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Online teachers face real challenges in virtual classrooms
Nov 18, 7:39 AM: Although online education is still somewhat rare, experts say it's a possibility that teachers should be exposed to -- especially as more traditional brick-and-mortar schools adopt a "blended learning" curriculum that uses >
Voucher Program Targets Lakewood School For 'Underperforming'
Nov 5, 8:28 AM: The EdChoice program makes it easier for students to attend private school, if they live in districts with "under-performing" public schools.
Despite the naysaying, school busing worked: Richard M. Perloff
Oct 23, 7:24 AM: Yet, for all the criticism of busing, there is convincing evidence that busing helped narrow the achievement gap between Cleveland’s black and white students, while also increasing racial tolerance.
Program offers a jump start on college
Oct 15, 7:08 AM: According to information from the Ohio Department of Education, College Credit Plus allows students in seventh through 12th grade to take up to 30 college credits per year, and a maximum of 120 college credits. Students >
Youngstown begins process to create new school board
Oct 9, 5:43 AM: A committee that will select the panel to nominate candidates for the forthcoming mayor-appointed Youngstown Board of Education will meet 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the Youngstown Rayen Early College High School Community Room. >
Convert Lorain City Schools to charter schools to beat academic distress, candidate says
Oct 3, 4:43 AM: Converting Lorain City Schools to charter schools could be a way to regain local control of the district, said one of Lorain’s mayoral candidates.
East Cleveland Schools CEO discusses 'F' grade in state of district address
Oct 2, 6:02 AM: Tuesday night, the state-appointed president and CEO of East Cleveland City Schools gave the state of the district address.  The district got an 'F' on the recent state report card.
Editorial: No magic formula for turning around long-struggling schools
Sep 27, 6:17 AM: Above all, a system of intervention in struggling school districts should be built on classroom-level changes that experienced educators know can make a difference: more teachers, aides, tutors and counselors; intensive >
Poverty and poor performance linked in school report cards
Sep 20, 6:56 AM: Students in most of Ohio’s 337 lowest-performing schools, those getting overall Fs on their state report cards, lost academic ground last school year by failing to gain a full year of expected progress. >
State considers new model for takeover of low-scoring schools
Sep 18, 5:29 AM: Just five days after the latest state report card labeled some local schools with “D” and “F” grades, the state Senate is weighing a proposal for a new system of state takeover for schools with the lowest-scoring >
Cincinnati teachers union voices opposition to Teach for America. Board candidate disappointed
Sep 17, 6:35 AM: For the first time, the teachers union at Cincinnati Public Schools formally voiced its opposition to Teach for America. The move was designed as a slap on a school board candidate with ties to the program, union officials >
Local charter school report card grades still low, but improving
Sep 17, 5:36 AM: Charters in area outpace urban district schools in test scores and progress.
What has changed for e-schools since the ECOT fallout?
Sep 16, 7:19 AM: Lexus Wills, 19, of Newark, Ohio, has nothing negative to say about her online alma mater. She loved the virtual charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, for the flexibility it afforded her and had enrolled >
State touts school improvement; ex-leader calls some gains misleading
Sep 16, 5:53 AM: Ohio Department of Education officials expressed optimism about higher statewide scores on the 2018-19 school report cards, but a former state school board president said some of the gains were a meaningless result of >
‘I refuse to let the report card define us’: Springfield superintendent after ‘F’ grade
Sep 13, 5:47 AM:

Springfield City School District dropped a grade to an ‘F’ overall on state report cards which were released on Thursday morning.

State would take over schools after six years of failing to improve, under new plan
Sep 11, 5:24 AM: The Ohio Senate is debating yet another proposal to overhaul state takeovers of struggling school districts, with the latest plan calling for state-funded analysis of troubled schools followed by intense state intervention >
Program for helps high school dropouts find a future
Sep 10, 5:59 AM: But everything thing changed for both of them when they discovered Youth Build. It's a public, non-profit charter school in north Columbus that helps kids ages 16 to 21 graduate from high school and learn a trade at the >
Shortcomings in educating poor students drags Ohio’s rating down
Sep 6, 7:27 AM: With some of the worst scores in the nation for poverty-based student achievement gaps, funding discrepancies for the neediest schools, and limited success of adults, Ohio made little improvement in educating children this >
After 20 years of charter schools, what's worked and what hasn't
Sep 6, 7:10 AM: The road has not been easy for all charters. 306 charter schools have closed their doors statewide since 1998. Just over 30 have closed in our area alone.
Summit Academy Parma teachers report new, positive atmosphere at charter school
Sep 3, 7:27 AM: After striking for nine days earlier this year over student learning conditions, Summit Academy Parma teachers are reporting a dramatic difference at the Stumph Road school.



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