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Letter: SC virtual charter school is opening doors every day
Apr 23, 4:43 AM: In the past 10 years, I have opened the door to S.C. Connections Academy’s office more than 2,000 times. Connections Academy is an online public school, delivering education to students statewide.
Charter district approves policy denying breach schools option to transfer
Apr 19, 6:58 AM: Charter schools now have a guideline to follow if they want to transfer in or out of the state’s Public Charter School District.
State takes over another SC school district
Apr 12, 5:38 AM: The state of South Carolina has taken over another poor, failing school district — its second takeover within the past year.
ATEC students enter apprentice program
Apr 10, 6:48 AM: Two Applied Technology Education Campus (ATEC) students have begun work as registered youth apprentices with Thompson Turner, the construction management company building the new Camden Elementary School. The >
Parents and Faculty Fight to Save Charter School
Apr 5, 6:36 AM: Neal is in the 9th grade and attends the South Carolina Science Academy. He's faced many challenges in life, being legally blind, but he and his mother agree this school has helped him excel.
Polaris Tech holds student lottery
Apr 5, 5:55 AM: It was an evening of anticipation for parents as many gathered at the Palmetto Electric Community Room in Ridgeland Tuesday night to find out if their children will attend the new charter school.
Priced out, stressed out, begging for a chance: The new landscape of school choice in Charleston
Apr 3, 6:38 AM: Applications for seats in Charleston County School District's public magnet, charter and Montessori schools have more than tripled since 2015, while the number of seats in those schools has stayed roughly the same. >
Lawsuit filed against Williamsburg County School District
Mar 29, 6:04 AM: The lawsuit says: The Williamsburg County School District intentionally failed to follow a mandatory funding formula established in the Charter Schools Act and did not provide funding to D.P. Cooper Charter School within >
Our View: Senate wisely tries to slow charter school growth
Mar 22, 6:26 AM: As Erskine College in Due West has assumed the mantle as the savior of failing charter schools across the state, senators are applying the brakes to a proviso from the House that would cap the number of charter schools >
Senators discuss slowing higher ed charter school growth
Mar 21, 7:36 AM: Senators rejected a proviso from the state House of Representatives that would limit the South Carolina Public School District and higher education institutions from having more than 60 charter schools combined. >
Column: An old-fashioned neighborhood school is also a good choice
Mar 21, 7:11 AM: A lot of aspiring Buist Academy parents are going to be disappointed next month. About 1,879 of them, to be exact. As Paul Bowers reports, applications for Charleston County magnet and charter schools are through the roof >
GOP's Templeton would push taxpayer money to private, home schools in choice proposal
Mar 21, 5:03 AM: Republican candidate for governor Catherine Templeton said Tuesday that S.C parents should be able to spend public education dollars on the schools of their choice, including private schools.
Column: Why are we letting failing charter schools game the system, and send us the bill?
Mar 20, 5:15 AM: The lawmakers who want to prohibit failing charter schools from authorizer-shopping are right. And the Legislature needs to take action. Now. Before we get stuck paying for even more schools that are cheating children out >
Nearly 13,000 apply for Charleston County choice schools, shattering record
Mar 20, 4:50 AM: A child in Charleston County has a better chance of going to an Ivy League college than getting into Buist Academy, a downtown public magnet school serving kindergarten through eighth grade.
All-boys charter school Prestige Prep gets to stay open after six-hour discussion
Mar 14, 6:16 AM: The Charleston County School Board voted 7-1 to keep an all-boys charter school open after a six-hour hearing with school officials Tuesday night.
All-boys charter school facing closure less than two years after opening in North Charleston
Mar 12, 4:54 AM: But less than two years after opening, Prestige is facing a threat of closure due to low enrollment that spurred financial strife. Parents and teachers at the school say it hasn't had enough time to prove its worth. >
How for-profit companies, paid millions in SC tax dollars, are driving online schools
Mar 12, 4:35 AM:

South Carolina’s two largest online charter schools paid nearly $39 million to for-profit companies last year to help manage the schools and provide the technology that connects students and teachers.

SC charter district approves MOA with 4 schools
Mar 9, 7:30 AM: Board members with the South Carolina Public Charter School District have approved a memorandum of agreement with four schools who bypassed the state’s transfer law to leave the district for Erskine College’s Charter >
Letter: Why MSC became a charter school
Mar 9, 6:37 AM: Just as every child is unique, every charter school requires different levels of support and accountability to create best atmosphere for success. That is the very reason The Montessori School of Camden recently chose to >
Erskine raises $600K in private donations for Charter Institute
Mar 8, 7:29 AM: Erskine College has raised $600,000 in private donations to go to its Charter Institute, an attorney for the institute told senators Wednesday.



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