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Charter school teachers not bound by union
Mar 23, 5:45 AM:

Editorial brags OK charter law got teacher independence right, unlike MD whose weak law was recently highlighted by the Baltimore KIPP teacher union incident. Right idea here about restrictive union contracts, but wrong >

Not true to say Legislature doesn't care about education
Mar 18, 5:54 AM:

Because lawmakers are talking about reform and not just money, education groups are saying they do not care.  The opinion folks at this paper jump to their defense, saying that the aggressive action being taken to change >

Opportunity Scholarship Act passes Oklahoma state Senate
Mar 17, 3:53 PM:

Voucher program, no tuition scholarship. Debate over what to call it didn't hinder Senate passage of OK's tuition scholarship bill. One of the few papers that includes explanation that more money remains in public school >

Oklahoma's stimulus funding finds home in school districts in the nick of time
Mar 17, 8:25 AM:

Federal stimulus funds in OK go unaccounted for and state and districts quickly hatch a plan to pay for previously purchased textbooks. Stimulus money, given to states in 2009, mostly used for teacher salaries and to >

Oklahoma Senate OKs plan to overhaul teachers pensions
Mar 17, 5:58 AM:

Several changes to teacher pension system moved through OK Senate, including extending vesting period from 5 to 8 years, moving retirement age from 62 to 65 and making state pick up tab for cost-of-living increases -- >

Oklahoma teachers rally for smaller class sizes, protected rights
Mar 16, 6:13 AM:

Teachers rallying at Capitol chant that they "see red" when class size increases. They're also protesting bill to end right to appeal termination. Um, how about adding, "I see red when kids aren't reading at grade level" >

Parents of children with disabilities can prepare for their adulthood now
Mar 14, 10:10 AM:

Children with various learning and developmental disabilities need their parents help to start planning for post-high school years beginning in 6th grade. Are schools playing Pilate here and washing their hands of >

Bill ending teacher retirement loophole passes Oklahoma House
Mar 10, 7:03 AM:

OK House passed bill to fix loophole in teacher retirement system that was allowing retired teachers to take jobs with union or association and continue to earn service credits. Unions claim this is an attempt to >

Oklahoma House defeats school funding proposal
Mar 10, 6:32 AM:

Battle over local control waged, with House defeat of bill that would mandate that 65% of state funds to public schools target instruction. Sponsor wants dollars to follow student. Informative to know just what >

Oklahoma House approves measure changing teacher due-process system
Mar 9, 4:22 AM:

Competing OK bills deal with firing a "career" teacher. One would make decision by school board to fire final, ending teacher's ability to appeal to court. The other would allow career teacher fired by school board to >

Oklahoma City School Board votes to return sixth-grade classes to elementary schools
Mar 8, 3:41 PM:

OK district moving to its goal of having grades K-6 in separate buildings from grades 7-12, which will share a building. This was done via a bond issue, but not all 6-grade classrooms can move back this year. Sure would >

Legislature must right pension plan of Oklahoma teachers
Mar 8, 6:04 AM:

Advocates reform of teacher pension system and issues are similar to what's going on in other states. Lawmakers called to step up to plate and tackle the growing unfunded liabilities. But, will union play ball? Are there >

Bill to remodel state Education Board would put Oklahoma in class of its own
Mar 7, 9:33 AM:

Tension between new OK superintendent and state education board coming to head in new bills to change structure. One would replace appointed board members with state officials; other would reduce board authority and give >

Oklahoma school superintendents earn more than $52 million this year
Mar 7, 7:28 AM:

Scrutiny over superintendents' salaries in OK. One district under fire for proposed closings and layoffs, but reporting thinks comparing other districts' administrative costs is sufficient without mentioning anything >

Oklahoma City attorney requests student contact information for marketing
Mar 2, 7:12 AM:

City attorney who went to court for OK online charter requests student contact info to inform families about virtual options. One school Superintendent retroactively informs parents they can opt out of providing >

University of Central Oklahoma pays $60K to exit charter deal
Mar 2, 6:45 AM:

University backs out of sponsoring OK's first online charter. Another deal made with Graham public schools so virtual learning still an option. Aside from details missing on why UCO reversed decision, report doesn't tell >

House committee passes religious beliefs bill for Oklahoma public school students
Mar 2, 5:38 AM:

A student's freedom to discuss his religion in homework and speeches, or general expression outside of prayer -- if a district so accepts it -- is sanctioned by a House bill, assuming it goes through. Yawn. Why is this a >

Mid-Del School Board votes to sell two elementaries
Mar 1, 11:04 AM:

District board puts two schools up for sale with goal of freeing up funds to keep teacher jobs. Although, coverage doesn't say if sold schools will hire new personnel or not. No clue why these two chosen, especially >

Changes to education board must be about more than power struggle
Mar 1, 6:24 AM:

First OK state board meeting exposes structural problem: elected superintendent and Governor-appointed board with veto power. Non rubber-stamping options elude. Model workable options by showcasing those that have raised >

Board of education discusses budget civilly
Feb 25, 11:37 AM:

Efforts by new elected Super threaten state board, which was seated by previous governor.  Politics abound and power struggles might yield if Barresi gets more authority from legislative efforts. Criticism of her hires, >



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