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Changes to education board must be about more than power struggle
Mar 1, 6:24 AM:

First OK state board meeting exposes structural problem: elected superintendent and Governor-appointed board with veto power. Non rubber-stamping options elude. Model workable options by showcasing those that have raised >

Board of education discusses budget civilly
Feb 25, 11:37 AM:

Efforts by new elected Super threaten state board, which was seated by previous governor.  Politics abound and power struggles might yield if Barresi gets more authority from legislative efforts. Criticism of her hires, >

Proposal would change teacher due process system in Oklahoma
Feb 23, 10:52 AM:

House Committee approves legislation that hampers tenured teachers' right to appeal a school board's termination decision in court. If passed, the law would allow teachers to appeal termination decisions to a three >

Oklahoma Senate approves bill to shake up Board of Education
Feb 22, 1:26 PM:


Move to restructure school board looks like Republican attempt to gain control after rifts between Democratic-appointed board members and Rep. Superintendent Janet Barresi. Political battle has reporter's attention >

Okla. Senate panel OKs changes to teacher firings
Feb 22, 1:23 PM:

AP story reviewed by the Bullpen ("No Reasoning Behind Bills") now has additional info on OK Senate approving board restructuring. Focus strictly political -- lawmaker mentions change makes board "more accountable to >

Bill would make firing teachers easier
Feb 22, 8:48 AM:

Bills pass through OK Senate that expand charters and eliminate court appeals for fired teachers. No explanation of firing process or why legislation considered -- attention only given to union skepticism and "attack on >

Education changes inevitable
Feb 21, 11:07 AM:

Editorial critical of education establishment's attempts to thwart reform legislation. Argues that status status quo isn't working and that reform ideas should be given fair shake. But it doesn't specify what legislation >

Republican State Leaders Target Public Education
Feb 15, 12:17 PM:

OK Senate advances bill to improve student achievement. Note if these proposals, like holding a kid back if unable to read at grade level, are supported in other districts.  Discussion of availablility of qualified >

Republican state leaders target public education
Feb 15, 11:15 AM:

OK Republicans approve moves to ensure students can read before moving up grade levels, that give schools letter grades on performance, that tie advancement in grade to reading level. Other proposals in the works: merit >

Senate Panel OKs Plan To Strip Power From Education Board - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
Feb 8, 11:57 AM:

Everybody gets a say in this piece on how/why Oklahoma's new schools superintendent has been given total control of DOE. Losers are aggrieved, winners satisfied, and both want to be heard.

Fallin Unveils Executive Budget Spending Proposals
Feb 8, 11:13 AM:

Record of Okla. Gov.'s budget cuts.  List of numbers lost in translation.  Need to know what cuts mean, if anything, to local schools, students and their families.  



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