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Ore. offers $2 billion for schools as teachers plan walkout
Apr 5, 7:11 AM: Oregon legislative leaders laid out their plan to raise billions in dollars in revenue for schools, as teachers are readying themselves for a walkout to protest a chronic disinvestment in the state education system. >
Oregon Completes Combined School, College And Employment Info Database
Mar 27, 7:43 AM: The SLDS, as the database is called, pulls together information on Oregonians from public school databases, college and university registries, and the state’s employment department system, all with the goal of better >
Letter: Education savings accounts: A “Ticket to the Future” today
Mar 7, 6:22 AM: "A scholarship is not a five-year plan or a power point…,” Derrell explained recently. “It’s a ticket to the future, granted today, for a child trying to shape his or her own destiny in the here and now..." >
Portland school board to decide fate of embattled charter school
Feb 26, 7:42 AM: The Portland school board on Tuesday will decide the fate of one of its seven public charter schools, a decision school supporters say is unfair given the relatively short deadline they’ve been given to address >
Madras High School’s turnaround a result of sweeping change
Feb 5, 6:36 AM: There are many ways to judge a high school’s success — test scores, graduation rates — and most people wouldn’t consider pep rallies to be one of them. But for students at the resurgent Madras High School, where graduation >
Legislature looks to bolster education funding - with strings attached
Jan 25, 5:59 AM: A small group of legislators spent a year compiling their wish list of improvements to Oregon’s failing education system. Now they have five months to whittle it down to something realistic, find a way to fund it and sell >
Heppner student ropes in online education
Jan 24, 7:05 AM: A Heppner High School freshman has corralled his abilities in the rodeo arena while still keeping up in the classroom — thanks to Morrow Academy.
The Urban-Rural Divide: Funding rural school maintenance a challenge
Jan 22, 7:13 AM: While school districts in the state’s metropolitan areas pass high-priced bonds with regularity, communities in rural parts of the state must include only what is “absolutely necessary” to pass bonds — and even then it >
My View: Celebrate Oregon's educational options
Dec 18, 5:56 AM: As a mother of 13 children (no, that's not a typo) and grandmother of 17 more, I understand the critical role that parents play in the lives of their children. Education can make or break a child's future, and school >
Salem-Keizer board denies additional funding for Howard Street Charter School
Dec 13, 8:19 AM: The Salem-Keizer School Board has denied additional funding to Howard Street Charter School to secure and improve its new building.
Emissions cap, education reform top priorities as lawmakers return to Salem
Dec 10, 6:42 AM: As for education reform, members of the Joint Interim Committee on Student Success still don't expect to have a solid proposal until midway through the 2019 session.
Gov. Brown reaches out to rural Oregon
Dec 7, 7:54 AM:

And Brown wants to divvy millions for rural community colleges across the state, with a focus on career readiness.

Where They Stand: Oregon's Gubernatorial Candidates On Education
Oct 16, 5:03 AM: In the third and final gubernatorial debate, Gov. Kate Brown gave a number of where she wants the graduation rate to be by the end of her term, assuming she’s re-elected.
PSU’s flexibility with online classes makes it easier to get a business education
Oct 15, 5:01 AM: In Portland, more undergraduates are setting the terms for earning their degrees by choosing which of their classes each quarter to take online or on campus.
My View: Technical training is the key to success
Oct 11, 7:18 AM: Our community is at a critical point, one that inspires us to meet work force needs by bridging the skills gap, and to offer students access to greater opportunity. By way of increased state funding and industry >
Letter: Parents need options for children with learning challenges
Oct 4, 4:43 AM: Instead of trying to shoehorn students with unique needs into a single system, Oregon should empower families with school choice. Implementing a system like Education Savings Accounts would allow parents like Tara to >
Oregon Ed Board Draws Criticism, Defense For Loosening Instruction Time Rules
Sep 25, 5:22 AM: What the board terms “flexibility” affects several groups. Seniors who have either earned all the credits they need to graduate, or who are on track to do so, can fall short of minimum instructional time. >
Editorial: Gov. Brown silent on the big question
Sep 4, 5:53 AM: The two leading candidates for governor, Republican Knute Buehler of Bend and incumbent Democrat Kate Brown, both came out with plans for Oregon’s lackluster education system this summer. Only Buehler offered a way to pay >
Advocates for black children silence Portland school board
Aug 30, 6:40 AM: The crowd of families who sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing" had come to advocate that Portland Public Schools not evict a charter school that caters to black students. But frustration over the treatment of KairosPDX school >
A yearly question: Kairos PDX's Albina future uncertain
Jul 18, 6:06 AM: But, with three weeks until school starts, that location's future is in question -- a question that's become too consistent. Kairos said they're facing a yearly challenge to stay in that Portland Public Schools building, >



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