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Students, parents left with few options with closing of OKC charter school
Apr 26, 5:13 AM: Hundreds of parents are looking for a new place for their children to go to school now that Oklahoma City Lighthouse Charter School is closing its doors after only two years.
State Board Approves, Then Balks at, Buying Ads for Virtual Schools
Apr 17, 5:29 AM: Two days after voting to pursue hiring a public relations firm to market the online schools sponsored by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, the agency director says the project may be scrapped.
OSU-OKC works with Oklahoma City charter school to help students earn associate degree with diploma
Apr 11, 6:55 AM: Twenty Oklahoma City 11th graders will begin college coursework this summer with the goal of earning a two-year associate degree by the time they graduate from high school.
How Could Vouchers Affect Oklahoma Schools? Let’s Look To Milwaukee
Apr 5, 7:16 AM: With a school voucher a parent could take some of the money the state spends educating their child—upwards of $3,000—and use it toward private school tuition.
State board grows as charter school sponsor. Now what?
Apr 5, 6:19 AM: The seven-member state Board of Education is tasked with overseeing the Oklahoma State Department of Education and setting statewide policy on the administration and curriculum of Oklahoma's public school system.
Oklahoma State Board OKs second non-urban charter school
Mar 24, 6:29 AM: For the second time in as many meetings, the state Board of Education approved a charter school application despite the local school board's objections.
Tulsa private, public school representatives answer seven questions about school vouchers
Mar 23, 4:42 AM: The presidents of a local private school and a public school board delved into opposing views on school vouchers at a luncheon Wednesday.
Charter school bond bill passes Oklahoma Senate
Mar 21, 6:24 AM: A bill guaranteeing charter schools the right to seek bond financing has gained approval in the Oklahoma Senate.
Should state Allow tax-credit donations to Public Schools?
Mar 20, 6:05 AM: Since 2013, Oklahoma taxpayers have been allowed to take a state income-tax credit in exchange for donations made to private schools. Now, a state lawmaker and others are wondering: Why not offer tax credits for donations to public >
School choice group threatens lawsuit over new A-F school grading system
Mar 9, 5:54 AM: And just one day after Governor Mary Fallin signed a House Joint Resolution approving the report behind that system, a parent choice group is threatening a lawsuit.
After State Board Overturns Local School Board’s Decision, Some Left Wondering Who Has Control
Mar 7, 7:19 AM: A rural Oklahoma school board recently chose not to approve a charter school in their district. But the State Board of Education exercised authority given to them in a new law and overrode that rural board’s decision. This is the >
At Epic Schools, Teacher Bonuses Soar While Student Achievement Lags
Mar 3, 7:36 AM: The wild swings in teacher compensation at the state’s largest online charter school are due to an unconventional program that allows teachers to earn a bonus of up to their base salary, which would double their pay. So a teacher >
School vouchers bill pulled by author in Oklahoma Senate
Mar 2, 6:05 AM: A school voucher bill that would give students a varying amount of their state funding to use for private school tuition, depending on the student's income level, will not be considered by the Legislature this year after the bill >
Senate Panel Votes Down Extracurricular Activities Plan for Charter School Students
Feb 28, 7:24 AM: An Oklahoma Senate panel rejected a proposal Monday to let charter school students participate in extracurricular activities at the public school they would otherwise attend.
Bill Aims To Allow Charter School Students To Play Sports At Local District Schools
Feb 27, 7:55 AM: Senate Bill 611 would allow charter school students to participate in extracurricular activities at their local district school.
Oklahoma voucher bill faces backlash from school officials
Feb 22, 7:15 AM: A state senate panel passed a bill that would set up a school voucher system, and it's getting backlash from school officials.
Oklahoma Senate committee passes voucher bill that would send public funds to private schools
Feb 21, 5:56 AM: A Senate panel passed a voucher bill on Monday that would allow public money to follow students to private schools.
Weak Financial Accountability For Charter School Management Companies That Get Millions
Feb 15, 7:48 AM: With a nearly $900 million budget shortfall, Oklahoma lawmakers want accountability for every penny. But within the coffers of private charter school management companies are millions of dollars that lawmakers can't see.
Norman board denies charter school application
Feb 8, 8:08 AM: Parents backing a proposed language immersion charter school will appeal to the state after the school board denied their application for sponsorship for a second time late Monday night.
New charter school in Seminole brings opportunity and hope
Feb 7, 7:31 AM: The State Board of Education recently approved the creation of a new charter school in that community. By next fall, high school juniors and seniors will be attending the school in facilities to be shared with Seminole Junior >



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