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School District of Lancaster notches another legal victory over rejected charter school
Mar 29, 6:38 AM: School District of Lancaster has marked another victory in its costly, three-year battle with the Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship Charter School.
Excitement, disappointment during annual school lottery in West Philadelphia
Mar 29, 6:29 AM: More than 1,300 kids applied, but there was only room for 81. Global Leadership Academy in West Philadelphia held their annual lottery Tuesday night. Some parents left overjoyed, many more left disappointed.
Philly district releases new charter school evaluations
Mar 24, 5:29 AM: The Philadelphia School District's charter school office has released its second annual evaluations of  city charter schools, and the reports have been expanded to provide more information for parents, students, staff, officials, >
SRC hires teacher-prep program over protests
Mar 20, 6:28 AM: The contract amount is relatively small for a district with a multibillion-dollar budget: $150,000 for one year of work. But the approval was controversial because of the vendor: Relay Graduate School of Education, a relatively new >
Districts share strategies to reach low-income students, narrow academic gap
Mar 17, 6:27 AM: Academic success among poor students is rising in some area districts and educators point to successful strategies: reduced class sizes, bolstering one-on-one instruction and increased options for advanced classes.
Students seem to prefer charter schools dominated by members of their race, Pa. study finds
Mar 16, 6:00 AM: A new study co-authored by Penn State professors combines the two and reaches an eye-raising conclusion: When Pennsylvania students move from traditional public schools to charters, they tend to choose charters that are more >
Layoffs at Khepera Charter School
Mar 16, 5:59 AM: The financially troubled Khepera Charter School in North Philadelphia laid off from nine to 11 staffers Friday because of financial woes.
Philly School District savings means headaches for charter schools
Mar 14, 6:37 AM: Uri Monson, the district’s chief finance officer, told charter officials he anticipates that the state soon will conclude that the district has been overpaying charters this academic year and certify lower rates.
Pa. House backs $75 million expansion of school choice tax credit programs
Mar 14, 5:05 AM: The House of Representatives on Monday threw down a marker in Pennsylvania's upcoming 2017-18 budget negotiations by passing legislation to boost funding for popular tax credit programs that support school choice >
Charter school report cites losses for district
Mar 13, 5:06 AM: Because charter schools have fewer constraints, they are able to afford more teachers and programs, have smaller classroom sizes and are able to obtain more resources, according to a report released earlier this week.
Report: Philly schools still face costs when students go to charters
Mar 10, 6:37 AM: When a student leaves the Philadelphia School District for a charter school, the system is left with nearly $5,000 in continuing costs, according to a report released Thursday.
Pennsylvania House Speaker Wants More Philly Charter Students
Mar 9, 7:20 AM: The speaker of the state House is sponsoring legislation that would require the Philadelphia School District to expand the number of available charter school seats.
A Harrisburg bill would force Philly to add 3,000 charter seats each year
Mar 8, 6:19 AM: To reduce the number of children on waiting lists for charter schools, Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai has introduced a bill that would require the Philadelphia School District to add 3,000 charter seats a year.
MaST: A high-tech Philly charter school in high demand
Mar 6, 6:30 AM: The K-12 charter received nearly 9,200 applications from across the city for just 96 seats in the fall. That translates to a 1 percent chance; Harvard admitted 5.4 percent of 39,041 applicants in 2016.
East Penn renews school’s charter
Feb 28, 6:29 AM: The renewal means Seven Generations, with its project-based, environment-focused curriculum, will be able to continue to operate its kindergarten-to-fifth-grade elementary school until September 2022.
Gillingham CEO offers new insights into charter renewal battle
Feb 24, 7:49 AM: On Thursday night, Nicolle M. Hutchinson, the CEO and director of education of Gillingham Charter School, Pottsville, provided new insights as to why the school’s charter renewal process is taking so long.
Helen Thackston Charter makes progress
Feb 24, 7:34 AM: Helen Thackston Charter School is on its way to completing requests from York City School District to address various issues by certain dates or have an explanation of why the problems could not be addressed.
PA Cyber, Lincoln Park vital to Midland’s future
Feb 24, 6:27 AM: Educational institutions like the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School are thriving in Midland. They employ hundreds of teachers and administrators, and both contribute significantly to >
Charter school rejected by Harrisburg School Board not giving up
Feb 23, 5:48 AM: Although the Harrisburg School District rejected an arts-focused charter school application Tuesday night, that doesn't mean the project intended for the old Bishop McDevitt building is dead.
State approves expansion for Pittsburgh’s Environmental Charter School
Feb 22, 7:35 AM: The Environmental Charter School at Frick Park won its case before the state Charter School Appeal Board on Tuesday for an expansion that includes a high school and a second K-8 school.



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