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Pathway to competition
Jul 19, 6:27 AM: This summer, school districts across northern Rhode Island are jockeying for position as they try to get ahead of the field on developing new educational pathway programs for students. With money at stake as children leave >
R.I. union leaders woo new members
Jul 18, 6:15 AM: In Rhode Island, that boils down to a ban on the mandatory payment by non-union members of “agency fees” which, for many of Rhode Island’s public-sector workers — and public school teachers — equates to 85 percent of what >
Providence City Council candidates discuss the issues at neighborhood meeting
Jul 11, 4:59 AM: Hassett said he felt that charter schools were productive and useful, but that he wouldn’t want them replacing the public school system. Kerwin described charter schools as a “necessary evil” in Providence currently, but >
National teachers union leader to visit Providence schools amid dispute
Jun 6, 7:22 AM: Weingarten’s appearance comes at a time when the Providence Teachers Union is locked in a tense battle with Mayor Jorge Elorza over stalled contract negotiations; the contract expired Aug. 31, 2017.
Advocates push for Tax Credit expansion to benefit private schools
May 10, 5:36 AM: In the current school year, the program steered $300,000 in scholarships to 223 students at Catholic schools from the kindergarten to high school level across Rhode Island, according to Ed Bastia, the business >
RI charter school organization forms political arm
May 8, 5:26 AM: The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools has formed a nonprofit political advocacy arm that will likely play an active role in certain General Assembly races later this year.
Letter: RI’s families deserve a choice in schools
May 4, 5:27 AM: Charter schools are not hybrid, they are public schools. The statement that access to charter schools is “random” is incorrect. The admission process is not “random.” It is mandated by the state of Rhode Island’s >
Opinion: Don’t Take Sheehan’s Misunderstandings as Facts
Apr 26, 5:21 AM: As I read Senator Sheehan’s April 17 opinion piece about increasing oversight of charter schools, I saw many opportunities to myth-bust charter school misconceptions. Given that misinformation about charters was shared >
Opinion: Public Oversight is a Necessity for RI Charter Schools
Apr 17, 5:49 AM: That’s why I introduced legislation (2018-S 2186) to provide community representation to the governing body of publicly supported charter schools when a sending community’s students comprise more than 5 percent of a >
RI Charter Schools’ Oliveira on Battling for Level Playing Field in 2018
Apr 6, 6:52 AM: Keith Oliveira, the Executive Director of the Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, appeared on GoLocal LIVE where he spoke to the legislative agenda of the public charter school advocacy organization in 2018. >
R.I. schools chief stresses commitment to career education
Mar 20, 6:16 AM: State Commissioner of Education Ken Wagner said Monday that public education is about so much more than test scores and grade point averages.  It’s about finding your passion, whether it’s in English or engineering, >
Teachers’ protest drowns out Elorza’s State of the City speech
Feb 7, 8:07 AM: Hundreds of people, protesting that Providence teachers haven’t had a contract since the end of August, rallied at City Hall Tuesday night, forcing Mayor Jorge Elorza to halt his speech several times.
Charter school’s plan to buy vacant Warwick school fails to get hearing
Jan 29, 7:13 AM: A Pawtucket-based charter school has failed in its efforts to buy a vacant junior high school in the city, despite support from the mayor, the neighborhood and at least one member of the City Council.
State House bill aims to increase school choice, raise tax credit cap
Jan 26, 7:37 AM: Rhode Island State Representative Robert Lancia R-16 proposed a bill on Thursday that aims to increase the number of children who can afford to attend private school. Lancia’s House Bill 7055 would allow for total business >
Providence school officials say 2 new charter schools will cost city $3.8M
Dec 26, 6:40 AM: The expansion of existing charter schools and the addition of two more schools could cost the Providence School Department an additional $3.8 million in the upcoming fiscal year, according to the school district. >
2 new charter schools may open in Providence
Dec 21, 7:14 AM: The state Council on Elementary and Secondary Education voted Tuesday to grant preliminary approval to the Wangari Maathai Community School and Charette Charter School, two public charter schools that will eventually serve >
State to withhold funding from North Kingstown schools after charter tuition flap
Dec 18, 6:12 AM: The North Kingstown school district will lose some of its state funding because it withheld tuition to a local charter school over a dispute about charter enrollments.
R.I. high school at forefront, using technology to prepare students for careers and college
Dec 11, 8:24 AM: Ponaganset High School is the model for the new career and technical program hailed by Gov. Gina Raimondo in her pledge to prepare students for jobs that are both highly paid and highly skilled.
Blackstone Valley Prep’s new high school marks milestone for charter
Dec 4, 7:30 AM: The new $10-million facility that opened Nov. 27 “feels like college,” students say, in keeping with the ambitious goals and academic achievements of Rhode Island’s largest charter school network. >
Nov 22, 7:06 AM: The Woonsocket charter school that fudged its admission process received a three-year renewal Tuesday, but not before several members of the public education board expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of a more >



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