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Proposed tax credit in Oklahoma for private school scholarships could go to wealthy
May 6, 7:19 AM:

OK Senate approves bill establishing tax credit for private school scholarships targeted to low-income children, but wealthy could also get them. Pro/con breakdown on who qualifies. What's really at issue is choice for >

School Grade Bill Headed to Governor
May 3, 1:38 PM:

OK leg sends bill to gov enacting a grading system for all public schools. Gives Florida as example of previous state that instituted grading and saw improvements. Gives parents simple means of understanding their >

4 school districts served with lawsuit over Henry scholarships
May 3, 7:12 AM:

Lawsuit against Tulsa-area systems claims special-needs children denied private school scholarships in violation of new law. Focus on constitutional question important, but tell us scholarships' cost and whether state >

Oklahoma House approves raising teacher retirement age
Apr 28, 11:59 AM:

OK Leg approves bill that increases teacher retirement age. Affects only hires after Nov. 1. Plenty of budget numbers to consider, but little consideration for what this could mean for education. Performance pay recently >

Tougher tests bring less progress for many schools across state
Apr 28, 7:14 AM:

Number of OK schools failing NCLB requirements rose 30% in 1 year. Increase blamed on implementation of more rigorous standards. Data ranking quality of state tests exists. Find it. Hints at law overhaul but mentions >

Oklahoma House passes private school tax credits measure
Apr 27, 5:39 AM:

OK House approves tax credits for private school scholarships for kids who are low-income or in poor-performing schools. Debate ensues over whether or not this is a voucher program. Who cares about semantics. Focus on >

Oklahoma House advances bill to create charter school commission
Apr 26, 5:30 AM:

OK legislation would establish oversight committee for online charter schools. Ample support from public schools. Parents like it too. Statewide standards could soften criticisms about lack of accountability and bring >

Reading requirement isn't unfunded mandate
Apr 21, 12:23 PM:

"If you can't read, you are royally screwed up for life." An OK representative fairly summarized the importance of reading as state moves to approve mandatory reading levels for third grade. Editorial tries to remove >

TPS choice transfers in jeopardy
Apr 18, 11:18 AM:

Students in Tulsa, OK are faced with the prospect of having to return to neighborhood schools they were trying to transfer out of. No mention of why so many parents/students transferred, or why these schools are facing >

Stakes higher than ever for state schools superintendent
Apr 18, 5:43 AM:

Editorial opines OK schools are in good hands now that state Super has greater power and state board's power has been diluted. Doesn't say how power was allocated before shift. Would help to know a little about the >

New teacher due-process law will benefit students
Apr 15, 5:36 AM:


Recent bill signed by Governor eliminates automatic appeals when teachers are fired. Long overdue changes to firing processes saves money and students from having bad teachers. Good examples of why/how here.


Fallin signs bill to eliminate teachers' right to appeal firing
Apr 13, 6:15 AM:

OK Gov signed bill to treat teachers "like the other professionals" by eliminating their right to appeal a firing in district court. Time and cost of firing teachers is high, though not specifically discussed here.


Oklahoma House panel backs new formula to determine graduation rate
Apr 13, 5:54 AM:

New calculation for OK graduation rates may be lower at first, but will be more accurate. Good explanation of how the math will change and what it will mean for percentage and future state policy.


What are the new >

Fallin signs bill to shift power from state board
Apr 11, 1:55 PM:

Gov Fallin signs law that gives elected state super all the duties previously held by appointed state ed board. Politics involved in decision detailed and implications outlined along with summary of reform efforts >

Sperry to offer free online public school
Apr 11, 8:13 AM:

OK will offer K-8 students opportunity to individualize learning with new virtual school. Provider based in MD, but you don't tell us if there's outcry from critics about a private provider even though students would >

Barresi Testifies Before Congressional Committee - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
Apr 8, 4:16 PM:

OK State School Super Barresi brings her reform agenda to congressional committee, sees problems with Dept. of Ed guidelines. Expand on her thoughts about education delivery and detail her 3R agenda. Not enough here.

Online courses should be part of education mix
Apr 7, 5:48 AM:

Editorial thinks virtual schools are great because they increase avenues to graduation. Shouldn't forget that quality counts too -- reason why some OK schools partnered with outside vendors because they had proven >

Online classes are on way to Putnam City
Apr 6, 5:39 AM:

OK district starts online classes this May. Short article packed with info like who takes on-line courses and how virtual school aligns with state standards and teacher certification. Okay, but certification doesn't >

State students prepare for exams needed to graduate
Apr 4, 9:16 AM:

First OK students struggle with 4 state tests required for graduation - 20,000 have failed at least one. Exit exams are under fire, as studies claim they raise dropout rates and hurt poor students. How are students being >

Rhee offers a lesson about school board power
Apr 4, 5:45 AM:

OK state superintendent shouldn't waste time convincing state board about reforms, says editorial. And those changes are...? How has streamlining bureaucracy worked in other areas? Look to Newark, NJ, Baltimore, MD, or >



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