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Don’t penalize us for failing schools, charter overseers say, if management is good
May 23, 5:37 AM: Failing grades at charter schools shouldn't bring automatic penalties, Ohio's charter oversight organizations say, so long as schools have good oversight otherwise.
Teachers of Stepstone Academy charter school vote to unionize
May 18, 5:44 AM: The Stepstone Academy charter school today became the fifth charter school in Cleveland to have a teachers union.
Some school districts tail parents to check where family actually lives
May 16, 6:26 AM: Fake addresses, leased apartments that go unused, long-distance commutes to drop kids off at school bus stops: Some parents go to great lengths to enroll their children in a desirable school district, or to keep them there once they >
State senator stumps for major school vouchers expansion
May 12, 5:05 AM: State Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima), made a stop in Mansfield to rally support for a major expansion of private school vouchers that would make school choice scholarships available to families with incomes of up to $98,400 for a >
Lawmaker says rule-making change won’t help ECOT, but…
May 11, 6:07 AM: Last week, it was a mystery amendment slipped into the two-year state budget bill that impacted the ability of charter sponsors to continue to sponsor some e-schools, even if their ratings drop. No one in the House wanted to claim >
Hearing officer rules ECOT owes state $60 million
May 11, 6:03 AM: A state hearing officer ruled against ECOT on Wednesday, determining the online school owes $60 million for enrollment that cannot be justified.
ECOT founder William Lager defends online school at statehouse rally
May 10, 6:16 AM: William Lager, the rarely-seen founder of the controversial Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) online charter school, gave a passionate defense of his school at a rally outside the Ohio Statehouse today.
Judge in ECOT case can remain after his “oligarch” remark, Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor rules
May 9, 4:47 AM: Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor has declined to remove a judge from the ECOT online charter school's appeal of a state audit that could require it to pay back $60 million to the state.
School choice in some form imminent (CER in the news)
May 8, 7:23 AM: Those changes are what prompted state Sen. Matt Huffman to introduce Senate Bill 85. Under his proposal, which is being discussed in committee, three current voucher programs will be combined into one program called the Ohio >
Charter schools want more money to have “funding equity” with districts
May 8, 5:02 AM: John Zitzner isn't bothered that the Breakthrough charter schools he oversees have less money than the Cleveland school district. He expects that, since charter schools were created 20 years ago with a promise that private managers >
ECOT tells staff it must attend rally
May 5, 6:43 AM: Some employees of Ohio’s largest charter school are raising alarms that the administration is requiring them to attend a Statehouse rally Tuesday.
E-school leeway in budget bill was mistake and should be axed, House Republicans say
May 4, 6:23 AM: Leaders of the Ohio House say an e-school provision in the just-passed state budget bill should never have been included in the bill because it creates leeway for poor-performing online schools that they never intended.
Elyria Schools introduces Pioneer Academy
May 4, 5:30 AM: Elyria High School will be home to Pioneer Academy next school year, an online school with a physical presence in the district to serve as a safety net to catch students who aren’t on track to graduate.
Lawmaker says mystery charter school amendment appeared without warning
May 4, 5:11 AM: A mystery amendment tucked into the House-passed state budget would let some online charter schools avoid having their poor academic scores drive down a sponsor’s performance rating.
House plan gives charter school sponsors rated ‘effective’ today a perpetual pass on new
May 4, 5:01 AM: Amendments in the state budget bill would prevent the Ohio Department of Education from forcing academically failing charter schools to close — particularly online schools that have some of worst test scores in the nation and the >
An “escape hatch” for ECOT? Or just bad language? Change in state budget bill raises questions
May 3, 6:59 AM: The Ohio House voted Tuesday on a law change that would let online charter schools duck clear of the state's main charter school quality control efforts.
More than 1,000 rally at Statehouse for school choice
May 3, 5:06 AM: More than 1,000 students, teachers and school officials rallied outside the Statehouse today to thank lawmakers for helping parents have a choice about where their children attend school.
Stark residents rally in support of school voucher expansion
May 2, 5:12 AM: Students, parents and staff from Stark County Catholic schools are joining parochial and private schools from around the state Tuesday in a rally to encourage state lawmakers to pass a law that would give more families access to a >
House budget bill amendments water down Ohio’s charter school reform, critics say
May 1, 5:06 AM: Lawmakers are once again trying to determine if charter school lobbyists are watering down efforts to hold privately run public schools accountable.
Dennis Kucinich brings his attack on charter schools to Parma, Elyria
Apr 26, 7:00 AM: Former U.S. congressman and Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich has launched a verbal attack on charter schools for drawing students and money away from public school districts, while also looking to push for law changes next year.



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