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Rep. Brenner claim about ECOT donations draws fire
May 22, 6:03 AM: As he battles his opponent on Twitter, Rep. Andrew Brenner is taking heat for arguing that he never received campaign donations from ECOT, although the school’s founder is his largest contributor.
North Canton schools will launch online digital academy
May 17, 6:33 AM: By offering a group of online classes through the academy, North Canton City Schools will try to recover money lost to other digital programs. Students graduating from the academy will receive a Hoover High School >
E-school asks to exclude ECOT transfers from sponsor evaluations
May 16, 5:06 AM: The online Ohio Virtual Academy, now the largest charter school in Ohio, wants state lawmakers to shield it from potential consequences associated with accepting ECOT students with poor academic scores.
School that took ECOT students wants poor scores ignored
May 15, 5:36 AM: Maumee-based Ohio Virtual Academy and its sponsor are asking lawmakers to provide a “safe harbor” from potentially poor academic performance by students who transferred from the now-shuttered Electronic Classroom of >
Editorial: Ohio Republicans run from their ECOT past
May 14, 6:20 AM: Now there are two FBI investigations dogging Ohio Republicans in this election year. The latest involves the recently shuttered Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and its founder, Bill Lager. The Columbus Dispatch reports >
Local districts want money back after ECOT findings
May 14, 5:59 AM: Local educators would like to see the money taken from their districts to fund the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — once the state’s largest online charter school — returned to them after a state auditor on Thursday >
Auditor on ECOT school case: ‘I believe this may rise to a criminal act’
May 11, 5:54 AM: A state audit released Thursday says the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow purposely inflated the amount of time it claimed its students were engaged in learning, leading the now-closed online school to receive more money >
North Canton to launch digital academy
May 9, 6:40 AM: North Canton City Schools plans to launch a a tuition-free online digital academy for students in grades 9-12 who live in the district. Students would follow district curriculum and work toward a Hoover High School >
Editorial: Policing Online Charter Schools
May 9, 6:21 AM: With the dust still not settled regarding one charter, the online Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, state officials need to be doing their homework to avoid a similar dilemma in the future.
Letter: Ohio charter school teachers are paid less
May 8, 5:45 AM: The simple truth is that in 2018, most charter schools receive approximately half the funding as compared to traditional neighborhood district schools and in Cleveland the disparity is even greater.
ECOT used for-profit companies to hide source of attack-ad money, Yost says
May 7, 7:28 AM: Using private companies owned by Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow school founder Bill Lager, plus a media-production company run by his daughter, ECOT tried to hide the source of payment for nearly $250,000 worth of TV >
Approving bill would help rural schools
May 3, 6:13 AM: U.S. Rep Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, recently invited Switzerland of Ohio Local School District Superintendent Jeff Greenley to speak before Congress. Greenlee told the lawmakers about the many challenges districts like his >
Groups explore extent of ECOT 'hush money'
May 1, 5:09 AM: A pair of government watchdog groups have requested information from Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow’s Toledo-based sponsor to see how much money the now shuttered online school may have paid out to former employees to >
Editorial: Clarify regulations to finally banish ECOT demons
Apr 30, 6:11 AM: The ghost of the defunct Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow online charter school is haunting Ohio’s 2018 political races, and that’s no surprise. The school’s 18-year history in Ohio, featuring dismal academic performance >
Editorial: Ohio Republicans campaign in the shadow of ECOT Published
Apr 30, 5:42 AM: Except for a brief period a decade ago, Republicans have been in charge of Ohio for a quarter-century. They constructed the charter school system here, now consuming $1 billion a year in public money. They have been >
Moratorium sought on school takeovers
Apr 30, 5:20 AM: Smith said there are school districts in the area he represents that are in danger of a state takeover under the provisions of House Bill 70, which strips virtually all power from the superintendent and elected school >
Jim Waters: Charter opponents don’t have Ohio to kick around anymore
Apr 30, 4:44 AM: During the raging debate in recent years about whether Kentucky would join America’s education civilization by allowing charter schools, Ohio’s dismal charter performance became a favorite whipping boy of school-choice >
Opinion: Thanks to the Ohio Autism Scholarship, our son receives therapies needed to succeed in the classroom
Apr 30, 4:39 AM: Ohio's Autism Scholarship Program is the nation's only private school choice program designed for students with autism. Unlike other scholarship programs, autism scholarships aren't limited to tuition, and parents are >
Democrats say ECOT allegations should already be under criminal investigation
Apr 25, 5:45 AM: Democrat Steve Dettelbach, a former federal prosecutor, says state officials — including Auditor Dave Yost — should not have waited to refer to law enforcement allegations that ECOT officials intentionally inflated >
Schiavoni wants criminal probe of ECOT attendance claims
Apr 24, 7:11 AM: A whistleblower last year told the Ohio Department of Education and the state auditor’s office that even after the state demanded that an online charter school repay millions, school officials ordered staffers to >



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