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Governor to decide on state-subsidized scholarships
Mar 9, 6:08 AM: In a legislative session dominated by discussion about increasing funding for the state's public schools, the House of Representatives on Tuesday supported giving private and parochial schools a break.
Private schools aim for state subsidized scholarships
Mar 3, 6:36 AM: A day after the Legislature agreed to give public school teachers a raise, private and parochial school supporters told lawmakers they deserve a break, too.
After long battle, House lawmakers say 'Yes' to sales tax
Feb 23, 7:10 AM: Lawmakers in the House on a 47-21 vote approved Gov. Dennis Daugaard's plan to increase the state's sales tax by half a cent to boost south Dakota's lowest-in-the-nation teacher pay.
Amid talk of teacher pay, school choice bill gains traction
Feb 10, 5:53 AM: As the Legislature delves into fundamental changes to South Dakota's public education system, a Senate committee inserted a new variable Tuesday that could provide private and parochial schools a piece of the funding >
S.D. governor offers plan to raise teacher pay
Jan 13, 7:23 AM: The governor is recommending a half-cent increase in the state sales tax to fund the program. It would be the first permanent increase in the state’s portion of the sales tax in more than 50 years.
Task force ends in $75 million plan for schools
Oct 30, 8:29 AM: State leaders agreed Thursday it will take at least $75 million and a new K-12 funding formula to make South Dakota teacher salaries more competitive.
State pursuing alternate certification for middle school math teachers
Jul 28, 6:47 AM:

Middle school math teachers would have an easier time getting certified under a new rule adopted Monday by state K-12 leaders.

Learning gap means extra costs, classes for S.D. grads
May 22, 7:12 AM: At South Dakota's public universities, more than 1 in 4 in-state freshmen who walk onto campus need some kind of remedial class.
Senate backs subsidizing private-school choice
Feb 27, 6:10 AM: A majority of state senators have given their blessing to establishing a taxpayer-subsidized school-choice program in South Dakota to assist private schools and home schools.
Education reform group ranks SD near bottom (CER in the news)
Oct 2, 5:56 AM: A new education report card released by a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes charter schools has South Dakota ranking second to last in the nation. But critics of the organization say the state has nothing to fear >
Editorial: School performance more objective
Jul 28, 6:47 AM: We are glad to see that South Dakota has been given a waiver from NCLB’s standardized testing that has misleadingly pegged some schools as failing schools. In our view, it has been the federal education law that has >
School performance categories changing in South Dakota
Jul 23, 7:39 AM:

Public schools won’t be judged on teacher effectiveness and school climate after all.

S.D. gets one-year extension on No Child Left Behind
Jul 8, 7:15 AM:

SD gets extension on NCLB to develop evaluation systems and monitor student growth. Provides general goals on waiver but lacks NCLB overview and details on waiver stipulations.

Group: S.D. does few things well in preparing teachers
Jun 18, 6:14 AM: South Dakota has a few bright spots in its education of elementary and secondary school teachers but also has lots of room for improvement, a national teacher quality organization says.
SD ranks high in test scores, low in pay
Apr 11, 5:34 AM:

SD districts with high test scores don't pay teachers the most.  Angle on reporting and investigation is deep but provides unnecessary data.

School choice opens questions in Sioux Falls
Mar 31, 5:41 AM:

There are demographic, socio-economic, and logistical concerns regarding school choice in Sioux Falls, though there is a lack of data there.  Article provides the parent voice which balances presentation of other views >

South Dakota’s low teacher pay in ‘crisis’
Mar 17, 6:16 AM: Roehrich’s story is one many school districts in the state hear, and low teacher salaries has become an increasing problem, school district officials say. It’s no secret that South Dakota’s teacher pay never has been at >
BHS teachers to create online classes
Mar 12, 6:56 AM: Online classes are growing more popular at Brookings High School, and the next step for the district is having Brookings teachers create the online courses that students take.
Common Core retains local control, parents told amid criticism of education plan
Oct 16, 6:24 AM:

New instructional standards that provide more rigorous framework for learning under fire from many parents who are seeing their children uncomfortable in school.  School boards have been holding forums to get input from >

SD education reforms plans advance
May 21, 4:44 PM:

As the state ed reform plans advance districts will be receiving handbooks that can be used in evaluating teachers and administrators. A coalition group of educators and admins recommends evals based on 70 percent >



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