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School choice advocates look for another year of expansion
Feb 5, 5:55 AM: Unable to gain large-scale advances in the Oklahoma Legislature over the past few years, school choice advocates have instead focused on small gains that have slowly expanded the state’s voucher program to specific student >
Scholarship Fund Tells Private Schools to Revise Discrimination Policies
Feb 1, 6:47 AM: At least 60 private schools receiving tax-credit scholarships have been given three months to comply with a state law that prohibits discriminating against applicants based on disability.
Why are so many students moving to the Kiefer school district, making the enrollment double in 10 years?
Jan 30, 7:36 AM: Indeed, no analysis of public school enrollment trends in the past decade would be complete without factoring in the rise of virtual charter schools. Four are currently operating in Oklahoma, but statewide data for their >
The highest-paid public school teacher in Oklahoma makes $106,324. Her charter school is hiring.
Jan 19, 6:52 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school is now using the draw of pay ranging from $64,000 on average up to more than $106,000 for its highest earners to lure applicants to keep pace with its staggering student >
EPIC charter school now recruiting teachers by boasting pay as high as $106,000
Jan 17, 7:04 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school is now using the draw of pay ranging from $64,000 on average up to more than $106,000 for its highest earners to lure applicants to keep pace with its staggering student >
Lawmaker wants local control in Oklahoma school choice effort
Jan 15, 6:29 AM: Two ideologies traditionally championed by the state’s conservative political class — local control and the expansion of school choice — clashed last year with the decision of the state Board of Education to overrule two >
Bullying most common reason students choose virtual schools
Jan 10, 7:27 AM: Forty-one percent of students who attend a virtual charter school in Oklahoma left their previous school because they were victims of bullying.
State Chamber’s ‘OK2030’ strategic plan recommends school choice
Jan 9, 7:16 AM: The proposed reforms include expanded open transfer policies for public schools, establishment of a public charter school authorizer and creation of Education Savings Accounts.
TPS renews agreements with two north Tulsa charter schools
Jan 5, 7:19 AM: The question of Tulsa Public Schools’ continued sponsorship of two north Tulsa charter schools that serve more than 850 students was resolved Thursday, at least for four more years.
Virtual charter school growth continues to net most of Oklahoma's midyear state funding allocation
Jan 4, 7:17 AM: Eleven charter schools, including all four of the state’s virtual school choices, were among the top 20 in gaining state aid in annual, midyear adjustments just made by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. >
John Rex parents seek ouster of Humphreys
Dec 29, 7:59 AM: Former Oklahoma City mayor Kirk Humphreys is facing pressure to resign from the board of the downtown charter school he helped create but has said he has no plans to do so.
Largest Virtual School’s Growth Outpaces Rest of State’s Schools Combined
Dec 20, 7:25 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school reported staggering growth for 2017-18, adding more than 4,000 students to its roster, according to the latest enrollment data.
Legislation looks for local control concerning charter schools
Dec 15, 7:21 AM: State Sen. Ron Sharp, R-Shawnee, said he’s filed legislation to reverse a 2015 law allowing Oklahoma State Board of Education to overrule decisions made by locally elected school boards when it is time to approve creation >
Charter school to appeal ACS decision
Nov 27, 5:54 AM: Ardmore Community Academy’s board of education is planning to appeal the rejection of the proposed charter school in the Ardmore City Schools’ district directly to the state board of education.
Faced with losing teachers, Oklahoma school converts to a charter
Nov 20, 7:51 AM: But as the school system faced the prospect of losing dozens of its emergency certified teachers who had failed to pass a teaching test within the state-required two year window, the elementary and middle schools were >
Oklahoma Public Charter School Association asks for judge to halt settlement between district, state in state aid suit
Nov 17, 8:00 AM: The Oklahoma Public Charter School Association wants a seat at the table in another school funding dispute, weeks after it sued for more state and local funding for its members.
Possible settlement by state Board of Education would have yielded some charter schools more public funding
Nov 6, 7:19 AM: A draft of a possible settlement in the statewide charter school association’s lawsuit shows that the state Board of Education could have agreed to certain charter schools having new access to public dollars that currently >
Judge agrees Tulsa, Oklahoma City school districts have stake in charter school funding lawsuit
Nov 6, 6:03 AM: An Oklahoma County District Court judge ruled Friday morning that the Tulsa and Oklahoma City school districts will be allowed to intervene in the statewide charter school association’s legal battle against the state for >
Charter school group accuses OKC district of wrongdoing
Nov 3, 6:28 AM: A charter school group suing the state for a bigger piece of the funding pie is accusing Oklahoma's two largest districts of including charter students for attendance purposes but not sharing the money with those >
Virtual Schools Could Reap Largest Gains in Charter Schools Lawsuit
Nov 2, 6:16 AM: Virtual charter schools stand to receive the largest share of local tax funding if a lawsuit by a pro-charter-school group is successful.



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