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Could developing more creative learning methods be pandemic's silver lining?
Apr 2, 5:30 AM: In this unprecedented situation for our schools, our state's department of education is rethinking not only how we assess overall achievement, but how long kids need to be physically in a classroom to learn. With dozens of >
Here’s how SC students will get grades for the rest of the spring semester
Apr 1, 7:39 AM: As K-12 schools across the state enter their second month of closures, South Carolina’s Department of Education on Tuesday released guidelines on how school districts should handle grades and graduation requirements. >
Virtual learning might be on the horizon for SC schools after COVID-19 pandemic
Mar 27, 7:07 AM: The ongoing coronavirus pandemic led Gov. Henry McMaster to give an executive order and close all public pre-K-12 schools, initially through March, but on Tuesday, the closures were extended through April.
Editorial: Charleston schools ‘reform’ proposal improving, but it’s still awful
Mar 16, 5:45 AM: Charleston County’s state senators appear to be backing away from the rash plan by their House counterparts to chop two years off the terms of half the members of the county school board and hold new elections this fall >
Scholarship program for SC’s special needs students falling short of financial goal
Mar 13, 6:12 AM: South Carolina’s program where people can donate money for private school scholarships in exchange for income tax credits has struggled to raise money towards its $12 million cap because of IRS regulations. >
Editorial: SC school improvements can’t wait any longer; lawmakers must finish the job
Mar 9, 5:35 AM: South Carolina needs transformative changes to the way we educate children. We need to do a much better job of helping parents prepare their children to learn before they ever start school, and then we need to greet those >
South Carolina subcommittee OKs an education savings bill
Mar 6, 7:46 AM: After a year of public meetings, discussions and floor debate, the Senate gave final approval Thursday to a massive education overhaul bill.
Opinion: Why education scholarship accounts would not work in South Carolina
Mar 2, 6:24 AM: At first glance, this sounds positive and promising for the future education of our students. Yet this policy only looks good on paper. We must examine the facts and hold legislators accountable for decisions that have the >
SC teachers lobby to get demands met at Statehouse in ‘dress rehearsal’ for another rally
Jan 31, 7:23 AM: Teachers returned to the Statehouse on Wednesday for what they called a “dress rehearsal” for a second rally should legislators fail to respond to their demands for improving education.
Column: What’s wrong with the SC ‘Teacher Bill of Rights’
Jan 27, 6:24 AM: The pay isn’t great, but the main reason South Carolina is hemorrhaging teachers is that they don’t get the respect that most of them deserve.
Panel of S.C. senators take up bill that would create education savings accounts
Jan 24, 7:34 AM: One day after Senate Democrats promised to fight any school voucher programs in South Carolina “to the end”, a panel of Senators took up the Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Account Act (S.556). >
School vouchers will face fight ‘to the end’ from SC Senate Democrats
Jan 23, 6:48 AM: An old, divisive school choice debate is rearing its head again as South Carolina lawmakers debate how best to improve education opportunities for children living in the state.
SC Senate education bill faces backlash over school district takeover plan
Jan 22, 6:58 AM:
New charter school in Colleton County school expected to open in 2021
Jan 22, 6:51 AM: Organizers say it’s an effort to bring new options for quality education in the Walterboro area. The Colleton County School District is among the districts with some of the lowest performing schools in the state, according >
A new charter school is in the works for Colleton County
Jan 21, 6:32 AM: Organizers say it’s an effort to bring new options for quality education in the Walterboro area. The Colleton County School District is among the districts with some of the lowest performing schools in the state, according >
Editorial: Which SC senators actually want to improve education? Upcoming vote could tell
Jan 21, 6:29 AM:

South Carolina owns about 1,300 elementary, middle and high schools, which educate 750,000 children — some quite well, others horribly.

Cyber education agreement signed between S.C. higher ed commission, Cyber Center of Excellence
Jan 17, 8:30 AM: An agreement signed Thursday will link South Carolina higher education institutions and the Army’s cyber operations, allowing soldiers to get training through South Carolina schools.
Charleston school district rejects outside groups hoping to run low-performing schools
Jan 15, 7:09 AM: The Charleston County School District has ditched plans to hire outside groups to run its worst-performing schools, leaving the future of education at 15 campuses in the district’s “acceleration zone” unclear. >
Lawmakers focus on rural needs; education, broadband among concerns
Jan 13, 6:36 AM: Local lawmakers hope the General Assembly will address education and other issues that divide rural and urban South Carolina.
Battle over school choice could stymie SC Senate education bill debate
Jan 13, 6:29 AM: As state senators prepare to start debate next week on an education bill aimed at improving K-12 public schools in the state, one senator wants expanded school choice to be part of that package.



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