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Opinion: The cost of charter school expansion is too high
Nov 23, 9:15 AM: The Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education may soon vote for a dramatic expansion of charter schools. This would be a serious mistake. As charter schools expand, they impose dramatic net costs on school >
“It’s like a blizzard is coming”: Charter and private schools grapple with taking a holiday pause
Nov 19, 8:16 AM: As teachers across the state continue to speak out asking the Governor to pause in-person learning from Thanksgiving to the New Year, some charter and private schools are already making that call.
14 students sued Rhode Island over civics education. Now, they’re more politically engaged than ever
Nov 12, 7:59 AM: Cook (A.C.) v. Raimondo was dismissed, but the plaintiffs have filed an appeal and are ready for the long haul
R.I. education chief warns ‘something drastic’ is coming if a deal can’t be reached with Providence teachers
Nov 12, 7:31 AM: When Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green led the state takeover of Providence schools last November, she wasn’t shy about her goals.
Opinion: Providence urgently needs more charter schools
Nov 12, 6:48 AM: But in Providence and all across Rhode Island, that shouldn’t be our goal. Parents, families, residents, all of us — we don’t want to just return to normal as a school system. In a post-COVID world, we’re not seeking the >
New Providence charter school proposal draws tough criticism
Nov 11, 7:17 AM: Critics of a new charter school application say the Boston-based school will draw millions of dollars away from the traditional public schools and, combined with a proposed expansion of Achievement First, create two >
Central Falls charter school listens to parents to improve online learning
Nov 10, 6:54 AM: While other school districts have struggled to make remote learning work, The Learning Community has turned an educational crisis into an opportunity to deepen its communication with families and fix problems as they >
Opinion: Better civics education shouldn’t be left to the courts
Oct 22, 7:54 AM: Last week’s ruling against Rhode Island students advocating for their right to a civics education should be a call to action for those who can make a difference.
Black Lives Matter RI aims to open a charter school in Pawtucket
Oct 19, 8:14 AM: The African-American Innovation Center is going to be the first African-American charter school in all of New England. It will be located in Pawtucket. We are working with the state and looking for sponsors. The school >
Judge rules against R.I. students asserting right to civics education
Oct 14, 7:49 AM: A federal judge has ruled against a group of Rhode Island public school students who argued that their constitutional rights had been violated by the lack of a robust civics education.
Why Mayor Elorza changed his tune on charter schools in Providence
Sep 30, 6:23 AM: "Not having to take into account the finances and how we’re going to balance the budget, it’s a much a different consideration for me,” Elorza told the Globe on Monday. “Now it comes down to: Are they delivering for >
Achievement First seeks another big expansion in Providence
Sep 29, 7:18 AM: Achievement First has applied to open two more kindergarten through grade 8 charter schools in Providence, a plan that could bring enrollment to 5,700 students in 10 years, making it by far the largest charter network in >
Excel Academy seeks to open charter school in Providence
Sep 29, 6:46 AM: The Massachusetts-based school wants to eventually serve 2,100 students from Providence, North Providence, and Central Falls
Here comes the charter school expansion in Providence
Sep 25, 6:14 AM: We should learn next week how many new charter schools want to open in Providence, but one existing organization is already planning for a large expansion: Achievement First.
Providence teachers protest conditions at schools
Sep 16, 7:34 AM: More than 100 teachers turned out in front of the Rhode Island Department of Education on Tuesday to air a litany of grievances about the reopening of schools.
Opinion: Empower parents — remote learning isn’t working
Sep 15, 6:10 AM: Beginning in the spring, our state leaders should have used a portion of the $1.25-billion in federal CARES ACT funds to aggressively upgrade our empty public schools, including proper ventilation systems. Instead, state >
Teachers union seeks safety review of Providence schools
Sep 14, 7:24 AM: With schools in most parts of Rhode Island starting to reopen for in-person learning on Monday, the Providence Teachers Union has asked a federal institute to evaluate school buildings in the state’s largest school >
Providence Teachers Union protests district’s reopening plan
Sep 9, 7:38 AM: Members of the Providence Teachers Union say they are concerned about returning to school next week in buildings they say have been unsafe and unclean since long before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. >
RI private school sees uptick in enrollment due to COVID-19
Sep 9, 6:25 AM: As public schools across Rhode Island prepare to reopen, either fully in-person, remotely or a hybrid of the two, some private schools are already heading into their second week of the school year.
RI GOP Calls for School Choice, Education Savings Accounts to “Empower Families” During COVID
Sep 8, 5:26 AM: Rhode Island House Republicans announced on Thursday they are calling for school choice initiatives to "empower families" as the state wrestles with providing in-person -- and online education -- during the coronavirus >



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