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Limited school choice would help SC
Jun 2, 6:36 AM:

Greenville News editorial argues SC needs a "narrowly focused" school choice program. Arguments don't point out why it should be limited. Instead, could be used to promote choices for all students. Look at other states >

Local schools seek to lower dropout rate
Jun 1, 7:19 AM:

Orangeburg County copies successful "dropout walk" -- volunteers visit homes to urge kids to return to school. Outlines program to identify kids at risk and give extra support. Great example of community getting involved >

5 struggling S.C. school districts seeking help; one may close
May 31, 9:09 AM:

Cash-strapped districts, SC governor at odds over school funding. Too much focus on political ramifications without any meaning for students. Press school administrators on budget cuts: find fat to be trimmed that won't >

S.C. won’t ‘Race to the Top’
May 27, 7:24 AM:

Editorial accuses state Super of putting ideology before education -- but does same itself. Private school tax credits don't mean neglecting public schools; it's about giving families choice. Stats on private school fees >

House defeats private school vouchers
May 26, 6:56 AM:

Voucher bill fails in SC as age-old arguments against reform resurface. State allows opponents to get away with "abandonment" rhetoric without challenge. Do supporters truly favor abandoning public schools or do they >

SC House to debate private school choice - again
May 25, 1:31 PM:

Quick rundown of upcoming SC debate over tax credits, scholarships to send students to private schools. Who's sponsoring the bill? What do proponents say will be the benefits? What do criticisms are opponents going to >

Local school to get Target makeover
May 25, 11:17 AM:

SC elementary one of 42 schools nationwide getting library renovation courtesy of Target. New shelves, carpet, and 2,000 books part of deal. Great opportunity, but unclear here how schools selected. Would like to know >

Preliminary budget for Horry County Schools a go
May 25, 11:16 AM:

SC district's budget approved with no cuts and two new principals named. One item draws attention: pay raises are based on seniority, not performance. Would be curious to hear if any are opposed to such a policy. Need >

Fairfield Co. schools could finally be off probation
May 25, 10:24 AM:

Fairfield, SC, district regains its "pride" as it expects accreditation agency will take it off probation. Was this complacent attitude partly the reason it ran into problems in the first place? What's more important >

Pickens could get charter school
May 23, 9:29 AM:

Application filed with state to open science, technology, engineering, and math focused charter in Pickens County. Lots of specific details here on who'll run school, how to operate, and grades served. Would like to know >

School board suspends teacher step pay, seeks 1.5 percent tax hike
May 18, 12:54 PM:

Beaufort Co. Ed Board cuts general fund budget but includes property tax hike, despite county government warning not to do so. Article details conflict, $5M in cuts, but has nothing on what happens next with board and >

Senate may add $105 million to SC school budgets
May 18, 11:48 AM:

SC schools could see a bump in funding. Unclear where reported numbers come from. Important to know because readers might think $1,959 is total per pupil spending, when in reality it's much higher. More important, >

Senate wraps up budget: $6B plan saves teaching jobs, cuts social safety net
May 18, 10:15 AM:

General review of SC’s budget plan, which includes lighter-than-expected consequences for education. Presents only dollar figures, though, which do contain a substantial bump for charter schools. So explore the outcome >

Schools focusing on service learning
May 17, 9:32 AM:

SC district encouraging students to participate in service programs. An entire mentality has sprung from efforts, getting students involved with their communities and thinking about their futures. Both are crucial to >

School bill heads to S.C. House floor
May 13, 2:03 PM:

The Sun News gives superficial mention of SC House committee's approval of tax credit measure to help parents send children to private school. Focus here is on cost of program and chances on House floor. There's no >

Confusion on charter school getting tiresome for the public
May 13, 6:03 AM:

Berates SC charter for “acting as if the school district did not exist.” Inexplicably supports bureaucracy impeding a charter school, approved for the explicit purpose of being independent, while offering unspecific >

SC budget plan would designate $12M for new buses
May 11, 9:56 AM:

SC special needs students ride state's oldest buses. More difficult to upgrade because of higher costs for things like wheelchair lifts. Reveals Palmetto State is the only one to own and maintain fleet. Doesn't tell >

Rising tide of school choice
May 5, 6:30 AM:

Editorial gladly notes rising trend in SC charter schools. Choice is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Correctly says that more choice also leads to improvement in public schools. It’s about creating a >

6 local groups eye new schools
May 4, 6:03 AM:

Charter school operators submitted applications. Beautifully details the charter process in the state but neglects to mention criteria used to judge bids. Explains that "dramatic growth" in charter schools due to online >

S.C. Supreme Court yet to rule on education lawsuit Read more:
May 2, 2:09 PM:

SC leg, educators waiting for unusually late supreme court decision on education funding for rural districts. No answer for what's taking so long. Disheartening that the standard is a “minimally adequate education.” How >



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