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House Republican leader disagrees with governor over education plan
Jan 16, 6:26 AM: House Republican Leader Blake Filippi said he didn't hear any fundamental education changes from the governor. "We already have one of the highest per pupil costs in the country and I don't know that throwing more money at >
Providence schools might be in worse shape than you thought
Dec 11, 7:11 AM: We’ve heard a lot about the struggles of Providence schools over the last six months, but the Johns Hopkins University professor who led the review of the district is making it clear that Rhode Island’s largest school >
Now in control of Providence schools, R.I. education commissioner learns running is district is no easy task
Dec 10, 7:49 AM: Shortly after Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green formally took control of the Providence school system on Nov. 1, she stopped by one of the district’s struggling middle schools to check in on >
Education Summit brainstorms ideas to improve public education in Rhode Island
Dec 9, 7:41 AM: More than 300 parents, students and those in the education field came together for a day-long summit at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.
Students Press Unusual Argument in Court: a Constitutional Right to Civics
Dec 6, 8:40 AM: A federal judge in Providence, R.I., heard arguments Thursday in a case that tackles a novel question: Do students have a right under the U.S. Constitution to an education that prepares them to be capable citizens? >
Letter: Evaluation system does poor job assessing some urban schools
Dec 6, 7:54 AM:

Kudos to The Providence Journal and Linda Borg for the Nov. 25 news article “At charter school for students who got off track, R.I. star ratings seem a poor match for the mission.” The story raised legitimate concerns >

R.I. education chief recommends 5-year renewal for failing charter school
Dec 3, 7:54 AM: The commissioner of education has recommended a five-year renewal for a charter school despite at least four years of failing academic achievement, low graduation rates and a poor track record for placing graduates in >
Editorial: Unions’ bullying letter could backfire
Dec 2, 8:50 AM: It wasn’t enough that teachers unions, which exert immense power at the State House, successfully lobbied Rhode Island’s state leaders to betray local taxpayers. Now they want to bully local leaders, as well, into >
At charter school for students who got off track, R.I. star ratings seem a poor match for the mission
Nov 26, 7:27 AM: Nowell Leadership Academy in Central Falls specializes in getting students back on track, which means its four-year graduation rate is in the cellar — and on that criterion alone, the state’s star-rating system assigns it >
Could A New Charter School Move The Needle For Students Learning English?
Nov 21, 6:48 AM: The state board of elementary and secondary education appears poised to grant preliminary approval for a new charter school in Providence. The board heard a presentation from the group looking to open the school during >
Raimondo: Education is the 'number one priority' of second term
Nov 21, 6:37 AM: From the problems in the capital city to poor accountability results in many districts, it's been made clear by education officials, parents, students and the like that there is a lot of work to do in Rhode Island public >
Providence schools takeover agreement spells out roles of state, city
Nov 6, 6:48 AM: Under the state takeover agreement, the Providence School Board is responsible for increasing the annual school budget by the same percentage as state aid to the district.
Over 10,000 RI students in charter schools for first time
Nov 4, 8:47 AM: Demand for alternative public education options continues to grow in Rhode Island, as charter school enrollment exceeded 10,000 students for the first time ever this school year.
Letter: Push for new charter school an affront to democracy
Oct 29, 6:28 AM: The feeling is that RIDE will once again push through another unwanted charter school despite the objections of the citizens of Woonsocket. RIDE will counter that they have held public forums and allowed citizens to >
Providence school takeover begins Friday, but superintendent won’t be named by then
Oct 29, 5:50 AM: There will not be a turnaround superintendent in place when the state education commissioner officially takes control of the Providence public schools Friday.
Governors of R.I., Mass., Conn. discuss school takeovers, climate change
Oct 25, 7:12 AM: The latest mind meld between southern New England’s governors could bring their states closer together on school takeovers, marijuana regulation, vaping bans, climate change and transportation.
N.Y. is recruiting R.I. education commissioner Infante-Green, but she’s staying put
Oct 22, 7:55 AM: New York officials are aggressively recruiting Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green to oversee public schools in her home state, but she intends to remain in the job that she’s held for less than six >
Editorial: Don’t drag out school reform
Oct 17, 5:31 AM: The talk so far around Providence reform seems to be centered on politics, process and gratifying interest groups, rather than what concrete steps will be taken to improve the education of the students.
Elorza: Schools takeover will be a long process
Oct 16, 5:36 AM: On the same day that state Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green announced that the state’s takeover of the Providence Public School District would last at least five years, Mayor Jorge Elorza said city residents >
Criticism Grows of Elorza’s Call to Limit Charter Schools
Oct 9, 6:31 AM: Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has made his second call to limit the expansion of public charter schools in the city. Much of Elorza’s involvement in education is being stripped away as the State of Rhode Island has moved >



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