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Eight ways Ohio Republicans are working to remake public education
Feb 23, 6:43 AM: Ohio GOP lawmakers have proposed several reforms to public K-12 education, including a universal voucher program and changes to how often school board members are elected.
‘Backpack’ bill gives Ohio students choices
Feb 16, 9:46 AM: Ohio parents dissatisfied with their children’s public school education could opt into a program allowing them to use state dollars to send their children to private schools or to take advantage of other educational >
Dayton startup wants to fill the gaps in educational environment
Feb 14, 10:01 AM: Just Like Me Presents currently provides supplemental teaching materials and a condensed curriculum to parents, teachers and organizations. Person’s goal for 2022 is to open a 30-student class for grades K-2 in her >
Kramer Elementary principal says school staff is ‘thinking outside of the box’ as it navigates pandemic-era learning
Jan 21, 8:41 AM: An innovation this school year was establishing students in “pods” of four – reorganized each month – to provide them with interactions with other students but also limit contact with larger numbers of students to decrease >
Attorney: Ohio kids merely 'income statements on a balance sheet' to school voucher opponent
Jan 21, 8:22 AM: For the past two decades, Ohio has made a simple promise to its parents: If your child is zoned to attend a poorly performing school or if your family meets certain income guidelines, your child can receive a scholarship >
'I fear that they'll regress.' Remote learning a challenge for kindergarten teacher, class
Jan 20, 7:02 AM: Cincinnati Public Schools went virtual last week after officials said there were major staffing shortages districtwide. Other local school districts canceled school days, went remote or added temporary mask mandates in the >
Cincinnati Public Schools' board votes for full remote learning
Jan 11, 9:38 AM: Cincinnati Public Schools' board voted Monday night to switch to remote learning district-wide. This comes as the district faces staffing shortages due to COVID-19.
Ohio district sues state over $700,000 fine for failing to bus non-public kids
Jan 11, 9:27 AM: Groveport Madison Schools is suing the Ohio Department of Education over a $698,000 fine for failing to bus private and charter school children.
Husted defends Ohio private school voucher program facing legal challenge
Jan 11, 6:59 AM: Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, who was Ohio House speaker when EdChoice passed in 2005, says families continue to support the vouchers today.
EdChoice voucher use increasing, especially in Montgomery County
Jan 10, 9:13 AM: The number of K-12 students attending private schools via state-paid EdChoice vouchers has skyrocketed both locally and statewide in recent years, and now a lawsuit is challenging the legality of that system. >
Some Reynoldsburg, Columbus schools will continue remote learning due to staff shortages
Jan 10, 7:25 AM: After going remote last week due to staffing and bus shortages, some students at Reynoldsburg City Schools and Columbus City Schools will continue online learning this week.
Local schools hope to change voucher system, bring money to public schools with lawsuit
Jan 10, 6:55 AM: Three local school districts in Ashland and Wayne counties are a part of a group of nearly 100 schools that filed a lawsuit against the state that questions the validity of the school voucher system.
Ohio public schools are suing the state over its private school voucher program
Jan 6, 7:25 AM: The school leaders say the voucher program is syphoning taxpayer money from their districts in order to pay for students who choose to go to private schools instead.
School district coalition files lawsuit challenging Ohio’s private school voucher program
Jan 5, 7:00 AM: The public education advocacy group Vouchers Hurt Ohio announced the lawsuit Tuesday morning in a press conference. The court challenge, filed the same day in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, specifically targets the >
Cincinnati school board cool to a return to remote learning due to COVID-19
Jan 4, 8:49 AM: On the first day back from winter break, more than 300 Cincinnati Public Schools employees were out sick with positive COVID-19 cases. As a result, the school board was asked Monday night to vote to move to remote >
School enrollment numbers grim, state superintendent lays out future plans
Jan 3, 9:47 AM: The Ohio Department of Education is still watching the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic affect the children of the state.
Ohio Connections Academy receives global “School of Distinction” recognition
Dec 28, 9:52 AM: Ohio Connections Academy (OCA), a tuition-free, full-time public virtual school serving K-12 students throughout the state, was recently named a “School of Distinction” by Cognia, a global education network, for >
Opinion: Backpack Bill would empower parents to make schooling decisions for children
Dec 15, 6:41 AM: Political pundits and campaign strategists are filling the airwaves dissecting and analyzing a political wave the led to surprising electoral outcomes in Virginia, and increased focus on local school board races across >
Teachers, Menlo Park Academy charter school could be in for a protracted fight over union elections
Dec 14, 6:54 AM: Attorneys for teachers at Menlo Park Academy, a Cleveland charter school that educates gifted children, made their case Monday that the National Labor Relations Board should oversee union elections.
Should public schools be able to contest the value of your home?
Dec 10, 8:56 AM: Ohio is one of a handful of states that let public school districts and other political subdivisions, such as counties or townships, legally challenge the value of any home or parcel in their area.



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