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Local PA Cyber School Parent Shares Online Learning Tips
Apr 8, 8:12 AM: Dolak started cyber schooling her daughter three years ago. "Definitely trial and error," says Dolak. "I researched a lot about what was helping other people and we found what worked for us is just schedule, schedule, >
Online equity would require more than Chromebooks
Apr 8, 7:39 AM: Some well-funded school districts in Pennsylvania have barely missed a beat as they’ve transitioned to virtual education after schools were closed due to COVID-19. Students have devices; families have internet access; >
‘Not a handout … a hand up’: Coalition launches challenge to raise money for 3,000 laptops
Apr 8, 6:51 AM: With a coalition of companies and foundations, the groups are launching a challenge — coined “Beyond the Laptops” — to purchase and refurbish more than 3,000 laptops for students and families who don’t have access to a >
Opinion: Why are cybercharter schools treated as a threat, not savior, amid shutdowns?
Apr 8, 6:20 AM: Pennsylvania parents who view online education as a viable alternative to conventional district schools during this time of crisis have greatly unsettled their state’s education establishment.
Cyber charters offer help, but have no takers
Apr 6, 7:33 AM: For the past year, public school advocates statewide and locally have been hammering away at the state's 20-year-old charter school funding formula, particularly as it relates to cyber-charter schools.
Some Pittsburgh-area school districts were prepared for unexpected shutdown
Apr 6, 6:51 AM: Elizabeth-Forward Superintendent Todd Keruskin said the district has only missed one day of instruction during the closure. He credits that to years of aggressively investing in digital resources and programs that have >
Letter: In public vs. charter school debate, honesty is essential
Apr 3, 8:02 AM: On one major point, Ms. Meyers is correct: When it comes to charter schools, many residents do not hold them in high regard. The reasons are simple and well-documented. Many of these schools have lax and questionable >
Universal charter schools unveil online learning plan
Apr 3, 7:36 AM: Universal Companies Family of Schools is distributing 2,500 Chromebooks to its students Thursday as part of its plan to switch from using printed learning packets to using fully online instruction. This came as the >
Thousands of Philly students are stuck at home without internet after coronavirus closed schools
Apr 3, 7:02 AM: As the coronavirus crisis shuts down city schools, thousands of students in Philadelphia, the hometown of the country’s largest internet service provider, are without access to the internet.
Letter: Charter schools under attack
Apr 3, 6:18 AM: Even during this coronavirus pandemic with Pennsylvania under a stay-at-home order from Gov. Tom Wolf, we’ve been able to maintain a normal routine because his school is built to provide instruction remotely. >
College degrees are an investment. This database shows which ones actually pay off.
Mar 31, 7:50 AM: College degrees are an investment. This database shows which ones actually pay off. We looked at thousands of academic degrees to see what graduates across the region earned in their first year out of school, along with >
Letter: Tax credit hurts public schools
Mar 31, 6:18 AM: The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit, administered by Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development, is a pernicious program that, in my view, harms the most vulnerable children in our city’s school >
Erie private, charter schools also go remote
Mar 30, 7:50 AM: Prep-Villa, Mercyhurst Prep have gone fully online, school officials said. Catholic grade schools use varied approaches.
Opinion: During coronavirus, school districts must deliver online learning now. This isn’t optional |
Mar 30, 6:46 AM: On Friday, the governor of Pennsylvania mandated in a new law that districts must make “good faith efforts" to continue educating students during the ongoing closures. Let’s hope that is just a first shot. Because it is >
Opinion: What K-12 education needs during the pandemic
Mar 30, 6:33 AM: Planning for a complete shutdown of physical schools for the rest of the school year needs to begin now. And, these new federal funds should be moved rapidly to replace the traditional classroom instruction with good >
Harrisburg schools can’t reach all students online, so they’re going to try public television
Mar 30, 6:26 AM: Many Pa. school districts are moving forward with online learning amid the coronavirus shutdown, but that method won’t reach one-third of students in the Harrisburg School District.
Philly schools spending $11M on computers to be used during coronavirus closures; Comcast CEO, family donating $5M
Mar 27, 8:16 AM: The Philadelphia school board voted Thursday night to authorize $11 million for the purchase of up to 50,000 computers to make distance learning possible for all students during an extended school closure forced by the >
Pa. school districts face new pressure to start educating kids online
Mar 27, 7:12 AM: For much of the coronavirus shutdown in Pennsylvania, school district leaders believed they could wait to begin offering instruction, or simply provide review material to students to avoid litigation due to federal >
Cyber charter schools shut out of tuition for new students during coronavirus shutdown
Mar 26, 6:43 AM: But state officials have warned cyber charters against trying to take advantage of the crisis to recruit new students during the shutdown, while school districts across the state grapple with how to provide instruction >
The coronavirus crisis is an education crisis | Editorial
Mar 25, 7:47 AM: While many districts around the region were able to seamlessly move to online instruction, only about half of Philadelphia district students have access to technology. That translates to roughly 100,000 students who are >



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