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How the teacher walkout gave OKC schools a blueprint for COVID-19 plans
Mar 18, 7:35 AM: As Oklahoma City Public Schools prepared for a two-week closure, administrators realized they had an unexpected blueprint.
Editorial: Epic virtual charter school tests open records law
Mar 12, 6:04 AM: For a year, Epic Charter Schools has been denying Tulsa World requests for information about how it spends taxpayer money.
Senate passes bill altering virtual charter school board
Mar 10, 5:44 AM: Senate lawmakers passed their own revisions to the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board on Monday, a week after legislation passed the House to abolish the agency.
Oklahoma attorney general says Epic Charter Schools' for-profit management company refuses to turn over documents in investigative audit
Mar 6, 7:55 AM: The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office went to court on Thursday because it says Epic Charter Schools’ for-profit operator has not been cooperating with the state’s investigative audit.
Oklahoma is still last on per-student spending, but the education investment gap is narrowing
Mar 3, 8:46 AM: Oklahoma likely will continue to trail its neighbors in per-student spending for at least the next few years despite recent funding boosts narrowing the state’s persistent education investment gap.
House passes bill to change virtual charter school board structure
Mar 3, 6:31 AM: Today, Oklahoma Legislators took steps some say will create greater accountability and transparency for Oklahoma alternative school options.
Editorial: Virtual charters need the same transparency standards as other public schools
Mar 2, 8:14 AM: It’s time for a legislative overhaul to virtual charter school regulation, including putting them under the oversight of the State Board of Education, ending taxpayer-funded student recruitment campaigns and shoring up >
Epic Charter Schools' Learning Fund targeted by lawmakers
Mar 2, 6:58 AM: Some lawmakers and state officials reacted to the revelation that Epic Charter Schools is shielding how it uses millions in taxpayer dollars for something called the Learning Fund by saying more regulation is needed to >
'Our kids have become a piggy bank': Epic Charter Schools shields $50M in taxpayer funds from public scrutiny
Feb 27, 9:32 AM: On top of a 10% cut of every dollar of revenue, Epic Charter Schools is paying its for-profit management company millions more in taxpayer dollars every year for school expenditures that are never audited and which Epic >
House committee advances bills to reform virtual charter schools
Feb 26, 6:05 AM: Two pieces of legislation that include measures advocated for by elected officials and lawmakers amid the Epic Charter Schools investigation advanced in the House on Tuesday.
Dove Charter Schools sued after sending mailers to 107,000 students
Feb 20, 8:05 AM: Dove Charter School officials are being accused of illegally accessing confidential student information to send recruitment mailers to 107,000 fifth and sixth graders in Oklahoma.
Stitt to have final say on private school voucher transparency
Feb 19, 6:53 AM: A bill asking for more information on private school voucher recipients is heading to the governor’s desk.
Online Charter School Mails Recruitment Fliers To Thousands Of Students’ Homes
Feb 18, 7:56 AM:

The state Education Department is investigating how a startup statewide charter school obtained the home addresses of students across the state.

State education department fines Epic $530,000 over administrative spending
Feb 12, 8:13 AM: Epic One-on-One virtual charter school has been fined $530,527 for exceeding a legal limit on administrative costs.
Opinion: Report shows Oklahoma public charter school potential
Feb 12, 6:49 AM: No two children or families are exactly alike. That’s why, more and more, we’re seeing parents turn to public charter schools in search of the flexibility to meet students’ needs based on their different learning >
Opinion: Stitt's tax credit voucher program takes money from public schools to give private school discounts to the privileged
Feb 11, 6:05 AM:

School choice isn’t about giving parents more options. It’s about using taxpayer dollars to give wealthy families a discount on their choice of school. The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship is a prime >

Parent-Led Education Group Backs Gov. Stitt’s Plan for Equal Opportunity Scholarship Expansion
Feb 4, 7:03 AM: ChoiceMatters, an Oklahoma City-based parent organizing group, today praised Governor Kevin Stitt for proposing the expansion of the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit.
'Our kids have to overcome a lot': Charter school Tulsa Honor Academy celebrates 'A' state report card, upcoming expansion
Jan 27, 9:00 AM: Five years after starting at Tulsa Honor Academy charter school, the ninth-grader has her sights set on the University of California, Los Angeles.
Editorial: Proposed legislation on virtual charters misses a significant improvement
Jan 27, 8:25 AM: Oklahoma should eliminate the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board and place its responsibilities with the State Board of Education.
Tulsa school board set to vote on Harlow Creek charter school proposal, declared 'deficient' by Gist
Jan 17, 9:24 AM: A proposal for a new charter school northwest of downtown Tulsa is finally set to be heard by the Tulsa school board on Tuesday, more than three years after initial talks began and 10 months since it was submitted to Tulsa >



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