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ECOT closure brings cheers - and howls that the state wouldn't budge
Jan 22, 7:31 AM: Charter school critics cheered the vote Thursday night to shut down the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) online charter school, while State Rep. Andrew Brenner and ECOT backers blasted the state for forcing the >
ECOT closure reaction: “These bureaucrats wanted blood for ECOT challenging them...”
Jan 22, 7:06 AM: Reaction was rapid after ECOT lost its sponsor Thursday night and therefore is forced to close immediately — including from a spokesman for the online Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow who harshly criticized state >
Sponsor votes to shut online school after state rejects settlement offer
Jan 19, 7:29 AM: The sponsor of the ECOT online charter school voted Thursday evening to close the school despite parents and teachers begging to keep the school open for the rest of the year.
ECOT not telling parents whether it will close Thursday
Jan 18, 7:17 AM: With Ohio’s largest online school facing closure as soon as Friday, students and parents of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow say they are being kept in the dark about the future of the school.
ECOT makes "final offer" to reduce penalties to stay open
Jan 18, 6:43 AM: The ECOT online school made two last-minute attempts to stay open Wednesday, appealing to its sponsor and the Ohio Department of Education to let it stay open through the end of the school year.
Sponsor asks for receiver to take over ECOT
Jan 17, 7:05 AM: ECOT’s sponsor has asked a Franklin County judge to appoint a receiver to take control of the troubled online school’s operations and finances, saying there are “no remedies” to avoid suspending its operations. >
If ECOT closes, attorney general hopefuls say founder should repay state
Jan 16, 6:09 AM: If ECOT closes, the charter school’s founder, Bill Lager, could be responsible for repaying the millions the online school still owes the state for unverified enrollment, state Auditor Dave Yost said.
Akron Public Schools ready for potential influx of ECOT students
Jan 16, 6:02 AM: As some school districts across the state scramble to find room for a potential influx of ECOT students, Akron Public Schools says it began preparing a year ago when the online school’s attendance rates were in question. >
It’s not clear whether other e-schools would take in all ECOT students
Jan 15, 7:40 AM: The exact number of students at risk of losing their school should ECOT close stands at 11,780 as of this week, the Ohio Department of Education says, and all of them could theoretically continue to attend a different >
Lorain County schools set to welcome ECOT students
Jan 15, 7:09 AM: In the event the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow closes its virtual doors, leaving students in search of a new school, local educators have one simple message: Come back.
ECOT fighting to stay alive but options few
Jan 12, 6:01 AM: Lake Erie West told ECOT in a letter dated Wednesday that it plans to suspend its sponsorship of the school, citing concerns about the school’s deteriorating finances and lack of bonding for its treasurer, which is >
Online charter school ECOT could be days away from shutdown
Jan 11, 6:53 AM: The online charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow could shut down as early as next week, the Columbus Dispatch reported Wednesday after the financially troubled school’s sponsor said it will terminate its >
Failure could mean charter school, Y'town schools CEO says
Jan 11, 6:51 AM: Youngstown City Schools CEO Krish Mohip said he stands by comments made about a possible grim future for the district.
Ohio school districts anxious for refunds from ECOT’s $60 million repayment
Jan 9, 7:07 AM: The Columbus school district and several others will get much of the $60 million that Ohio’s largest online school, ECOT, was ordered to repay after overcharging the state in the 2015-16 school year, say state Department >
ECOT case prompts calls for better rules to verify student enrollment
Jan 8, 8:17 AM: As the Ohio Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in ECOT’s lawsuit regarding repayments for unverified students, some legislators say it’s time for more clarity.
Online school’s future unclear
Jan 5, 7:31 AM: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is the biggest charter school, as measured by enrollment, in Ohio. It is also in trouble. The Ohio Attorney General over the past year has been seeking return of $60 million from the >
Test scores need to stay in teacher ratings, says Cleveland schools CEO
Jan 3, 7:48 AM: Gordon says he opposes a bill from State Sen. Peggy Lehner that would reduce the use of student tests in annual teacher evaluations. He said using test scores is vital to the district's improvement plan that the >
Ohio Court to Hear Big Online School's Funding Case Feb. 13
Jan 2, 7:54 AM: The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments Feb. 13 in a challenge about the state's efforts to recoup $60 million from one of the nation's largest online charter schools.
Charter school graduation rates way behind Ohio’s urban districts
Dec 26, 6:26 AM: Even when excluding dropout-recovery schools, the four-year graduation rates of charter schools in Ohio are half that of traditional schools, and 28 points lower than the largest urban districts.
Charter school seeks new sponsor after DPS votes to end contract
Dec 20, 8:43 AM: Dayton Business Technology High School will try to find a new sponsor and remain open next school year, after Dayton’s school board voted Tuesday night to terminate their existing sponsorship this summer. >



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