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Editorial: Oklahoma charter schools celebrate 20 years
Oct 15, 5:13 AM: It was 20 years ago that Oklahoma approved legislation allowing for the creation of public charter schools. To mark the occasion, a celebration is planned Thursday in Oklahoma City. And why not? There’s much to cheer. >
Column: Rural broadband will improve rural education
Oct 7, 7:40 AM: As a father of six kids who all attend a rural public school in Oklahoma, I see firsthand the challenges my kids’ school faces, but every school throughout the Second District faces unique difficulties. One thing that >
Forum on charter schools' role in the broader education system delves into common misconceptions
Sep 20, 5:52 AM: The OU Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture and former Tulsa Mayor Rodger Randle hosted a special event Thursday to address common misconceptions about charter schools.
Epic Charter Schools sends state senator 'cease and desist demand' letter
Sep 19, 6:16 AM: An attorney for Epic Charter Schools issued a “cease and desist demand” letter to a state senator who has been raising questions about the legality of the school’s student attendance practices. >
Five Things To Know About Virtual School Funding
Sep 17, 6:20 AM: Oklahoma lawmakers have 133 million reasons to examine virtual charter school funding. That is the number of state taxpayer dollars expected to flow to the state’s five statewide online schools for the current school >
Virtual charter schools get most of money from state
Sep 16, 6:26 AM: Oklahoma lawmakers have 133 million reasons to examine virtual charter school funding. That is the number of state taxpayer dollars expected to flow to the state’s five statewide online schools for the current school >
Study finds 64% of Tulsa-area students lacked access to high-performing public schools in 2017-18
Sep 16, 5:51 AM: A quarter of public school students in the Tulsa area attended low-performing schools two years ago, while about 35% went to high-performing schools, according to a new study.
Tulsa Public School looks to make up a $20 million budget hole, but the state continues to prevent Tulsa taxpayers from reinvesting in their schools
Sep 13, 6:19 AM: But there is a second force at work, which is more particular to Tulsa. Once the largest school districts in Oklahoma and the school system of choice locally, Tulsa is bleeding students. The online charter school Epic has >
Lawmakers examine charter school funding and oversight policies
Sep 12, 5:14 AM: The ongoing investigation by state and federal law enforcement of Epic Charter Schools, the state’s largest virtual charter school, loomed large over lawmakers’ examinations of charter school funding and oversight policies >
Tulsa charter schools face growing pains as they expand to more grades
Sep 9, 7:03 AM: Growing pains have hampered Tulsa Honor Academy since it opened in 2015. The school, which originally served only fifth-graders and continues to add a grade every year, moved three times in its first month while a >
Tulsa charter schools growing to meet demand
Sep 5, 6:50 AM: From new dance classes to engineering, Tulsa Honor Academy is shaping their 9th grade curriculum around student needs.
More schools offer full-time virtual programs. Do they work?
Sep 5, 5:58 AM: Brungardt, of Oklahoma City, said some Putnam City Schools classes had too many students, and teachers were forced to spend more time on behavioral issues and less time on instilling knowledge. She understood teachers’ >
Epic Charter Schools promoting itself with multimillion-dollar advertising campaign, plus $9,000 per month shopping mall playground sponsorships
Aug 30, 7:23 AM: Turn on the television or radio, get online or even go to a shopping mall and you’re likely to see ads and promotions for the state’s largest virtual school, Epic Charter Schools.
Epic allocated $112.96 million as enrollment continues to rise
Aug 28, 6:23 AM: Epic Charter Schools will receive nearly $113 million in state aid funding this fiscal year as enrollment at the virtual charter school continues to experience rapid growth despite allegations from state investigators that >
Letter: Consider online school
Aug 23, 6:29 AM: Since I enrolled him at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy I have peace of mind knowing that he’s learning in a safe environment that won’t trigger his allergies. Attending public school from home is also enriching his >
Epic Charter Schools' scores on student proficiency tests below state averages
Aug 20, 7:10 AM: Epic Charter Schools trails statewide averages on all 14 state tests for students in grades three to eight and posted proficiency rates on four of those tests on par with or even lower than the perennially low Tulsa and >
'This is going to be a big year' Public schools increasingly enter virtual learning landscape
Aug 19, 7:34 AM: Even as enrollment in virtual schools like Epic Charter Schools continues to grow, many Oklahoma public school districts have been slow to respond, hesitant to innovate.
Oklahoma Connections Academy Students Return to Online Classrooms for 2019-20 School Year
Aug 15, 5:35 AM: Oklahoma Connections Academy, a tuition-free online public school serving students in grades K-12 across Oklahoma, began its 2019-2020 school year today as students across the state logged on for their first day. >
State board rejects Dove Schools' application for virtual charter school sponsorship
Aug 14, 6:36 AM: The operator of one of Oklahoma’s largest and oldest charter school networks was rejected Tuesday in its bid to open a statewide virtual school.
Wheeler District bilingual charter school application approved
Aug 13, 7:22 AM: "The school will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn in an immersive, inclusive environment,” Terry said in a statement. “We’re excited to collaborate with OKCPS to create a one-of-a-kind bilingual education >



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