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Home Schoolers Get Tax-Credit Funds to Attend Private School Part-Time
May 15, 4:56 AM: For the first time ever, students can attend an Oklahoma private school part-time yet have most or all of the tuition paid by scholarships funded through a state tax-credit program.
Five charter schools get boost from federal funds
May 2, 6:12 AM: Five current and future Oklahoma charter schools will receive a portion of $3 million in federal funding this year, part of a larger grant program expected to significantly boost charter school enrollment across the >
Native charter school proposal rejected by Oklahoma City schools
Apr 23, 8:25 AM: Supporters of a proposed charter school serving indigenous students plan to take their application to the state Board of Education, following a second rejection by Oklahoma City Public Schools.
Editorial: OKC charter school supporters deserve better treatment
Apr 19, 7:15 AM: OKLAHOMA City School Board members often tout the importance of diversity and racial sensitivity. Yet the board's response to a proposed charter school for struggling American Indian students suggests this focus doesn't >
Teachers union calls off walkout, claims 'victory' for schools
Apr 13, 7:02 AM: Oklahoma's largest teachers union has called for an end to a statewide walkout, 11 days after it began. For nearly two weeks, thousands of Oklahoma teachers have flooded the state Capitol to advocate for additional school >
Betsy DeVos to Oklahoma teachers: ‘Serve the students’
Apr 9, 7:21 AM: Children in many districts — including the state’s two largest — have been out of the classroom for five days, and many schools are expected to remain closed this week as teachers continue their fight. Churches, community >
Artspace at Untitled opens printmaking studio for high school mentoring program
Apr 9, 6:28 AM: The Mission Academy seniors are among about 120 Oklahoma City area high school students being empowered this year through Artspace at Untitled's burgeoning mentorship program, which is designed to expose local teenagers to >
Fed up with school spending cuts, Oklahoma teachers prepare to walk out
Apr 2, 7:00 AM: Oklahoma’s schools and educators have endured some of the steepest cuts in education in the last decade, reductions that are evident in dwindling supplies, aging textbooks and the pay stubs of teachers. Before last week, >
Oklahoma Teachers Just Got a $6,100 Pay Raise. They're Going to Strike Anyway
Mar 30, 7:41 AM: Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill Thursday giving teachers a $6,100 raise on average, but educators in the state — who rank among the worst paid in the country — are still planning to strike on Monday, demanding higher >
Union is unsure if teachers strike will last beyond one day
Mar 28, 6:56 AM: No matter what happens this week in the state Legislature, Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association, said teachers would walk out of schools and be at the state Capitol on April 2.
Teachers union will offer its own funding plan before strike deadline
Mar 22, 6:19 AM: As state lawmakers continue to debate how to fund a teacher pay raise, let alone hundreds of millions in new school, health care and state agency funding, the state's largest teachers union is prepared to unveil its own >
Their Pay Has Stood Still. Now Oklahoma Teachers Could Be the Next to Walk.
Mar 20, 7:14 AM: In Arizona, teachers clad in red, the color of the teacher protest movement, have conducted a series of #RedforEd demonstrations demanding higher pay. In Kentucky, teachers have organized rallies to protest proposed cuts >
Report: Bullying ranks high for choosing virtual schooling in Oklahoma
Mar 15, 6:17 AM: A new survey report of Oklahoma families with students enrolled in virtual charter schools reveals bullying as the top motivator for their choice.
TPS board approves new KIPP high school
Mar 6, 6:42 AM: The charter school expansion will bring another education option to north Tulsa. At a prior school board meeting, some north Tulsa residents expressed concern about the new charter program, which will have close 500 >
Councilman wants city to take over OKC schools
Feb 26, 6:40 AM: Oklahoma City Public Schools could start down the path to improvement by converting to a charter district sponsored by the city of Oklahoma City, a city councilman says.
Oklahoma City councilman wants school district converted to charter system
Feb 23, 8:20 AM: The Oklahoma City school district is preparing to search for its 12th superintendent since the year 2000. As the district faces some challenging days ahead, one Oklahoma City councilman has introduced an idea to turn the >
KIPP Tulsa hopes to expand to high school next school year
Feb 5, 7:39 AM: North Tulsa, an area that is attracting more charter schools, could soon see another education option: KIPP Tulsa wants to expand to high school.
School choice advocates look for another year of expansion
Feb 5, 5:55 AM: Unable to gain large-scale advances in the Oklahoma Legislature over the past few years, school choice advocates have instead focused on small gains that have slowly expanded the state’s voucher program to specific student >
Scholarship Fund Tells Private Schools to Revise Discrimination Policies
Feb 1, 6:47 AM: At least 60 private schools receiving tax-credit scholarships have been given three months to comply with a state law that prohibits discriminating against applicants based on disability.
Why are so many students moving to the Kiefer school district, making the enrollment double in 10 years?
Jan 30, 7:36 AM: Indeed, no analysis of public school enrollment trends in the past decade would be complete without factoring in the rise of virtual charter schools. Four are currently operating in Oklahoma, but statewide data for their >



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