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Online public school year kicks off in Oklahoma
Aug 16, 6:32 AM: School began this week for thousands of students across Oklahoma enrolled in Oklahoma Connections Academy, a tuition-free virtual public school.
Cornett hones education message while campaigns bicker about negative ads
Aug 13, 6:19 AM: Republican gubernatorial candidate Mick Cornett said Saturday that Oklahoma needs to change its mindset about education and not use inefficiency in the public school system as an excuse for low funding.
Downtown OKC charter expands to middle school
Aug 8, 6:53 AM: Pierce said the school’s growth has exceeded his expectations. This year, the school has a waiting list of 500 students to fill a much smaller number of empty seats. Those slots will be filled by lottery. >
Editorial: Reform is a topic of Oklahoma interim studies
Jul 24, 6:03 AM: Sen. Gary Stanislawski, R-Tulsa, will lead a study on equitable funding of charter schools. Some of Oklahoma's best-performing schools are charter schools, yet they are denied property tax funding other schools receive. >
Opinion: t’s time to irrigate OKC’s charter school deserts
Jul 9, 4:50 AM: Of all the locales desperate for charter schools, portions of Oklahoma City are among the areas that need them most, as we were able to determine via an interactive website that accompanies our report. The city has just a >
Editorial: OEA targets its Republican legislative allies
Jul 6, 4:47 AM: Moving ahead, Republican legislators must understand the need to pass true education reform that improves student outcomes, and not just hike taxes and spending. Because supporting reform won't draw any more OEA opposition >
Editorial: Trouble a Langston Hughes shows need for effective charter school oversight
Jul 3, 7:01 AM: The report finds a “vacuum of order” at the school and says students and families are suffering while the school’s leadership struggles with one another.
GOP incumbents ousted in Oklahoma amid teacher challenges
Jun 27, 6:35 AM: At least six Republican incumbents were bounced from office during Oklahoma’s primary election, including several who were targeted by pro-education groups.
Editorial: Districts' policies show need for school choice in Oklahoma
Jun 18, 7:18 AM: OPPONENTS of polices that would give parents greater freedom to send their children to a school other than the one that's geographically closest often argue Oklahoma already has school choice. If you want to put your kids >
Holt promises 'bold plan' to improve schools
May 31, 7:08 AM: Oklahoma City has the state's largest number of charter schools, and supporters believe they can not only increase the number of quality seats in low-income communities but also attract new families to the urban core. >
The Teachers’ Strike and the Democratic Revival in Oklahoma
May 29, 7:21 AM: In late February, Hoxie and other teachers in Oklahoma closely followed the nine-day teachers’ strike in West Virginia, which was prompted by low pay and insufficient health-care plans; the strike ended when the state >
Proposal would allow online alternative schools
May 29, 6:13 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school wants to open an alternative high school for at-risk students, saying the school will better address the needs of struggling students who already attend or will enroll in its >
Proposal Would Expand Unproven Concept: Online-Only Alternative Schools
May 29, 4:56 AM: The state’s largest virtual charter school wants to open an alternative high school for at-risk students, saying the school will better address the needs of struggling students who already attend or will enroll in its >
Editorial: Report highlights need for school choice in Oklahoma
May 21, 4:53 AM: THE education debate in this year's legislative session focused on funding, but mostly ignored another pressing need: the importance of providing children a host of education options. The value of the latter was indirectly >
Virtual classroom just the ticket for Norman student
May 17, 6:43 AM: While the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy was better for Erika than public school, it wasn't a perfect fit. When the family found the Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK), Erika's luck began to change. >
Oklahoma CareerTech is ’perfect complement’ to Home School experience
May 15, 5:04 AM: Today’s home school students thrive in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) environment in Oklahoma. Home School student enrollment has more than doubled in the last three years and now represents just over three >
Home Schoolers Get Tax-Credit Funds to Attend Private School Part-Time
May 15, 4:56 AM: For the first time ever, students can attend an Oklahoma private school part-time yet have most or all of the tuition paid by scholarships funded through a state tax-credit program.
Five charter schools get boost from federal funds
May 2, 6:12 AM: Five current and future Oklahoma charter schools will receive a portion of $3 million in federal funding this year, part of a larger grant program expected to significantly boost charter school enrollment across the >
Native charter school proposal rejected by Oklahoma City schools
Apr 23, 8:25 AM: Supporters of a proposed charter school serving indigenous students plan to take their application to the state Board of Education, following a second rejection by Oklahoma City Public Schools.
Editorial: OKC charter school supporters deserve better treatment
Apr 19, 7:15 AM: OKLAHOMA City School Board members often tout the importance of diversity and racial sensitivity. Yet the board's response to a proposed charter school for struggling American Indian students suggests this focus doesn't >



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