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Oklahoma state senator questions Epic blended center funding
Jul 12, 6:44 AM: An Oklahoma state senator called funding for Epic Blended Charter Schools “questionable” for receiving state aid for thousands of students who never attended the learning centers.
State lawmaker questions funding for states largest charter school
Jul 12, 6:12 AM: Oklahoma state Sen. Ron Sharp is questioning funding the state's largest charter school has received in the past two years. This comes after Sharp said Epic Blended Charter School received a total of $63 million in its >
State lawmakers request studies into virtual schools
Jul 8, 5:35 AM: Interest and scrutiny into virtual charter schools is increasing among Oklahoma lawmakers as online instruction rapidly grows across the state.
Point of View: Online charter school values hard work, accountability
Jul 1, 6:17 AM: EPIC Charter Schools is singularly unique. There has never been a public school system generating as much student growth in such a short time period. It’s understandable we provoke questions.
Harding Fine Arts Academy seeking to buy longtime home
Jun 28, 7:38 AM: In the face of possible relocation, Harding Fine Arts Academy is fighting to stay put. Oklahoma City Public Schools closed the charter school’s home of 14 years at 3333 N Shartel, designated it as surplus and put it up for >
Epic Charter Schools far above state average for students dropped after absences
Jun 27, 6:28 AM: One in four students at Oklahoma’s largest virtual charter school are automatically disenrolled due to 10 consecutive absences, a rate more than twice the state average.
OKCPS board approves leasing empty schools
Jun 26, 6:53 AM: The school district's Board of Education voted in favor of allowing Superintendent Sean McDaniel to sign leases for eight new tenants should OKCPS complete negotiations on the buildings. The 11 schools are among 15 that >
New program offers college degree option for working adults through TCC
Jun 17, 5:55 AM: A new program at Tulsa Community College intends to make it easier for working adults to earn an associate degree in psychology.
Point of View: Who will fight for students, parents?
Jun 5, 6:53 AM: If you are a black or brown child in a traditional (non-charter) public school in the Oklahoma City metro area, you are six times more likely than a white student to attend a school with an “F” grade. >
Union Public Schools launching full-time virtual education option for 2019-20 school year
May 29, 5:42 AM: Union Public Schools is expanding its virtual education offerings in a pilot program that will debut for the 2019-20 school year. Union Virtual will have allow students selected for the program to take as many as all of >
EPIC's National Honor Society president praises opportunities
May 17, 7:03 AM: "At EPIC, we believe school can be different,” Powell said, “and it is a priority for us to create an academic model that is conducive to student success. Every student learns differently. Giving parents and their students >
Editorial: New law brings transparency to virtual charter schools
May 13, 6:29 AM: With no opposition, the Oklahoma Legislature has passed and Gov. Kevin Stitt has signed new limitations on how virtual charter schools can operate in Oklahoma.
Union Public Schools to launch full-time virtual program next year
May 8, 6:05 AM: A full-time virtual program is coming to Union Public Schools, giving the district a better opportunity to target students who choose to go elsewhere.
Leadership change at Oklahoma's largest virtual charter school likely necessitated by new transparency, conflict of interest law
May 7, 6:38 AM: New restrictions on conflicts of interest at virtual charter schools will necessitate a change at the top of the organizational chart at Epic Charter Schools, according to the Tulsa lawmaker who sponsored legislation to >
Stitt signs charter school transparency bill
May 3, 6:41 AM: Gov. Kevin Stitt on Thursday signed a bill that puts new reporting requirements on charter schools.
Opportunity Scholarship among bills failing last week's legislative deadline
Apr 29, 6:20 AM: Thursday’s third-reading deadline in the Oklahoma Legislature culled fewer than 100 bills in this session’s filings, among them a measure to expand a tax credit program for certain contributions to benefit private and >
Public School’s Switch to Charter Allows Epic to Operate Rural District
Apr 29, 6:10 AM: To save his financially imperiled school district, Panola Superintendent Brad Corcoran in 2017 pitched a plan to convert the traditional public district into a charter school.
State Senate passes new transparency reporting requirements for virtual charter schools; bill headed to Gov. Stitt next
Apr 26, 6:36 AM: New restrictions on virtual charter schools sailed through the Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday, in a similar fashion to the state House of Representatives’ vote on the measure last month.
State education officials deny clearing Epic Charter Schools in investigation, despite school's new claims
Apr 24, 6:31 AM: Epic Charter Schools on Tuesday issued a news release and social media posts for their teachers and parents declaring that a newly issued audit by state education officials proved they are in “full federal compliance” with >
Editorial: Bill is a way to help Oklahoma students
Apr 24, 6:25 AM: A program in place for several years has given low-income Oklahoma students the opportunity to attend private schools instead of struggling in their assigned public school. Legislators can widen that net by approving a >



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