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Opinion: SC needs an education revolution
Sep 24, 7:15 AM: There’s no getting around it. South Carolina suffers from a legacy of segregation and extreme poverty, thus its public schools consistently rank among the worst in the nation. Bold action is needed.
Charleston Mandarin language charter school faces closure 1 month after opening
Sep 20, 5:15 AM: Low enrollment, financial woes and staffing problems could spell the end for East Light Academy, a Mandarin-language charter school that opened in the Charleston area just one month ago.
High school program offers student 'pre-apprenticeships' to start careers
Sep 17, 5:21 AM: Pitt Community College student Juan Herrera spends time in the classroom learning about motors, electrical systems, blueprints, and welding. He also works part-time as a maintenance technician with Greenville Utilities >
Lander to aggressively expand online offerings
Sep 13, 6:24 AM: In the midst of a growth spurt that has Lander University just a few dozen students shy of capacity, the state-run institution is looking to expand in ways that won’t add students to its dorms — its online and graduate >
New charter school focuses on project-based learning
Aug 29, 4:37 AM: Virtus Academy opened on August 20th after nearly 5 years of planning. It offers project-based learning to students in kindergarten through 5th grade and students get the chance to learn through hands-on activities. >
SC schools chief tries to turn around 3 failing districts despite resistance
Aug 27, 5:23 AM: The three rural, failing districts taken over by South Carolina education chief Molly Spearman over the past 14 months are showing signs of improvement. But whether Spearman’s agency can turn them into academic successes >
Amid teacher shortage, South Carolina school recruiters get aggressive
Aug 20, 6:32 AM: The Charleston County School District shelled out serious money to recruit teachers this year — and it worked.
Academics, parent communication are top priorities at LKCS, APAA
Aug 16, 6:07 AM: Lloyd-Kennedy Charter School, the first charter school in Aiken County, Lloyd-Kennedy said, opened in 2002, targeting at-risk students in grades 5-8 and later added grades 3 and 4.
Charter Institute at Erskine College offers bonus for sponsoring schools
Aug 15, 6:35 AM: Tucked near the back of Vamshi Rudrapati’s contract with the Charter Institute at Erskine College is a simple statement — if the director brings in five charter schools by 2020, he’ll receive a $25,000 bonus. >
Charter schools in Chatham County providing lessons
Aug 13, 4:42 AM: The tug of war between charter schools and traditional schools erupted last year when Savannah Classical Academy was prohibited from enrolling new students after the state Department of Education’s charter schools division >
A mom got her kid into a top Columbia school by paying a stranger’s water bill
Aug 6, 4:48 AM: The mother and landlord’s arrangement shows how parents will go to great lengths — even illegal lengths — to send their students to the city schools of their choice in Richland 1. That includes using addresses of relatives >
Opinion: We’ve spent two decades vilifying teachers. We’re surprised we can’t recruit more?
Jul 3, 6:01 AM: It’s no surprise that South Carolina is facing thousand of vacant teaching jobs and fewer and fewer young people are willing to fill them, considering that we have lowest average beginning teacher salary in the Southeast >
What does a new charter school in Rock Hill mean for students, York County schools?
Jun 25, 4:55 AM: Legion Collegiate Academy students will attend either a morning or afternoon session focused on traditional high school subjects and college-level classes. The students also will take two online elective courses, according >
Upstate's GREEN Charter School expanding to Charleston area, focuses on renewable energy
Jun 5, 5:37 AM: The founders of a charter school with a focus on energy and environmental science plan to open new locations in the Charleston and Spartanburg areas in the fall of 2019.
SC Department of Education sends pilot programs to rural districts
Jun 4, 7:21 AM: South Carolina’s Department of Education spent just less than $100,000 to have Betabox’s mobile tech labs visit 10 schools in the state, with McCormick High being the last stop.
Opinion: School district takeovers remove black representation
May 29, 5:26 AM: Elected officials should be removed only if they are incapacitated or charged with a felony or some other grievous crime; otherwise they should retain their power of representation. The General Assembly should not allow, >
Mevers School of Excellence helps students excel through personalized learning and technology
May 10, 7:05 AM: The school, named after one of its donors and creators, the Mevers family, is a personalized learning school.   They use data to drive instruction.  Both teachers and students have data notebooks, they meet to talk and set >
Teach here, we'll rent you a house: SC schools take desperate steps to find teachers
May 4, 6:11 AM: Grappling with a teacher turnover rate between 10 and 20 percent, a few rural districts are taking a chance on real estate to help stop the bleeding.
Department of Education says charter schools not in trouble
Apr 24, 5:50 AM: The financial situation at three Horry County charter schools isn’t as dire as local school officials indicated during a recent committee meeting.
6 new schools could open under Erskine Charter Institute next year
Apr 23, 7:20 AM: Erskine College’s Charter Institute approved one new charter school and conditionally approved five other new charter schools at a board meeting Friday.



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