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Readers React: Put charter school funding misconceptions to rest
Jul 15, 6:44 AM: The recent Town Square op-ed by Ana Meyers concerning charter schools perpetuated several myths about school funding. The first myth is that public school districts are funded on a per pupil basis, which they are not. >
Editorial: Schools face disaster if situation doesn’t change
Jul 15, 5:03 AM: Property tax bills have arrived in homeowners' mailboxes, and for many, this year's sticker shock has gone up despite an increase in state funding for schools and despite local school boards weighing program cuts. >
Philly charter leader says district offered ‘backdoor’ deal for neighborhood high school
Jul 12, 5:38 AM: Did Philadelphia school officials try to hand over one of their neighborhood high schools to a charter operator? That’s one of the eyebrow-raising accusations hurled by a Philadelphia charter school leader, who says >
Reconnecting within virtual academy
Jul 11, 6:51 AM: His plan could save taxpayers money, but more importantly, it features a strong effort by Shikellamy administrators to connect with 84 current cyber students and families about their educational plans and the advantages >
Erie School District charter plan says ‘Welcome Home’
Jul 8, 7:14 AM: District principals, teachers ready to visit homes of charter school students in big recruitment, retention effort.
Editorial: State Legislature should overhaul charter school law
Jul 8, 6:16 AM: Enabled by technology and state law, the development of cyber charter schools threatens our public school system that is intended to provide a free public education.
No more snow days? Central Pa. teachers warmly accept the flexible time
Jul 8, 5:59 AM: Some central Pennsylvania administrators already have been spurred into early planning now that school districts will have the option to conduct “flexible school days.
Erie County Council tables college pact
Jul 3, 6:16 AM: With a state budget that allocates an extra $2 million for the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College now in place, Erie County Councilman Carl Anderson said there’s no reason for the county to rush into a pact with the >
Scathing state audit of Harrisburg School District reveals more than $5 million in questionable costs
Jul 3, 5:35 AM: State auditors have completed their audit of the Harrisburg School District, where they found more than $5 million in potentially questionable costs over three years, including overpayments to employees, contracted vendors >
Easton charter school founder says he can help improve leadership and culture, but no one will listen
Jul 2, 6:49 AM: The founder of Easton’s only charter school says the school board refuses to allow him to provide services to improve the school.
West Philly charter says it was promised chance to run a high school
Jul 1, 6:42 AM: A West Philadelphia charter school wants the school board's blessing to run a high school. But that blessing hasn't come.
Opinion: Better oversight, funding changes, needed for cyber charter schools
Jul 1, 6:20 AM: Maybe it’s hopelessly old school, but anyone who reached adulthood before the internet came of age probably has a hard time comprehending how the same level of learning and achievement can be attained if a student is >
Cyber charter administrator, parents tout benefits of choice
Jul 1, 6:01 AM: Ferguson and her husband have enrolled their three children in Commonwealth Charter Academy, a cyber charter school in Harrisburg, with more than 120 students in Lycoming County and the region.
Opinion: Why the state should approve charter reform bills
Jul 1, 5:58 AM: It is time to put an end to the unfounded, negative rhetoric on charter schools that we see in our state by bringing the focus back to public school students and their best interests.
Inches from finish line, House budget talks falter over education
Jun 28, 7:35 AM: House lawmakers were one bill away from sending Governor Tom Wolf a complete budget package Thursday night when negotiations abruptly broke down. The issue?Two components of the measure that would have, among other things, >
Letter: Gov. Wolf’s veto of EITC expansion - a move of colossal injustice
Jun 28, 6:47 AM: In a move of colossal injustice, Gov. Tom Wolf failed Pennsylvania’s families and children by vetoing an expansion of the highly popular Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Now he must answer to the tens of >
School District will pay Drexel $7M for a new school building in W. Phila.
Jun 28, 5:28 AM: Over some public objections, the Philadelphia school board voted Thursday night to pay $7 million to Drexel University to help cover the costs of a new building to house two public schools in West Philadelphia. >
Column: Wolf taken to task for veto on scholarship bill
Jun 27, 7:58 AM: Harrisburg is the epitome of a dysfunctional, failed urban school district. Its residents are saddled with high property taxes, while graduation rates languish at or near the bottom of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts. >
Some board members question proposed sale of Philly school district building to charter operator
Jun 27, 7:43 AM: The roof at Belmont Charter School leaks, the building doesn’t have air-conditioning, and the playground — deemed unsafe by an inspector — is fenced off from students. The West Philadelphia school can’t fix those problems, >
COLUMN: Proposed legislation on cyber schools would help districts like Conneaut
Jun 27, 7:19 AM: As a member of the Conneaut School Board, I want to inform readers about cyber charter school tuition payments that Conneaut School District has been required by PA Cyber Charter School Law to pay to outside, for-profit, >



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