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Columbus Teachers Union Still Negotiating Over District's Reopening Plan
Jul 2, 8:10 AM: Tuesday night, Columbus City Schools recommended a fall reopening plan that would balance in-person classes with remote learning for grades K-8, but high school students completely out of the classroom for at least the >
Charter school parents, admins concerned with decision to use RTA buses for non-DPS students
Jun 26, 6:36 AM: Non-DPS charter students will now have to ride RTA buses to school or find alternate forms of transportation. The decision was made June 16 by the DPS Board of Education after a recommendation by Superintendent Dr. >
Coronavirus: No remote learning for DPS students unless DeWine shuts schools, Lolli says
Jun 25, 6:22 AM: Dayton Public Schools, when classes begin Monday, Aug. 17, will forge ahead and not implement remote learning unless the governor shuts down the schools, Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli said Wednesday night.
Editorial: Accountability and options point to better schools
Jun 18, 6:47 AM: Some of those proposals test the idea of independent school districts and thus are unlikely ever to happen. But the main message — shine a light on school performance and give parents options if they aren’t happy with >
Dozen Ohio Horizon Science Academies sue Ohio Department of Education over denied grant funding
Jun 16, 6:12 AM: A dozen Horizon Science Academies, part of a series of charter schools in Ohio, are suing over denied Ohio Department of Education grant money, claiming the rules for the grant were changed after the application process. >
School law full of graduation, funding, religion changes approved
Jun 12, 7:36 AM: Ohio legislators passed a wide-ranging education bill this week, affecting graduation rules for current high school students, restoring funding for some suburban schools, protecting religious expression in schools, but >
Cincinnati Public has four ideas for fall education, including continued remote learning
Jun 11, 6:51 AM: Three of the four scenarios include distance learning for some portion of the school week. The fourth option is a return to in-person classes five days a week. All the options, considering that schools could again be shut >
Coronavirus in Ohio: DeWine ‘fully intends’ to reopen schools this year
Jun 3, 7:44 AM: With school funding the single-biggest ticket item in the state budget — accounting for 35% of all spending — K-12 classrooms could be in line for significant reductions absent an infusion of rainy day cash. >
Parma City Schools creating virtual academy as alternative for uneasy parents worried about COVID-19
Jun 3, 7:16 AM: While administrators and educators expect the fall to be a mix of limited in-school curriculum with remote learning, there’s also a growing number of families who are uncomfortable sending their kids -- despite social >
KIPP Columbus honors Class of 2020, its first graduating seniors
Jun 2, 6:38 AM: Though the Sunday ceremony didn’t resemble what the 48 graduates had always envisioned because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was still memorable — and was capped with a surprise parting gift.
Editorial: More parental input needed as Ohio explores options to reopen schools in August
May 29, 6:55 AM: But parents’ voices themselves are critical. They need to be a key part of the process. If parents can’t be reassured that their local school-reopening plan is carefully considered, safe, and achievable, the plan will >
After months of remote learning, trials remain for students, teachers
May 28, 6:55 AM: Though the academic year is coming to a close, school leaders are preparing for the possibility that remote learning continues in the fall. The method has brought with it challenges for educators and students. >
Akron Public Schools Prepares for Possible Influx of Charter School Students
May 27, 7:35 AM: The coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented economic concerns for state government. In early May, the governor ordered state departments to cut spending by $775 million through the end of June. Cuts to education >
Letter: Ohio should expand school choice during the coronavirus crisis, not constrict it
May 20, 6:16 AM: Rather than end a program that has benefited thousands of Ohio’s children, and return to the one-size-fits all education approach that has failed so many students, policymakers should look for smart and innovative >
Large number of students not doing distance learning at some Northeast Ohio schools
May 19, 7:38 AM: But Akron Public Schools told us just 46 percent of students are logging in regularly. In Parma, 49 percent. One charter school teacher we checked with told us involvement ranged from 53 percent to 79 percent depending on >
Opinion: Rethinking school vouchers during a pandemic
May 15, 6:34 AM: Ohio families face serious financial challenges, and state government is already strained. Local funds for public schools will be unpredictable as individual taxpayers are hard-pressed to pay property taxes. State support >
Youngstown Plan upheld | City schools can keep CEO, distress commission
May 14, 6:37 AM: The Youngstown Board of Education filed a lawsuit that made its way to the Ohio Supreme Court, arguing that the law now commonly referred to as the Youngstown Plan was not constitutional in its creation. The court >
Ohio plan envisions masks for students and teachers, at-home temperature checks when schools reopen
May 14, 6:29 AM: A draft state plan offering guidelines on how Ohio schools can safely reopen this fall envisions daily at-home temperature checks, hand-sanitizing stations, and required face masks for students and teachers, among other >
Students look at alternate options while waiting on decisions about fall semester
May 8, 6:36 AM: High School Seniors missed a lot of important moments when schools suddenly closed. And now, they’re worried about missing out on another important part of their lives; that first year college experience. >
Ohio K-12 students could go to school two days a week in fall, with online learning
May 6, 7:48 AM: Ohio students could return to the classroom in August, going to school to two days in a week, supplemented with online learning, Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday.



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