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Boston Celtics Enes Kanter plans to open charter school in Oklahoma City
Jan 13, 8:22 AM: Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is filing an application to open a charter school in Oklahoma City. Kanter played nearly three seasons with the Thunder.
Former Thunder player seeks to open charter school in Oklahoma City
Jan 10, 9:18 AM: Called the Enes Kanter School for Exceptional Learning, Kanter has not yet identified a location, but “our goal is to situate EKSEL Charter School where the need is high,” Kanter wrote in a letter submitted to Oklahoma >
Editorial: Use state school money for education in the classroom, not marketing
Jan 7, 7:40 AM: Public school districts should use public education funds for classrooms, not million-dollar marketing campaigns.
TPS finds success in reinventing high school experience through Tulsa Beyond project
Jan 6, 8:18 AM: Design teams at the Tulsa Beyond schools — Webster, Hale, Tulsa Learning Academy and McLain — spent several months creating personalized school models tailored to the unique needs of their communities. >
State senate bill could block use of state funds for school advertising
Jan 3, 7:33 AM: An Oklahoma lawmaker seeks to ban school districts and charter schools from using state funds for advertising and marketing.
Editorial: Rules for Oklahoma's four-day school districts should be firm
Dec 20, 6:33 AM: The state Department of Education has angered some folks with its proposed rules for school districts that want to continue operating four days per week. Although some tweaks to the requirements may be needed, here’s >
Oklahoma schools vying to keep 4-day weeks despite new limits
Dec 18, 9:19 AM: With more restrictions coming for four-day school weeks, some education advocates are fighting to keep their shortened schedules intact. Supporters of four-day school weeks say newly proposed rules from the Oklahoma State >
Lawmakers accuse Epic Charter Schools of trying to intimidate them, setting 'dangerous' precedent with defamation lawsuit against state senator
Dec 16, 8:25 AM: Rep. Sheila Dills, R-Tulsa, called the lawsuit filed Tuesday against Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Shawnee, an attempt to silence constituents whose concerns legislators are sworn to represent and an attempt to intimidate other >
Breaking the Cycle of Statistics: One EPIC administrator's story
Dec 11, 8:31 AM: Ellison is EPIC Charter Schools’ director of college and career readiness and most at EPIC know her favorite quote is “The two most important days in anyone’s life are the day they are born and the day they figure out >
Column: Charter school success hiding in plain sight
Dec 5, 7:57 AM: Oklahomans, in recent weeks, have been buffeted by report after report, including results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the ACT college readiness exam, and the state’s own A-F assessment of the >
Epic Charter Schools continues to grow in area
Dec 3, 8:24 AM: Epic Charter Schools has a record number of students for the current 2019-2020 school year and is anticipated to be the state's third-largest public school system in Oklahoma when the State Department of Education soon >
Most virtual charter schools' students don't graduate
Dec 2, 7:51 AM: Dressed in blue robes with gold-colored stoles around their neck, graduates of Epic Virtual Charter School walked across the stage at the Mabee Center arena in Tulsa earlier this year, shaking hands with school officials >
Sharp files bills to increase accountability of state’s charter schools
Nov 26, 7:04 AM: Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Shawnee, filed two bills Friday to continue his efforts to improve administrative and financial accountability of Oklahoma’s virtual and brick-and-mortar charter schools.
Oklahoma charter school puts emphasis on indigenous people, cultures
Nov 25, 8:30 AM: The first Native American charter school has opened in Oklahoma City, an accomplishment the Native American community is proud to share.
Dove Science Academy to create statewide virtual school
Nov 13, 7:13 AM: An application and contract to create Oklahoma Information and Technology School passed a vote from the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board on Tuesday. The board voted against Dove’s first application to create >
Oklahoma City school district sued over increase in charter fees
Nov 12, 8:21 AM: A charter school organization is challenging an Oklahoma City Public Schools plan to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars more in charter fees.
Editorial: Tulsa Public Schools needs to address student flight to other districts.
Nov 11, 8:03 AM: At the heart of the Tulsa Public Schools financial crisis is the continuing loss of thousands of students.
New charter means changes are coming for John Rex
Nov 7, 7:30 AM: A host of changes are coming for John W. Rex Charter School, but administrators say the student experience will remain the same.
Oklahoma Charter School Opens With Hopes To Better Serve Native American Students
Nov 6, 7:55 AM: In Oklahoma, a new charter school has opened to serve Native American students. The hope is to promote Indigenous identities in the classroom.
Editorial: Rising failure to meet any ACT benchmarks ought to awaken lawmakers
Nov 5, 7:35 AM: Every graduating senior in Oklahoma last year took the ACT college entrance exam, but a startling 46% failed to meet the minimum benchmark in any academic category.



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