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Mayor Peduto calls for state oversight of Pittsburgh Public Schools
Nov 13, 6:16 AM: Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto delivered an annual budget address to City Council Tuesday and later called for state takeover of Pittsburgh Public School finances to keep the district in sound fiscal shape.
Annual Report Highlights Persistent Gaps And Success Stories In Pittsburgh Public Schools
Nov 12, 8:29 AM: Another example of success noted in the report is City Charter High School’s overall graduation rate of 96 percent last year. Fifty-nine percent of the downtown school’s students are economically disadvantaged and 52 >
‘Revolutionary’ principal goes all-in on quest for more black teachers
Nov 12, 7:52 AM: El-Mekki has become a leading voice in the country advocating for the importance of diversifying the nation’s teaching force, which has become more white as the nation’s K-12 enrollment edges toward becoming majority >
Opinion: How ZIP codes determine the quality of a child’s education
Nov 11, 8:49 AM: Students at Allentown’s Harrison-Morton Middle School look forward to hearing the squeaky wheels of the technology cart approaching their classroom, though the iPads they hold may not be the latest models and time with >
Popular Lehigh Valley charter may open second school
Nov 11, 8:45 AM: Thursday night, CEO Bob Lysek told the Allentown School Board that the K-12 charter school is considering applying for a charter for a second school. Lysek said it’s just a possibility, but he mentioned it during the >
Freeport’s cyber charter school is helping district save money, officials say
Nov 11, 8:22 AM: Freeport Area School District’s new cyber academy has reduced the flow of district money to outside cyber charter schools, according to Superintendent Ian Magness.
Erie School Board to take major votes on charters
Nov 11, 8:16 AM: The Erie School Board on Wednesday will vote on whether to approve a new five-year charter for the Erie Rise Leadership Charter School Academy, whose charter renewal the district administration is challenging due to poor >
Letter: School choice is parents’ decision
Nov 8, 7:37 AM: We feel parents deserve the choice as to where their child receives their public school education, whether it be a traditional school or a public charter school. I do not like it when I hear elected officials making >
With insurgent Brooks joining Gym on council, what’s next for public education in Philly?
Nov 7, 9:14 AM: For the second time in as many city elections, an insurgent candidate has emerged from the world of public education activism and surged into a citywide office. What was once the realm of outsiders now looks like a >
Opinion: Public cannot compare dollar amounts for public, charter schools
Nov 5, 8:19 AM: Pennsylvania is overdue when it comes to reforming charter school laws. Parents and taxpayers are weary of the untruths that are often purported to prevent any type of charter reform. It’s also worth noting that proponents >
PA lawmaker to hold hearing on cyber education program bill
Nov 4, 8:41 AM: A Pennsylvania Lawmaker introduced a bill that would require all Pennsylvania school districts to offer a full-time cyber education program and plans to hold a public hearing by the end of the year.
Why does Gov. Wolf want to take school choice away from Pennsylvania voters? | Opinion
Nov 4, 6:18 AM: Pennsylvania families who believe that every parent has the right to choose the best school for their children are about to be in for the fight of their lives — and their children’s futures.
Arts charter school not welcomed
Nov 4, 6:12 AM: At a Thursday press conference, Superintendent of Pocono Mountain School District (PMSD), Dr. Elizabeth Robison responded, “Let me state this quite strongly and quite clearly – this rural area already offers amazing arts >
Letter: Charter School is excellent
Nov 1, 6:48 AM: I’m asking, that after reading the points I’ve made, it is seriously considered to keep the school open. Keeping SVRCS open will not only have a positive outcome for my family but also for the families of future students. >
Letter: Sugar Valley Rural Charter School
Nov 1, 6:46 AM:

I am writing this letter to showcase my undoubted support for the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School. Please bear with me as this is rather lengthy, but I have so much to express to you readers in regards to why I >

Opponents of school choice should quit the punitive rhetoric | Opinion
Nov 1, 5:27 AM: Pennsylvania spends more than $33 billion in state and local taxes on public education. In all, 38.6% of our state’s General Fund budget, or over $13 billion annually, is dedicated to primary education pre-K-12, and over >
School choice is not the source of education’s ills in Philly or elsewhere | Opinion
Oct 31, 7:52 AM: In recent policy proposals, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have beat the tired drum of maligning school choice as an enemy of public education, calling, rightly, for the eradication of for-profit charter schools >
A new policy would level the playing field for educators whose students live in poverty. Why isn’t Philadelphia on board?
Oct 31, 5:06 AM: If a pair of Republican state lawmakers get their way, Pennsylvania could become the first state in the nation that considers student poverty levels when judging teacher performance.
Arts high school slated for Tobyhanna
Oct 30, 6:42 AM: According to Dr. Thomas Lubben, affluent people have always had school choice. They can afford to move into a town with a good school or if they don’t like the public school, they can afford to go to a private school. Some >
‘It’s not safe for kids to be in this school’: North Philadelphia parents demand answers about asbestos
Oct 29, 7:35 AM: Jesse Stanton kept his two children at home Monday. Until there are answers from the Philadelphia School District, he said, he doesn’t want to risk his children being exposed to asbestos at Thomas M. Peirce Elementary. >



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