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Here’s why charter operators exiting Tennessee’s turnaround district can walk away
Mar 27, 7:02 AM: When two charter school operators announced plans to leave Tennessee’s turnaround district this spring, many people were surprised that they could break their 10-year agreements.
Why this Memphis Republican supports school vouchers — but is concerned about accountability
Mar 24, 5:55 AM: Only one school voucher bill remains under consideration in Tennessee, and it’s all about Memphis.
Demand for Springfield magnet triggers more classes, lottery
Mar 23, 5:40 AM: Demand is rising for the Innovation Academy STEAM magnet program at Springfield Middle School. The district received 288 applications for the program’s upcoming school year before last month’s due date, and all but 100 of them were >
Shelby County Schools Voucher Bill Advances in House
Mar 23, 5:03 AM: Despite a packed room of Memphis-area people opposed to vouchers for public school students, a House Education Committee advanced a pilot program targeting low-income children in Shelby County Schools system’s low-performing >
Shelby school voucher bill leading other proposals
Mar 22, 5:15 AM: A school voucher proposal targeting Shelby County Schools is shaping up to be the top voucher bill in the Tennessee General Assembly this year after it passed through a House education committee Tuesday.
Norris Says Proposed School Voucher Legislation ‘Problematic’
Mar 17, 6:22 AM: Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris expressed reservations Wednesday, March 15, about legislation allowing tax dollars to be used to send low-income students in struggling public schools to private schools.
Shelby County Educators Spar With DeBerry Over Voucher Bill
Mar 16, 6:33 AM: Collierville resident Sonya H. Smith and DeBerry exchanged heated words after the House Education Administration & Planning Committee dismissed, clearly disagreeing on the potential impact of a pilot program that would enable Shelby >
Shelby County Educators, DeBerry Spar Over Voucher Bill
Mar 15, 5:52 AM: A group of Shelby County teachers and parents disappointed that voucher legislation was put off until next week turned their ire Tuesday, March 14, on Rep. John DeBerry, and he responded in kind.
Kelsey’s School Voucher Bill Faces Legislative Showdown
Mar 10, 7:04 AM: A showdown is looming over a pilot voucher program targeting Shelby County Schools after the legislation moved out of Senate and House panels this week with unanimous votes.
Senator promotes education spending account plan, says it’s not a voucher bill
Mar 9, 6:11 AM: Tennessee lawmakers are hoping to expand an education spending account program to the state's more than 950,000 students statewide.
Kelsey’s school voucher bill passes first hurdle in House subcommittee
Mar 8, 6:11 AM: A school voucher proposal focused mostly on Shelby County Schools saw a significant amendment with a House education subcommittee that will instead focus the program solely on the Memphis-area school district.
Amended charter school bills pass out of House education committee
Mar 8, 6:04 AM: Two pieces of legislation aimed at Tennessee districts' administration of charter schools both passed their first challenge in a House education committee.
Three months into Tennessee’s first voucher foray, 35 students are enrolled
Mar 7, 6:45 AM: Sure enough, the program, now in its third month, has enrolled just 35 students, out of 20,000 eligible — though school choice advocates say they are heartened by the program’s potential to grow.
Tennessee’s largest districts could charge charter schools more under tweaked bill
Mar 2, 6:30 AM: A sweeping bill that rewrites Tennessee’s charter school law passed its first hurdle on Wednesday with a few revisions, including one that would allow the state’s largest districts to charge higher fees from the charter schools they >
Hopson Plans 20 Summer Learning Academies for 5,000 Students
Mar 1, 7:44 AM: The 20 schools are open to students district-wide and Hopson said he hopes to draw students from charter schools to the summer sessions as a way of competing for those students to become part of the SCS system during the regular >
Voucher-like proposal could take $71 million of public school funding from all Tennessee districts
Mar 1, 6:54 AM: $71 million-a-year proposal to allow public dollars to go toward private education services could reshape schools across the state, offering low-income and affluent parents alike unprecedented school choice.
Metro school board passes anti-voucher resolution
Mar 1, 5:55 AM: Nashville school board members passed a resolution Tuesday evening to oppose any effort to create a voucher program in the state, saying that doing so would divert money away from public education and into private schools.
FOX13 Investigates: Charter Schools - Too Many, Too Fast?
Feb 24, 7:52 AM: Charter schools are gobbling up students and money from the Shelby County School system and could one day dominate the educational landscape in the former Memphis City Schools system.
Memphis charter office seeks to double in size to keep up with growing sector
Feb 23, 7:20 AM: With 45 charter schools, Shelby County Schools is Tennessee’s largest charter authorizer but has only three people to watch over the sector — “lean for a portfolio of its size,” according to a report by the National Association of >
Voucher bill could divert $18M from Shelby County Schools
Feb 21, 6:45 AM: A bill that would create vouchers for students to use public money to attend private schools could divert upwards of $18 million from Shelby County Schools, according to a fiscal note filed with the bill.



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