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State aims to lessen brunt of charter high school
May 30, 5:41 AM: The state has placed a formal cap on the number of students entering the high school program at a local charter school. There’s even a suggestion for the school to temporarily stop recruiting students from Ontario School >
Another speed bump for Cannon Beach Academy
May 11, 5:06 AM: Days after securing enough students to open the Cannon Beach Academy, the board of directors will have to find a new location before opening this fall.
Alsea converting to charter school
May 5, 6:17 AM: The Alsea School Board is on the verge of finalizing plans to convert the district’s lone school into a charter school, a change that will allow the district to advertise the school and run buses into other districts. >
Bill passed by Oregon Senate would allow charter students to play public school sports
Apr 28, 6:26 AM: The bill passed Wednesday, and now moves to the house of representatives. If passed, it would require school districts to allow public charter school students to participate in extracurriculars. Logos director Joe >
Howard Street Charter gets a cut to district funding
Apr 20, 6:54 AM: Nancy MacMorris-Adix, the chairperson of the school board, said the funding level was an equity issue. MacMorris-Adix and other board members expressed their support for the charter and said the decrease in funding was not >
Paisley Public Charter School looks to increase enrollment numbers
Apr 19, 6:33 AM: Paisley Public Charter School in Lake County hopes to increase the number of incoming freshmen next year to maintain its longstanding academic and sports programs, Paisley Guidance Counselor Michael Jones said. >
Charter school aims to open doors with 257 students
Apr 10, 4:47 AM: Plans to open a new charter school to serve students in Fruitland, Payette, Weiser, New Plymouth and Parma have been bumped back a year, according to one of the school’s founding board members.
Oregon's Online Schools Offer Flexibility, But Graduation Rates Lag Behind
Apr 4, 4:50 AM: Backers of school choice have a new ally in the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. At her confirmation hearing before a Senate committee earlier this year, DeVos presented herself as a friend of parents seeking >
A decade of innovating
Mar 22, 6:48 AM: The school started with 60 students in ninth- and 10th-grades. Now it averages about 200 students per year in ninth through 12th grades, with the previous school year marking the first time they started with a waiting >
More Charter Schools Expected in Oregon
Mar 15, 6:26 AM: President Donald Trump has vowed to increase school  choice around the country and his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is a champion of charter schools.  Oregon already has 120 charter schools with more than >
Advocates push for more school spending
Mar 14, 5:51 AM: Advocates for boosting education funding took center stage at the Capitol on Monday, arguing through polling and voting results that Oregonians want more money spent on schools.
Charter school killed Crook County grad rate
Feb 8, 7:42 AM: Insight School of Oregon’s graduation rate in 2014-15 was 19.08 percent. In Oregon, where charter schools are privately run and publicly funded, they must be sponsored by a school district.
School board OKs policy banning charter students from playing athletics
Nov 16, 7:58 AM: The Medford School Board Monday voted four to two in support of a policy that would ban Medford charter students from participating in most high school athletics starting July 1, 2018.
Charter schools to be included in public school activities until 2018
Nov 15, 7:07 AM: Charter high school students  will not be excluded from public school activities like drama, band and sports until 2018. That’s the word from the Medford School Board Monday night.
Local student takes to online high school
Nov 14, 7:46 AM: When Taylor Hampton told her friends she was leaving high school to enroll in a virtual school online, they said she was crazy. With a negative image of a home-schooled student in their minds, they told her she would never >
Seaside School District approves charter application
Oct 27, 6:29 AM: Nearly four years after a group of residents initiated an effort to create a charter school in Cannon Beach, the organization reached a significant milestone with the approval of its charter. With that piece resolved, the >
New Rules Could Prioritize Traditional School Kids Over Charter Kids For Sports
Oct 11, 6:07 AM: At Medford School District's Monday night board meeting, they will have a final reading for new guidelines concerning charter school kids playing sports in the district.
Charter school families prepare to meet with district over sports
Oct 4, 6:37 AM: At least 50 parents are planning to meet with the Medford School District next monday over the sports controversy.
Charter students couldn't play sports on Medford teams under new rules
Oct 3, 5:32 AM: Local charter school students are being forced to choose between sports and an alternative education after the Medford School District redefined who could participate in sports at its traditional secondary schools. >
North Eugene losing out in school choice transfers
Sep 29, 4:49 AM: Data provided by the Eugene School District on Wednesday night left those in attendance with a lot of lingering questions and at least one major takeaway: North Eugene is the high school that’s affected most negatively by >



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