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South Carolina Supreme Court set to hear arguments on constitutionality of SAFE grants program
Sep 17, 5:25 AM: South Carolina’s Supreme Court will hear arguments Friday on the constitutionality of a program that would provide scholarships to enable families struggling financially because of COVID-19 to keep their children in >
Midlands parents clamor for a full week of learning in the classroom
Sep 15, 5:29 AM: Parents in the school district that spans two Midlands counties are protesting the weekly mix of in-person and online learning that started Sept. 8. But officials aren’t slated to even re-consider the hybrid scheduling for >
Gov. McMaster concerned large amount of SC school districts not providing 5-day in-class option
Sep 11, 7:19 AM: "If a parent wants to send their children back to school, or if they want to keep the child at home, they should have the choice,” McMaster said."They shouldn’t have to choose between their child or their job." >
Teacher shortage means many will juggle in-person and virtual instruction
Sep 8, 5:34 AM: With Charleston County beginning school next week, a teacher shortage may be a big problem this year. Student-teacher ratio is at the heart of the issue.
’Pandemic Pod’ organizers could face penalties if they operate without SC childcare license
Aug 25, 7:16 AM:

The South Carolina Department of Social Services says pod operators need a family child care home license because they are considered in-home daycare centers, according to state law.

Commentary: Public schools need us, now more than ever
Aug 25, 6:07 AM: Gov. Henry McMaster intends to spend $32 million on private school tuition for 5,000 students. As a former public school teacher who now runs an educational nonprofit, I feel compelled to speak out.
Commentary: SC schools aren’t underfunded, and more money won’t fix them
Aug 24, 6:16 AM: K-12 education is the second largest expenditure in the state budget, and when you combine federal, state and local sources, we spent $10.4 billion on public education for the 2019-20 school year.
New Sumter charter school an 'asset,' providing 'more opportunity,' leaders say
Aug 21, 5:50 AM: Newton said he sees Liberty STEAM Charter as only a positive for Sumter in helping children with potentially less opportunities improve their educational outcomes. Newton said he thinks the charter will benefit Sumter >
SC Supreme Court agrees to hear case over Gov. McMaster’s private school grant program
Aug 21, 5:30 AM: The S.C. Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in the lawsuit over Gov. Henry McMaster’s decision to spend $32 million of federal coronavirus relief funds on grants to help students afford private school tuition. >
South Carolina Connections Academy eases students in on first day of school
Aug 19, 6:57 AM: While a lot of schools are still figuring out the kinks associated with virtual learning, Kitchens said the curriculum at South Carolina Connections Academy was “built from day one to make sure students are successful >
Commentary: McMaster’s ‘choice’ plan supports white-flight schools at expense of public schools
Aug 12, 5:57 AM: Gov. Henry McMaster recently announced his plan to use $32 million in federal COVID-19 aid to create $6,500 tuition grants for parents to send their children to private schools. As a public school graduate, the husband of >
SC private schools seeing increased interest from parents unhappy with reopening plans
Aug 11, 6:39 AM: With most of South Carolina’s public schools reopening without a full week in the classroom, some parents are newly turning to private schools for their child’s education.
Opinion: It's time to debunk the myth of school choice
Aug 10, 5:53 AM: Do you know what would make education choices easier for parents? Public schools that deliver more than a minimally-adequate education for every student. Let's try that first.
Commentary: Mace is wrong. Private-school choice is a false choice
Aug 7, 5:56 AM: The idea of diverting public funds intended to help with the COVID-19 disaster to private schools and away from those South Carolinians who need pandemic relief has nothing to do with helping parents through the pandemic. >
Fight over SAFE Grants heads to the South Carolina Supreme Court
Aug 6, 5:55 AM: There's a new case against South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who allocated $32 million of the Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds for SAFE Grants. The case now will be heard by the South Carolina Supreme >
Lawyers want SC Supreme Court to take up case over Gov. McMaster’s private school grants
Aug 5, 7:11 AM: The lawsuit over Gov. Henry McMaster’s decision to spend $32 million of federal coronavirus relief funds on grants to help students afford private school tuition could be headed to the S.C. Supreme Court if attorneys for >
Our View: McMaster's shameful pandemic pillaging of public schools
Aug 5, 7:06 AM: McMaster's proposed Safe Access to Flexible Education (SAFE) Grants are nothing more than continuation of Republican efforts to dismember struggling public schools by routing public money into private and religious school >
Enrollment spikes at public charter school offering new technology for mobile, classroom
Jul 30, 7:21 AM: A free public charter school in Goose Creek is offering multiple learning options next school year that bridge at-home and classroom learning. Mevers School of Excellence officials say they've seen a spike in enrollment >
SC judge postpones decision on McMaster’s $32M spending on private school tuition aid
Jul 30, 7:04 AM: A South Carolina judge on Wednesday postponed his ruling over whether Gov. Henry McMaster can legally spend $32 million in one-time federal COVID-19 relief on private school tuition grants in the upcoming school year. >
Interest in private school surging as school year approaches
Jul 30, 6:52 AM: With the school year approaching and school plans still up in the air for some families, interest in private schools in Greenville County is increasing.



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