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State lawmakers ask for AG opinion on aid to private school students
Sep 16, 6:36 AM: A group of state lawmakers is asking the state attorney general to weigh in on whether Governor Stitt had the authority to provide $10 million to help private schools during the pandemic.
Editorial: Virtual charter school board's internal struggles raise a bigger problem
Sep 10, 7:36 AM: The state’s virtual charter school board is publicly at odds with itself. It’s an embarrassing situation that is playing out in court, public meetings and the newspaper.
Statewide tuition-free virtual school still accepting applications
Sep 8, 7:56 AM: As school districts face the challenge of returning during a pandemic, more and more students from around Oklahoma are opting for an online option from a proven, award-winning school.
Point of View: Are private schools really an option during COVID-19?
Aug 20, 6:47 AM: Obviously, parents are looking at lots of options right now. Many have and will continue to send their children to private schools. That is absolutely their choice. However, as a state, we cannot support two education >
Enrollment rises 77% in state’s virtual charter schools
Aug 12, 7:15 AM: Parents looking to forgo any in-school instruction for 2020-21 have already sent student enrollment in Oklahoma’s statewide online public schools sky high, according to new information from a state education agency. >
Stitt's grants to private school students could reach more than impoverished families
Aug 6, 6:43 AM: Federal aid funds Gov. Kevin Stitt said would support low-income private school students could become available to families earning more than $100,000 a year. The $10 million Stay in School Fund program will distribute >
Democrats irate over funding for Oklahoma private schools
Jul 31, 6:29 AM: Members of the Oklahoma House Democrat Caucus responded to Governor Kevin Stitt announcing his plan to give at least $10 million out of $39.9 million in the GEER funds to private schools.
Oklahoma teacher union attacks aid to low-income and minority students
Jul 24, 6:16 AM: Gov. Kevin Stitt’s plan to use a small portion of the state’s federal COVID funding to address the education needs of some students — primarily homeless children, low-income (and typically minority) students, and teens >
Surge pushes Epic Charter Schools to highest enrollment in state
Jul 23, 7:32 AM: Epic Charter Schools has grown into the largest school system in Oklahoma amid pandemic demands and increasing interest. The virtual charter school counted 38,026 students on Wednesday and is adding 1,000 new students a >
Editorial: Gov. Stitt shortchanging schools by bolstering private tuition with emergency pandemic aid
Jul 23, 7:15 AM: The goal should have been doing the most good for the most children in the most need. Sadly, Stitt chose an option to help only a handful, a mystifying and inappropriate choice.
In Oklahoma, remote learning goes to the next level
Jul 22, 7:17 AM: While most schools are scrambling to put together a plan for virtual learning, EPIC Charter Schools will be pressing forward with innovation, which debuts Classcraft to an estimated 40,000 students this fall with the goal >
Education group pans Stitt’s private school funding plan
Jul 21, 7:54 AM: Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is facing criticism for his decision to spend $10 million in discretionary public funds to pay Oklahoma families to send their children to private schools.
Stitt pledges $30 million to private schools, digital learning
Jul 20, 7:06 AM: The most controversial piece of the governor’s plan is $10 million dedicated to students attending private schools. The Stay in School Fund Program will provide $6,500 grants to 1,500 families.
Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board wants to weigh in on court case involving Epic
Jul 15, 6:41 AM: One of Epic Charter Schools’ own sponsors now wants to file a friend-of-the-court brief in favor of the state’s legal effort to compel Epic’s for-profit operator to comply with an investigative audit. >
Dozens of new Oklahoma laws to take effect July 1
Jun 30, 6:57 AM: The Virtual Charter School Transparency and Reform Act will implement a host of changes to virtual charter schools, including new policy for transfers, attendance and truancy.
Epic surpasses 32,000 students, is 3rd largest school system in state
Jun 12, 7:14 AM: Already the third largest school system in Oklahoma, Epic Charter Schools has enrolled 32,202 students and could add to its massive growth next year, a co-founder of the school said.
State releases 'Return to Learn' guidance for school reopenings
Jun 5, 7:06 AM: The Oklahoma State Department of Education published the framework of recommendations, called Return to Learn Oklahoma, on Wednesday. The framework offers a checklist of 71 action items relating to school operations, >
Editorial: State board right to reject Harlow Creek charter school application
Jun 5, 5:49 AM: The final chance for a planned upscale housing development in Tulsa’s Osage Hills to build its own charter school lost at the state education board last week. Good, that is the right decision.
State board issues final rejection to proposed new charter school in Tulsa
May 29, 6:28 AM: A last-ditch effort at sponsorship by proponents of a new charter school as part of a yet-to-be constructed housing development in northwest Tulsa failed on Thursday.
'This is a heavy lift': With 2019-20 behind them, district superintendents now must try to prepare for the possibility of more distance learning next school year
May 18, 6:06 AM: Tulsa-area superintendents have started preparing for the likelihood of more academic disruptions in 2020-21. The State Department of Education is urging schools to consider adjustments and plan contingencies for >



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