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Cyber charter school costs are under the microscope
Feb 25, 8:03 AM: Nonetheless, districts must budget hundreds of thousands of dollars — or millions, in some larger districts — to cover tuition for families who opt to place their children in one of 16 licensed public cyber charter schools >
Boon or ‘black hole’? Pa. private school scholarship program considered for major expansion
Feb 25, 7:05 AM: A tax-break program that routes millions to Pennsylvania private schools could grow much larger if a new bill becomes law. The proposal has powerful support in the State Senate, but Governor Tom Wolf’s spokesman calls it >
STEAM Academy president to appeal Harrisburg’s charter application denial
Feb 21, 7:36 AM: Despite a 7-to-0 unanimous vote to deny a STEAM charter application, the president of the academy said she plans to appeal Harrisburg School Board members’ decision. Pennsylvania Charter School law requires the school >
Teacher union president to Harrisburg: Stop lying about senior teacher salaries
Feb 20, 8:45 AM: At dispute is how the district pays its senior teachers. Some educators said they haven’t had a pay raise in a decade. The association filed a grievance in August 2018.
Charter schools left out of Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to boost starting teachers salaries
Feb 19, 7:26 AM: Gov. Tom Wolf proposed a minimum starting salary of $45,000 for teachers in public schools during his recent public address, but that does not include charter schools because charter schools do not follow the minimum >
Upper Darby blocks charter school application
Feb 14, 7:50 AM: An arts-based charter school will waltz its way out of the Upper Darby School District after the school board Tuesday night drew up unanimous opposition to its application.
The death of cyber charter schools in Pa.?
Feb 13, 7:34 AM:

A proposal with potentially dire consequences for Pennsylvania’s cyber charter schools re-emerged in Harrisburg this session.

State’s charter appeals board still run by Corbett appointees
Feb 12, 8:18 AM: The CAB, as it is known, has the power to reverse the decisions of local school districts to deny new charter schools or to close them. Corbett filled the body with members closely tied to the state’s charter school >
We never thought we’d get in’: The tense wait for a Philly charter school seat
Feb 11, 6:22 AM: When the winning kindergarten applicants were posted, Solomon didn’t see her daughter’s name. Getting into MaST was one of the factors that would determine if she stayed in the city or moved. Tears in her eyes, Solomon >
STEAM Academy Charter application moves toward final vote: Harrisburg School District
Feb 6, 7:58 AM: Proponents of a proposed STEAM Academy that could open in Midtown next school year have seven calendar days to submit additional documentation to support their application, an attorney representing Harrisburg School >
Commentary: Philly’s fight over charter schools is over
Feb 6, 6:38 AM: Fixing the system starts with acknowledging these realities and recognizing that we should be focused on supporting good schools of every type. Where charters add value, we should protect them and help them grow. The same >
Families attend lottery for Northeast Philadelphia charter schools
Feb 6, 6:21 AM: Dozens of families attended a lottery at MaST, Math and Science Technology Community Charter for two of its schools on Tuesday night.
Thomas Jefferson High School adding personalized learning period, cutting class rank
Feb 5, 7:35 AM: The changes are reinventing traditional education to focus on how students learn instead of simply teaching them the materials, administrators say. They want to make sure kids are learning and growing and provide them with >
Crumbling school buildings? Philly charter operator offering to build them better
Feb 1, 7:23 AM: Charter school supporters generally talk about opportunities for children. But one Philadelphia charter operator says it has an opportunity for the school district.
Pittsburgh school board rejects application for charter high school
Jan 31, 8:32 AM: A number of supporters encouraged the school board to approve the application during the district’s monthly public hearing Monday night, but a few also urged the board to reject the plan, including several executive >
Nearly 30,000 students apply to Philadelphia charter schools through new website
Jan 30, 7:04 AM: Nearly 30,000 students submitted more than 120,000 applications for Philadelphia charter schools this year through a new website that allowed families to apply to multiple city charter schools at once.
Pa. school districts stressed over rising costs for pensions, special-ed and charters
Jan 29, 7:48 AM: Many school districts across Pennsylvania say that budget stress is causing them to raise property taxes and cut school programs, according to an annual survey released by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business >
Commentary: The state of school choice in Philly: 22 years after the first charter, what have we lea
Jan 28, 6:27 AM: As National School Choice Week comes to a close, the School District of Philadelphia’s new governing board is set to review and vote on its first set of new charter-school applications. What better time to reflect on how >
Editorial: Pennsylvania’s failure to oversee cyber charter schools has wide consequences
Jan 28, 6:07 AM: The majority of cyber charter schools in the state are operating with expired charters. This is the latest black mark in a history of “reform” in the state designed to expand educational choices but, despite some bright >
Opinion: Public charters can help a lagging education system
Jan 24, 7:24 AM: Only one key can unlock the future to a quality economy in Pennsylvania: education. While our Commonwealth stood as the proud home of the world’s first modern oil well and industrial giants such as Bethlehem Steel, our >



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