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Tulsa Public Schools officials decry midyear hemorrhage of nearly 500 students to virtual charter school at breakfast with lawmakers
Jan 18, 6:09 AM: Gist described the midyear loss of those nearly 500 students as akin to the loss of an entire, large elementary school population. And she said the revolving door to and from EPIC is increasingly disruptive to the Tulsa >
Editorial: Time to scrutinize funding to virtual charter schools
Jan 17, 6:38 AM: Virtual charter schools continue taking up a larger share of the overall public education budget at the expense of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Adjustments for midterm funding announced last week show virtual >
A broader focus ahead on Oklahoma education?
Jan 16, 5:47 AM: THERE is no doubt education will be a legislative focus this year. What's most encouraging are indications that lawmakers' efforts will include policy reforms along with spending increases.
Virtual Charter School reforms
Jan 11, 7:19 AM: Sen. Ron Sharp filed legislation to modify several Virtual Charter School laws in Oklahoma.  The 40-year retired educator said his bills are an effort to increase virtual charter school accountability and oversight. >
Skyrocketing student enrollment nets Epic Charter Schools nearly $39 million more in midyear adjustments to state funding for public schools
Jan 9, 6:35 AM: Epic Charter Schools is seeing its share of state aid soar by $38.7 million in annual, midyear adjustments just made by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.
New year's wishes for Oklahoma, elsewhere
Jan 2, 5:46 AM: The state's school system needs higher standards and expectations. Spending should be linked to improved outcomes. Students should be given greater opportunity through school choice policies, particularly children from >
Frank Keating: Treading water is not a policy; an agenda for change
Dec 31, 7:14 AM: When I took office as governor of Oklahoma in January of 1995, I was something new and a bit rare — a Republican chief executive who didn’t come out of the politics of the 1960s. Folks didn’t hunt us with their headlights >
Letter: Schools need to counsel more about apprentice careers
Dec 27, 7:47 AM: In Wayne Greene’s editorial column (”Some good education news, some bad,” Dec. 16), he states 40 percent of high school graduates in Oklahoma starting college have to take remedial classes before being allowed to start >
Oklahoma lawmaker’s bills target charter school funding, oversight
Dec 26, 8:16 AM: State Sen. Ron Sharp, a longtime critic of virtual charter schools, is continuing his effort to rein in this growing sector of the state's public school system, authoring several bills ahead of the 2019 legislative session >
Opinion: Charting a new path on education reform in Oklahoma
Dec 26, 7:01 AM: This session, I hope the education community can stay united in speaking truth to power. True education reform begins with the understanding that student performance is affected by much more than just what happens in the >
A Rural Charter School Splits an Oklahoma Town
Dec 20, 6:35 AM: Schools often play an integral role in the life of a small community, offering a central meeting place, social services and additional support. If a charter grew popular enough to draw hundreds of kids and capture those >
Editorial: Student needs matter more than school delivery model
Dec 20, 6:15 AM: Arbitrarily barring such students' access to virtual learning won't resolve the underlying problems that caused them to leave traditional public schools and does nothing to improve students' education outcomes. Lawmakers >
Legislation calls for stronger oversight of virtual charter schools
Dec 19, 6:39 AM: An Oklahoma state senator wants to place more accountability on virtual charter schools, but it will likely be an uphill battle. State Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Shawnee, has authored several pieces of legislation that would alter >
At EPIC Charter Schools, 'It's about people helping people'
Dec 10, 7:27 AM: With enrollment growing at 40 percent year-over-year, employment at the 7-year-old school has jumped to 925, and now includes 32 principals and some 800 certified Oklahoma teachers who provide free, individualized >
Editorial: A welcome shift to Oklahoma education reform
Dec 10, 6:24 AM: AT a recent luncheon, Oklahoma's legislative leaders said education will remain a focus in the 2019 session. And, to their credit, they indicated next year's proposals may be more substantive than those advanced in 2018. >
Regents hear update on replacing noncredit remedial courses with credit-bearing corequisites
Dec 6, 8:19 AM: The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education on Wednesday heard an update on efforts to replace noncredit remedial courses — which cost students $2.89 million in 2013-14 — with credit-bearing corequisite remediation. >
Tulsa school board approves grade expansions for local charter schools
Dec 4, 6:29 AM: The Tulsa school board on Monday approved requests by three of its charters to expand to additional grades.
TPS-sponsored charter schools seek to add more grades
Nov 20, 5:32 AM: A trio of Tulsa charter schools brought a flood of supporters to Monday night’s Tulsa school board meeting as they requested approval to expand to additional grades in an effort to promote growth and continued student >
Editorial: Teachers and activists not always on same page
Nov 13, 6:23 AM: DURING this year's teacher walkouts, activists vowed to “remember in November.” The implied message was Republican candidates would face rough sledding. That didn't happen. Republicans continued to dominate statewide >
Edmondson, Stitt at odds over the meaning of 'school choice'
Oct 29, 5:00 AM: Americans like choices, and for the most part they like schools, so at first blush, “school choice” would seem to be something on which everyone could agree. But in politics and education policy, “school choice” can be a >



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