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ECOT case stalls recovery of millions paid to other online schools
Apr 25, 5:47 AM: Ohio's attempts to recover about $20 million in state tax funding from eight online charter schools has stalled for more than six months while a much larger battle over more than $60 million from e-school giant ECOT lingers in >
Kucinich emerges to blister charter school operators
Apr 25, 4:53 AM: Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on the attack against Ohio’s charter-school industry — and associated “corruption” within the General Assembly.
Just 5 of 65 Ohio charter school sponsors qualify for new federal grants
Apr 24, 6:24 AM: Ohio won’t need nearly $22 million of a $71 million federal charter-school grant because state education officials don’t think there are enough potential new schools that will meet tougher performance criteria.
ECOT bailout or correction of state overreach?
Apr 21, 6:53 AM: The chairman of the Ohio House Education Committee wants to change the state’s new charter-sponsor evaluation system in a way that would lessen the impact of poor academic ratings on the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and other >
Impact of poor grades for big online schools could be cut in charter school oversight ratings
Apr 21, 6:14 AM: State Rep. Andrew Brenner wants to ease the blow to charter school overseers made by the poor grades of giant online schools. Brenner, chairman of the House Education Committee, plans to propose amendments to the state budget bill >
ECOT wants appeals court judge removed for comparing e-school founder to Russian oligarch
Apr 19, 6:21 AM: ECOT, Ohio's largest online school, has asked for appeals court judge Gary Tyack to step down from hearing its funding case with the state after the judge compared ECOT's founder to a Russian oligarch.
Giving tuition vouchers to middle class could have $70 million price tag for Ohio
Apr 14, 6:24 AM: Including the middle class in the state's private school tuition voucher program could easily cost Ohio taxpayers $70 million more a year, an analysis this week shows, though that amount is hard to predict.
Appeals court judge compares ECOT founder to Russian oligarch
Apr 14, 5:59 AM: Attorneys for the state and the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow dueled in oral arguments before a three-judge panel. The school is trying to overturn a trial-court decision and stop the state from using log-in durations to >
Massillon sisters graduate from e-school to college classroom
Apr 6, 6:05 AM: But for Scott and Janeen Robinson of Massillon, online schooling through Ohio Connections Academy has given their two daughters, Emily and Sarah Robinson, a rigorous, well-rounded education for the past nine years. They also credit >
Columbus schools sell 2 buildings to charter, 3rd to another buyer
Apr 5, 6:49 AM: A 17-year Columbus charter-school operation has accomplished what many charters only dream of: owning school buildings.
Legislation would return tax dollars mishandled in charter schools to the local school districts
Mar 29, 6:37 AM: Ohio Rep. Kristina Roegner says tax dollars recouped from mismanaged charter schools belong to local school districts, not the state.
Do vouchers give kids better educations? Ohio test results are mixed
Mar 27, 4:56 AM: The school voucher programs that some federal and state officials want to expand have mixed test results in Ohio that make it unclear how much more students learn than if they had stayed in their local public schools.
Local private schools use public funds in variety of ways
Mar 21, 5:26 AM: Amid debate in Ohio about the roughly $1 billion a year that goes to public charter schools, taxpayers might be unaware that a growing chunk of government money is going to private schools as well.
Almost all of Ohio’s voucher cash goes to religious schools
Mar 13, 4:49 AM: Almost all of the money from Ohio's main tuition voucher programs - 97 percent of it - flows to private religious schools, a Plain Dealer examination of records from the 2015-16 school year shows.
Cleveland teachers pass new contract killing most of merit pay plan
Mar 10, 7:40 AM: Cleveland teachers have accepted a new contract with the school district after months of heated negotiations, strike threats, a no-confidence vote for the district CEO and after rejecting an earlier proposed deal.
Yost questions if ECOT can comply with state attendance requirement
Mar 10, 7:23 AM: ECOT is showing no interest in following the Ohio auditor's recommendations on adapting to the state's requirements for tracking student enrollment.
Private schools’ $400M public check
Mar 9, 5:57 AM: More than $400 million was diverted this year from public schools in Ohio to private schools. The money was collected from taxpayers, pooled in state coffers and then passed through public schools and on to private >
New DPS Virtual E-School Aimed At High-Risk Students
Feb 28, 6:39 AM: Beginning this spring, Dayton Public high school students will be able to complete their studies online. The new Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy e-school is aimed at students who have already dropped out of school, or are at-risk >
Dayton Public to launch online school
Feb 27, 7:37 AM: Dayton Public Schools will launch an online school this fall with two main goals – preventing dropouts by offering a nontraditional model, and bringing back students who have left for other online schools, hurting district >
Elida board wants reimbursed for charters
Feb 22, 7:30 AM: Elida school board members sent a resonating message to both the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio legislature Tuesday. That message carried a price tag of $3.1 million.



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