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‘Taking the leap’: More RI families opt to homeschool kids during pandemic
Sep 9, 2:02 PM: Since the pandemic started, Census data shows a significant jump in the number of United States families who have opted to homeschool their children, a trend also happening in the Ocean State.
How some school districts are spending COVID relief money
Aug 26, 4:18 PM: As another school year approaches, some Rhode Island school districts are figuring out what to spend big pots of COVID-19 relief money on.
Rhode Island distances itself from virtual learning
Aug 18, 1:10 PM: While aspects of the school day, like mask wear, remain up in the air, Rhode Island students can expect for certain: they will be learning in the classroom.
Here’s how much the new Providence Teachers Union contract will cost
Aug 4, 11:20 AM: The Providence Teachers Union’s newly minted contract has a price tag of more than $20 million.
Providence teachers overwhelmingly OK 3-year contract
Aug 2, 10:08 AM: Providence teachers voted overwhelmingly Friday to ratify a new three-year contract, putting an end to months of fractious debate with the state education commissioner.
A ‘Reparations’ Plan Designed to Help the Activist Left, Not Minorities
Aug 2, 10:02 AM: Providence's municipal-reparations scheme helps left-wing activist groups, not students trapped in Rhode Island's union-dominated schools.
Here’s what’s in the new Providence Teachers Union contract
Jul 29, 3:27 PM: Providence teachers will receive modest pay raises and a one-time, $3,000 payment as part of a new contract that the union is expected to approve Friday evening.
Governor McKee announces agreement in Providence teachers’ contract
Jul 21, 3:03 PM:

Ten weeks after Gov. Dan McKee intervened in the acrimonious Providence teacher negotiations, he announced Tuesday that the state has reached a tentative agreement with the Providence Teachers Union.

Opinion: Providence needs to put children first
Jul 16, 11:13 AM: If traditional public schools are not willing to change, it is incumbent on our leaders to expand, build and replicate the models that are working
Education commissioner defends state takeover of Providence schools during hearing
Jun 15, 8:43 AM: Rhode Island’s top education officials on Monday fiercely defended the state intervention of Providence public schools during an oversight hearing.
Opinion: Charter review and Providence schools
Jun 8, 5:58 AM: By impaneling a Charter Review Commission with a focus on student success and welfare, Providence has a chance to embrace "transformative change." The state would benefit, the city would benefit and, most importantly, the >
RI League of Charter Schools: RIPEC Report on Public Charter Schools Confirms Inequity of Funding
Jun 4, 8:17 AM: The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools is applauding the recent release of the independent research and analysis of charter schools by the R.I. Public Expenditures Council (RIPEC)
Public policy group recommends that charter expansion continues but says local school districts need more aid
Jun 3, 7:24 AM: An independent policy group has called for the expansion of charter schools in Rhode Island while recommending that traditional public schools receive more money to make up for the loss in tuition dollars.
Elorza calls state to reform city teachers' union contract
Jun 3, 5:50 AM: "It's been a waste of time being at the negotiation table," said Elorza. "There is no way the teachers' union is going to agree to the kinds of transformational change that we need."
R.I. Supreme Court upholds RISE Prep location
May 27, 6:03 AM: A Rhode Island Supreme Court judge has upheld a lower court’s rule that RISE Prep Mayoral Academy can continue to operate out of its location at 30 Cumberland St.
Opinion: How to rescue RI's takeover of the Providence schools
May 27, 4:58 AM: The state takeover started with strikes against it. The education commissioner has many talents, but no experience turning around an urban district in crisis. It took her months to find a superintendent who would do the >
Can state takeover of Providence schools be saved? Local experts weigh in
May 21, 6:14 AM: When state Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green announced the state takeover of the city’s struggling schools 20 months ago, it was met with great fanfare and wide support.
AFT’s Weingarten Comes to Providence as Teachers Battle Heats Up
May 19, 8:54 AM: It is no secret that Providence Teachers Union head Maribeth Calabro and Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante Green are in a pitched battle over the proposed teachers contract.
Final approval given to 3 new Providence charter schools
May 13, 1:40 PM: Rhode Island's Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has given the green light to three new Providence charter schools.
Poll: 48% in RI fear pols won’t spend federal relief windfall wisely
May 13, 1:35 PM: Rhode Islanders want their leaders to use the state’s federal relief money to help small businesses and schools, but they aren’t convinced the dollars will be spent wisely, according to a new poll. >



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