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Chartiers Valley School Board denies charter school application
Feb 26, 7:45 AM: The Chartiers Valley School Board members Tuesday unanimously voted to deny an application from Dogwood Charter School to locate its school in the district.
Philly students won’t return Monday, but a reopening decision is days away
Feb 26, 7:25 AM: Hours after saying he remained “optimistic” that a partial reopening could begin next week as had been planned, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. told the school board Thursday evening that the district, the Philadelphia >
Promises of equity for Philly’s schools aren’t worth as much as actual money | Opinion
Feb 25, 8:41 AM: But while we wait on any federal help to have a positive impact on local families, we also need action to improve conditions here and now. Living conditions in Philadelphia for children in low income are exacerbated by >
Bear Creek Community Charter School strategic plan will add 200 students
Feb 25, 6:16 AM: "Based on the number of students on the school’s wait list over the past ten years, there is clearly a demonstrated demand for the school’s educational program,” a media release said. “Increasing enrollment will help meet >
Boyertown school board OKs resolution calling for charter school funding reform
Feb 24, 6:24 AM: The tug of war over funding between Pennsylvania's school districts and cyber/charter schools continues unabated.
In-person classes. Old buildings. Almost no COVID. Are Philly Catholic schools a blueprint?
Feb 22, 8:02 AM: Each room at St. Pio’s has a window cracked and a door open. There’s a system for when students can use bathrooms between regular cleanings. And each desk has a three-panel barrier that students raise whenever they need to >
Some Philly parents are getting worried their kids are ‘never going to be in school’
Feb 19, 8:11 AM: While parents, educators, union officials, and advocates have been organized, vocal, and clear on their position that schools aren’t ready to reopen, those on the other side say their voices are being drowned out. >
Chartiers Valley School Board eyes charter school application
Feb 19, 7:39 AM: The Chartiers Valley School Board is set to vote Tuesday on an application for a new charter school that Superintendent Johanna Vanatta said falls short of state criteria.
The $1 billion plan to close the gap between growing and shrinking Pa. school districts
Feb 18, 9:11 AM: When Pennsylvania passed a new formula to distribute money for public schools in 2016, it was hailed as a major step toward equity and away from an arbitrary system built on decades-old enrollment data.
Avon Grove Charter School seeks $3.7 million from Coatesville over funding dispute
Feb 16, 8:06 AM: Avon Grove Charter School has filed a lawsuit against the Coatesville Area School District and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, seeking $3.7 million the district claims it is owed in charter school funding. >
Proposed charter schools continue uphill battle with Pocono Mountain School District
Feb 15, 7:43 AM: Of the 179 charter schools in Pennsylvania, only one is located in Monroe County. Two proposed charter schools in the Poconos are set on changing that, but it's been anything but easy thanks to a multi-year battle with one >
More voices needed on reopening Philly schools, including Mayor Kenney’s | Editorial
Feb 12, 9:48 AM: The latest public school debacle unfolded this week when teachers refused to return to classrooms at the direction of Philadelphia Federation of Teachers boss Jerry Jordan, defying Superintendent William Hite’s directive >
Philly schools chief Hite mum on state of standoff with city teachers; stresses schools are safe
Feb 12, 9:17 AM:

School District of Philadelphia superintendent William Hite held his first in-person weekly press conference in almost a year Thursday due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

OP-ED: Cyber charter schools are the reassurance every parent, child and taxpayer deserve
Feb 12, 8:35 AM: For 20 years and long before COVID, Pennsylvania cyber charter schools were demonstrating our uncompromised dedication to educational excellence by making sure our students have the opportunity to learn and thrive. That’s >
How do we get kids back in schools? Stop teacher union bullying. | Opinion
Feb 12, 7:52 AM: Things may even be worse, as the district and its teachers’ union keepers have agreed with city officials not to resume in-person instruction in a city where 37% — more than one in three — students were found to be >
A debate in the Philly suburbs on bringing more students back to classrooms is ‘as political as the presidential election’
Feb 12, 7:35 AM: While the Philadelphia School District struggles to bring some students back to classrooms for the first time since March, a different debate is playing out in its suburbs. Many schools already teaching students in-person >
Opinion: Pa. budget should care for kids, communities
Feb 11, 6:40 AM: Wolf’s tax hike, unimaginable by any period’s standards, would fund public school districts. It’s a plan, largely, to fund empty buildings. As it stands, roughly 40% of districts remain physically closed, in many cases >
Philly teachers don’t report to school buildings for a second day; teacher vaccinations expected to start Feb. 22
Feb 10, 8:21 AM: City educators declined in droves to report to schools for a second day as the Philadelphia School District and its largest union waited for word from a mediator on whether 2,000 teachers can be forced back into >
Pa. has a chance to reform our struggling schools. Will the legislature let it happen? | Opinion
Feb 10, 6:14 AM: The General Assembly led the way in creating the fair funding formula with a bipartisan commission and came close to passing charter reform legislation before. With their help, Pennsylvania can emerge from the pandemic >
Commentary: Pittsburgh Public Schools leaders failing our kids
Feb 10, 6:08 AM: I blame the leaders of the PFT. Not the teachers. Most teachers want to teach, but are afraid to speak up against the union. I know this because they live among me. They are my friends. PFT is not protecting the teachers; >



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