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EPIC's National Honor Society president praises opportunities
May 17, 7:03 AM: "At EPIC, we believe school can be different,” Powell said, “and it is a priority for us to create an academic model that is conducive to student success. Every student learns differently. Giving parents and their students >
Editorial: New law brings transparency to virtual charter schools
May 13, 6:29 AM: With no opposition, the Oklahoma Legislature has passed and Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed new limitations on how virtual charter schools can operate in Oklahoma.
Union Public Schools to launch full-time virtual program next year
May 8, 6:05 AM: A full-time virtual program is coming to Union Public Schools, giving the district a better opportunity to target students who choose to go elsewhere.
Leadership change at Oklahoma's largest virtual charter school likely necessitated by new transparency, conflict of interest law
May 7, 6:38 AM: New restrictions on conflicts of interest at virtual charter schools will necessitate a change at the top of the organizational chart at Epic Charter Schools, according to the Tulsa lawmaker who sponsored legislation to >
Stitt signs charter school transparency bill
May 3, 6:41 AM: Gov. Kevin Stitt on Thursday signed a bill that puts new reporting requirements on charter schools.
Opportunity Scholarship among bills failing last week's legislative deadline
Apr 29, 6:20 AM: Thursday’s third-reading deadline in the Oklahoma Legislature culled fewer than 100 bills in this session’s filings, among them a measure to expand a tax credit program for certain contributions to benefit private and >
Public School’s Switch to Charter Allows Epic to Operate Rural District
Apr 29, 6:10 AM: To save his financially imperiled school district, Panola Superintendent Brad Corcoran in 2017 pitched a plan to convert the traditional public district into a charter school.
State Senate passes new transparency reporting requirements for virtual charter schools; bill headed to Gov. Stitt next
Apr 26, 6:36 AM: New restrictions on virtual charter schools sailed through the Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday, in a similar fashion to the state House of Representatives’ vote on the measure last month.
State education officials deny clearing Epic Charter Schools in investigation, despite school's new claims
Apr 24, 6:31 AM: Epic Charter Schools on Tuesday issued a news release and social media posts for their teachers and parents declaring that a newly issued audit by state education officials proved they are in “full federal compliance” with >
Editorial: Bill is a way to help Oklahoma students
Apr 24, 6:25 AM: A program in place for several years has given low-income Oklahoma students the opportunity to attend private schools instead of struggling in their assigned public school. Legislators can widen that net by approving a >
Backers urge passage of controversial school tax credit bill
Apr 23, 5:30 AM: Senate Bill 407, by Sen. Dave Rader, R-Tulsa, and House Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, could be heard on the House floor this week. If approved, it would return to the Senate for consideration of >
Innovative teaching, flexibility, compensation encouraged veteran educator to 'jump' to EPIC
Apr 19, 6:22 AM: Before Oklahoma City-area teacher Regina Bell took the leap and became an EPIC Charter School teacher, her day used to be pretty standard-issue for an educator – arriving early, staying late and adhering to the same, >
Editorial: Stealth voucher bill gets closer to becoming state law
Apr 17, 5:59 AM: A stealth voucher bill that will divert millions in state tax revenue to private schools is getting closer to becoming state law.
EPIC Charter Schools announces large teacher pay raise
Apr 15, 7:08 AM: EPIC Charter Schools has announced across-the-board pay raises for teachers for the upcoming school year.
Charter school backers present to OKC board
Apr 9, 7:35 AM: A new charter school being proposed for the Wheeler District would offer students a rigorous curriculum and cultural learning experiences, representatives told the Oklahoma City School Board on Monday night. >
Point of View: Oklahoma lawmakers should support parents, school choice
Mar 27, 6:13 AM: Addie is now a sophomore and thriving. Because of the one-on-one attention she receives, we have been able to pinpoint her weaknesses and work to overcome them. She earns higher grades in subjects she used to struggle with >
Tulsa Beyond application for statutory, regulatory freedom outlines new model proposals for most participating high schools
Mar 19, 6:00 AM: Tulsa Beyond was announced last year as a way to organize a system of high schools that prepare students for a rapidly changing future. To better accomplish that goal, district officials say they need Empowered Schools Act >
New transparency reporting requirements for virtual charter schools advance to state Senate
Mar 14, 5:33 AM: One of the few surviving measures aimed at adding new restrictions on virtual charter schools sailed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday morning.
Bill to stop use of state education funds for recruitment bonuses fails in Senate
Mar 13, 6:22 AM: A measure to prohibit the use of state funds for recruitment bonuses for teachers failed narrowly in the Senate 22-20 Tuesday.  Retired educator Sen. Ron Sharp said he authored Senate Bill 57 to stop the unfair practice of >
Parents, students pack Capitol to tell lawmakers about 'the array of reasons to choose Epic'
Mar 12, 5:05 AM: Thousands of students and their parents descended on the state Capitol Monday to share with lawmakers their myriad reasons for choosing an online education through Epic Charter Schools. Not all of them came to oppose >



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