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Charter funding: Lawmakers' decisions could affect public school students across South Carolina
Feb 22, 8:55 AM:

SC legis. on both sides squabble over funds for public schools and accuse charters of hurting them if new equity bill goes through. Fact that charters are public escapes this news report, as is any reference to why >

Principal: Spartanburg Charter School seeks sustainability
Feb 21, 11:00 AM:

A State House panel voted last week to approve a one-time stimulus for area charter schools that receive only state and federal but no local funding. A separate bill would allow future local funding. Data on charter >

Helping find the right school
Feb 21, 9:54 AM:

Charleston County parents can go online, enter zipcode, and figure out school options in click of a button. Other SC district has similar site, but no mention if it's successful -- although initial reaction in county >

Changes in school funding win bipartisan support
Feb 18, 9:43 AM:

State House Ways and Means panel clears legislation to revamp school district funding. Weights added for charter schools, poverty and English as a second language. Extra money from sales tax rather than from other >

SC teachers could help create new pay system
Feb 18, 8:56 AM:

Amendment to include teachers advocacy group in creating a pay-for-performance system faces scrutiny from opponents claiming advocacy group seems too much like a union. Supt. also pledges to seek teacher input but wants >

SC teachers could help create new pay system
Feb 18, 8:18 AM:

New supt. Mick Zais wants teachers' salaries based on effectiveness, but opposes forming a committee of teachers to advise legislators crafting a new bill to revamp Ed funding in SC. Proposal was not unwelcome in the >

Public school dollars could soon fund charter schools
Feb 17, 12:39 PM:

One-sided take on proposed SC charter funding bill. Reactions without any background information, competing voices or counterpoints -- add up to not really reporting at all.

SC House panel approves more money for charters
Feb 17, 12:05 PM:

SC House panel voted Wednesday for a one-time state cash infusion for 11 charter schools.  Info about the charters' successes/weaknesses needed as well as insights about the impact of funding on these.

SC charter schools looking for money from local districts
Feb 17, 9:05 AM:

SC House bill would fund charters with property taxes from where students live, taking it away from local school district. Profiled charter school already operates on less than half the county district's per pupil >

Feb 16, 10:40 AM:

SC public online Provost Academy's enrollment grows from 1,200 to 1,500 in its 2nd year of existence. Comparison of online student achievement versus traditional student achievement not provided.

SC committee ranks awards, teacher stipends low
Feb 15, 10:52 AM:

Proposals to trim teacher stipends for national certification while considering letting funds pay for those more effective in the classroom, which State Superintendent supports.  Disconnect between teacher quality and >

Districts, charter schools face off
Feb 15, 9:56 AM:

Districts are bracing for a fight against state-approved charters, which receive many fewer dollars than traditional district schools.  The reporter doesn't explain how funding is different, and gives the reader the >

Let state fund charters
Feb 15, 9:02 AM:

Another opinion that charters take money away from traditional public schools and shouldn't get tax money. Sources of reported data unknown -- you also should've looked at facts on school performance relative to dollar >

There are school stories worth telling
Feb 14, 10:51 AM:

Local news coverage cutbacks move the Rock Hill school district to consider strategies to better convey their side of the story. The consequences of underreporting school activites should be spelled out clearly.

SC schools superintendent pushes charter bill
Feb 10, 2:23 PM:

SC school chief is angling for more charter schools, raising the usual funding issues. District claims they can't afford it. Who's to know without any figures here? Let's open up the books.

Greenville News editorial: Proposed changes to school funding are sensible
Feb 10, 10:58 AM:

Proposed SC bill will provide money for schools educating poor and changes in teacher pay.  Calls on legislature to fix funding, and assails union opposition to merit pay.  Clearly there is more to the proposal than the >

Beaufort Schools offers free online test preparation
Feb 8, 1:59 PM:

Beaufort students try out a new virtual test preparation program. How many other school districts use this type of test prep, and how well do they work? Key is extra work at home.

SC House to debate charter school funding |
Feb 8, 1:48 PM:

S.C. lawmakers might require districts to equally fund all schools. Reporting could've more clearly defined charter schools, and provided example of a model state program.

Lawmakers predict belt-tightening for education
Feb 8, 11:30 AM:

Tough economic times make for educational belt-tightening? Who would have guessed? Everyone. Legislators need to be forced to drop the platitudes when talking tough choices.

Rock Hill increases options for education
Feb 7, 2:11 PM:

Traditional public school boundaries give way in SC,  giving students more "choice."  More of the same, with just new school title, isn't choice.  Describe how learning is improved at new schools.




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