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Local parents puzzled schools won't provide remote-learning options for sick, quarantined
Sep 17, 8:33 AM: While school districts continue to implement strict quarantine policies, kids are being forced to stay home for 10 days. The problem parents are having is that their kids are falling behind academically. Some parents are >
Ohio legalized school vouchers to help kids in failing schools. Is that what’s happening?
Sep 9, 2:09 PM: What started as a $5 million pilot project to rescue Cleveland kids from “failing schools” is now a statewide voucher system serving 69,000 children that could cost taxpayers more than $628 million for the 2021-2022 >
Two decades of ECOT political giving detailed in info sent to federal investigators
Sep 8, 3:08 PM: Campaign finance records turned over in response to a federal grand jury subpoena issued in February 2019 show that Lager and his associates contributed $1.66 million to candidate committees and another $300,000 to >
Opinion: Norwalk Catholic Students succeed during pandemic
Sep 3, 10:13 AM: In review of our student success data, our students showed learning gains.  While nationally there is much conversation regarding learning loss, our students demonstrated high levels of learning.  At Norwalk Catholic, we >
Schools scramble to teach quarantined kids with online models gone
Aug 30, 11:37 AM: Most local schools do not have robust online and remote-learning structures in place for hundreds of children, like they did last year. Students who bounce in and out of quarantine for two weeks at a time this year might >
Should Ohio school districts be required to accept students who live elsewhere?
Aug 26, 4:20 PM: About 80% of Ohio's public school districts allow kids from outside their borders to fill their open seats. It's called open enrollment, and the schools that don't allow it are mostly affluent suburban districts that >
Homeschooling on the rise across the Tri-State
Aug 16, 3:52 PM: Many schools are going back to the classroom, but there are fewer students in schools this year as more students are being homeschooled across the Tri-State.
Paying families instead of providing busing to get more costly for schools
Aug 9, 3:18 PM: School districts have an option, under certain conditions, to pay families within their district who attend private, parochial or charter schools a stipend rather than providing busing.
Lawsuit to challenge constitutionality of school vouchers
Aug 3, 10:46 AM: A coalition of public schools is preparing for a new legal fight challenging the constitutionality of Ohio's widespread use of taxpayer dollars to fund private and religious schools.
Ohio’s plan for spending $4.4 billion in stimulus money on K-12 schools approved by U.S. Depar
Jul 16, 11:18 AM: Ohio’s plan – available here – identifies two top priorities for the upcoming school year and beyond: support the academic, social and emotional needs of students and educators, and invest in academic resources, >
Tuition-free charter school heads to west Toledo with focus on education, athletics
Jun 15, 7:16 AM: Principal Kechan Jonson said it has the potential to be "more than just a school" because it's the first of its kind in the city.
Ohio Senate school funding proposal needs to be more equitable: editorial
Jun 9, 6:05 AM: The Ohio Senate is poised to pass a two-year state budget plan that fails to fully address Ohio’s school funding mess -- but there’s still time to make it fairer.
1. Tuition-free Toledo charter school set to open this fall with emphasis on STEM learning
Jun 8, 6:38 AM: Toledo parents will soon be able to send their kids to a new school, with a heavy focus on STEM.
Columbus City Schools joins brewing lawsuit against Ohio's school choice vouchers
Jun 3, 5:27 AM: The program, which allows families to use public funds to send children to private schools, violates the Ohio Constitution, the group Vouchers Hurt Ohio contends. It argues that elected officials are failing to meet their >
How much should Ohio pay to educate its kids? Senate, House have different ideas
Jun 2, 6:24 AM: The school funding formula was broken. They wanted the courts to force Ohio to fix it. And in March of 1997, that's what happened. The Ohio Supreme Court called the system unconstitutional and directed state lawmakers to >
Editorial: Problems fill skinny bill on school vouchers
Jun 1, 7:51 AM: The so-called “universal voucher” bill would allow all families to leave their public school district to enter a private, community or STEM school in Ohio. Any and all per-pupil funding that student would have provided his >
Columbus City Schools could join voucher lawsuit push as soon as Tuesday
May 28, 6:30 AM: Ohio's largest school district may soon join a brewing lawsuit against the state over the constitutionality of its EdChoice school voucher system, which allows families to use public funds to send children to private >
Parents, educators look back at what good might come out of a year of virtual learning
May 25, 7:29 AM: ";With the flexibility, I was able to offer multiple modalities for the kids to use,” Middendorf said. “So on my modules, the kids would have ways to learn visually; there was auditory ways; we would do online labs where >
Ohio owes millions of dollars to 12 Ohio charter schools
May 21, 8:24 AM: The Ohio Department of Education owes 12 Horizon Science Academy schools throughout the state thousands of dollars, after they were wrongfully disqualified from money as “community schools of quality,” the Ohio Supreme >
Ohio colleges got $865 million from American Rescue Plan. Here's how some are spending it.
May 19, 7:55 AM: Ohio's colleges and universities received more than $865 million in emergency aid from the American Rescue Plan, funding that will directly benefit students and can help schools financially recover from the COVID-19 >



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