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3 new ways South Dakota is evaluating schools this year
Nov 20, 6:56 AM: South Dakota has three new ways to hold K-12 schools accountable for educating students. The state Department of Education will judge schools for the first time on school safety, student progress or growth, and the success >
State panel expands ways for graduating high school
Jul 17, 5:21 AM: Gov. Dennis Daugaard made a rare appearance before a state board Monday. He asked the South Dakota Board of Education Standards to provide more flexibility for students to earn high school diplomas.
SD school is getting rid of traditional classrooms; ND leaders are impressed
May 10, 5:28 AM: Personalized or customized learning remains in its infancy levels in the Dakotas, but a school district in southeast South Dakota is taking it to a new level and is becoming recognized as a regional leader in the effort. >
New way of K-12 learning transforming classrooms in some schools across Dakotas
May 8, 5:36 AM: Personalized or customized learning remains in its infancy levels in the Dakotas, but a school district in southeast South Dakota is taking it to a new level and is becoming recognized as a regional leader in the effort. >
New law helps rural districts stay open
Apr 5, 6:10 AM: A small town loses something special when it loses its school, and for small districts, that’s a fear when enrollment dips. That’s why Rep. Spencer Gosch, R-Glenham, introduced House Bill 1215, which was quickly dubbed the >
Home-school scholarship requirements fall short of veto override in Pierre
Mar 27, 5:10 AM: Lawmakers on Monday opted not to revive efforts to let them file bills earlier or change requirements for home-schooled students applying for the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship. Days after Gov. Dennis Daugaard >
South Dakota public schools brace for school choice fight in Pierre
Nov 2, 5:00 AM: South Dakota's public schools want to shut down "school choice" conversations in the state before they begin. More than two months before legislators convene in Pierre for the 2018 session, statewide public school groups >
Tax-credit scholarship donors won't have to disclose gifts
Feb 9, 7:13 AM: South Dakota legislators killed a bill that would have increased transparency in the state's voucher-like scholarship program.
S.D. tax credits subsidizing dozens of private schools
Jan 19, 7:36 AM: The group behind the state-subsidized scholarship program released a list of the number of awards by school Wednesday. It's more information than is required to be released by law but not enough to satisfy public school >
Senator wants to expand tax credits for private schools
Dec 12, 6:26 AM: State Sen. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, plans to prefile legislation to more than double to $25 million a tax credit program that helps students with disabilities go to private schools.
More parents taking kids' learning into their own hands
Nov 28, 8:05 AM: The number of home-school families has been on the rise nationally for most of the past two decades, and it's a trend that has held true in Sioux Falls, where the number of home-schoolers has nearly doubled since 2009. >
New school choice program hands out $210K in scholarships
Nov 23, 5:53 AM: A South Dakota organization helping students attend private schools under a state-backed tax credit program has given out 280 scholarships totaling nearly $210,000, a program organizer said Tuesday.
S.D. dual credit program on the rise in high schools
Aug 24, 5:56 AM: In the program's first year during the 2014-15 school year, a total of 2,345 students enrolled into the program. During the 2015-16 school year, the number rose to 3,503 students, not including the numbers from this >
No money, few answers for private school vouchers
Aug 3, 6:33 AM: Parents waiting for vouchers to send their children to private school may not want to hold their breath. A new South Dakota law allows insurance companies sizable tax credits if they fund vouchers for students to attend >
Backers lay groundwork for South Dakota's school choice law
Jun 10, 5:15 AM: Parents looking for help sending their children to private school may be able to tap a state-backed scholarship program as soon as this fall under South Dakota's new school choice law, the measure's legislative sponsor >
South Dakota Approves Tax-Credit Scholarship Program
May 6, 6:08 AM: South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R-SD) signed into law a bill giving low-income families financial aid to use on educational alternatives for their children.
Shrinking schools lose way to 'slow the bleeding'
Mar 29, 6:02 AM: South Dakota schools can no longer curb the financial loss of shrinking schools by using a two-year enrollment average.
Daugaard approves state-subsidized scholarships
Mar 28, 5:49 AM: After a historic year at the Statehouse for South Dakota's public school teachers, Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a bill Friday that supporters say expands the push for education funding by allowing the state to subsidize >
SF schools chief against school choice bill
Mar 25, 6:03 AM: The bill would give tax credits to insurance companies that contribute to scholarships for low-income children to attend private schools in South Dakota.
Governor seeks legal advice on scholarships bill
Mar 15, 5:21 AM: The governor asked the South Dakota Supreme Court Monday to weigh in on the constitutionality of two bills sent to his desk by the Legislature. The first would create a tax credit for insurance companies that contribute to >



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