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Opinion: Oppose funding for private education vouchers, Rutherford school officials tell lawmakers
Feb 19, 6:55 AM: Rutherford County and Murfreesboro school officials want more funding to support public education. They oppose any Tennessee General Assembly legislation that would allow state tax dollars to be spent on vouchers or >
Large numbers of Tennessee students not ready for college, new state data show
Feb 14, 7:19 AM: Newly released data detailing how ready Tennessee students are for college paint a grim picture of the state's continued challenges in improving K-12 education.
Nashville public schools board passes anti-voucher legislation
Feb 14, 6:48 AM: The Nashville public schools board reaffirmed its opposition to school vouchers Tuesday night, which could be a topic of discussion this legislative session.
Pro-voucher group pushes for education savings accounts in Tennessee with new poll results
Feb 8, 7:37 AM: While it's still unclear whether lawmakers will push for legislation allowing education savings accounts in Tennessee, a pro-voucher group says there is ample support in the state for such a measure.
Lee says ‘parent choice’ education initiative coming soon in Tennessee
Feb 7, 6:08 AM: Gov. Bill Lee hinted that he soon will introduce a legislative initiative to give parents more education options for their children, even as Wednesday’s deadline passed to file bills for lawmakers to consider this year. >
Gov. Bill Lee proposes lottery-funded plan to boost vocational, tech training for Tennessee high school students
Feb 6, 6:56 AM: Gov. Bill Lee's first legislative proposal calls for generating more public-private partnerships for his goal to create more vocational and technical training opportunities for Tennessee high school students. >
Tennessee’s legislative leaders set to take on biggest issues for 2019
Feb 4, 7:11 AM: Education tends to always takes center stage in state government, and this year’s focus is on vouchers. What that voucher policy might look like, however, is still being discussed.
'Completely falsified' — SCS doubles down as Gateway charter school defends itself
Jan 29, 7:39 AM: Gateway University charter school defended itself in a hearing Monday against allegations of failing to hire a geometry teacher and using unlicensed teachers, charges that threaten to shut down the school.
Gov. Bill Lee's first executive order calls for accelerated rural development
Jan 24, 7:28 AM: Gov. Bill Lee's first executive order calls for accelerated development in Tennessee's distressed rural counties, a priority he emphasized throughout his campaign for governor.
Opinion: Tennessee students flourish with greater educational freedom
Jan 23, 7:51 AM: There are plenty of reasons to celebrate educational freedom in the Volunteer State. Across Tennessee, tens of thousands of students in kindergarten through 12th grade attend public charter schools, independent schools, or >
Memphis charter school to build new STEM academy and sports complex
Jan 18, 7:55 AM: Anderson said it is part of his plan for a bigger goal. “Children need incredible schools no matter where they are. Period. That’s our dream,” said Anderson.
Gov.-elect Bill Lee taps reform advocate Penny Schwinn as new Tennessee education commissioner
Jan 18, 6:43 AM: She will be tasked with crafting Lee's K-12 education initiatives, which could include a school voucher proposal, and ironing out issues with the statewide TNReady standardized test.
This Memphis high school saves students from dropping out. It constantly fights to stay open.
Jan 17, 6:15 AM: Leaders at Pathways, a public charter school based in California, admit their program doesn't work for every student. It forces teenagers, many of whom have never been engaged in academics, to take ownership of their >
Column: Saving our schoolchildren with school choice
Jan 17, 5:25 AM: ESAs are innovative tools that empower families to make the best education decisions for their children. With ESAs, parents can use the state education dollars to pay for school tuition and fees, textbooks, tutoring, >
12 in, 13 out: Massive reshuffling of iZone schools proposed for Shelby County Schools
Jan 16, 7:03 AM: Shelby County Schools leaders are proposing a massive reshuffling of schools that get the most intense interventions. The district is looking to remove 13 schools from the Innovation Zone turnaround program after repeated >
Gateway University faces closure after grading discrepancies, unlicensed teachers uncovered
Jan 15, 7:16 AM: A Memphis charter school used unlicensed teachers to teach some courses and gave every geometry student the same grade last year, an investigation by Shelby County Schools revealed.
After years of school voucher rejections, backers consider another approach in Tennessee
Jan 14, 7:09 AM: The campaign to introduce school vouchers to Tennessee has come up short for so many years that supporters are looking closely at another voucher-like approach to give families more control over public funding for their >
Opinion: Vouchers are coming; let’s at least make them fair
Jan 11, 6:20 AM: With the recent electoral victory of Gov.-elect Bill Lee, many in Tennessee believe that the debate around school vouchers has decisively shifted.
The Tennessee General Assembly will be back in session. Here's what lawmakers likely will do this year
Jan 8, 7:02 AM: Though Lee hasn’t confirmed whether he will pursue legislation to create a school voucher program — a policy that would use public money to pay for some students’ private school tuition — he reiterated last month that he >
Could online courses help solve Williamson County Schools' overcrowding problem?
Jan 8, 6:54 AM: Hundreds of high school students logged onto online classes last year, giving the program a successful jump start in Williamson County Schools and possibly providing a viable option for making more room in crowded >



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