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Opinion: Career Technical Education creates pathways to high demand, high wage careers
Apr 23, 7:16 AM: ODE reports 770 CTE programs of study available across the state, in career learning areas ranging from natural resources to arts, from communications to engineering.
Editorial: Madrone Trail board makeup is cause for concern
Apr 11, 6:35 AM: Madrone Trail Public Charter School has much work to do to save its charter with the Medford School District. Test scores are far below state averages, and district officials have expressed concerns about finances as well. >
Editorial: Climbing school-reform’s Everest
Apr 2, 5:03 AM: One obvious way to boost graduation rates is to increase the number of career and technical education, or CTE, courses offered in Oregon high schools. The schools that already offer what used to be called vocational >
Springfield School District to take full control of A3 alternative school
Mar 13, 6:10 AM: The Springfield School District will move to end the charter school designation for the Academy of Arts and Academics, an alternative high school also known as A3.
Oregon won't allow 529 tax breaks for K-12 private school
Mar 9, 6:48 AM: Oregon parents won't get a state tax break on money they save to pay for K-12 private schooling, lawmakers have decided. That's despite a federal tax break approved in December as part of a congressional tax overhaul. >
Bill would extend extracurricular activities to charter, home-school students
Mar 2, 7:09 AM: Charter and home-school students will be able to attend music programs and other extracurricular­ activities at regular schools in Oregon, following a move by the Legislature.
Wahtonka school seeks charter
Feb 7, 7:17 AM: Wahtonka Community School is venturing into the uncharted waters of becoming a charter school. Principal Brian Goodwin is unabashed about why: He wants to give the alternative school the budget protection offered by >
Elementary Schools showcase programs to parents for school choice
Jan 8, 5:52 AM: January is School Choice Month in the Eugene 4J District, and families had a chance on Saturday to check out the options for their kids. When looking at the numerous elementary schools to choose from, each has its own >
Gearing up for college
Jan 3, 8:11 AM: In a major victory for charter school teens, they now have a fully equipped computer lab they use for looking at colleges. Reedsport Community Charter School Office Manager Sheri Wall looked around the lab, smiling. >
Dropout rates at Oregon's alternative high schools cry out for better oversight, audit says
Dec 21, 7:16 AM: Oregon's nearly 50 alternative high schools and online schools urgently require heightened scrutiny and better state oversight to stanch their flood of dropouts, a state audit has found.
Charter school helps kids in special circumstances with Resource Link
Dec 5, 6:16 AM: Though the program has moved locations throughout the district, it has settled in four classrooms in the second floor of the Harding Building. It is also one of the most unique charter schools around and is often used as >
Access Academy Parents Push Portland Public Schools For 'Home'
Oct 9, 6:43 AM: Oregon’s largest school district is weighing options for how to redraw boundaries for much of North and Northeast Portland. The changes Portland Public Schools could enact hinge at least in part on the fate of two >
KairosPDX Charter School Can Stay At Humboldt Building, PPS Says
Oct 5, 5:32 AM: The next version of Portland Public Schools’ boundary proposal for Northeast Portland will keep KairosPDX charter school, a program that caters to African-American students, in the historic heart of Portland’s black >
Medford School District questions ethics of Logos Public Charter School
Oct 3, 6:39 AM: A series of emails and letters are outlining a new disagreement brewing between Medford School District and Logos Public Charter School.
Emotions run high as Portland Public Schools plans to shuffle 5,000 students
Sep 28, 6:44 AM: Oregon's largest school district plans to jostle 5,000 students —10 percent of its enrollment —  as part of a long-awaited effort to fix education inequities.
Mayor Urges Portland Schools To Let Charter School Stay Put
Sep 22, 5:06 AM: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is the latest area leader to call on Oregon’s largest school district to let a small charter school stay where it is.
Charter student not allowed to join choir at Beaverton elementary school
Sep 22, 4:54 AM: A Beaverton mom is upset after her son wasn’t allowed to join an elementary school choir. The reason: he’s a charter school student.
New law puts charter school students in play
Sep 21, 5:17 AM: Charter schools in Medford are praising a new law that allows charter students to participate in extracurricular programs — including sports — in the district, but that victory comes with a price tag. >
Parent survey results show why K-12 students choose to attend online schools
Sep 11, 5:58 AM: Thousands of students from across the state headed back-to-school Tuesday without boarding a yellow bus, searching the hallways to find a locker or rushing to class when the bell rings.
Converting to charter school boosts Alsea enrollment
Aug 31, 5:26 AM: Marc Thielman, Alsea’s superintendent and principal, said the school has about 150 students this year — about 20 more than forecast — thanks to converting to a charter school earlier this year. That change allows the >



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