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How do charter, private schools compare to Dayton Public Schools?
Jul 19, 5:15 AM: Of the 70 school buildings in Dayton that receive public money to educate the city’s children, only 27 are actually Dayton Public Schools. The rest are publicly funded charter schools or private schools for which kids can >
Charter school sponsor loses one school, opens up another in Dayton
Jul 17, 6:39 AM: The STEAM Academy charter school closed this summer in northwest Dayton, but the same sponsor and operating company is behind a new charter school, Montgomery Preparatory Academy, which is opening this fall in Southeast >
Letter to the editor: School choice worked for recent online graduate
Jul 16, 4:42 AM: Over the years, we enjoyed OCA and the virtual education platform. We learned to manage our own schedules as we volunteered in our community and at our church, and later attended college courses at Stark State. >
The Path Forward: The region must rally to fix the Dayton Public Schools
Jul 16, 4:36 AM: Of 70 publicly funded school buildings in the city, only 27 are DPS schools. School choice has siphoned 40 percent of students from DPS into other districts or charter and private schools, some of which perform even >
Twists in ECOT legal battles: School wins one appeal as Supreme Court Justice DeWine recuses self from big one
Jul 12, 5:22 AM: The ECOT online school's legal battles with the state took two twists this week, with the school winning one appeal and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Patrick DeWine recusing himself from the main court case. >
ECOT may proceed with appeal on $60M repayment, court rules
Jul 11, 6:07 AM: ECOT won a court decision on Tuesday — but no, it wasn’t the big Ohio Supreme Court ruling for which all involved are waiting.
Opinion: Corruption allowed school to rob taxpayers
Jul 10, 5:03 AM: According to the non-partisan think tank, Innovation Ohio, in the year of 2017, ECOT  single-handedly took $3.28 million from the school districts in Ohio’s 28th House District – and more than $80 Million from the entire >
Ohio unsure of status of 2,300 students from closed e-school
Jul 6, 5:06 AM: Many of the students enrolled in Ohio’s largest online charter school when it closed in January have transferred to other schools, but state officials don’t know what happened with about 2,300 students. >
Ohio teacher evaluations get an overhaul teachers like
Jul 2, 5:33 AM: Lawmakers last week sent a wide-ranging education policy bill to Gov. John Kasich that includes the latest iteration of the state’s teacher evaluation system — one that supporters say will properly utilize student growth >
Local group pushing AG Mike DeWine to keep pressure on failed online school
Jun 29, 6:41 AM: Innovation Ohio says Attorney General Mike DeWine  is sweeping the ECOT issue under the table because his campaign received donations from former ECOT leaders.
Akron Digital Academy quietly closes as other online charter schools face hefty state fees
Jun 29, 6:20 AM: "If they had given us time to react and implement, a vast majority — especially Akron Digital [Academy] — would’ve been able to put the proper procedures in place to withstand it and do what’s right,” Unversaw said. “It’s >
Schools that took in ECOT kids win 'safe harbor' from penalties for bad grades
Jun 28, 5:39 AM: ECOT students were so far behind other students that schools taking them in deserve a "safe harbor" from damage to their grades, the Ohio legislature decided Wednesday. Both the state House and Senate Wednesday voted to >
Lawsuit takes aim at Ohio law requiring public employees who don't join union to pay fees
Jun 27, 6:38 AM: On the eve of a likely U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will address whether public unions can collect fees from nonmembers, a lawsuit filed in federal court seeks to challenge Ohio's law. The lawsuit was filed by Sarah Lee, >
GOP advancing e-school changes, protecting schools who took ECOT students
Jun 27, 6:14 AM: Ohio lawmakers are set to protect what is now the state’s largest online charter school from seeing its sponsor’s rating impacted by the large number of ECOT students enrolled after that school shut down in January. >
Column: Better late than never to rein in funding abuses — but still late
Jun 22, 5:15 AM: The Republican move to set up an online charter school study committee is an obvious attempt to get in front of what is shaping up as a major black eye for Ohio Republicans and as useful campaign ammunition for Ohio >
Dayton Tech charter school renewed for another year after closure threat
Jun 21, 7:05 AM: Dayton Business Technology High School will remain open for the 2018-19 school year, after the Dayton school board approved a new one-year sponsorship deal.
As Yost, others press for action, House looking to pass e-school changes
Jun 20, 6:16 AM: ECOT has been auctioned off in pieces, but the enrollment count issue that led to its downfall and is impacting other Ohio online schools so far remains unaddressed as state lawmakers prepare to head into a summer break. >
Ohio looks toward future of e-schools as ECOT assets are sold off
Jun 18, 6:26 AM: Ohio is still waiting for a state Supreme Court ruling that will either drive the final nail into ECOT's coffin or let the controversial online school rise from the dead.
Report: Portage schools lost $6M to ECOT in 6 years
Jun 18, 6:21 AM: More than $6 million was diverted from Portage County schools to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow over the past six years, according to a recent report.
Fate of charter school Phoenix Academy up in the air
Jun 1, 6:21 AM: School leaders met Thursday about the fate of Phoenix Academy, a charter school offering credit recovery. Phoenix board members got word earlier this week that Toledo Public Schools leaders are considering suspending the >



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