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Oregon parents knock new pass/incomplete grading policy
May 14, 7:53 AM: Some parents are pushing back on the Oregon Department of Education's decision regarding pass/incomplete grades by signing a petition that's circling the state.
Portland Public Schools’ no-paycut furlough plan gets OK from Oregon Employment Department, all but 1 key union
May 5, 7:26 AM: The teachers union, which promised its members they could vote on the deal before it would affect any teachers, is the lone holdout, according to the spokeswoman, Karen Werstein. The Portland Association of Teachers plans >
Joseph Charter School gets the hang of on-line learning
Apr 27, 7:01 AM: At first glance, it looks like an ordinary classroom. A math teacher at the board, writing formulas and talking through the process with a student. Except the Joseph Charter School classroom is lit only by sunlight coming >
Harmony Academy, Oregon's first addiction recovery high school, adapts to online learning
Apr 24, 6:57 AM: Harmony Academy is Oregon's first addiction recovery high school. This was their first year and like all schools in mid-March, they had to turn to online learning. That also meant online recovery meetings too. Students >
Guest column: Gov. Brown and OEA shut down online charter schools
Apr 22, 7:18 AM: In a time of national emergency, when our leaders need to be thinking outside the box and giving struggling families more choices rather than fewer, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown instead decided to pay back political favors by >
‘You have to work for it:’ Online academy student says routine, consistency key
Apr 21, 7:09 AM: Hailey’s been attending class online since she was in kindergarten. Eckstein noticed Hailey was easily distracted in pre-school and felt her daughter might need more targeted attention than the family’s home district could >
Some Oregon parents and students are upset over state's pass/incomplete grading system
Apr 20, 6:23 AM: Oregon high schoolers will be graded with a pass or incomplete for the rest of the school year. A big group of parents and students from around the state don't support that plan and started a petition a few days ago. As of >
Oregon State Board of Education votes to continue Eagle Charter School with conditions
Apr 17, 7:41 AM: EAGLE Charter School in Salem will continue to operate for at least the next two years following a passing vote by the Oregon State Board of Education on Thursday.
Oregon State Board of Education to vote on future of Eagle Charter School in Salem
Apr 15, 8:01 AM: After months of investigations, several meetings and the collection of public testimony, the fate of Salem's EAGLE Charter School will be decided in a virtual meeting Thursday morning.
Opinion: Oregon’s students need state to draw up a lesson plan
Apr 13, 6:53 AM: Oregon students won’t get this time back, and as leaders, neither will we. We cannot delay in our efforts to support their education with innovation, leadership and clarity of purpose.
Oregon parents react to school closures through rest of year
Apr 9, 8:27 AM: And while schools are forced to adapt on the fly with implementing online learning, you can’t really replace the stuff kids love about school, like seeing their friends on the playground. And for older students, there’s >
Oregon schools ready to switch to distance learning
Apr 2, 5:54 AM: The long-awaited guidance that school districts across the state have been waiting for came in on Monday night, as the Oregon Department of Education posted its Extended School Closure Guidance.
Review & Outlook : Oregon’s Coronavirus Education Lockdown
Apr 1, 7:54 AM: Even during a national crisis, unions would rather deprive students of an education than see their charter-school competitors succeed.
Virtual schools unable to enroll new students
Apr 1, 6:44 AM: Virtual schools can continue to service all its students enrolled prior to the statewide closures, given its compliance with the state.
Education leaders in Oregon work on new home-schooling guidelines during closure
Mar 31, 6:13 AM: Classrooms in Oregon and Washington have been empty since orders went out earlier this month by governors in both states to close schools. Oregon's Department of Education expects to deliver new home-schooling guidelines >
Oregon’s online schools also subject to Gov. Kate Brown’s coronavirus closure order
Mar 27, 8:11 AM: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s mid-March order shuttering the state’s public schools also applies to publicly funded online academies, state education officials said.
Coronavirus closure won’t lead to online classes in Oregon public schools. This is why
Mar 20, 6:22 AM: Oregon schools will not replace the weeks of traditional classroom instruction students are missing with online classes or another substitute while schools are shuttered until April 28.
EAGLE Charter School students, teachers and parents rally at the Capitol
Mar 3, 8:11 AM: EAGLE Charter School students, teachers and parents attend a rally at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, urging officials to keep the school going.
Thousands of online charter students won't get new Oregon schools money
Jan 17, 7:17 AM: The state’s 19 virtual charter schools, which have about 13,000 students, were excluded from the largest pot of money in the Student Success Act, a new state law intended to improve schooling for students across Oregon. >
As civics education declines, nonprofits and state try to fill the gap
Jan 8, 7:55 AM: Geissler said that civics education like this should be in every classroom. But it’s not. In recent decades, civics has fallen to the wayside in classrooms in Oregon and across the country. There is no current requirement >



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