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Philly schools avoid budget cuts despite COVID-19 economic pain
May 29, 6:42 AM: Philadelphia’s Board of Education unanimously passed a $3.5 billion budget for the 2020-21 school year without making any drastic budget cuts.That counts as a small victory for the School District of Philadelphia, which >
Opinion: Stop Wolf's theft of funds from non-public schools
May 28, 6:49 AM: Catholic and other private school children are as harmed by the pandemic and its repercussions as children in public schools. But Gov. Wolf has decided to set these groups against one another, playing games with some of >
Lehighton calls for charter school reform
May 28, 6:24 AM: In one of many split votes during last week’s school board meeting, Lehighton Area School District joined hundreds of others across the state in adopting a resolution calling for charter school funding reform. >
Letter: The blessing of charter schools
May 26, 7:40 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of comprehensive online learning programs such as the ones that have been offered by public cyber charter schools for many years in Pennsylvania.
Philly’s charter and Catholic schools are seeing higher student participation in remote learning than district schools, survey finds
May 26, 7:30 AM: Many Philadelphia charter and private schools are reporting higher overall student participation than the city’s traditional public schools since the start of remote learning, possibly because they are smaller and can more >
Opinion: Private schools suffering too
May 22, 7:44 AM: Secretary Rivera and these national groups seem intent on assessing the need for students across the state and country on a superficial standard that would be biased and questionable at best, even during normal times. >
Philly schools chief says internet providers refuse to open their networks so students can access education
May 21, 8:13 AM: As the pandemic forced tens of thousands of Philadelphia students into online-only education, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. asked Comcast and other internet providers to open their WiFi networks so all students could >
Opinion: Public charter schools will continue do their part amid virus pandemic
May 20, 6:59 AM: Pennsylvania public charter schools, both cyber and brick-and-mortar schools, are doing their part to ensure children receive the instruction they need. Public cyber charter schools sent a letter to the Department of >
Judge says Chester Upland can consider possible takeover by charter schools
May 19, 7:51 AM: A Delaware County judge has directed the struggling Chester Upland School District to move forward with proposals to outsource the management of its schools — a step that could lead to the entire district being turned over >
Reading City Council signs off on I-LEAD Charter School settlement
May 19, 7:29 AM: Reading City Council signed off Monday on its part of the I-LEAD global settlement agreement, which could lead to the closing of the charter school.
Remote learning at The Neighborhood Academy in Pittsburgh a seamless transition
May 18, 6:59 AM: The Neighborhood Academy has a disproportionately high population of low-income and economically disadvantaged students, yet remote learning has proceeded without issue. Students resumed lessons after their scheduled >
Just over half of Philly students participating in school online, early data says
May 15, 6:51 AM: Just over half of students in the School District of Philadelphia have participated so far in online learning, far less than attend school under normal circumstances. But officials say the data could be heavily influenced >
The coronavirus has highlighted the value of Pennsylvania’s public charter schools | Opinion
May 12, 7:05 AM: Pennsylvania public charter schools, both cyber and brick-and-mortar schools, are doing their part to ensure children receive the instruction they need. Public cyber charter schools sent a letter to the Department of >
Letter: Defending cyber charter schools
May 12, 6:20 AM: I attended a public cyber charter school from K-12th grade and it prepared me to pursue a fully online college degree in public relations. Through it, I gained self-discipline, time management, communication skills, and a >
‘I just don’t have the bandwidth’: Parents struggle to ‘do it all’ with kids in virtual school
May 11, 7:17 AM: With kids’ classrooms replaced by the kitchen table or living room couch, many parents have been reluctantly drafted into a new role: teacher’s assistant. For two months now, Pennsylvania parents able to work from home >
Charter school students honor teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 8, 7:35 AM: The 143K Rising charter school community has been featuring parent and student stories and messages of gratitude to their teachers on their website and social media channel, using the hashtag #ThankATeacher. >
Philadelphia students win lottery to enroll in West Oak Lane Charter School
May 7, 7:43 AM: Third grader Kamrin Quarles-Goslee and his younger brother Arion are going into kindergarten next year. They are thrilled they won the lottery to enroll in West Oak Lane Charter School.
Philly schools and students still need support despite online education successes | Opinion
May 5, 7:51 AM: Over the past several years, our union has led the way as we’ve clawed our way back from the brink of destruction — fighting $1 billion in education cuts, nearly 4,000 layoffs, and toxic conditions in our school buildings. >
With schools going virtual during COVID-19, cyber schools take center stage
May 5, 6:48 AM: Unlike some cyber charter schools that use modules or other online learning formats, approximately 85% of Agora classes use live instruction from teachers located all around the state.
Letter: Cyber charter school funding shouldn’t be cut
May 4, 7:12 AM: When so many students in traditional schools have no other recourse, I am grateful that my cyber charter school has provided continuity of education for my son. To disrupt his education would have been a setback. >



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