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Okla Department of Education unveils IT restructuring plan, says it could save more than $4M
Jun 10, 9:42 AM:

OK state Super's plan will save $4M over 6 years and optimize department operations. Readers left wondering if now is an appropriate time since schools across America are in a budget bind. Expose whether officials are >

Barresi's actions questioned again by lawmaker
Jun 10, 5:59 AM:

Lawmaker calls actions of OK superintendent into question after board awards her broad powers, including hire and fire privileges. Not enough background to appreciate situation. Has board struggled to accomplish goals? >

Oklahoma City School Board approves site for downtown elementary
Jun 7, 12:55 PM:

Reviews plans for proposed elementary school in downtown Oklahoma City. Could tell us more about why this site was so desirable. What will new facility offer its students? Delve further into charter vs. public debate, >

Two bills designed to revamp education
Jun 6, 9:08 AM:

OK Legislature passes measures for school report cards and tax credits. Latter includes "innovation" option for rural students who don't live near private schools. Want to know if other states have this option since you >

Review of teacher education colleges a worthy project
Jun 6, 9:06 AM:

Oklahoman editorial agrees teacher colleges need reviewing. Warns us how current Sooner State credential data doesn't indicate if teachers are helping students learn. Any move to link teacher prep data with performance >

State amends special needs legislation Storytate amends special needs legis
Jun 2, 1:56 PM:

New OK law has state Dept. of Ed administering program that requires public school districts to pay for private school education for students with disabilities. Reason:  Some districts violated law. Begs question why >

Editorial: A steep climb
Jun 2, 1:54 PM:

Common sense approach to OK's failure to meet NCLB targets. Calls for law to be revisited, while acknowledging that measurable goals have brought about improvements. But no suggestions here on how to translate higher >

New Race to the Top a good fit for Oklahoma
Jun 2, 5:39 AM:

Editorial urges OK to expand pre-K programs, as latest Race To The Top competition announced. Strengthens case by looking at long-term benefits of early childhood education. Some good advice for lawmakers, incl. >

Oklahoma State Education Board awards millions to poor-performing schools
May 27, 6:06 AM:

State grants $17M for 3 struggling schools. Give us details -- how will they improve teacher quality and overhaul instruction? "Dramatic" increase in poor-performing schools deserves closer look. Look at why schools are >

Oklahoma summer reading program emphasizes other cultures
May 18, 1:40 PM:

Reading program in OK designed to keep students’ minds sharp through summer months. A commendable and worthwhile endeavor. Oklahoman should have found its own studies about retention through summer breaks, rather than >

Oklahoma City charter schools' lease squabble ends with agreement
May 18, 5:35 AM:

Two Oklahoma City charter schools end six-year lease dispute over shared building. Article goes on about negotiations without providing specifics on problems, how they were resolved, or why it took so long. Also, writer >

Sand Springs Makes Room for Virtual School; TPS Students Too?
May 12, 2:31 PM:

Sand Springs is opening virtual school. Questions about whether it'll attract Tulsa students because of Project Schoolhouse consolidation/closures. More details would provide clarity. Are parents' other choices in Tulsa >

50 Teach for America recruits to teach in Oklahoma City schools
May 12, 5:51 AM:

Teach for America brings "highly sought" individuals to teach economically disadvantaged kids. Doesn't say why they're sought after, or why poor kids have uneven access to quality educators. TFA has proven advantages and >

Proposed tax credit in Oklahoma for private school scholarships could go to wealthy
May 6, 7:19 AM:

OK Senate approves bill establishing tax credit for private school scholarships targeted to low-income children, but wealthy could also get them. Pro/con breakdown on who qualifies. What's really at issue is choice for >

School Grade Bill Headed to Governor
May 3, 1:38 PM:

OK leg sends bill to gov enacting a grading system for all public schools. Gives Florida as example of previous state that instituted grading and saw improvements. Gives parents simple means of understanding their >

4 school districts served with lawsuit over Henry scholarships
May 3, 7:12 AM:

Lawsuit against Tulsa-area systems claims special-needs children denied private school scholarships in violation of new law. Focus on constitutional question important, but tell us scholarships' cost and whether state >

Oklahoma House approves raising teacher retirement age
Apr 28, 11:59 AM:

OK Leg approves bill that increases teacher retirement age. Affects only hires after Nov. 1. Plenty of budget numbers to consider, but little consideration for what this could mean for education. Performance pay recently >

Tougher tests bring less progress for many schools across state
Apr 28, 7:14 AM:

Number of OK schools failing NCLB requirements rose 30% in 1 year. Increase blamed on implementation of more rigorous standards. Data ranking quality of state tests exists. Find it. Hints at law overhaul but mentions >

Oklahoma House passes private school tax credits measure
Apr 27, 5:39 AM:

OK House approves tax credits for private school scholarships for kids who are low-income or in poor-performing schools. Debate ensues over whether or not this is a voucher program. Who cares about semantics. Focus on >

Oklahoma House advances bill to create charter school commission
Apr 26, 5:30 AM:

OK legislation would establish oversight committee for online charter schools. Ample support from public schools. Parents like it too. Statewide standards could soften criticisms about lack of accountability and bring >



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