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New transparency reporting requirements for virtual charter schools advance to state Senate
Mar 14, 5:33 AM: One of the few surviving measures aimed at adding new restrictions on virtual charter schools sailed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday morning.
Bill to stop use of state education funds for recruitment bonuses fails in Senate
Mar 13, 6:22 AM: A measure to prohibit the use of state funds for recruitment bonuses for teachers failed narrowly in the Senate 22-20 Tuesday.  Retired educator Sen. Ron Sharp said he authored Senate Bill 57 to stop the unfair practice of >
Parents, students pack Capitol to tell lawmakers about 'the array of reasons to choose Epic'
Mar 12, 5:05 AM: Thousands of students and their parents descended on the state Capitol Monday to share with lawmakers their myriad reasons for choosing an online education through Epic Charter Schools. Not all of them came to oppose >
Editorial: Public school trend lines point the wrong way
Mar 8, 7:58 AM: Important public school indicators measured in the annual ImpactTulsa report are trending in the wrong direction.The report’s most frightening statistic: Fewer than 5 percent of low-income black eighth-graders in the Tulsa >
Editorial: House Bill 1395 would give scrutiny to virtual charter schools
Mar 5, 7:32 AM: State and federal law enforcement and the Oklahoma Legislature are reportedly taking a closer look at Epic Charter School, a fast-growing online and blended school system that has drawn 10,000 new students and tens of >
New scrutiny: 15 people with ties to Epic Charter donated $180,000 to 78 candidates for state office
Mar 4, 7:05 AM: The operators of Oklahoma’s rapidly expanding virtual charter school opened their wallets during the 2018 state political campaign season in an effort to combat what they perceive as threats to the school’s continued >
Epic Charter Schools under investigation by state, federal law enforcement agencies
Feb 27, 6:22 AM: Epic Charter Schools, the Oklahoma-based online education juggernaut, is now the target of scrutiny by state and federal law enforcement in addition to state lawmakers.
Opinion: Tax credit plans would take money from public schools, give it to private schools
Feb 26, 6:49 AM: In 2018, improving public education was without a doubt the single biggest priority among candidates and voters. After the teacher pay raise that was passed last year in a landmark vote, Oklahoma’s efforts to improve >
Oklahoma nonprofit works to make college credit more accessible for rural high school students
Feb 25, 8:10 AM: A new program in Oklahoma aims to supply students in rural school districts with more opportunities to earn college credit. TEL Library, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit educational organization, recently launched a >
'Best-kept secret': Area districts with virtual school option consider promoting their programs as Epic continues to grow
Feb 19, 7:10 AM: As enrollment at Epic Charter Schools continues to soar, local education leaders are thinking twice about keeping their own virtual programming out of the spotlight.
Rural Oklahoma Community Still Divided Over Charter School
Feb 15, 8:01 AM: Two years ago, the Oklahoma State Board of Education for the first time exercised its authority to approve a rural charter school. The decision was contentious. A local school board had already denied the charter’s >
Lawmakers advance measures increasing cap for tax credits
Feb 14, 6:49 AM: Lawmakers are advancing measures to increase the cap on tax credits allowed for those who donate to a program that allows students to go to a private school or for innovative programs in public schools. The donor can use >
Opinion: Opportunity scholarships vital to "Oklahoma's Turnaround"
Feb 13, 6:45 AM: Opportunity Scholarships are not just helping individual students and schools, they are saving the state money. A report from Oklahoma City University's Meinders School of Business concluded that state government saved >
Opinion: Charter schools can be great, but they have to be closely supervised and properly run
Feb 7, 7:18 AM: The public education that we provide to north Tulsa kids is unconscionable. Tulsa lags the state of Oklahoma average by 25 percent to 74 percent on every proficiency measure at every grade level. Oklahoma scores 42nd out >
Bill Proposes To Change The Way Oklahoma Charter Schools Are Funded
Feb 4, 7:42 AM: Right now, charter schools do not get any local sales or property tax dollars, like other public school districts, and instead only get state funding based on headcount. Sen. Ron Sharp wants to change the funding formula >
Epic Charter online school responds to critics
Jan 31, 7:59 AM: So many families are going to them, they've become something of a target for traditional school systems to criticize.
Going online to get away from school bullies
Jan 30, 8:00 AM: Seeking relief from bullying, just one of many reasons families are choosing online education. "This has been a really great experience for my kiddo," "said Beaird.
A study in contrasts: Most Tulsa County districts lose students while virtual school student numbers soar
Jan 29, 7:27 AM: Most Tulsa County school districts posted enrollment declines — some for the first time in more than a decade — as Epic Charter Schools flourished with online school offerings, newly released student enrollment data from >
New issues keep popping up': Langston Hughes Academy ordered to close by end of June
Jan 25, 7:07 AM: The Oklahoma State Board of Education ordered that a Tulsa charter school on probation since summer 2018 be closed no later than the end of the current fiscal year, citing ongoing compliance issues and new student safety >
Opinion: Accountability not an issue with Oklahoma public virtual schools
Jan 24, 7:50 AM: At best, his proposed legislation and statements show a willful ignorance of the reality concerning public virtual charter schools in this state. As chairman of the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, let me >



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