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Ohio Education Association wants new voucher options vetoed
Nov 25, 7:10 AM: Senate Bill 89 would expand the number of students potentially eligible for the state’s EdChoice Program, which provides private-school vouchers for students. It’s been trumpeted as a victory for parents, but the Ohio >
Editorial: Proposed voucher fix is necessary first step
Nov 25, 6:54 AM: The question of what school vouchers should accomplish and who should be eligible for them has been up in the air for years; Ohioans deserve some certainty.
Review & Outlook: Ohio expands private school choice to half of all students.
Nov 24, 8:58 AM: The pandemic has been especially tough on low- and middle-income families, but the GOP Legislature in Ohio has given parents in their state something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving by passing a major expansion of >
Public school leaders ‘deeply disappointed’ by voucher overhaul
Nov 23, 8:13 AM: The following statement was issued jointly by three major Ohio education groups — the Ohio School Boards Association, Buckeye Association of School Administrators and Ohio Association of School Business Officials — in >
Ohio lawmakers send governor bill overhauling school vouchers
Nov 20, 7:43 AM: After nearly a year of delays, the Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday sent Gov. Mike DeWine what it hopes is a long-elusive fix to the state's school voucher program that earlier this year threatened to draw in >
Ohio Senate approves school voucher plan; bills to loosen gun training and lift fair ban
Nov 19, 7:02 AM: The Republican-controlled Ohio Senate on Wednesday approved a new system for awarding tax-funded vouchers for private school tuition in hopes of avoiding more confusion over who qualifies for assistance.
New Senate Plan For Ohio’s Ed Choice Program
Nov 18, 2:00 PM: Ohio lawmakers have been wrestling with how to make changes to the state’s Ed Choice private school voucher plan for more than a year. Too many schools and families have become eligible in recent years as the state has >
Opponents of state school takeovers plan letter flood
Nov 17, 6:39 AM: More than 160 critics of the state takeover of the East Cleveland, Lorain and Youngstown schools repeated their opposition to House Bill 70, which allowed academic distress commissions to take control of local school >
Republicans plan to overhaul Ohio's school voucher system
Nov 16, 6:57 AM: Ohio traditionally gives students in "underperforming" schools money to help pay for private school through a scholarship program called EdChoice. The problem, according to both Republicans and Democrats, is that the >
Column: Ohio lawmakers finally have a chance to pass a fair school funding plan
Nov 13, 7:58 AM: While the lame-duck session of the Ohio legislature is notorious for being a legislative free-for-all, this session could prove to be quite the opposite! It could complete the three-year journey and model process of >
Online charter school enrollment jumps by nearly 50%, more students leave local districts
Nov 12, 7:40 AM: School districts within central Ohio now battling a Coronavirus case increase are struggling to bring students or keep students in the classroom.
New Ohio school funding plan goes before legislature
Nov 9, 7:22 AM: Also, the plan changes how community schools and voucher systems are paid. The money will go to the school educating the student, rather than the home district and then passed on.
Remote learning highlights disparity between students in suburban & city schools
Nov 6, 7:20 AM: Northeast Ohio's schools have undergone an unprecedented experiment – as thousands of students started the school year learning in their homes, instead of in the classrooms.
Opinion: Charter schools shine in the fight for education equity
Oct 30, 6:52 AM: Dr. Lavertu’s study shows that Cleveland charters shine, producing notable academic gains for their students. To some, this will come as no surprise, as the city has long been home to many of Ohio’s finest charters. >
Cincinnati Public School parents grappling with education options in pandemic
Oct 29, 5:33 AM: As the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education prepares to meet and discuss the district's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents expressed frustration about the options currently available for their >
Parents react to CCS staying with remote learning until Jan. 15
Oct 21, 7:04 AM: Columbus City Schools will stay in remote learning until Jan. 15. Now, parents are voicing their concerns and opinions about the decision.
Gahanna-Jefferson teacher strike day 3, substitute teachers start next week
Oct 16, 8:33 AM: Teachers grew more vocal on the picket line Thursday and took their message to the Educational Service Center where the Gahanna-Jefferson school district is receiving substitute teacher help starting next week. >
Students at Ohio charter schools show greater academic gains, report finds
Oct 15, 8:40 AM: A new report found many Ohio students attending charter schools had larger gains on achievement tests, better attendance and fewer disciplinary incidents compared to their peers enrolled in traditional public schools. >
New Data Show Ohio Charter Schools Have Seen 8% Jump in Student Enrollment During Pandemic, Fueled By 38% Surge in Students Seeking Online Programs
Oct 15, 5:15 AM: Enrollment has soared at online charter schools in Ohio this fall as the COVID-19 pandemic creates uncertainty and confusion at traditional school districts.
Gahanna-Jefferson Teachers Go On Strike
Oct 13, 8:37 AM: The vote followed mediation with administrators on a plan to return to in-person classes with a hybrid model, which was scheduled to begin Tuesday.



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