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Letter: If citizens want school choice, charter schools, why can't they have them?
Oct 26, 5:02 AM: Wherever there are charter schools or the option of school choice, applications for entry are hundreds of times more than slots available. Parents in these neighborhoods realize that a good education is the key to a better >
SC Senate policy stakes: Graham favors ‘school choice,’ Harrison backs public schools
Oct 26, 4:57 AM: While state and local governments bear the bulk of the authority over local schools, the winner of South Carolina’s competitive U.S. Senate race next month could also play an important role in shaping the future of >
Charleston school board candidates differ on school choice, superintendent’s performance
Oct 22, 4:46 AM: The candidates are divided on most issues, including their assessment of Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait, the district’s controversial decisions to improve failing schools and whether to boost school choice >
James Island Charter High School starting hybrid learning schedule
Oct 12, 7:27 AM: More than 1,000 students will return to class at James Island Charter High School starting Monday under a split, hybrid schedule to allow for smaller class sizes and social distancing.
S.C. school choice advocates say thousands wanted SAFE grants
Oct 12, 6:19 AM: Dew said he was disappointed by the news. And his family wasn’t the only one. Dr. Shaunette Parker, director of parent and community engagement with My SC Education, said there were 15,000 families who had shown interest >
SC Supreme Court strikes down McMaster’s grants for private school tuition
Oct 8, 4:44 AM: Gov. Henry McMaster’s attempt to spend $32 million in federal coronavirus aid on grants to help parents afford K-12 private school tuition violates the South Carolina Constitution, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. >
SC Department of Education given $31.5M charter school grant
Oct 7, 8:28 AM: On Wednesday morning, State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman announced that the new grant was being given by the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter School Programs (CSP). The money will be used to expand >
Columbia area private schools grow as parents seek in-class teaching during COVID-19 crisis
Oct 7, 6:13 AM: Midlands parents are turning to private schools for students in record numbers, lured, administrators say, by the stability of a traditional academic calendar and full-time in-person classroom learning.
Editorial: SC year of education gains evaporated, with one small but important exception
Oct 5, 5:49 AM: But 2020 was supposed to be the year that the Legislature made extraordinary progress toward delivering on our state’s most important job: providing a decent education to all children in South Carolina, regardless of where >
‘Give us a choice:’ Dorchester District 2 parents protest for in-person instruction
Sep 29, 7:47 AM: Some Dorchester District 2 parents say they want their kids back in school and claim the district isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. These parents held a protest outside of Monday’s school board meeting to demand a >
SC charter school enrollment surges as COVID-19 awakens parents to education options
Sep 28, 5:26 AM: So over the summer, Pollock joined the burgeoning ranks of South Carolina parents who have abandoned traditional public education during the pandemic and enrolled her son at Connections Academy, the largest of the state’s >
SC justices: Can Gov. McMaster give $32 million in public money to private schools?
Sep 21, 6:35 AM: South Carolina Supreme Court justices on Friday repeatedly grilled Gov. Henry McMaster’s top lawyer on whether the governor had unlawfully devised a plan to give $32 million in coronavirus public federal emergency funds to >
SC Supreme Court hears arguments over COVID-19 grant money promised to private schools
Sep 21, 5:57 AM: The South Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments Friday for and against using $32 million in COVID-19 relief money for private school scholarships.
South Carolina Supreme Court set to hear arguments on constitutionality of SAFE grants program
Sep 17, 5:25 AM: South Carolina’s Supreme Court will hear arguments Friday on the constitutionality of a program that would provide scholarships to enable families struggling financially because of COVID-19 to keep their children in >
Midlands parents clamor for a full week of learning in the classroom
Sep 15, 5:29 AM: Parents in the school district that spans two Midlands counties are protesting the weekly mix of in-person and online learning that started Sept. 8. But officials aren’t slated to even re-consider the hybrid scheduling for >
Gov. McMaster concerned large amount of SC school districts not providing 5-day in-class option
Sep 11, 7:19 AM: "If a parent wants to send their children back to school, or if they want to keep the child at home, they should have the choice,” McMaster said."They shouldn’t have to choose between their child or their job." >
Teacher shortage means many will juggle in-person and virtual instruction
Sep 8, 5:34 AM: With Charleston County beginning school next week, a teacher shortage may be a big problem this year. Student-teacher ratio is at the heart of the issue.
’Pandemic Pod’ organizers could face penalties if they operate without SC childcare license
Aug 25, 7:16 AM:

The South Carolina Department of Social Services says pod operators need a family child care home license because they are considered in-home daycare centers, according to state law.

Commentary: Public schools need us, now more than ever
Aug 25, 6:07 AM: Gov. Henry McMaster intends to spend $32 million on private school tuition for 5,000 students. As a former public school teacher who now runs an educational nonprofit, I feel compelled to speak out.
Commentary: SC schools aren’t underfunded, and more money won’t fix them
Aug 24, 6:16 AM: K-12 education is the second largest expenditure in the state budget, and when you combine federal, state and local sources, we spent $10.4 billion on public education for the 2019-20 school year.



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