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School choice wins again
Apr 8, 4:21 PM:

Lets people of SC know about US Supreme Court's decision on AZ tax credits. Makes connection to contested tax credit bill in Palmetto State. Coverage doesn't detail local opposition, but tells readers they can find it in >

School choice bill is retread
Apr 8, 9:25 AM:

SC tax credit proposal was modified in hopes of passage, but opponents feel same problems are present. State report on finances -- that credits will cost state money -- has got Dems talking. Need to look at other states' >

Upcoming Virtual Public School Information Sessions to be held in Summerville, Charleston
Apr 8, 8:41 AM:

SC's first virtual charter holds info sessions, explaining curriculum and flexible learning benefits. Could be good fit for kids struggling in traditional schools, but need coverage of teaching approaches and academic >

SC budget advisers: School choice could cost $133M
Apr 7, 9:14 AM:

SC Senate votes to move tax credit bill to Education Committee for debate. State budget report argues program will cost money, rather than save, but choice supporters disagree. Need more research on programs elsewhere.

School tax credit battle is back
Apr 7, 8:58 AM:

Tax credit bill in SC met with opposition, some claiming it will cost state more in long run. Supporters of bill say it will save districts money when students choose private over public schools. New budget report >

Spartanburg District 7 elementary school zones will merge
Apr 6, 10:03 AM:

SC district merges elementary school zones, closes low-performing school and plans transition to middle schools. Board claims little opposition and changes best for students. How can we know? Too little here on new >

School choice advocates touting re-tooled SC bill
Apr 5, 2:27 PM:

SC lawmakers consider 4th rework of legislation that would help parents offset the cost of private tuition. Only a quick sketch of changes, examples of tax credit's impact, here. What’s the history? What did lawmakers >

School choice push renewed
Apr 5, 8:25 AM:


SC Republicans retooled school choice legislation for 4th time in hopes it'll pass. Made changes to voucher program and tax credit proposal. What’s the history? What did lawmakers like, dislike? How far did they get? >

SC considers work-related diploma for disabled
Apr 4, 4:02 PM:

SC lawmakers consider "modified diploma" for high schoolers with disabilities that prevent them from getting a degree. Fact-filled look at problem and efforts to solve it, complete with criticisms/concerns and reasons >

Inaccuracies found in report card
Mar 28, 2:05 PM:

Mistake means better report cards for several SC high schools. Unclear why state guidelines allow standardized test ratings to be "rounded" up to the nearest one-hundredth of a point. No questioning whether it's good.

District 5 to apply to create charter school
Mar 25, 5:55 AM:

Anderson, SC, school leaders propose charter for students with family troubles, who are homeless, or have other issues preventing graduation. Good idea. What are the criteria for approval, and what happens next?

Steep learning curve for new leaders at ETV
Mar 22, 8:25 AM:

SC Gov's new Educational TV board gets the various state agencies that use ETV programming to pay for it, freeing up millions in state money. Too much about the politics and personalities of commission members and not >

School board to eye rezoning Bluffton schools | Bluffton Today
Mar 21, 12:49 PM:

Bluffton, SC, school district to reshuffle students from overcrowded elementary schools and eventually from middle schools. It has new school construction in sight though it isn't clear if there won't be enough existing >

Union Daily Times - A testing environment
Mar 15, 1:42 PM:

Upcoming statewide SC tests for 5th and 8th graders. Results used to guide instruction and help determine if schools meet federal No Child Left Behind standards. Would be instructive to recap a previous year's test >

Editorial: Save Rivers auditorium
Mar 14, 4:25 PM:

Talk of reconfiguring historic Charleston, SC auditorium to make room for new charter in building that already currently houses a growing charter. Students and community would lose out from alteration of space, and >

Award-winning charter school educators put kids first
Mar 10, 8:21 AM:

Charleston teacher wins educator of the year from state Public Charter School Alliance. Details her strong work ethic and determination to help students succeed. What story isn't saying is why charters have to exist in >

SC superintendent to discuss charter schools on TV
Mar 1, 10:22 AM:

SC Superintendent to discuss increasing charters alongside panel of charter authorities and personnel in hour-long TV program. All-too-short piece gives zero context on why. Panel stacked with supporters, which hints to >

SC budget writers consider charter school increase : News :
Feb 24, 12:26 PM:

SC budget committee considers spending an additional $22 million on charter schools separate from budget already allocated for education. Charters currently receive state and federal funds but no local support. Greater >

Budget writers OK charter funds
Feb 24, 9:50 AM:

Lawmakers prepare $25 million state cash infusion plan for charters to strengthen SC charter system, let local funds go to trad. public schools. How about a comparison of charter and traditional student achievement—let >

SC House debating charter schools bill
Feb 24, 9:35 AM:

SC House looks to add more charters by increasing funding and loosening charter regulations. Details scarce. How large an increase? Need info on taxpayers effect and how charter/noncharter funding compare as well as new >



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