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Oklahoma City John Marshall High School's principal resigns before termination hearing
Jul 13, 8:57 AM:

OK principal resigns before termination hearing, preventing the reason for his recommended dismissal from being revealed. Makes you wonder what it was. Would be interested to learn if official's claim that recommendation >

Oklahoma cuts funding for adult education
Jul 11, 9:28 AM:

Very personal and detailed article on people affected by elimination of all state funding for adult ed. Would like to know if any alternative or local funding exists to help struggling programs replace lost dollars. >

Oklahoma programs for at-risk students lose funding, support
Jul 8, 9:01 AM:

Focus here on impact of budget cuts on programs for at-risk students. Specifics on dollars and staff being lost, but unclear exactly what being "scaled way down" means. Would like to know how many students participate >

State superintendent met cautious support from local leaders at OKC meeting
Jul 8, 6:09 AM:

New OK Super urges educators to do more with less following $100M budget cuts. Mentions reforms, but apart from easing regulations, doesn't say what they involve. Plenty of quotes from those who disagree or are anxious >

Sand Springs school board mulls lawsuit
Jul 7, 10:19 AM:

OK district considers suing state to fully fund its employee health benefits costs. Would be interested in hearing more about the legal basis for their argument. Only alluded to here. State shouldn't saddle districts >

Mustang implements full-day kindergarten
Jul 6, 1:38 PM:

This fall for first time ever, all Mustang, OK elementary schools offering full-day kindergarten. Details here on how additional class time will be spent, but no specifics in super's announcement on how budget allows for >

Edmond School Board to consider construction bids, teacher contracts
Jul 6, 10:32 AM:

Teaching contracts and construction bids are on the agenda at Edmond, OK, school board meeting. Tell us how new building plans and tracks could benefit students. With budgets tight, ask for more details of bidding >

Three principals chosen for Norman schools
Jul 6, 9:23 AM:

Slew of assistant principals in OK district gets pumped to full principal status. Bare-bones brief with their new assignments and salaries. Would be worthwhile to ask someone why these were the right people for the jobs. >

KIPP Tulsa applies for charter school status
Jun 30, 6:25 AM:

KIPP Tulsa College Prep is applying to become charter, like every other school in national KIPP network. Details here on reasons for change. Would like more details on KIPP choosing Tulsa Public Schools to be charter >

Oklahoma City schools budget adds programs
Jun 29, 10:04 AM:

With extra funding, Oklahoma City district adding some "priority" reforms to its spending. Skips details on those reforms, though, with only a couple of phrases to describe them. Why keep students in an elementary school >

Oklahoma City elementary schoolteacher frets about sending students to poor performing middle high school
Jun 27, 6:10 AM:

Focus on poor-performing OKC Centennial Middle High School and worries of principal at one of its feeder schools. Unclear here why Britton Elem. students don't  enroll at other schools mentioned as their counterparts at >

Oklahoma City seniors spend summer prepping for graduation exams
Jun 23, 8:48 AM:

OK schools aiding students with graduation examinations through a summer program. Lends scope to situation, but skirts on specifics of "boot camp" and how it's helping students progress. Spend some more time with that. >

Teacher union's slate of ideas commendable
Jun 23, 5:39 AM:

Oklahoman opines proposed union reforms "more than just political rhetoric." Need to dig into reforms to see if they're substantive. Can't hush union critics without disclosing details. Doesn't help to reference Monday's >

Governor Mary Fallin appoints retired general Lee Baxter to Oklahoma education board
Jun 22, 10:30 AM:

OK governor appoints a retired Army general to the state board of education. Strangely, the general seems to be decidedly lacking in any kind of qualifications for the job. No mention in report of previous experience >

Oklahoma's Promise program celebrates 15 years
Jun 21, 8:47 AM:

OK Promise Scholarship celebrates 15 years of providing college tuition for low-income H.S. graduates. Talks program growth and requirements. Better to probe state official on why all eligible students don't take offer. >

Mid-Del School Board hires superintendent
Jun 16, 10:46 AM:

Midwest City-Del City School Board in OK hires super who says she has no interest in keeping job permanently. Article focuses on what she's called -- interim super or just super. Buried, but much more important is what >

Virtual charter school opens in Choctaw-Nicoma Park
Jun 16, 8:33 AM:

OK district offering virtual charter when classes begin in August. Good details and background here on K-12, company managing and providing online curriculum, but nothing on what interested parents need to do to enroll >

Principal changes abound in Oklahoma City School District
Jun 15, 10:29 AM:

District shuffling administrators to new school assignments. Focus here on who's moving where -- not necessarily why they're being posted to certain schools. Not much on how their specific skills match up with schools' >

TPS makes cuts to special education
Jun 15, 10:21 AM:

Tulsa Public Schools slash $4.2M, including nearly half the special ed staff being paid for with expiring fed stimulus dollars. Article allows super to take unanswered swipe at vouchers, claiming $5M spent for them >

Loss of campus clinic at Oklahoma City school has repercussions beyond student health
Jun 14, 10:01 AM:

Focus here is on OK City alternative high school that lost health clinic that helped pregnant teens and young moms attending classes there. Details on consequences of clinic closure -- higher number of pregnancies. But >



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