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Another Online Charter School Locked In Fight With Ohio Ed. Department
Aug 16, 5:59 AM: An online charter school says it will not open Tuesday for the new school year because of a funding fight with Ohio education officials.
Online charter Virtual Community School ordered to pay back millions
Aug 15, 6:01 AM: While the state Department of Education battled publicly with ECOT to recover money, it quietly informed another online charter last September that it had overbilled taxpayers by almost triple.
Cleveland's top charter schools still have openings
Aug 15, 5:41 AM: Cleveland’s Breakthrough Schools network is made up of 11 schools spread out across the city, offering an alternative for students in the area. And while the schools outperform Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s test >
ECOT not only online school that owes money over enrollment issues
Aug 14, 6:02 AM: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow by far owes the most, but it is not the only Ohio online charter school being told to repay state money because of problems with verifying enrollment.
Yost now going after money from overfunded charter schools’ operators
Aug 10, 6:10 AM: As the state takes a closer look at e-school enrollment and demands repayment when those numbers are inflated, state Auditor Dave Yost wants to ensure the pain is spread around to for-profit operators.
Online school touts options for students
Aug 9, 5:48 AM: Online schools are becoming a more popular option for teenagers and younger children. Operators of one online school told 21 News how they believe it can provide the same benefits as a brick and mortar school. >
Cleveland leaders want to cut off charter school sponsor St. Aloysius Orphanage
Aug 9, 5:32 AM: The St. Aloysius Orphanage, the sponsor and overseer of 42 charter schools across Ohio, is not worthy of overseeing any new schools in Cleveland, city leaders decided Monday.
Cross Over Academy: “We’re a school that does home education”
Aug 7, 6:03 AM: "It’s not a public school and it’s not a charter school,” explains Darryl Owens Jr., founder and administrator of Cross Over Academy. “We’re simply home education where we’ve allowed other families to come in and educate >
North Ridgeville won't bus kids to 2 private Avon schools
Aug 4, 7:34 AM: State law says the district has a responsibility to bus students to a nondistrict school if it falls within a 30-minute radius. However, the state gives the district the option to pay families a stipend should the board >
Legal woes of charter school operator don't scare sponsor
Aug 2, 7:09 AM: The St. Aloysius Orphanage is "aware" of the legal issues in both Florida and Ohio involving charter schools run by the Cambridge Education Group, but still wants to help it add a new school in the city.
Ohio, concerned about ECOT enrollment claims, withholding even more money
Aug 2, 5:46 AM: After a request from state Auditor Dave Yost, combined with ongoing concern about enrollment accuracy, the Ohio Department of Education will further reduce state payments to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. >
ECOT leaders give $122,000 to GOP while school in financial turmoil
Aug 1, 7:02 AM: As ECOT was pleading its case before state officials and saying the school might be forced to close because of a lack of money, the online schools’ founder and a top associate poured more than $122,000 into Republican >
How ECOT founder William Lager cooked up a lucrative charter school
Jul 31, 6:03 AM: From 2001 to 2016, ECOT took in more than $1 billion from Ohio taxpayers, and of that total paid more than $170 million to Lager’s companies to run the day-to-day operations of the school and provide it with educational >
Legislator-led panel examines difficulty of educating poor youths
Jul 28, 6:29 AM: Hoping to change that, the veteran lawmaker and former Ohio Supreme Court justice is leading a new task force that met for the first time Thursday to begin examining issues involving poverty and education, including the >
Middletown’s charter high school nearly doubles in four years
Jul 27, 6:09 AM: Middletown’s largest charter school is celebrating its fourth anniversary next month with an open house event to “give back to the public” for its support.
ECOT slashing $56 million in spending, laying off 250 due to overpayments
Jul 26, 6:57 AM: ECOT will slash its spending for the upcoming school year by more than $56 million dollars and layoff 250 employees in order to repay $60 million in overpayments it owes at the same time its enrollment shrinks. >
Cut ECOT payments even more, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says, or state may never get money back
Jul 24, 6:38 AM: The state needs to send less money to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) online school, state Auditor Dave Yost says, or it may never recover the $60 million the school already owes.
Despite audit, ECOT again bills state for more than $100 million
Jul 21, 7:25 AM: ECOT’s first payment from the state for the new school year puts the online charter on a course to collect $103.6 million, even though a just-resolved state Department of Education attendance audit found it was owed only >
ECOT files appeal, arguing state Board of Education met illegally
Jul 21, 6:57 AM: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is not giving up its argument that the state Board of Education met illegally when it voted to require the online school to repay the state $60 million for unverified enrollment. >
Community school moves into former Drake Elementary School in Strongsville
Jul 19, 6:58 AM: A K-6 community school has moved into the former Drake Elementary School on Albion Road and will compete with Strongsville City Schools for pupils.



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