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This Philly charter school is trying to grow the ranks of Black male teachers
Sep 22, 6:10 AM: Launched this fall, the program establishes teaching positions for Black men interested in careers in education. Three residents, including Fletcher, are teaching at Boys’ Latin while also taking classes at Drexel >
Pennsylvania Cyber School Sees Huge Increase In Enrollment
Sep 22, 6:05 AM: With many school districts still working on plans for the new year, one program is seeing a huge spike in interest. In its 20 years, Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School has never seen so much interest and new enrollments. >
Edtorial: Remember charter school reform? It's more important than ever
Sep 21, 6:17 AM: Before March and the public education turmoil caused by the coronavirus, the call for charter school funding reform was being echoed loudly in local school board meetings throughout the region at the start of 2020. >
Opinion: What if, instead of perpetual calls for more education funding, we changed who has the power
Sep 21, 6:15 AM: Pouring more money into a broken system will not fix that system. Instead, it’s time we start trusting Crystal and her family more than the system that has failed them.
Opinion: Should taxpayers finance cyber charter schools if districts can offer distance learning a
Sep 21, 5:49 AM: The majority of educators and student seem to agree that in-person instruction is superior to cyber schooling. Yet for more than two decades Pennsylvania taxpayers have paid the same tuition rate for cyber charter schools >
Philly charter school launches "The Boys' Latin Teaching Fellowship" to address the lack of Black male educators
Sep 17, 7:25 AM: According to recent statistics, only two percent of teachers in American public schools are Black men. In Philadelphia, only four percent of Black men are educators.
As virtual school year begins, frustrated parents are pushing school boards to reconsider
Sep 16, 6:40 AM: The school year has just begun in area districts that have opened virtually amid the ongoing pandemic. But across the region, many parents are adamant that online instruction isn’t working for children or families — and >
Philadelphia Charter School Welcomes Back Youngest Students While Others Learn Virtually
Sep 15, 6:31 AM: For the past two weeks, students have been learning remotely, and second through eighth-graders will continue to do so. Educators say it was important to get the youngest students back inside for the in-person classroom >
Philly's "democratic schools"
Sep 14, 7:49 AM: Two local “democratic schools” are showing that maybe kids know better than adults what real education and civic engagement looks like
School schedules are all over the place. More families are opting for homeschooling.
Sep 14, 7:34 AM: The pandemic has driven an increasing number of parents around the region and the country to give new consideration to homeschooling, spurred by uncertainty about school schedules and aversion to virtual learning >
Coatesville Area School District abates loss of students to charter schools for 2020-21 school year
Sep 11, 8:54 AM: Enrollment figures for the 2020-21 school year show the Coatesville Area School District has made progress in its goal to stop the flow of students to area charter schools.
School choice essential to reversing racial inequality | Letter
Sep 11, 7:03 AM: Many billions of federal dollars have, over time, been directed into improving the lot of these inner cities, to no avail. It is time for Congress to solve this disgraceful national problem by enacting laws to demand >
Do cyber charter schools really need millions in pandemic relief funding? | Opinion
Sep 10, 6:48 AM: It’s time we shine a light on a critically important issue and start asking some questions. As Pennsylvania’s school districts face revenue shortfalls of $1 billion or more due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania’s >
Cyber charters may benefit from pandemic, but that doesn’t mean their students do | Editorial
Sep 9, 6:32 AM: As districts struggle to find a clear path to providing public education, those schools that have already established online learning must seem like attractive and obvious options to parents. But that’s worrisome, for a >
Parents ask why public schools are closed for class but open to private child care providers
Sep 8, 8:18 AM: In a number of school districts, child care providers are operating out of district buildings, offering full-day programs for a limited number of children. School leaders say they provide an option for parents who may be >
Learning hub in Hill District will house students doing virtual school
Sep 8, 7:51 AM: Fresh paper lanterns, new colored ceiling lights, posters and original student art work hang in the classrooms at ACH Clear Pathways in the Hill District where 24 children will gather this week to start the school year in >
Erie district aims to stop busing private high schoolers
Sep 3, 6:57 AM: Erie School District will still bus nonpublic K-8 students despite changes due to district students learning online-only.
Pa. must fund students, not school districts | Opinion
Sep 3, 5:58 AM: Families are in need of educational options now more than ever as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Seventeen of the 20 largest school districts in the country, including the School District of Philadelphia, have >
Despite pandemic, districts must provide transportation to private school students
Sep 2, 6:48 AM: School districts in Pennsylvania must provide transportation to nonpublic students, even if those school districts are operating remotely.
17 nonprofits receive grants to explore innovative education
Sep 2, 6:46 AM: Each organization that receives a grant will partner with schools and additional groups to widen their reach and benefit learners, their families and educators.



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