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ECOT bid for easier grades raises conflict of interest concerns over sponsor's role
Sep 22, 5:35 AM: An apparent conflict of interest in Ohio's charter school system is about to become a major factor in the ECOT online school's bid to survive by becoming a dropout prevention and recovery school.
See how closely Ohio school report card grades trend with district income
Sep 19, 6:25 AM: The wealthier a school district, the better the district tends to do on the annual school report cards released by the Ohio Department of Education, and this year is no different.
Charters again higher than Dayton schools on tests but lower in growth
Sep 18, 5:42 AM: Local charter schools for the second straight year scored higher than Dayton Public Schools in achievement – and widened that gap — but charters were lower in year-over-year progress, according to state report card data >
Dem guv candidate digs into charter-school issue
Sep 18, 5:02 AM: Dayton Mayor and Ohio Democratic governor candidate Nan Whaley Monday in Athens called out Ohio’s ongoing charter-school scandals as “crony capitalism” tied to campaign financing for Ohio elected officials who have failed >
Ohio Issues School Report Cards, And It's Bad News For Charter Schools
Sep 15, 6:21 AM: Ohio’s school report cards are out, and the state says its 1.7 million school kids are doing better academically across all subjects, and across different economic and racial groups. But there are mixed grades for Ohio’s >
Ohio Supreme Court accepts only one point in ECOT appeal
Sep 15, 6:08 AM: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and its supporters had three matters pending before the Ohio Supreme Court in its battle against the state over repaying $60 million for unverified student enrollment.
Will Say Yes to Education help pay your child's college tuition? Charter school students' fate still to be decided
Sep 14, 5:14 AM: Cleveland will now have to make its own decision - a potentially controversial one for a school district that has built its improvement plan around bridging the often-bitter divide between districts and charters. >
Ohio Supreme Court accepts ECOT appeal - but on only one point
Sep 14, 4:58 AM: The Ohio Supreme Court decided to hear ECOT’s appeal of an appeals court decision upholding an Ohio Department of Education order to repay the state $60 million for unverified student enrollment.
ECOT would have far fewer at-risk kids than other "dropout" schools in Ohio
Sep 13, 5:24 AM: The ECOT online school won't have to reach any lofty standards to become a "dropout" school - a change that would give the school an easier report card and let it avoid repercussions for its persistent F grades. >
1 in 6 central Ohio schools has chronic attendance problems
Sep 11, 7:05 AM: Students who are not at school and not being home-schooled are unlikely to be learning. If they are missing school frequently, they are falling farther and farther behind classmates.
A conflict of interest for charter school sponsor St. Aloysius? Cleveland panel raises questions
Sep 5, 5:56 AM: The close relationship between St. Aloysius Orphanage and Charter School Specialists, the for-profit company it pays to oversee charter schools on its behalf, has raised conflict of interest concerns for Cleveland city >
Advertising, legal bills among millions ECOT spending
Sep 5, 4:55 AM: ECOT has spent at least $2.25 million in taxpayers’ money to pay attorneys for its thus-far-unsuccessful fight to keep the state from basing its funding on whether students participate in daily classwork. >
Expanding KIPP Columbus charter school opens new high school
Sep 5, 4:48 AM: The Knowledge is Power Program, which started out in Columbus in 2008 with 50 fifth-graders in an old elementary school in Linden, opened a new high school building on Aug. 17 to add to its elementary and middle schools. >
Charter school sponsor gets a "free pass" from failing grades with split from University of Toledo
Aug 29, 5:12 AM: A prominent charter school sponsor will avoid potential penalties for the failing grades of its schools thanks to a special exemption in state law and by formally splitting from the University of Toledo.
How are your local districts handling online school?
Aug 28, 4:56 AM: Enrollment in purely online schools is dropping in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Education, but local districts are offering more online education within their schools, as laptop computers and iPads become the >
ECOT maneuver may represent final bid to remain open
Aug 24, 6:30 AM: Facing the possibility of losing its sponsor and being forced to close, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow has launched a plan to go from a major drag on its sponsor’s portfolio to a shining star — all without having to >
ECOT switches strategy to dropout recovery
Aug 23, 5:43 AM: ECOT, the online charter giant one study found produced more dropouts than any other school in the nation, is moving into a new line of business — “dropout recovery.
Thousands of Ohio students head back to class without leaving their homes
Aug 22, 5:48 AM: There are more 330 tuition-free charter or community schools in Ohio and portion of those are online, or e-schools.
Sandusky Schools superintendent blasts new charter school
Aug 21, 5:57 AM: Sandusky Schools’ leader came out swinging, telling residents a planned charter school in a former city school building is not good for families, or the district.
As school starts again, online teachers have to prepare, too
Aug 18, 4:56 AM: School starts this week in 16 local districts. Classrooms across central Ohio have been bustling with the hopeful activity of teachers setting up for a fresh new school year. That’s no less true for classrooms that operate >



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