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With coronavirus shutdown extended, Ohio schools prepare for long-term online learning
Apr 1, 6:59 AM: After nearly three weeks of uncertainty, districts in central Ohio are now pivoting toward their long-term plans for students to complete assignments from home, starting next week. On Monday, Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all >
Voucher freeze draws grumbles, but legislature’s easing of graduation rules and testing earn praise
Mar 27, 6:57 AM:

The state legislature is earning praise for its vote Wednesday to eliminate state tests and report cards this year and to let local schools decide which high school seniors can graduate amid the closure of schools due to >

Editorial: Free charter schools from profiteering operators
Mar 24, 5:22 AM: Two years after the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow’s brazen abuse of Ohio’s charter-school system led to the online school’s collapse, the Ohio House of Representatives finally are considering a reform that many >
EdChoice among legislation up in the air as Statehouse work paused
Mar 19, 6:09 AM: The April 1 deadline looms for the Ohio legislature to decide on a plan for the state’s private school voucher program. The telework policies and lack of personnel in the Statehouse may throw a wrench in that timeline. >
Columbus school board president says educators continue to work, plan during coronavirus shutdown
Mar 19, 5:49 AM: In Columbus City Schools — the state’s largest district with about 50,000 students enrolled — children won’t be required to complete work from home. But the district’s academic team has provided online resources for >
‘Digital divide’ leaves some schools giving lessons on paper, some online during coronavirus closures
Mar 18, 6:32 AM: The Cleveland school district provides some lessons to students online and through smartphones, but because Internet access in the city is limited, it has to print out lessons to pass out on paper during the coronavirus >
Bill Would Force Ohio Charter Schools To Make Changes
Mar 13, 6:57 AM: Charter schools are non-profit by law, but around 178 are managed by for-profit operators. The bill from Republican Gayle Manning and Democrat Jeffrey Crossman would require those operators to be non-profit as well by >
Ohio Gov. DeWine announces 3-week spring break for Ohio schools to control coronavirus
Mar 13, 5:54 AM: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday that all Ohio schools will have a three-week spring break - starting next week - as precaution against the spread of coronavirus.
Ohio lawmakers move to ban for-profit charter school operators
Mar 12, 6:02 AM: Ohio has 178 charter schools that contract with a for-profit operator, and they would all have to switch to a nonprofit or close if a bipartisan bill introduced Wednesday in the Ohio House becomes law.
Ohio college students’ degree rates among fastest-growing in U.S.
Mar 11, 6:22 AM: Ohio college students’ degree completion rates were among the fastest-rising in the nation over the past four years, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse.
Opinion: Voucher expansion jeopardizes our public schools
Mar 9, 7:16 AM: On March 18, Ohio public school teachers, administrators and parents will rally in Columbus to speak out on the Ohio General Assembly’s latest scheme to divert tax dollars from public to private schools. >
Column: Charter schools equipped to help young scholars succeed
Mar 5, 7:06 AM: With more than 125,000 students enrolled in 381 charter schools across Ohio, including 310 students at United, the benefits are clear. Charter schools have helped narrow the achievement gap by providing all children access >
What private schools use the most vouchers in Ohio? A few may surprise you
Mar 4, 7:13 AM: Catholic schools dominate the list of private schools using the most vouchers in Ohio, but a few Jewish schools in East Side suburbs are near the top.
Editorial: Vouchers fix needed
Feb 27, 7:54 AM: For now, legislative leaders need to get their heads together and fix the mess they created by letting the EdChoice program expand based on a flawed assessment tool and waiting until the last minute to address that >
DeWine to Meet with Legislative Leaders on EdChoice School Voucher Fix
Feb 25, 7:00 AM: Ohio's Gov. Mike DeWine is calling for a meeting with the state's top leaders in the Senate and House to come up with a resolution on school vouchers. For weeks, the future of the EdChoice program has been the topic of hot >
No deal on school vouchers as lawmakers head home
Feb 24, 7:11 AM: Ohio lawmakers are preparing to head home without a deal on school vouchers — leaving districts, parents and educators to wonder whether a compromise can be reached by the April 1 deadline.
Opinion: Private interests are wrongly shaping education policies in Ohio
Feb 21, 6:47 AM: The great uproar around EdChoice should have us asking about how policy is made: specifically, whose voices are being elevated, and whose are being diminished, when Ohio education policy is being created?
Voucher schools escape test score scrutiny
Feb 19, 6:26 AM: An F grade for Cleveland Heights High School’s graduation rate let more students use vouchers this year, officially to escape a “failing” school for a better one. But Ohio doesn’t assure that schools that accept vouchers >
EdChoice Families Back Ohio Senate's School Voucher Plan
Feb 18, 6:33 AM: One by one, EdChoice students and parents supported a plan passed by the Senate to expand income-based vouchers to 300% of the federal poverty level while keeping 420 school buildings on EdChoice, which is based on school >
Dems Call Income-Based School Vouchers Fairer For Families And Schools
Feb 14, 6:33 AM: Democratic state lawmakers are pushing for legislation that phases-out EdChoice private school vouchers, which are based on public school performance.



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