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Conflicting enrollment data clouds Providence debate over charter school expansion, funding
Dec 15, 8:43 AM: State education Commissioner Ken Wagner says the impact of Achievement First's proposed expansion will be at least partially offset by a surge in enrollment in the Providence district schools.
Providence lawmakers urge Elorza to oppose Achievement First expansion plan
Dec 15, 8:26 AM: Twelve members of the General Assembly, and two incoming lawmakers who represent Providence residents, have sent a letter to Mayor Jorge Elorza urging him to oppose the expansion of Achievement First to more than 3,000 >
R.I. Ed. Commissioner Wagner defends his support of charter school's expansion
Dec 14, 7:48 AM: State education Commissioner Ken Wagner defended his recommendation in favor of Achievement First's expansion by saying he is under no obligation to consider the impact on Providence's public schools. >
Education: Pro-Achievement First study is challenged
Dec 9, 7:48 AM: Three analysts are challenging a study commissioned by the state Department of Education that says students who attend the Achievement First charter school wind up earning much more money than their district peers. >
State Education Commissioner Wagner On His Support For Charter School Expansion
Dec 9, 6:37 AM: The state Council on Elementary and Secondary Education is expected to vote on the proposal later this month. Education Commissioner Ken Wagner supports the plan, and he explained why in a conversation with Rhode Island >
Emotions run high in Providence over charter school expansion
Dec 7, 6:35 AM: Achievement First supporters faced off against their most vehement critics Tuesday in the last public forum before the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education decides on the charter school's future in Providence. >
R.I. commissioner approves full expansion of Achievement charter
Dec 5, 6:56 AM: State education Commissioner Ken Wagner strongly endorsed an application by Achievement First charter school to more than triple its current enrollment to 3,112 students by 2026-2027.
Tough love and high marks at a Providence charter
Dec 5, 5:49 AM: The school day begins early at Iluminar, an Achievement First charter school. At 7:15 a.m., the doors open and children stream though the doors of the former Perry Middle School, a sprawling edifice long marked by >
Providence mayor want Achievement First to offset cost of expansion
Nov 21, 5:58 AM: Mayor Jorge Elorza won't approve a major expansion of Achievement First until the charter school promises to raise the money needed to offset the cost of moving more than 2,000 students from the school district to the >
Providence could lose $29M in charter school expansion
Nov 18, 6:18 AM: The Providence public schools would suffer a net loss of $28.5 million to $29.5 million if Achievement First grows to more than 3,000 students, according to an analysis performed by the city's internal auditor. >
Will defeat of charter school expansion in Mass. reverberate to R.I.?
Nov 11, 6:43 AM: Massachusetts voters on Tuesday resoundingly defeated a ballot question calling for a major expansion of charter schools, an outcome that some observers say will reverberate nationally.
New charter school breaks ground in Providence
Nov 10, 8:31 AM: Melissa Shunn-Mitchell, chairperson of the governing board for CCID, said as an educator she has put her whole heart into the new charter school.
More than 300 at Providence meeting on Achievement First expansion
Nov 10, 7:14 AM: Two sides of a highly polarized debate on charter schools were on display last night as more than 300 parents, educators and elected officials jammed the Providence Public Library to weigh-in on the proposed expansion of >
2 Providence councilmen request additional charter school expansion hearings
Nov 4, 7:21 AM: Two members of the Providence City Council have submitted a resolution asking the state K-12 council to extend its hearings on charter school expansions until after the fiscal impact on the local school district is >
Progressives urge Providence mayor to oppose charter expansion
Nov 2, 6:18 AM: The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats have issued a statement opposing the expansion of Achievement First charter school and urging Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza to vote against the proposal.
Providence measures impact of charter school's proposed expansion
Oct 25, 4:57 AM: Achievement First seeks to expand from its current enrollment of 720 students to more than 3,000 students by 2026, an expansion that some local officials fear will seriously undermine the regular school department. >
Parents, teachers defend Achievement First's plan to triple enrollment at Providence school
Oct 20, 6:46 AM: Achievement First rallied the troops Wednesday, with more than a dozen teachers, parents and school leaders speaking in favor of the mayoral charter school's proposal to more than triple its enrollment by 2026-2027. >
R.I. schools get lowest classification from Education dept.
Oct 13, 5:35 AM: Thirty public schools remain in the lowest of the state's classifications and 50 schools were identified because of low standardized test participation rates or low graduation rates.
Warwick, Cranston, will not support Achievement First charter expansion, mayors say
Oct 12, 6:16 AM: Cranston Mayor Allan Fung and Warwick Mayor Scott Avidisian said they are not supporting the proposed expansion of Achievement First charter schools.
One New Charter School Proposal, Several Plans For Expansion
Oct 4, 5:45 AM: Achievement First in Providence wants to add a third K-8 school and move forward with its plan to open a high school, and the Segue Middle School in Central Falls wants to add an elementary school. Those are just two of >



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