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New blended learning framework establishes guidelines for rising virtual programming in schools
Aug 12, 6:32 AM: An Oklahoma nonprofit organization has established a guide to help the multitude of traditional school districts wanting to explore virtual education.
Epic Charter Schools' expansion into Texas in limbo amid new revelations about criminal investigation
Aug 2, 7:05 AM: Epic Charter Schools’ expansion into Texas has been halted just a few weeks before the start of the new school year.
Oklahoma Officials: Impossible To Track Epic Charter Schools' Alleged 'Ghost Students'
Jul 29, 7:07 AM: Oklahoma investigators believe Epic Charter Schools embezzled money by inflating its enrollment with homeschool and private school students. Because of the state’s dedication to privacy, State Superintendent of Public >
Tulsa lawmaker uses rarely invoked legal provision to attend closed-door meeting on Epic Charter Schools investigation, educators
Jul 29, 6:52 AM: State Rep. Sheila Dills, a freshman Tulsa lawmaker, used a rarely invoked legal provision in state law to sit in on the state board’s executive session.
Oklahomans paying to educate ‘ghost students’ in numerous districts
Jul 26, 6:02 AM: But as that investigation proceeds, it has indirectly highlighted a less well-known fact: Many traditional public schools, all across Oklahoma, are receiving funding to educate similar “ghost students” who no longer attend >
Accreditation, state funding to continue for Epic Charter Schools during ongoing investigation
Jul 26, 5:54 AM: The Oklahoma State Department of Education is proceeding as normal with accreditation and state funding for Oklahoma’s largest online school operator, despite ongoing state and federal law enforcement investigations. >
Work-based learning can bridge Oklahoma skills gap
Jul 25, 6:38 AM: As the unemployment rate in Oklahoma and across the country reaches record lows, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for employers to find qualified applicants for high-skill positions. There’s a skills gap between the >
Sapulpa Public Schools becomes the latest district to launch a full-time virtual academy
Jul 24, 6:42 AM: School districts like Sapulpa have begun to embrace online offerings in large part to compete with the rise of virtual charter schools in Oklahoma. The largest of these, Epic Charter Schools, experienced dramatic growth in >
Governor Urges Oklahomans Not To Rush To Judgment Over Epic Charter Schools
Jul 23, 5:41 AM: Governor Stitt is asking for a full briefing on the investigation from the OSBI and wants an investigative audit of Epic, but he says he’s not rushing to make any judgments and he says neither should you. >
Gov. Stitt requests state audit of Epic Charter Schools
Jul 22, 6:44 AM: Gov. Kevin Stitt on Friday requested an investigative audit of Epic Charter Schools and its related entities by Oklahoma State Auditor Cindy Byrd.
Editorial: Allegations against Epic Charter School are deeply troubling
Jul 22, 6:36 AM: In June, Oklahoma Watch reported administrators were allowing, encouraging or pressuring the virtual school’s teachers to manipulate’ enrollment to improve bonus pay of employees. The school denied the allegations. >
Column: OEA/NEA union ignores children’s learning
Jul 19, 7:58 AM: The OEA/NEA Representative Assembly tells us much about the union’s goals for schools nationwide, including Oklahoma. And those goals involve a lot more political indoctrination than academic learning. >
Tulsa lawmaker approaches State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister to discuss charter oversight amid Epic allegations
Jul 19, 7:04 AM: A Tulsa lawmaker and former teacher said she was impressed by State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister’s willingness to talk about better regulating virtual schools in the wake of the Epic Charter Schools allegations. >
Editorial: Does having separate state boards supervising traditional and virtual schools serve education well?
Jul 18, 7:42 AM: Problems with public virtual charters have emerged since their creation. Questions about how to verify students, provide fair funding and hold schools accountable for student performance have been ongoing struggles. >
Stitt requests OSBI briefing on Epic 'ghost students' investigation
Jul 18, 6:45 AM: A day after embezzlement allegations surfaced against Epic Charter Schools, Gov. Kevin Stitt has requested a briefing from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation on its probe into “ghost students” enriching Oklahoma’s >
Charter school funding hurts other schools, local school leaders say
Jul 18, 6:25 AM: Mendenhall said school districts lose funding when students enroll in charter schools. He said 108 students within the Muskogee school district enrolled in Epic last school year. That departure cost MPS $619,142 in state >
State superintendent reacts to Epic Charter Schools investigation; online school official claims innocence
Jul 17, 7:07 AM: State education officials pledged their assistance to investigators who have accused the operators of Oklahoma’s largest online school of embezzlement and racketeering.
OKCPS board denies application to create dual-immersion charter school in Wheeler District
Jul 16, 6:56 AM: An application for a new dual-language immersion charter school fell short of approval from the Oklahoma City School Board on Monday.
Oklahoma state senator questions Epic blended center funding
Jul 12, 6:44 AM: An Oklahoma state senator called funding for Epic Blended Charter Schools “questionable” for receiving state aid for thousands of students who never attended the learning centers.
State lawmaker questions funding for states largest charter school
Jul 12, 6:12 AM: Oklahoma state Sen. Ron Sharp is questioning funding the state's largest charter school has received in the past two years. This comes after Sharp said Epic Blended Charter School received a total of $63 million in its >



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