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Former school employee defends hiring kin
Mar 29, 4:59 PM:

OR ed department worker accused of gross neglect because she hired her children when she led program for Medford schools. Bases covered here questioning all involved on how law allegedly violated, even if some responses >

Excelsior Prep opening could be delayed
Mar 29, 12:33 PM:

Excelsior Prep in Woodburn, OR, may not welcome students this summer. No building space yet, so charter committee says it should open in 2012. Unclear why the charter doesn't have a facility or why first proposal >

Concordia University and Northeast Portland's Faubion School propose 'education corridor,' a possible model for shared expertise, facilities
Mar 25, 4:42 PM:

OR university and public school propose sharing facilities and expertise. Each benefits and expanding the relationship good for both -- though failure of multimillion-dollar facilities bond won't kill partnership.

Several North and Northeast Portland schools chosen for pilot program to end racial disparity in suspensions
Mar 22, 4:49 PM:

New OR program aimed at cutting racial disparities in school expulsions and suspensions getting underway in several Portland public schools. SSketch out the program and tell who advocated for its launch. Was it based on >

Sand Ridge working to reinstate HS program
Mar 21, 10:19 AM:

Charter School in Lebanon, OR, will reinstate its high school program, beginning with ninth grade. Old one was ended 3 years ago to comply with charter's enrollment cap. Would be nice to hear something about charter's >

Eugene names new superintendent
Mar 17, 4:07 PM:

Eugene, OR, hires superintendent away from Louisville, where his contract was not renewed. His term in KY is said to have been "controversial" because of a "student assignment plan" crafted after Supreme Court overturned >

Mar 16, 2:38 PM:

Very short blurb on charter kids coming to Legislature to testify on behalf of more funding for charters. Includes enough info on the bill and a little bit on current funding percentages. Missed opportunity to hear from >

OR: Oregon House defeats bill to expand charter school law
Mar 15, 2:39 PM:

Charter expansion bill fails by close vote. Goes behind the scenes to unveil forces behind bill's failure -- state teacher union. Makes connection that the 3 Republicans against bill all were supported in their election >

Oregon House votes down charter schools bill
Mar 15, 12:52 PM:

Bill that would have given charters more freedom from school board "road blocks," among other items of flexibility, was rejected in a close vote by the Legislature. Critics who say funding should have same strings for >

Oregon House defeats bill to expand charter school law
Mar 15, 5:52 AM:

OR charter bill was defeated in House, but it was more about politics than the actual bill. Bill would've created a 5 year charter length and another method of appealing rejected applications. Not very big changes to >

Ore. House to vote Monday on charter schools
Mar 14, 9:00 AM:

OR House of Representatives, evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, takes up the issue of improving existing charter school legislation, with goal to make creation easier. Here, it's billed as a face-off >

Oregon House delays charter school vote as support emerges from Oregon's Stand for Children
Mar 9, 5:09 PM:

OR House delays vote until Monday on bill to reform charter school law, facilitate appeals and allow longer contracts. No handicapping here of bill's chance of passage, though new advocacy group backing gets attention. >

Bills aim to add education options
Mar 7, 11:10 AM:

Three reform bills, modeled on FL education system, up for vote in OR House Ed Committee. Dems oppose with debunked myth that choice means public schools lose money. Showcase the mythology of this notion and the one that >

Bills aim to add education options
Mar 7, 7:46 AM:

Party lines drawn for battle of school choice bills in OR. Details based on FL model, with tax-credit scholarships and vouchers for special needs kids on the table. People heard from both sides of debate, but how and >

Oregon House education committee approves bill that makes changes to charter school law
Mar 1, 6:57 AM:

Oregon House acts to lengthen charter contracts while cutting required community involvement so outside organizations can provide innovative programs. If local school boards' say-so weakened, is that a bad thing? How >

Kitzhaber calls for universal new Oregon school funding board, education reform
Feb 22, 11:29 AM:

Gov issues a reform plan to fix funding issues that among other changes consolidates ed governing power into a single preschool-through-college oversight board, replacing the State Board of Higher Ed and the OR Ed Board. >

Coburg creates community charter school
Feb 15, 10:15 AM:

Traditional public school closing, reopening as charter to get back local control lost in district merge. No background on why merge occurred or how it hindered school.

Roll up your sleeves
Feb 14, 10:38 AM:

OR Gov.'s budget garners mixed reaction with more early childhod ed funds, and a cost-savings plan but many questions about effectiveness. And what happens if plan fails?

Schools brace for the worst under governors public education budget
Feb 10, 2:43 PM:

Portland budget woes drive officials to consider reducing admin hours and cutting school days. Local candidate suggests shifting funding burden from locality to state caused budget problems but article fails to provide >

Schools brace for the worst under governors public education budget
Feb 10, 10:24 AM:

Oregon's decreased spending plan bothers educators who reminisce about localized control and fear good teachers will be cut. No context -- info on overall ed budget and teacher quality provisions missing.




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