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Opinion: A need for comprehensive virtual learning for students
Jul 6, 6:41 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in Gov. Tom Wolf closing schools, proved the need for comprehensive virtual learning and the value of Pennsylvania’s public cyber charter schools.
3 steps to ensure that Pa.’s private and Catholic school students can go back to class | Opinion
Jul 6, 6:27 AM: Lilian’s school serves a community where the median household income is less than $25,000. The school is part of Independence Mission Schools, a network of Catholic schools serving 5,000 pre-K-8 low-income kids throughout >
‘A lose-lose situation’: Schools try to plan their reopening amid conflicting coronavirus guidelines
Jul 6, 6:06 AM: With easily more than a million students and parents waiting on their decisions, few schools in the area have finalized their plans; Philadelphia, like many districts, has said to expect guidance later this month. >
Philly parents, staff’s most favored option is a return to schools this fall on alternate days, district survey finds
Jul 2, 6:50 AM: Bringing children back to school in the fall in shifts on alternate days was the most favored option in a survey of 34,000 people by the Philadelphia School District about learning options during the pandemic — though >
Editorial: City schools trapped in spiral
Jul 2, 6:18 AM: It's stuck under years-long state management that limits how money can be spent. Charter schools are annually sucking more than $25 million from its budget. Miserly state lawmakers foist the responsibility for funding >
Charters deny “cherry-picking” students, but data show special ed disparities
Jul 1, 6:40 AM: Pennsylvania’s charter schools are “gaming the system” to maximize special education payments, and then using the money to subsidize their regular operations, costing Pennsylvania taxpayers millions, according to a new >
Most Philly teachers say they want students physically back in class every other week
Jun 30, 7:19 AM: When Philadelphia schools reopen, students should only physically attend on staggered weeks, most city teachers said in a new survey, and the School District needs to hire hundreds more cleaners to adequately scrub and >
Pennsylvania’s cyber charters were already equipped for remote learning. How much COVID-19 relief should they receive?
Jun 29, 7:26 AM: Though the operations of cyber charters faced less interruption, they were still eligible for millions in aid through Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief [ESSER] funding the state received in May through the >
As Chester Upland considers expanding charter schools, its new superintendent says she has ‘no preference’ on management
Jun 29, 7:24 AM: Carol Birks, a former superintendent of New Haven, Conn., schools, took over in Chester Upland this week. She brushed aside criticism from some there who said she favored charter schools — which are publicly funded but >
Pa.’s public schools are bleeding money because of the pandemic. It’s time to fix charter funding | Opinion
Jun 29, 6:53 AM: Who ever said “every cloud has a silver lining” sure knew what he/she was saying. Take the COVID-19 pandemic. What an opportunity to keep driving public schools in Pennsylvania up to the edge of a cliff and over it. >
Philly-area students, alumni are demanding their schools address systemic racism
Jun 24, 8:25 AM: She and Black classmates with similar experiences decided to take action, organizing a march last Friday and calling on Cherry Hill to require a high-school course in African American studies, examine school discipline >
Opinion: Why attention to huge cyber charter payouts?
Jun 24, 6:38 AM: Pennsylvania’s flawed charter school funding formula already results in overpayments to charter schools and in a time when school districts are facing significant financial issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this >
AFT launches $1M ad blitz in Pa., 2020 battleground states calling on Senate to pass HEROES Act
Jun 23, 8:17 AM: The American Federation of Teachers has launched a $1 million ad campaign, urging the U.S. Senate to pass the HEROES Act, or the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, which would provide an >
Penn will offer public high school seniors in Philly a free four-week college and career prep program
Jun 23, 7:01 AM: At the University of Pennsylvania, administrators wanted to do something to help rising seniors in Philadelphia’s public high schools close any gap that may have been opened by the coronavirus pandemic. >
LETTER: Let families — not zip codes — determine children's future
Jun 23, 6:38 AM: If we truly care about ensuring zip codes don’t dictate futures, then we must stop fixating solely on money and also address the problem of dividing students by location in the first place. While ensuring districts have >
Philly School District needs better data to achieve equity | Opinion
Jun 18, 8:17 AM: One of William R. Hite Jr.’s admirable anchor goals for the Philadelphia School District from 2019 is that “100% of 8-year-olds will read on or above grade level” because “every child deserves a high-quality education." >
Pa. charter, private schools concerned about money and challenges of reopening in the fall
Jun 18, 6:06 AM: Officials from Pennsylvania public charter schools and faith-based schools testified before the state House Education Committee on Wednesday. Ultimately, school leaders are concerned they won’t have enough funding to >
15-year-old in Mechanicsburg graduates high school, owes success to online learning
Jun 17, 6:21 AM: Donaghy, a student at Commonwealth Charter Academy since kindergarten, was able to double up on credits, skip a few grades, and even take a college class before getting behind the wheel of a car. But the credit, she said, >
Lancaster County private schools benefit from COVID-19 relief meant for struggling employers
Jun 17, 5:53 AM: Three of Lancaster County’s largest private schools, two of which have sizable endowments, received millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded loans meant to keep embattled employers afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. >
Coronavirus has shed more light on cyber charter failures | Opinion
Jun 16, 5:40 AM: Cyber charters may be a great fit for some highly motivated, self-disciplined students, or those with very involved parents or guardians. But generally speaking, cyber students are not learning, and taxpayers are paying >



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