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House panel acts in a last-ditch effort to stop changes to Pa.’s charter school law
Mar 31, 8:51 AM: A House GOP-controlled panel once again voiced its disapproval of charter school law changes in a long-shot effort to stop rules from taking effect that were favored by Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration.
Union says Urban Pathways charter school teachers being cut over organization efforts
Mar 30, 9:03 AM: Nearly three dozen teachers at Urban Pathways K-5 charter school in Downtown Pittsburgh have filed to unionize with the American Federation of Teachers labor union.
The pandemic upended education. Two years later, what changes are here to stay?
Mar 28, 6:39 AM: Two years ago, the pandemic upended the education system. And while students are now back at their desks in before-times style, other parts of schooling will likely never be the same.
Philly’s $3.9 billion school budget approved to immediate backlash
Mar 25, 8:11 AM: Steep enrollment drops and a re-allocation of resources are driving smaller budgets at some schools; school leaders say the cuts would be disastrous.
Are Philly schools’ 2022-23 budgets a ‘massacre’ or advancing equity?
Mar 23, 5:54 AM: Some schools will lose multiple positions next year, and the principals' union is furious. But the district says it's a re-allocation of resources and a $170 million budget increase.
Pennsylvania approves stronger charter school regulations
Mar 22, 6:12 AM: Pennsylvania charter schools will now face stronger ethics and accounting standards after a state regulatory commission approved some of the most significant changes ever to the quarter-century-old law that governs them. >
Meet the finalists: What Philly’s 3 superintendent hopefuls said during their job interviews
Mar 17, 8:41 AM: When it comes to charter schools, Davis said he is “not necessarily pro-charter or anti-charter,” but instead “pro-good school and anti-school that isn’t welcoming, safe, and challenging to students.” He added that charter >
Charter schools, advocates push lawmakers to expand seats in city
Mar 17, 5:35 AM: Charter school advocates rallied in City Hall Park Wednesday to push state lawmakers on action that would increase the number of charter school seats in the Big Apple.
Wolf’s charter school regulations face opposition from GOP lawmakers
Mar 16, 5:56 AM: State lawmakers in two committees voted along party lines Tuesday to disapprove of new charter school regulations proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration – a largely symbolic move that outlined Republican concerns to a >
Teachers are quitting in droves. Here’s how to stem the staffing crisis in schools. | Opinion
Mar 11, 9:18 AM: We could try to meet their needs, compensate them fairly, and make their jobs workable. We could trust their professional judgment and do away with rigid curricula and ineffective standardized tests.
Charter school report: Scores go up, achievement gap shrinks
Mar 11, 8:55 AM: A study says if Pennsylvania political leaders want to get serious about improving student achievement, and closing the racial achievement gap, they might want to consider charter school expansion.
In a full day of proceedings, Pa. court hears closing arguments in school funding trial
Mar 11, 6:53 AM: Pennsylvania’s current school funding model has created a system of ‘haves and have-nots,’ one lawyer argued.
Waiting for a new superintendent is the wrong approach to fixing Philly schools | Opinion
Mar 8, 10:48 AM: The Philadelphia Board of Education is winding down its search for a new superintendent as the 10-year tenure of Superintendent William Hite nears its end. The people of Philadelphia, naturally, are pinning their hopes on >
Lawmakers grill state schools chief on Wolf's record ask for education funding
Mar 8, 9:54 AM: State lawmakers grilled Pennsylvania’s education secretary Monday about Gov. Tom Wolf’s record request for school spending in the latest round of budget hearings at the state Capitol.
Philly school board rejects three new charters
Mar 4, 9:41 AM: The Philadelphia school board on Thursday said no to three proposed new charter schools that hoped to open in Olney, North Philadelphia, and Logan.
‘I’m never going back.’ Philly teachers on why there’s a surge in midyear resignations.
Mar 4, 9:27 AM: "I was thinking, 'Are you seriously worried about my bulletin boards when I have so many problems? Can we focus on how to make my classroom manageable?'" one teacher who resigned mid-year said.<
Testimony in Pennsylvania’s school funding trial is over. What happens now?
Feb 28, 6:59 AM: After 40 witnesses took the stand over the course of more than three months, testimony in the landmark trial over how Pennsylvania funds public education ended this week.
With teacher departures surging, Philly schools unveil plan to stem tide
Feb 25, 10:04 AM: The School District of Philadelphia, like other districts across the nation, is facing a teacher and staff shortage as the coronavirus pandemic hits the two-year mark.
Too many lockdowns to count: Gun violence has touched everything at one Philly school
Feb 23, 9:35 AM: Violence is not new to Philadelphia, but the impact after virtual learning and the city’s surging gun crisis has been especially outsized this school year. An eighth grader was shot to death in October on his way to E.W. >
Lehigh Valley charter school buys office building for $15.5M, ending long search for new home
Feb 18, 9:00 AM: The charter school has closed a $15.5 million deal to purchase a large Schoenersville Road office building that will be converted into classrooms, the school’s real estate adviser announced Thursday.



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