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Raimondo’s rivals see political motive in delayed release of school test scores
Nov 2, 6:29 AM: Gov. Gina Raimondo’s challengers, Republican Allan Fung and independent Joe Trillo, allege that politics are behind the R.I. education commissioner’s decision to wait until after the election to release scores from a new >
Education: NEARI endorses Raimondo for governor
Oct 12, 6:55 AM: Acknowledging this will be a “difficult recommendation” for public school teachers and others still bristling over pension cuts, the political-action arm of the National Education Association Rhode Island has endorsed >
State offers money for low- to moderate-income students to attend college
Sep 26, 6:10 AM: Rhode Island Gov. Gina M. Raimondo, alongside the Rhode Island Department of Education and Research Improving People’s Lives, announced on Monday morning the creation of the Rhode2College Program, a statewide initiative >
Opinion: Clay Johnson: Defending a low-performing system
Sep 4, 5:59 AM: There he goes again. Barry Ricci, the Chariho schools superintendent, is claiming that school choice is putting a hurt on “traditional” public schools (“Giving parents choices is costly,” Commentary, Aug. 27). He >
R.I. ranks seventh worst in nation for percentage of chronically absent students
Sep 4, 5:14 AM: Rhode Island ranks seventh-worst in the nation for the percentage of students who are chronically absent, according to a national study by Attendance Works, an organization committed to improving attendance policy, >
RI schools reinventing classroom through personalized learning
Aug 31, 6:24 AM: Now that he’s the principal of the school, Anderson is working closely with the teachers there to reinvent the classroom by embracing personalized learning, an innovative concept designed to tailor the school experience >
Editorial: Getting students back into school
Aug 28, 6:45 AM: We’ve known for a long time that children from low-income homes tend to face greater challenges than other students. An education summit in Providence this month reminds us of yet another stumbling block: too many of those >
Allegations of Coercion, Deception Levied in RI, As Teachers Union Tries to Hold On To Members
Aug 27, 6:38 AM: A letter obtained by GoLocalProv.com from the Bristol-Warren Education Association to teachers -- outlining what they will not get, if they do not opt into union representation, following the recentU.S. Supreme Court that >
R.I. group launches campaign to encourage union disaffiliation
Aug 21, 6:50 AM: The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has joined with like-minded groups in other states on what it describes as a $10-million campaign to “educate″ public employees how to extricate themselves from their >
Opinion: Charter schools help combat segregation
Aug 3, 7:02 AM: As part of its intentionally diverse model, Blackstone Valley Prep Academy (BVP), a charter school network in Rhode Island, draws students from four different communities — Lincoln, Central Falls, Cumberland, and Pawtucket >
Editorial: R.I. needs more charters
Jul 31, 5:31 AM: Rhode Island is not the only state that limits the number of charter schools children can attend in lieu of traditional public schools. But it does stand out among them, according to a recent study by the Thomas B. Fordham >
City councilors question zoning decision on new RISE Prep Mayoral Academy location
Jul 26, 6:27 AM: The appeal of the decision is the latest episode in the ongoing opposition of several city councilors to RISE Prep Mayoral Academy, a project championed by Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt that first opened to kindergartners from >
Unique entrepreneurship program offered at Scituate High
Jul 26, 6:03 AM: As the second RIDE-approved entrepreneurship pathway offered in the state, the school will offer a program that is as unique and flexible as its students, according to Principal Michael Hassell, who said the program is >
Pathway to competition
Jul 19, 6:27 AM: This summer, school districts across northern Rhode Island are jockeying for position as they try to get ahead of the field on developing new educational pathway programs for students. With money at stake as children leave >
R.I. union leaders woo new members
Jul 18, 6:15 AM: In Rhode Island, that boils down to a ban on the mandatory payment by non-union members of “agency fees” which, for many of Rhode Island’s public-sector workers — and public school teachers — equates to 85 percent of what >
Providence City Council candidates discuss the issues at neighborhood meeting
Jul 11, 4:59 AM: Hassett said he felt that charter schools were productive and useful, but that he wouldn’t want them replacing the public school system. Kerwin described charter schools as a “necessary evil” in Providence currently, but >
National teachers union leader to visit Providence schools amid dispute
Jun 6, 7:22 AM: Weingarten’s appearance comes at a time when the Providence Teachers Union is locked in a tense battle with Mayor Jorge Elorza over stalled contract negotiations; the contract expired Aug. 31, 2017.
Advocates push for Tax Credit expansion to benefit private schools
May 10, 5:36 AM: In the current school year, the program steered $300,000 in scholarships to 223 students at Catholic schools from the kindergarten to high school level across Rhode Island, according to Ed Bastia, the business >
RI charter school organization forms political arm
May 8, 5:26 AM: The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools has formed a nonprofit political advocacy arm that will likely play an active role in certain General Assembly races later this year.
Letter: RI’s families deserve a choice in schools
May 4, 5:27 AM: Charter schools are not hybrid, they are public schools. The statement that access to charter schools is “random” is incorrect. The admission process is not “random.” It is mandated by the state of Rhode Island’s >



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