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State leaders rip Ohio school takeover law, process so far called ‘a disaster’
Mar 15, 5:53 AM: Momentum to change Ohio’s school takeover law continues to increase, as the state superintendent criticized the system this week, and multiple legislators are preparing bills aimed at changing the law. >
Letter: Online public school worked for this family
Mar 14, 5:04 AM: We enrolled our son, Lucas, in Ohio Virtual Academy after he was bullied at his local school. When Lucas began kindergarten, we spoke with him about bullies, but we weren’t prepared for a teacher to be the assailant. The >
Tuition assistance, retraining top priorities for Ohio’s new higher-education chief
Mar 13, 6:01 AM: The new chancellor at the Ohio Department of Higher Education said college affordability and workforce training will remain a focus as the DeWine administration prepares to unveil its budget proposal.
State school district takeovers bring too many challenges to work, says State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria
Mar 13, 5:14 AM: State “takeovers” of struggling school districts - like have happened to the Lorain and East Cleveland schools in the last two years - create too much hostility and too many “challenges” to work well, State Superintendent >
Will state board keep lower high-school graduation requirements?
Mar 12, 5:40 AM: The Ohio Board of Education is expected Tuesday to recommend to state legislators options to earn a high school diploma beyond standardized testing.
Editorial: Ohio Legislature needs to rethink school takeovers
Mar 11, 5:29 AM: It took some doing, but Ohio came up with a solution for its under-performing schools that is proving to be worse than the problem.
State senator vows deeper look into local charter school
Mar 4, 8:08 AM: The Richard Allen charter schools in Dayton and Hamilton are still being run by a person who was sued by the state attorney general 18 months ago for her role in misspending $2.2 million in school money.
Ohio charter schools want more tax dollars
Mar 4, 6:09 AM: Charter schools in Ohio have long wanted more money from the state, but a history of well-publicized scandals, mismanagement and poor report card grades have made it hard to justify giving them any more tax dollars. >
State Defends School Takeover Law In Ohio Supreme Court Case
Feb 28, 7:14 AM: Lawmakers didn't violate the Ohio Constitution or a procedural rule when they passed a law that shifted control of poor-performing school districts, the state argued in a new filing at the Ohio Supreme Court, which is >
Springfield representative wants to change system for awarding school vouchers
Feb 28, 6:51 AM: Rep. Kyle Koehler, R-Springfield, said he plans to introduce legislation that will change the way the Ed Choice program chooses students to receive taxpayer-funded vouchers for private school.“More and more schools are >
ECOT gone for more than a year, but bitter court fights remain
Feb 26, 7:35 AM: ECOT is gone from Ohio’s education landscape but not from Franklin County courts. Ohio’s first online charter school, which quickly grew into Ohio’s largest charter school, has been closed for 13 months. But plenty of >
Editorial: Study shows urgent need to fix online charter schools
Feb 21, 7:13 AM: A new scholarly study of charter-school performance in Ohio offers only modest encouragement for those who want to see improvement in those schools, but it does make clear where reform efforts should be focused first: on >
Editorial: Rural online access lags behind
Feb 20, 7:48 AM: Much like electricity a century before, the internet is no longer a luxury item — it is a necessity in the modern world. Schools assign homework with an online component, and yet some students complain they cannot get >
Charter schools haven’t improved in Ohio, Stanford researchers find
Feb 20, 6:29 AM: Most charter schools - the “brick-and-mortar” schools where students come to a school every day - look great in the new findings, when they are compared to traditional public schools handling similar students. These >
New report highlights continued struggle of Ohio’s online charter schools
Feb 20, 6:21 AM: Overall academic performance at Ohio charter schools is a mixed bag, a new analysis released Tuesday says, but one fact is clear: Students at online charters are performing significantly worse.
Charter school teachers in Parma plan rare strike Tuesday
Feb 19, 7:33 AM: The Summit Academy charter school branch in Parma is facing a teacher strike Tuesday in a dispute over staffing levels.
Springfield students eligible for private school vouchers double
Feb 19, 6:39 AM: More Clark and Champaign County students, including those who attend nine Springfield City Schools, are eligible for state-funded vouchers to attend private schools next year.
Column: State reins in the ‘Wild West’ of charter schools
Feb 13, 7:24 AM: Thankfully, the sun is setting on the “Wild, Wild West” era of chartering in Ohio. Many of the problems the state faced only five years ago — such as having too many sponsors and too many that didn’t use practices aligned >
No more for-profit charter school operators? Speaker Householder talks priorities
Feb 4, 8:16 AM: "One thing I believe we need to look at is what many states have done, and that is that charter schools are nonprofit in the state of Ohio,” said House Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, addressing a long-standing >
Charter School Advocates Want More Money for Facilities
Feb 1, 6:18 AM: Charter school advocates are calling on lawmakers to bump up their funding for facilities. They say the money now going to charters falls well below what they need. But critics say more changes should be made before a >



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