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Opinion: There may not be a right to civic education, but there's certainly a crisis
Jul 11, 6:54 AM: When something has been exaggerated or overdone, people often say “Don’t make a federal case out of it!” But students and parents in Rhode Island have done precisely that, taking the state and several of its officials to >
Role of charters unclear as R.I. mulls intervention in Providence schools
Jul 11, 6:34 AM: Members of the City Council and school board railed against the plan. Even Mayor Jorge Elorza said he was concerned about the financial impact on his school district if the organization was allowed to pursue its goal of >
Providence mayor open to giving state more control of struggling school district
Jul 11, 6:14 AM: Mayor Jorge Elorza says he is prepared to relinquish some control over the Providence school system as part of a broader state intervention in the struggling district, but he will not support a state takeover similar to >
RI Has One School System That Has Worse Test Scores Than Providence - The State Runs It
Jul 11, 6:12 AM: However, if Providence is a horror show, then what are the Central Falls schools?
Rhode Island Looks to Lift Providence’s Failing School District
Jul 10, 7:15 AM: Providence schools have been troubled for decades, but the dysfunction became impossible to ignore after the new commissioner sought an independent review. The Johns Hopkins team got help from 17 additional education >
Providence students express frustration at condition, management of city schools
Jul 2, 7:01 AM: Long before Johns Hopkins University reported that the Providence public schools were in meltdown mode, students activists were calling out racism in the system, mold and mice in the classroom and a curriculum that didn’t >
The condition of Providence’s schools had a review team in tears
Jun 26, 5:54 AM: The report outlines a series of recurring, disturbing issues plaguing the district, including arranged fights between female students that are promoted on social media, rodent traps stuck to students’ shoes, and ceilings >
Time runs out for proposed charter school in Providence
Jun 4, 7:29 AM: The Wangari Maathai Charter School will not be opening this fall, leaving 80 families searching for openings in the Providence public schools, after the John Hope Settlement House declined to vote on a lease agreement. >
R.I. Supreme Court allows Chariho’s lawsuit against state to go forward
May 31, 5:21 AM: Chariho has long complained that Wagner’s efforts to expand school choice have hurt preexisting vocational programs. Wagner, in an effort to promote Gov. Gina Raimondo’s support for career and technical education, has >
RI school committees OK with giving more power to principals
May 9, 6:42 AM: The chief lobbyist for Rhode Island school committees is supporting a new proposal to give more power to school principals, even though some of that authority would be taken away from school committees.
Rescue plan for R.I. schools unveiled by lawmakers
May 8, 5:53 AM: Leaders of the General Assembly have proposed a sweeping series of changes designed to empower principals, move toward a more uniform curriculum, create a fast track to certify teachers in needed subjects and allow the >
GOP files conflict-of-interest complaint against teachers union official in R.I. Senate
May 7, 6:57 AM: The Rhode Island Republican Party has filed a conflict-of-interest complaint against Sen. Valarie Lawson, the paid vice president of the National Education Association of Rhode Island, for sponsoring, advocating and voting >
Editorial: Waiting for a good education
Apr 30, 7:26 AM: It is shameful that the city’s political establishment, headed by Mayor Jorge Elorza, refuses to permit Achievement First to expand to accept more of the students who desperately want to get in.
Partnership between charter school, CCRI encourages diversity in nursing ranks
Apr 25, 7:49 AM: Graduates of the Rhode Island Nursing Institute will now be able to enter the Community College of Rhode Island’s nursing program and complete their associate degree in two years.
Raimondo calls for ‘comprehensive’ state review of Providence school system
Apr 24, 6:20 AM: Gov. Gina Raimondo and Mayor Jorge Elorza on Tuesday called for a “deep dive” into the problems facing the Providence schools, starting with a 60-day review that will culminate with a June report on what needs to be done. >
Leaders of R.I. cities and towns protest union-backed ‘lifetime contract bill’
Apr 23, 6:21 AM: On the day before an anticipated House vote on a previously vetoed bill to extend expired municipal and teacher contracts indefinitely, Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena served warning: “If this passes, we may as well shut >
R.I. lawmakers consider creating new education cabinet position
Apr 19, 5:15 AM: State lawmakers are considering creating a new cabinet position at the top of the state’s education bureaucracy as part of a broad package of public school reform proposals triggered by poor student test scores last year. >
Two languages, one goal in R.I. classrooms
Apr 8, 7:47 AM: A dual-language program at a Providence elementary school points to the future. Students are immersed in Spanish for one-half of the day; the other half is in English, and the immersion begins in kindergarten. >
R.I. education commissioner: Times² Academy could lose charter if it doesn’t change leadership
Apr 4, 6:40 AM: The charter school is defying the Providence School Board’s order to fire embattled Executive Director Rudy Moseley — a move that State Education Commissioner Ken Wagner said could lead to revocation of the school’s >
Urban educators push for improvements, suggest longer school day and year
Apr 2, 5:50 AM: A group of urban education leaders, including traditional public schools and charter school educators, are calling for a package of reforms to improve student performance for students.



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