2019
Dec 14, 6:43 AM: Houston ISD trustees narrowly voted Thursday to not seek proposals from outside organizations to run long-struggling schools, a decision that keeps those campuses under local control but sets the stage for a possible state >
Turner: City-backed nonprofit could seek to run 15 Houston ISD schools
Dec 12, 6:56 AM: A nonprofit formed by city of Houston leaders may seek temporary control of up to 15 Houston ISD campuses in neighborhoods with historically low-performing schools, Mayor Sylvester Turner said Tuesday.<
Longview ISD board approves charter school plan
Dec 11, 7:49 AM: Longview ISD partnered with ETAA in June to operate and manage charter schools at several campuses. ETAA’s “kindergarten-to-workforce” philosophy was appealing to Longview ISD, officials said. >
Column: Career readiness skills a top priority
Dec 11, 7:19 AM: In Texas, 70 percent of community college students and 40 percent of university students are identified as not being college ready and require some type of college preparatory education, which ultimately extends their time >
Editorial: Charter schools have proven they deserve to be expanded
Dec 5, 7:35 AM: Charter schools in Texas began as a small experiment to see if alternatives to traditional public schools. The experiment has proven fruitful; some charter schools now operate large, modern campuses that compete with >



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