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Opinion: State takeover of school districts can sometimes be just what’s needed
Sep 19, 5:49 AM: A possible state takeover of schools in Houston has come under fire from critics on the right, who argue locals know best, and those on the left, who equate the loss of local control with a “dismantling of public >
Editorial: Don't miss your opportunity to learn, raise questions about Longview charter schools
Sep 18, 7:13 AM: From late this month into early November, officials from Longview ISD will conduct a series of public meetings to explain the changes brought about by converting district campuses to charter schools.
Charter school transparency rules: clear as mud but changing
Sep 17, 6:18 AM: If you ask charter school leaders, they are treated exactly the same as public schools when it comes to legal requirements for public records and open meetings.
Overnight success: Yeah, that’s not a thing
Sep 17, 5:57 AM: Turning a struggling school into a good one requires systemic, long-term commitment from every educator, parent and community member. It does not happen overnight. It needs the support of the entire community, and mostly, >
Austin-area high schools hit record college readiness rate
Sep 16, 6:41 AM: Austin-area school districts graduated the most college-ready seniors of any cohort in the past five years, preliminary data for the class of 2019 show.
TEA: IDEA partnership is most logical ‘enforcement action’
Sep 11, 5:19 AM: Midland ISD received letter from the education commissioner due to Travis Elementary’s fifth-straight failing ranking.
Polls show school-choice options going mainstream
Sep 10, 4:37 AM: According to the Mason-Dixon poll results, 74 percent of Texas voters support education savings accounts, 64 percent support tax credit scholarships, and 67 percent support federal tax credits.
Charter schools fly below the radar on spending and transparency rules
Sep 6, 7:12 AM: It’s a treat to fly at the front of the plane, where seats are bigger and fares are roughly double the cost of a coach seat. But for the state’s most prolific charter school operator, first-class air travel is allowed. In >
HISD isn’t all broken. Leaders should continue what works. [Editorial]
Aug 29, 5:45 AM: There is no magic formula for turning around a struggling school. No wave of a wand that can rejuvenate overburdened teachers. Or stock disadvantaged campuses with needed resources. Or help parents with two jobs and no >
‘It allows us to dream big:’ The fastest growing college in Texas fills a gap by focusing on homegrown students
Aug 27, 7:54 AM: Since Mong’s arrival, UNT-Dallas has added 1,600 students, transitioning from a majority part-time student population to a younger, majority full-time undergraduate body. The number of graduates from its undergraduate and >
Texas lets struggling schools partner with nonprofits or charters for improvement. But many got Fs this year.
Aug 27, 6:03 AM: In fact, seven of the 12 schools across the state in similar partnerships with nonprofits or charters received F ratings this year, including four that, like Hearne Elementary, that could face state sanctions if they don't >
Houston-area charters, traditional public schools post similar accountability scores
Aug 26, 7:50 AM: Houston’s largest, long-established charter school networks earned high marks under the state’s academic accountability system in 2019, while the region’s smaller and newest charters posted results ranging from perfect >
Remedial Course Changes Show Signs of Success, Texas Higher Ed Officials Say
Aug 26, 7:06 AM: Two years ago, when Texas lawmakers reworked the way the state's colleges and universities handle remedial courses, they hoped to find a solution that would help students who weren't college-ready get up to speed in a way >
Texas schools with more student poverty got the most Ds and Fs in state ratings
Aug 22, 5:29 AM: Many Texas educators and advocates are frustrated in the week after the state released letter grades rating their school districts and campuses, as they work to decipher the potential impacts for their schools. >
Editorial: All students deserve to go to ‘A’ schools
Aug 22, 5:16 AM: Texas is pretty good at ranking schools, and now it has simplified that process with the new A to F accountability ratings. Campuses that got A’s and B’s are considered successful, those that got C’s are considered so-so, >
Nearly 60 schools in and around Houston receive failing grades in new Texas Education Agency report
Aug 20, 7:49 AM:

Several suburban-area schools received failing grades in a new report of accountability ratings from the Texas Education Agency.

Analysis: Cheating Texas kids out of a better future
Aug 16, 6:59 AM: A school in Texas can fail to meet state education standards for four years before the state shuts it down. A lot of students can go without the education they're due in four years time.
Multiple Austin-area schools receive F’s from the state
Aug 16, 5:50 AM: Multiple Austin-area schools received failing grades under the state accountability system, which doled out letter grades to campuses for the first time this year.
Why The Largest Charter School Network in Texas Is Coming To Houston
Aug 14, 7:13 AM: For years, IDEA Public Schools has been the darling of both private philanthropy and federal grant administrators, winning $117 million earlier this year, the largest federal grant ever for charter school expansion. >
New Lubbock charter school focuses on kids with learning differences
Aug 13, 6:52 AM: The curriculum is specifically designed to help kids with language-based learning differences like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia. Organizers say the independent charter school is the first in the >



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