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Oklahoma charter schools sue over state funding inequities
Jul 28, 7:25 AM: The Oklahoma Public Charter School Association is suing the state Board of Education over inequities in funding.
Charter School Group Sues State Education Board Over Funding
Jul 27, 6:31 AM: A pro-charter school group has filed a lawsuit in hopes of increasing charter schools’ share of state and local education funding.
Despite funding obstacles, EPIC rolls out new option for families
Jul 27, 6:00 AM: In less than six weeks, students at EPIC Charter Schools will return to their studies. Usually this means starting work on a new customized curriculum that students complete online.
Oklahoma charter school applications could be barrier to enrollment
Jul 24, 7:04 AM: Oklahoma charter schools are not allowed to base enrollment decisions on a student's past academic performance, income level or the abilities of their parents. However, on their applications, several charter schools in the >
How EPIC Charter School creates student success through customized instruction
Jul 20, 7:47 AM: The goal of every teacher is to see students reach their potential. To help students achieve their goals, sometimes teachers must tailor their approach to a student’s specific needs.
State-Funded Private School Vouchers Expand to Foster Children
Jul 18, 6:49 AM: The change represents the first time that a state school voucher program, the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program, has been expanded beyond students who are disabled or have special-needs. It could foreshadow future >
Charter school and Rose State partner to bring learning centers to OK and Tulsa counties
Jul 12, 6:44 AM: When Oklahoma children go back to school this fall, students of the online-based EPIC Charter Schools will have the opportunity to add in-classroom educational experiences through onsite learning centers in Tulsa and >
OKC school board meets for first time at Northeast Academy
Jul 6, 7:24 AM: After decades of massive decline, enrollment in Oklahoma City schools has steadily increased in recent years. While charter growth rises, total enrollment at traditional public schools has dropped for three years in a >
Teachers on front lines of education crisis pitch solutions to problems at their schools
Jun 30, 5:38 AM: A new fellowship at 36 Degrees North this summer brought together a group of Tulsa-area teachers to identify problems affecting education and develop creative solutions through work with their schools and the community. >
U.S. Supreme Court opinion on religious school not expected to impact Oklahoma (CER in the news)
Jun 28, 8:14 AM: A U.S. Supreme Court opinion that overturned a state policy in neighboring Missouri is not expected to affect Oklahoma, the state's education department said.
A School That Provides The One Constant In Homeless Children's Lives
Jun 20, 7:16 AM: Positive Tomorrows is a small, privately funded school in the heart of Oklahoma City, designed to meet the needs of homeless children. The future of these students hinges on the one constant in their lives: the school, >
State's largest virtual school adds new charter school with Tulsa, OKC sites
Jun 19, 5:17 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school just announced a major expansion with new, onsite instruction opportunities for students in prekindergarten through fifth grade in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.
Charter school effort underway in Ardmore
Jun 12, 7:14 AM: Another “rural” charter school effort is underway in Oklahoma as a New Mexico-based organization has applied to open a charter school in Ardmore.
Private school scholarships available for Oklahoma students
Jun 12, 6:15 AM: School's just out for summer. Parents already thinking about next semester may be interested to know there are scholarships available for private schools in Oklahoma.
Tulsa school board hears more about 'partnership school' Greenwood Leadership Academy
Jun 6, 6:47 AM: "This is an opportunity for community members to partner with Tulsa Public Schools to implement an innovative opportunity for north Tulsa schools,” the Rev. Ray Owens, senior pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church, who >
Students, parents left with few options with closing of OKC charter school
Apr 26, 5:13 AM: Hundreds of parents are looking for a new place for their children to go to school now that Oklahoma City Lighthouse Charter School is closing its doors after only two years.
State Board Approves, Then Balks at, Buying Ads for Virtual Schools
Apr 17, 5:29 AM: Two days after voting to pursue hiring a public relations firm to market the online schools sponsored by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, the agency director says the project may be scrapped.
OSU-OKC works with Oklahoma City charter school to help students earn associate degree with diploma
Apr 11, 6:55 AM: Twenty Oklahoma City 11th graders will begin college coursework this summer with the goal of earning a two-year associate degree by the time they graduate from high school.
How Could Vouchers Affect Oklahoma Schools? Let's Look To Milwaukee
Apr 5, 7:16 AM: With a school voucher a parent could take some of the money the state spends educating their child—upwards of $3,000—and use it toward private school tuition.
State board grows as charter school sponsor. Now what?
Apr 5, 6:19 AM: The seven-member state Board of Education is tasked with overseeing the Oklahoma State Department of Education and setting statewide policy on the administration and curriculum of Oklahoma's public school system. >



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