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Community school moves into former Drake Elementary School in Strongsville
Jul 19, 6:58 AM: A K-6 community school has moved into the former Drake Elementary School on Albion Road and will compete with Strongsville City Schools for pupils.
Big money, big policy decisions at stake in ongoing ECOT fight
Jul 17, 8:17 AM:

The fight between the state’s largest charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, and the state over how to calculate the online school’s enrollment for state funding purposes has been ongoing for more than a >

Ohio seeks to reclaim $60M from ECOT
Jul 13, 6:42 AM: The state will begin reclaiming more than $60 million from the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow after the Ohio Supreme Court refused to intervene in a dispute over how the online charter school counted enrollment. >
State to take over as sponsor of two Reynoldsburg charter schools
Jul 12, 5:28 AM: Two local charter schools originally overseen by Reynoldsburg schools will come under the sponsorship of the state of Ohio.
Democrats call for Yost to drop out of ECOT probe
Jul 11, 6:44 AM: Democratic state Rep. Kristin Boggs issued a scathing call Monday for state Auditor Dave Yost to remove himself from any current or future investigations into ECOT, which is accused of overbilling the state by $60 million >
ECOT takes another appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court
Jul 7, 7:36 AM: A legal appeal that ECOT says “is likely to determine the fate of computer-based community schools in Ohio” was filed Thursday in the Ohio Supreme Court.
Vetoed amendment could jeopardize Newark Digital Academy
Jul 6, 6:22 AM: As Gov. John Kasich signed Ohio's new budget, he vetoed an amendment that would have had a direct impact on a Licking County School.
Auditor to look into school’s claims on critical ad
Jul 5, 7:57 AM: Ohio’s auditor says his office plans to “get to the bottom” of where funding came from for an online charter school’s television ad attacking Ohio’s effort to have the school repay $60 million. >
ECOT could be on the hook for still more money
Jul 3, 7:34 AM: Charter school giant ECOT might have added to the $60 million bill the state says it owes by campaigning to have that bill thrown out.
Mansfield scraps plan for online school
Jul 3, 6:07 AM: More than a year ago, Mansfield City Schools announced it would partner with a private company to offer an online school. The idea was to recapture some of the students and revenue the district loses to online charter >
Auditor wants court to stop ECOT’s TV ads
Jun 30, 5:47 AM: Ohio Auditor Dave Yost wants a court to stop ECOT from using taxpayer dollars to advertise on television.
ECOT looks to legislators, TV ads and Ohio Supreme Court to keep $60 million the state wants back
Jun 29, 7:05 AM: The ECOT online charter school is fighting state attempts to recover $60 million in alleged overpayments to the school through legislators, television and, today, through the Ohio Supreme Court.
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson wants two new charter schools blocked for review, but state says no
Jun 28, 6:16 AM: Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and other city leaders want the state to block two new charter schools from opening in the city this fall until the schools' sponsors go through local quality control reviews that are required >
State auditor orders ECOT to stop spending tax dollars on attack ads
Jun 27, 6:03 AM: Ohio Auditor Dave Yost has ordered ECOT to stop using taxpayers dollars on television ads attacking the state Department of Education’s decision to seek repayment of $60.4 million, saying the commercials are not proper >
ECOT continues tax-funded ad blitz despite layoff announcement
Jun 26, 7:19 AM: Even after ECOT announced that it will lay off 350 workers within weeks, the internet charter school continues to use taxpayer dollars for a barrage of television ads attacking the Ohio Department of Education’s decision >
"Mind-boggling:" Breakthrough, Summit, National Heritage charter schools shine in Stanford study
Jun 22, 6:09 AM: Cleveland's Breakthrough charter school network is the strongest charter school operating group in Ohio, a new Stanford University study reports, while also finding that for-profit charter operators tend to have poor >
ECOT laying off quarter of its staff so school can repay $60M to state
Jun 21, 6:48 AM: Facing the need to repay $60.4 million from the 2015-16 school year and potentially millions more from last school year, ECOT says it will lay off 350 workers within weeks, about a quarter of its workforce.
Education department still weighing fate of 11 poorly rated charter schools
Jun 19, 4:54 AM: When the state rated 21 Ohio charter-school sponsors as “poor” in October, those sponsors were to permanently lose their authority to oversee charter schools.
Bill may buy ECOT time to pay its tab
Jun 16, 7:18 AM: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow will not have to make good anytime soon on the $60 million bill that the State Board of Education handed it this week if a newly proposed bill becomes law.
Groveport Madison switches Cruiser Academy from charter to regular school
Jun 15, 7:14 AM: Eight months after the state rated it as a “poor” charter sponsor, the Groveport Madison Board of Education voted unanimously on Wednesday night to formally approve a settlement with the Ohio Department of Education. >



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