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Editorial: There must be a better way to fund Pennsylvania charter schools
Sep 20, 6:21 AM: In 1997, Pennsylvania passed Act 22, which allowed for charter schools, public educational institutions that offered students an alternative to enrolling in their traditional public school districts.
State board sides with Philly charter in appeal of School District restrictions
Sep 20, 5:34 AM: A state board has rejected conditions the Philadelphia School District placed on a new charter school’s approval, raising questions about how the district and others may handle charter applications and renewals in the >
Pa. House Speaker Mike Turzai: public schools are a monopoly and teachers are "special interest people"
Sep 20, 5:24 AM: In a video posted on Twitter today, Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Marshall) called two apparent public educators “special interest people” and said they “don’t really care about the kids. >
A look inside a new Philly charter school where kindergartners learn Hebrew
Sep 19, 6:54 AM: While the schools promote modern Hebrew, “the primary goal” is “to provide an amazing education to our kids,” said Hebrew Public CEO Jon Rosenberg. He said he is “constantly in the position” of explaining that the network >
Aspira sues Philly School District, board in charter renewal fight
Sep 18, 7:31 AM: Aspira Inc. of Pennsylvania has sued the Philadelphia School District and its board over their failure to renew the charter schools Aspira manages, leaving them in limbo for years.
Philadelphia can’t impose conditions on charter operator seeking to open middle school, state appeal board rules
Sep 18, 6:36 AM: A powerful state board decided on Tuesday that the Philadelphia school district, home to more charter schools than any other public school system in the state, cannot impose conditions on a charter school operator before >
York County districts forgoing charter tuition but charters hit with fee
Sep 18, 5:23 AM: Four York County school districts have not paid charter school tuition directly in at least a year and the Pennsylvania Department of Education is picking up the slack, a pro-charter financial consultant said. >
During Capitol rally, charter school parents, students vow to push back against Wolf’s proposed reforms
Sep 17, 6:22 AM: Busloads of Pennsylvania charter school students and their families gathered in the state Capitol on Monday, just in time for the end of lawmakers’ summer recess, as they reignited an annual debate over how the state pays >
Editorial: Require data on tax-credit scholarships
Sep 17, 6:10 AM: Advocates of Pennsylvania’s two backdoor voucher programs, which provide public tax credits for private contributions to private schools, say that they help poor kids who are trapped in poorly performing public schools. >
Harrisburg School District leader approves charter oversight
Sep 17, 5:56 AM: With accountability in mind, Harrisburg School District Receiver Janet Samuels on Monday approved a resolution giving officials at Montgomery County Intermediate Unit the power to review the district’s charter schools. >
Conestoga Valley denies charter school after it failed to garner 'sustainable support'
Sep 17, 5:52 AM: The Conestoga Valley school board denied a proposed charter school Monday, saying the school didn’t earn enough support in the community.
Taxpayers should not have to pay for school choice | Opinion
Sep 17, 5:17 AM: I sent my children to a non-public elementary school that was more family oriented and less competitive/test focused. But that choice was my responsibility—not the responsibility of the state.
Parents, students protest charter school reform plans
Sep 17, 5:10 AM: About 500 charter school families rallied at the State Capitol Monday. They're not happy with Governor Tom Wolf's plan to update charter school regulations.
A clash on cyber charters kicks off fall legislative session in Harrisburg
Sep 16, 6:23 AM: She says the cyber school has been a godsend, providing Bobby the refuge needed to focus on academics. He’s now a senior and he’s thriving, D’Amico says, who has also enrolled her other two children in cyber charters. >
Pa.'s charter schools say Gov. Wolf is attacking them and trying to limit choices for parents
Sep 16, 5:41 AM: Gov. Tom Wolf has touted the decision to charge new fees on charter schools and prospective cyber charter schools as a necessary financial step but critics don’t see it that way.
Opinion: Charter schools help students thrive when traditional ones fail
Sep 16, 5:33 AM: When I see Gov. Tom Wolf trying to close Pennsylvania’s charter schools, I cannot help but think of what that would have done to my family if we didn’t have school choice in Oklahoma.
Will Governor Wolf finally bring change to charter school law? | Editorial
Sep 13, 6:51 AM: And too many advocates — lawmakers among them — keep insisting that charters provide choices and options for parents, and act as if removing choice is a disaster. But the real disaster is conflating “choice” with >
Philadelphia Teachers’ Union Calls For Asbestos Cleanup In All City Schools After Teacher Diagnosed With Cancer
Sep 12, 7:52 AM: The Philadelphia teachers’ union calls it a grave threat. A teacher has been diagnosed with cancer linked to asbestos.
Letter: Accountability of charter schools
Sep 11, 7:26 AM: There are 180 public charter schools across Pennsylvania serving more than 137,000 students. In many cases, there are not enough seats for all the children who apply and many charter schools maintain waiting lists of >
Lincoln Charter looking to add grades with charter renewal
Sep 9, 5:51 AM: Lincoln Charter School officials are planning to request a shift from an elementary grade structure to incorporate middle school — a group of students they say are missing out on critical support before high school. >



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