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Charter school provides answers
Jul 24, 7:46 AM: Trust, but verify. That was the Reaganesque conclusion reached by Catasauqua school leaders last week after they finally heard firsthand from representatives of the Innovative Arts Academy Charter School eager to reassure everyone >
Scranton launches cyber academy
Jul 24, 6:51 AM: The Scranton School District will launch a new cyber academy in the fall to save money and offer students another option.
Gillingham gears up for charter hearing in Harrisburg
Jul 21, 7:34 AM: More than 50 supporters of Gillingham Charter School, Pottsville, are planning to travel to Harrisburg on Tuesday in a show of support for the school’s quest to acquire its second five-year charter.
Catasauqua School Board satisfied with Innovative Arts Charter School’s answers
Jul 19, 6:52 AM: It appears the Catasauqua School Board is satisfied with the answers it received last night from the principal of the Innovative Arts Academy Charter School (IAACS) in Catasauqua, which has been under the microscope recently for >
Bethlehem schools advertise to compete with charters
Jul 17, 9:00 AM: In the age of school choice, Bethlehem Area Superintendent Joseph Roy knows parents shop around before enrolling their children.
KIPP Philadelphia expands and creates new feeder networks
Jul 14, 6:08 AM: KIPP Philadelphia, affiliated with one of the nation’s largest and most well-known charter organizations, has almost reached its goal of creating a K-12 network of schools in West Philadelphia. Earlier this year, the School Reform >
Enrollment at Catasauqua charter school growing
Jul 13, 6:54 AM: More than 300 students are signed up to spend the next school year at the Innovative Arts Academy Charter School.
New hybrid private school is the 1st of its kind in the Lehigh Valley
Jul 13, 5:49 AM:

Providence Hybrid Academy merges homeschooling with two days of teacher instruction at the new academy located at Christ Lutheran Church on Easton Road, on the border of Lower Saucon Township and Bethlehem.

School code bill awaiting action combats lunch shaming, ends seniority-based furloughs and more
Jul 12, 5:38 AM: Requiring all newly elected or appointed school directors and charter school trustees to take four hours of state Department of Education-developed or approved alternative training in the skills and knowledge necessary to serve in >
Wilkinsburg has a unique history with charter schools
Jul 10, 5:52 AM: Fresh off a failed experiment to privatize one if its elementary schools, the Wilkinsburg school board became the first in Allegheny County to approve a charter school.
How a Philly charter school benefits Local 98
Jul 10, 5:41 AM: In 2002, labor leader John J. Dougherty championed a new charter school whose goals included guiding more minority workers into his overwhelmingly white union.
Over objections, SRC authorizes $10m new special ed program for Philly kids
Jul 7, 7:39 AM: Over objections, the School Reform Commission on Thursday authorized a $10 million, 100-student program to serve Philadelphia children with special needs.
A statewide charter school advocacy group Wednesday appointed Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School&#821
Jul 7, 6:55 AM: A statewide charter school advocacy group Wednesday appointed Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School’s chief executive officer serve on the group’s Leaders Council.
Reading School District to offer cyberschool program
Jul 3, 7:17 AM: The Reading School Board said it has approved launching a cyberschool program this fall that will allow students to take classes online through the district.
Despite controversy and criticisms, charter schools remain a popular option
Jul 3, 7:02 AM: Such is the way at Environmental Charter School, arguably one of the more popular charter schools in Allegheny County with about 630 students and a waiting list of about 500.
New Erie schools superintendent took ‘a different path’
Jul 3, 6:44 AM: Brian Polito, who started his career as a CPA, begins top Erie School District job committed to financial turnaround and magnet programs to broaden student options.
Overhaul of Pa.‘s charter school law on the front burner, again
Jun 29, 5:43 AM: Charter school reform legislation has become the perennial issue that always gets raised around budget time. This year is no different.
How this school district plans to compete with charter schools
Jun 28, 7:44 AM: The Bethlehem Area School District is taking a shot at competing with charter schools by hiring its own marketing firm to remake its brand.
Reading School Board asked to back Virtual Academy
Jun 27, 6:59 AM: Jen Murray, teaching and learning assistant to the superintendent, presented the proposed Reading Virtual Academy during a school board meeting Wednesday. She said the program has two main goals: giving students more learning >
Charter school leadership says they won’t attend special Catasauqua Area meeting where answers sough
Jun 27, 6:17 AM: Leaders from Innovative Arts Academy Charter School, acting on advice from legal counsel, will not attend a special Tuesday meeting called by the Catasauqua Area School District to get answers about concerns raised over special >



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