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Advocate of charter schools says Ohio shortchanges their students
Jan 22, 7:50 AM: As the DeWine administration crafts a new two-year state operating budget, a conservative school-choice advocate is highlighting that Ohio charter schools are getting thousands of dollars less per pupil than traditional >
For-profit management companies are receiving rents from the Ohio charter schools they operate that are significantly higher than rents of comparable buildings in the same area, according to a report released by former state auditor Dave Yost. Cinci
Jan 22, 5:50 AM: For-profit management companies are receiving rents from the Ohio charter schools they operate that are significantly higher than rents of comparable buildings in the same area, according to a report released by former >
More students may switch to private schools thanks to low performance grades at public schools
Jan 16, 7:22 AM: When a school receives a low performance index score they're designated as an EdChoice School. Under the state of Ohio, students who attend EdChoice schools become eligible to apply for scholarships to go to private >
Editorial: It’s time to make e-school funding accountable in Ohio
Jan 14, 7:39 AM: Ohio has spent years shoring up regulation and oversight of its charter schools, trying to clean up the mess created by the campaign-donor-friendly, anything-goes approach that marked the origin of charter schools in the >
Private school voucher program to nearly double; some suburbs affected
Jan 14, 6:25 AM: The number of Ohio students who are eligible to pay for private schools with state-funded vouchers will almost double next school year because of a change in the Ohio voucher system, according to Ohio Department of >
Lower state report card grades open door for massive expansion of vouchers, charter schools
Jan 14, 5:43 AM: Tougher state tests and lower grades for schools and districts across Ohio have opened the doors for a potentially massive expansion of vouchers and charter schools.
Column: ECOT report arrived too late to impact election
Jan 4, 8:12 AM: Had the report — which took about three years to complete — come out just a couple of months earlier, it might have had an effect on the elections for governor, attorney general, state auditor, and maybe a few others. >
Charter schools not a goal in Lorain, CEO says, but improvement needed soon
Dec 20, 8:04 AM: Despite rumors to the contrary, the Lorain City Schools administration does not want the district to convert to charter schools, said CEO David Hardy Jr. But change needs to happen sooner rather than later for Lorain >
Editorial: Set graduation standards that stick, then provide for them
Dec 14, 8:02 AM: It is an unsatisfying nonresolution to an important problem: how to ensure that bearers of diplomas from Ohio high schools are prepared for careers, college and citizenship in the 21st century. The education establishment >
Auditor recommends changes to how state funds online schools
Dec 14, 7:47 AM: As lawmakers consider changing how Ohio funds online charter schools, the state auditor recommends they consider models factoring in student performance or testing.
Thousands of Ohio high school seniors graduate thanks to looser requirements
Dec 12, 6:50 AM: Lawmakers’ decision to give high school students additional options to earning a diploma prevented the drop in Ohio’s graduation rate that many had feared.
Gov. John Kasich says Ohio’s K-12 education system needs ‘fundamental restructuring’
Dec 11, 6:13 AM: Outgoing Gov. John Kasich on Monday mulled openly about the future of Ohio’s economy, saying that the state’s K-12 education system needs a “fundamental restructuring” that involves more direct involvement by the business >
New Toledo charter school to focus on language arts
Dec 10, 7:25 AM: The academy will have a strong language arts-based curriculum. Courses will include penmanship, spelling, phonics, western and international history, math, and science, Mr. Pruger said. Students will also be expected to >
Want a model for Ohio? Look at LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ school
Dec 6, 7:50 AM: A legislative task force that examined perhaps the most systemic problem in education, the poverty achievement gap, has unveiled a list of recommendations, some of which would require lawmakers to pony up serious money. >
Hearing on charter school draws foes, supporters
Dec 6, 6:12 AM: A proposal to open a fourth charter school in the city got a mostly negative reception at public hearing Wednesday, when an audience dominated by local educators said the school would be run by an out-of-towner with few >
Hundreds of Toledo high school students at risk of not graduating if bill isn't passed
Dec 5, 6:58 AM: With hundreds of Toledo Public Schools seniors and thousands of other students across the state at risk of not graduating, the TPS board of education held a special meeting Tuesday to urge lawmakers to extend the relaxed >
Performance of Toledo's charter schools on par with public counterparts
Dec 3, 8:03 AM: Mrs. Withrow is one of thousands of parents who have turned to charter schools — public educational institutions that receive taxpayer funding but are independent of local districts — as an alternative education option for >
Editorial: Charter school crisis is not a partisan issue
Dec 3, 7:40 AM: As Ohio legislators and public education officials continue cleaning up years of mistakes regarding charter schools, precisely what went wrong is not known fully.
Opponents of school takeovers make case in Columbus
Nov 29, 6:54 AM: Representatives from Lorain Schools joined their Youngstown and East Cleveland counterparts at the Statehouse on Wednesday to lobby against House Bill 70 and in favor of a bill to block new academic distress commissions. >
Editorial: Charter schools in Ohio are still getting free ride
Nov 29, 5:38 AM: If any other industry slop- ping at the public trough had as many complaints against it as the charter school industry in Ohio, a major grand jury investigation would have been launched long ago.



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