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Ohio Senate backs change in teacher evaluations over Cleveland objections
Mar 23, 6:41 AM: The Ohio Senate voted Wednesday to drastically change how test scores are used to rate teachers -- a shift that teachers applaud but which is drawing some complaints from Cleveland, the school district that uses the >
Partnership paves high school students’ path to insurance industry
Mar 22, 4:59 AM: Through a partnership between Ohio Dominican University, Canal Winchester Local Schools and Motorists Insurance Group, high school students like Sy have an opportunity to get training to prepare them for a career in >
Republicans push attendance reform in charter schools following years of reported taxpayer abuse
Mar 12, 5:02 AM: A plan to send tax dollars squandered by charter schools back to the local school districts they cheated — and not to the state — has cleared the Ohio House.
Two Columbus charter schools get combined $3 million in grants to expand
Mar 9, 7:28 AM: Two Columbus charter schools will receive a combined $3 million from the state to help finance expansions and renovations of their school facilities.
Critics Of Kasich's Education Takeover Crowd Into Statehouse
Mar 9, 6:33 AM: Kasich and House Republicans say the plan to combine the Department of Education, the Department of Higher Education and Office of Workforce Transformation office would streamline education for career-readiness. The new >
Diploma program prepares central Ohio high school students for global economy
Mar 6, 8:01 AM: The program aims to introduce students to different ideas and people so they’re better equipped to work in a global business world. It also helps students meet with people from different countries, such as refugees from >
Cincinnati school helps troubled youth literally fight for better future
Mar 6, 7:13 AM: Dohn is a charter school. In many ways, it’s like any other high school. Students are expected to excel in the classroom. The difference between Dohn and other schools, excelling in academics is something many of the >
New online school will help fill ECOT void
Mar 5, 7:08 AM: After months of drama surrounding Ohio online charter schools and closures leaving thousands of students scrambling, the state will get its first new e-school since 2012-13.
Ohio House passes tax breaks for K-12 school costs
Mar 1, 8:02 AM: The Ohio House passed a new $20 million income-tax deduction that critics say will largely benefit the state’s wealthy who are saving to pay for their children’sprivate education.
Kasich officials push for merger of state education agencies
Feb 28, 7:57 AM: Top officials of Gov. John Kasich’s administration stepped up Tuesday to support a bill that would give the governor direct control over the Ohio Department of Education, but some legislators are skeptical. >
Alternative school plans progress in Hancock County
Feb 22, 6:38 AM: An informational workshop was held Tuesday at Weirton’s L.B. Millsop Primary with officials from Hancock County Schools and Brooke County Schools in attendance. A plan currently is being developed to use the school, set to >
Non-renewing a school for non-traditional students
Feb 22, 6:27 AM: A school for nontraditional students has not been renewed by its sponsor organization and will close. A school for nontraditional students has not been renewed by its sponsor organization and will close. Life Skills Center >
Constellation schools offer choice in Lorain, principal says
Feb 21, 7:16 AM: Parma-based Constellation Schools will celebrate the district’s 20th anniversary this year. The charter school district has grown to about 5,000 in 16 schools across northeast Ohio, including in Lorain, where Constellation >
Reform proposal would weaken State Board of Education
Feb 15, 6:23 AM: House Republicans on Wednesday proposed a sweeping overhaul of Ohio’s educational structure, removing many of the powers of the State Board of Education and state superintendent and giving them to a new cabinet-level >
Chief justice on ECOT claim for state money: 'How is that not absurd?'
Feb 14, 7:26 AM: As ECOT attorney Marion Little finished his arguments for why, under the law, the online school should get full funding for students even if they only log in once a month and do no work, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor >
Ohio's charter school quality crackdown claims a big-city victim - the Cincinnati school district
Feb 14, 6:05 AM: Ohio's push to improve charter school quality has booted a major city school district - the Cincinnati Public Schools - out of the charter school business.
State school board votes to recover $19 million from ECOT
Feb 13, 6:27 AM: The state school board voted today, as expected, to recover $19.2 million from the ECOT online charter school for alleged overpayments to the school for the 2016-17 school year.
ECOT goes to Ohio Supreme Court with $80 million, its survival and state's control of charter schools on the line
Feb 12, 8:18 AM:

The two-year battle over state funding for the ECOT online charter school goes to the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday, with at least $80 million in tax dollars, the future of the school and Ohio's approach to charter schools >

Another Online Charter Will Close This Year, Affecting 1,300 Ohio Students
Feb 12, 6:29 AM: Insight School of Ohio, which is based in Columbus, will be closing its doors in June after the school’s sponsor, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, decided not to renew its charter.
Another Ohio online charter in danger of closing after losing sponsor
Feb 9, 7:26 AM: Columbus-based Insight School of Ohio received notice from its sponsor, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, on Dec. 18 that its charter will be allowed to expire June 30.



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