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Oklahoma House lawmakers vote to keep 'ghost students' at bay, expand school transfers
Feb 25, 8:18 AM: House lawmakers voted to expand transfers between public schools and to limit the “ghost students” that could appear as a result.
Editorial: Dangerous bill to divert tax money for private school scholarships is laid over, but will likely come back
Feb 19, 7:15 AM:

Once again, the reverse Robin Hood brigade in the Legislature — the ones who take from the poor and give to the rich — have cooked up a scheme to fund private school scholarships for wealthy families using money that >

How Much Federal Relief Funds Have Oklahoma Private Schools Received?
Feb 16, 7:28 AM: Oklahoma private schools have qualified for federal relief funds in several ways. Those include a tuition grant program created by Gov. Kevin Stitt, the Paycheck Protection Program, and a newly created federal program for >
Gov. Kevin Stitt: Open the schools safely — but now
Feb 16, 7:08 AM: Despite the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evidence showing kids are safe in school, reopening schools became a political tug-of-war between parents versus teacher unions and those who are beholden to >
Gov. Stitt still at odds with public education advocates over ‘ghost students’
Feb 9, 6:03 AM: Public education advocates are butting heads with Governor Kevin Stitt after he used the term “ghost students” during the State of State address last week while referring to schools still receiving funding for kids no >
Family Choice Act Gives Families Control of Child’s Education
Feb 3, 6:34 AM: Legislation to ensure families across Oklahoma have an opportunity to send their children to a successful public school was filed for the 58th Legislative Session.
Nearly 1,900 Oklahoma students benefit from school choice tuition program
Jan 22, 7:02 AM: Oklahoma's Stay in School Fund tuition assistance program helped 1,893 children attend private school in the state this school year, according to a new report from the governor's office.
Why some parents are choosing to leave Tulsa Public Schools
Jan 20, 7:36 AM: Both moms have many reasons to want to leave TPS. But especially their children who are struggling without face-to-face learning.
Editorial: School leaders must have plans ready to repair pandemic's damage
Jan 15, 6:49 AM: This is very much an issue of rich and poor. Parents who can afford tutors, pods and other private interventions are, of course, taking action. But what about the rest of the state? What about the children whose parents >
Oklahoma Public Schools See Largest Enrollment Drop In At Least Four Decades
Jan 8, 7:58 AM: Public school enrollment in Oklahoma plummeted amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to October 1 enrollment data released Thursday by Oklahoma’s State Department of Education.
Letter: Overcoming obstacles for public charter school students
Dec 28, 7:34 AM: As the leader of a local public charter school, Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences, I face the same difficult circumstances experienced by district leaders across the state.
Oklahoma teachers union head warns about return to classes
Dec 22, 7:29 AM: The head of Oklahoma’s largest teachers union praised Gov. Kevin Stitt on Monday for moving school personnel to phase two of the vaccine distribution plan, but she warned the governor that forcing schools to return to >
Editorial: Why is Gov. Kevin Stitt protecting Epic charter schools?
Dec 15, 6:43 AM: The actions of Gov. Kevin Stitt appear to shield administrators of Epic Charter Schools rather than hold them accountable.
AG: Scholarship can go to religious schools
Dec 7, 6:31 AM: The Education Department’s expanded rules would have prohibited private schools from receiving Lindsey Nicole Henry funds if they discriminated against students based on their disability, sex, religion, age, sexual >
Opinion: Survey shows school choice resonates with Oklahoma voters
Dec 7, 6:27 AM: About two dozen Oklahoma legislative candidates won their elections last month after including support for school choice among their campaign planks. A recent survey on school reform indicates the issue resonates >
EDITORIAL: Parents must choose what's best for families
Dec 4, 8:44 AM: Many people are passing judgment on parents who have chosen to send their children back to the classroom during the pandemic. That shouldn't happen, for a variety of reasons.
Parents rally at Oklahoma Capitol to demand open schools, greater voice during COVID-19 pandemic
Nov 24, 8:36 AM: Frustrated with their options for in-person learning, some Oklahoma parents say they want fully open schools and a seat at the table in their districts’ decision making.
Editorial: Governor, lawmakers turn Epic scandal on its ear
Nov 18, 1:40 PM: Gov. Kevin Stitt and a group of lawmakers are vowing to act on the scandal surrounding Epic Charter Schools. The problem is that the solutions they propose don’t address the actual problems identified and seem to have more >
Epic Charter Schools fallout: Governor says he will work with lawmakers who want audit of Oklahoma Department of Education
Nov 12, 7:22 AM: Gov. Kevin Stitt is vowing to heed a call by 22 GOP lawmakers Wednesday to seek an investigative audit into state education officials’ oversight of public school cost accounting.
Rose State considers Baptist charter school partnership
Oct 26, 6:23 AM: Rose State College, which was criticized by state auditors for providing weak oversight of Epic Charter Schools, is considering authorizing another charter school.



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