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What needs to happen for a group of Memphis Catholic schools to become charters
Jan 31, 7:15 AM: No shortage of things must happen for a group of financially strapped Memphis Catholic schools to be transformed into what would be the city’s largest charter school network.
Memphis charter school creates classroom inside international manufacturing hub
Jan 30, 8:22 AM: Ten students at a Memphis charter school will spend the majority of their senior year learning about medical engineering — all while training at a global technology giant.
With the defeat of vouchers, Memphis Catholic leaders seek charter conversion
Jan 25, 7:36 AM: With no ability to get public funding through a school voucher program that Tennessee lawmakers have refused to create, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis is turning to another possible avenue: converting a network of schools >
ASD Proposes Shifting Memphis Middle School to Charter Group
Jan 25, 7:32 AM: After years of dwindling enrollment, the only middle school in Memphis that’s run directly by Tennessee’s turnaround district could be switching hands.
Hopson weighs charters as school turnaround tool for Shelby County Schools
Jan 19, 6:46 AM: Superintendent Dorsey Hopson has opened a crack in the door to charter school partnerships that might help his district avoid losing more schools to Tennessee’s turnaround district.
Tennessee education officials vow to better the state's teacher preparation programs
Jan 17, 7:14 AM:

Many of Tennessee's teacher preparation programs aren't at the quality the state expects. A number of those underperforming are at state colleges — with none of those schools performing at the highest level.

Dorsey Hopson says he's willing to give charters control of schools, if they have a plan for improvement
Jan 17, 6:20 AM: After years of resisting the growth of charter schools in Memphis, Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson said he is willing to voluntarily relinquish control over some struggling schools to be operated by >
Metro Nashville school board charter advocate Mary Pierce will not seek re-election
Jan 17, 5:57 AM: Metro Nashville school board's leading charter school advocate announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election.
Judge rules against Nashville schools in fight over student contact information
Jan 15, 6:44 AM: A Nashville judge said Metro Nashville Public Schools must give the state’s Achievement School District contact information for students zoned to failing schools.
School voucher debate unlikely on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill this year
Jan 11, 6:03 AM: As Tennessee state lawmakers get back to work this week, they’ll deal with a lot of K-12 education issues, but this year school vouchers likely will not be one of them.
Metro scheduled to launch five elementary magnet schools in 2018
Jan 5, 7:13 AM: Metro Nashville Public Schools will have a full plate in 2018, with much of it aimed at continuing to improve student performance and parent satisfaction.
Four Memphis charter organizations pilot new reading curriculum
Jan 3, 7:35 AM: Four Memphis charter schools are piloting a new reading curriculum this school year aimed at boosting reading comprehension in a city and state with lagging literacy rates.
Nashville Classical shines in city's early literacy efforts
Jan 3, 6:29 AM: Nashville Classical Charter School may be newer on the list of the city's public schools, but leaders there hope their students' work on state testing gets some notice.
Tennessee charter school bill sets funds aside for facilities
Dec 29, 8:05 AM: As part of Gov. Bill Haslam‘s budget, he listed a plan to put aside $6 million to create a charter school facilities fund where schools can apply for grants to assist with school facility needs. It will provide $6 million >
Tennessee sponsors of voucher bills won't pursue issue in New Year; will push extra resources for public schools
Dec 28, 6:26 AM: The leading supporters of school vouchers in the Tennessee General Assembly say they won't file any legislation on the issue ahead of the upcoming legislative session.
A bill that would have piloted vouchers in Memphis dies before the session starts
Dec 26, 6:44 AM: A bill that would pilot a private school voucher program in Memphis is officially dead this year.
Kelsey Backs Away From Voucher Legislation
Dec 20, 6:24 AM: The push to allow some Tennesseans to use private-school vouchers has hit a roadblock that could stall voucher legislation for a fourth year.
School vouchers hit snag in Tennessee as sponsor announces he won’t advance bill
Dec 19, 6:14 AM: The push to allow some Tennesseans to use private-school vouchers has hit a roadblock that could stall voucher legislation for a fourth year.
An individual education: Tennessee Virtual Academy helps 8-year-old
Dec 11, 7:23 AM: Erin has dysgraphia, which affects her spelling and writing abilities. Many people have heard of dyslexia; dysgraphia is sort of its opposite number. To put it in broad terms, people with dyslexia have trouble reading; >
Nashville teachers protest Betsy DeVos' agenda after Tennessee visit
Dec 1, 8:13 AM: Chanting and holding signs calling for her departure, public school teachers and parents gathered by the downtown riverfront Thursday night to voice their opposition to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. >



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