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ECOT finance official bemoans online school’s funding
Dec 6, 7:17 AM: Three things happened in October that “severely hampered” ECOT’s revenue, one of which is a temporary hold of how much money the online charter school receives from the Ohio Department of Education. >
ECOT again fights repaying millions in taxpayer money
Dec 5, 7:14 AM: The state has unveiled more tricks of the trade it says were used by ECOT in an attempt to obtain more taxpayer money than the state says the big online charter school deserved.
Charter schools among the most segregated in Ohio
Dec 4, 8:11 AM: But months later, the Ohio legislature launched a pilot project for the state’s first charter school. Over the next two decades, that program has evolved into a system so segregated by race that by 2015, more than 5,000 >
Newark schools clear to proceed as charter school sponsor for Digital Academy, Par Excellence
Dec 4, 6:41 AM: An amendment included in a bill passed by the Ohio House of Representatives Wednesday allows Newark City Schools to sponsor charter schools despite its "poor" rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the 2015-16 >
Charter school sponsor ratings rise locally, across state
Nov 21, 5:58 AM: Charter school sponsors improved their ratings significantly this year, both on a statewide level and among sponsors of Dayton-area schools, according to new data from the Ohio Department of Education.
Ohio relied on ECOT for data on how much to pay charter school
Nov 20, 7:50 AM: When the Ohio Department of Education audited ECOT’s attendance for a second school year last summer, the embattled online charter’s verified attendance went up more than 80 percent, and the amount it was forced to repay >
Cleveland Plan for schools gets mixed review from State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria
Nov 17, 7:35 AM: State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria offered a mixed review of the Cleveland school district's progress under its 2012 improvement plan this week, avoiding any endorsement or judgment of the plan.
Digital academy gets ‘exemplary’ rating
Nov 17, 6:26 AM: Findlay City Schools received an “exemplary” overall rating for its 2016-2017 sponsorship of the Findlay Digital Academy, and was just one of three districts in Ohio to achieve that rating.
Cleveland and other charter school sponsors doing a better job, new ratings show
Nov 16, 7:08 AM: The Cleveland school district has improved its rating as a charter school sponsor and is no longer in danger of having charter oversight powers yanked away, under new ratings released Wednesday.
Sponsors of 10 Ohio charter schools receive ‘poor’ ratings from state
Nov 16, 6:22 AM: Eight sponsors of 10 charter schools — none in the Columbus area — flunked the latest round of ratings released Wednesday by the Ohio Department of Education.
Creative teaching getting results in Whitehall schools
Nov 13, 7:45 AM: The exodus of Whitehall students to charter schools appears to be slowing, if not reversing. About 331 Whitehall children attend charters, according to state funding data, down from the high of 436 students in 2014. >
Cleveland Transformation Alliance released 5-year assessment on city's school plan
Nov 10, 8:01 AM: Five years ago, the city of Cleveland and its Metropolitan School District unveiled Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools in an effort to reinvigorate the city's much-maligned school system.
Democrats urge high court to rule against ECOT
Nov 3, 6:09 AM: House and Senate Democrats filed a brief Thursday urging the Ohio Supreme Court to rule against the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or else jeopardize oversight of taxpayer dollars.
Parents, students panicking after Youngstown charter school closes
Nov 2, 6:04 AM: Students and parents are feeling angry, confused, and betrayed after a Youngstown charter school shut down.
Youngstown charter school shuts down after running out of funds
Nov 1, 5:51 AM: A Youngstown charter school shut its doors for good Tuesday, saying it has run out of money. The decision to close Mahoning Valley Opportunity Center came Monday night after the board said they had no money left. However, >
State deflects blame for slow action on "poor" charter school sponsors
Oct 27, 4:48 AM: The Ohio Department of Education deflected criticism Wednesday for failing to meet deadlines to take action against "poor" charter school sponsors by blaming delays on lengthy appeals.
State stalls on killing two "poor" charter school sponsors - the Cincinnati and Newark districts
Oct 25, 5:32 AM: Ohio's first round of charter school oversight evaluations last fall - a roundabout method of forcing quality for the state's nationally-ridiculed charter schools - has brought mixed results a year later. >
Newark Digital Academy exceeds state standards for third year
Oct 23, 5:25 AM: Despite regulatory challenges, Newark Digital Academy remains a top dropout recovery community school in Ohio.
Troubled charter school ECOT becomes focus of Ohio attorney general's race
Oct 23, 5:02 AM: Democratic attorney general candidate Steve Dettelbach signaled Friday he plans to make a campaign issue out of Republican rival Dave Yost's history with a troubled Ohio online charter school.
Mayor Jackson's bid to block low-scoring charter schools from city is denied by state
Oct 16, 5:54 AM: The first real test of whether city leaders can force higher standards for charter schools in the city - a power they fought for in the state legislature five years ago - has failed.



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