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Pittsburgh Public Schools partners with Pa. on school improvement plan
Jul 17, 5:30 AM: The district was one of three across the state to participate in the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s school improvement pilot program, a new plan to more closely share state resources with districts that have the >
Pennsylvania candidates for governor seek to capture hearts of rural voters
Jul 13, 5:51 AM: The state GOP accuses Wolf of wanting to end that so-called “hold harmless” enrollment funding method, a change it claims would siphon $1 billion from rural school districts and redistribute it to Philadelphia and other >
Philadelphia and Pittsburgh: five charts and two families at the center of the school choice debate
Jul 10, 6:02 AM: Since the state enacted a charter school law 20 years ago, starkly different trends have played out in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In Philadelphia, school choice has exploded and citywide enrollment has been steady. In >
Local control is here: New Philly school board holds first-ever meeting
Jul 10, 4:36 AM: A crowd that roundly booed the School Reform Commission, the board’s predecessor, seemed to welcome the new governing body with open arms and enormous expectations. The board seemed to distance itself from the SRC, moving >
Gap between rich and poor Pa. school districts has grown, funding lawsuit says
Jul 9, 6:56 AM: Not only has Pennsylvania’s new school-funding formula failed to remedy disparities between wealthy and poor public school districts, the spending gap between such districts has grown, according to a filing Friday by >
The fight for rural schools
Jul 9, 4:18 AM: Recently, Gov. Tom Wolf called for a major change in how public schools are funded in the Commonwealth — a change that would have a devastating impact on students in our local school districts and across rural >
Editorial: Charter school law forces improvements
Jul 6, 6:35 AM: After a slow start due to statewide district resistance, charter schools are coming into their own. If Bensalem and school districts across the county and state don’t want charters siphoning off even more of their >
It takes a long time to close a charter school in Philly. Here's why
Jul 3, 6:54 AM:

For charter schools, “the biggest issue” with the nonrenewal process “is that it creates uncertainty. Uncertainty for parents, uncertainty for staff, uncertainty for the entire school organization,” said Larry Jones, a >

State swamped with requests to sort out charter school payments
Jul 2, 6:06 AM: Fallout from a Commonwealth Court ruling that changed how public school districts calculate tuition payments to charter schools is causing problems for both the charter schools and about 80 percent of Pennsylvania’s public >
For Philly's new school board: Lessons from the SRC's 17 years
Jul 2, 4:38 AM: As the board takes over this month, the Inquirer and Daily News asked former SRC members to reflect on its impact on the city, its schools, and families. They agreed it leaves behind a complicated legacy, thrusting >
Opinion: Local control of schools is finally here, and the real work is just beginning
Jun 29, 6:27 AM: Returning the district to local control was the result of many years of impassioned advocacy from many Philadelphians. We have also reached this point because the district made tough choices during challenging times and >
Philadelphia School District's charter head stepping down
Jun 29, 4:47 AM: The head of the Philadelphia School District’s charter office is stepping down after prolonged conflict with many of the city’s charter schools.
Supreme decision on unions gets mixed reaction in Pa. (CER in the news)
Jun 28, 7:39 AM: A Supreme Court decision Wednesday that held government workers cannot be forced to contribute to labor unions representing them in collective bargaining was quickly met with praise by some, scorn by others. >
College degree? Many Pittsburgh-area jobs in the next decade may not require one.
Jun 27, 6:41 AM: But this lack of skilled workers is especially prominent when it comes to jobs requiring what an Allegheny Conference on Community Development report calls “Sub-BA credentials,” jobs that don’t require a college degree. >
Parents talk charter school
Jun 25, 5:08 AM: A meeting was held Friday night at the Lack-Tuscarora EMS building to gauge interest in the possibility of developing plans to open a charter school, as well as to discuss what other options might be available to for >
6,019 days after the SRC first convened, a final meeting
Jun 22, 5:32 AM: Among the members of the public present, there was little warmth for the SRC and the state takeover that created it. To them, the meeting was a celebration, the culmination of years of agitating for an end to the >
Pittsburgh schools, state contest Propel's plan to consolidate its schools
Jun 21, 7:07 AM: Officials of Propel Schools are deciding whether to file an appeal after the city school district and the state Department of Education denied the charter system’s bid to consolidate its operations under a new provision in >
Cedarbrook residents air concerns about proposed charter school
Jun 21, 5:01 AM: Some 200 area homeowners aired their concerns and questions about the proposed relocation of the Ad Prima Charter School from its Frankford campus to 8034 Thouron Ave., directly across the street from the F. S. Edmonds >
Pa. House passes $32.7 billion state budget that requires no tax increase
Jun 21, 4:37 AM: It provides for a $100 million increase in basic education, to an amount now topping $6 billion. It includes a $25 million increase in the popular Educational Improvement and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs, >
Opinion: New school choice bills liberate kids to learn
Jun 20, 4:51 AM: While the state’s tax credit scholarships have helped many students attend schools of choice, more must be done to bring equal education opportunity to all Pennsylvania students.



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