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Ohio Senate votes to block expansion of voucher program
Jan 29, 6:24 AM: Shortly before midnight Tuesday the Ohio Senate voted to block this fall's massive voucher expansion that would have had Ohio public schools paying millions to send students to private or religious schools. >
Four Dayton-area charter schools win $2.9M in quality funding
Jan 28, 8:06 AM: Four Dayton-area charter schools will receive a total of $2.9 million in additional state funding this year after being designated as Community Schools of Quality under a new state program.
Senate Republican pitching a temporary fix for Ohio school voucher problem
Jan 28, 7:02 AM: Public school officials say this could devastate their budgets and force them to ask their communities for more money. But school-choice advocates say it’s cruel to yank these schools off a list that families have planned >
Opinion: Should state roll back expansion of voucher program?
Jan 27, 8:15 AM: Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program is exploding well beyond its original intent. It’s draining critical resources from public schools across the state and depriving our students of the critical resources they need for >
Cleveland schools’ voucher costs nearly double; district seeks fix
Jan 27, 8:02 AM: Vouchers are costing the Cleveland school district $23.5 million a year, nearly double what they cost just three years ago, as more students in the city use them and more suburban private schools are eligible to receive >
Column: Online school accountability requires strong engagement policies
Jan 24, 7:45 AM: Ohio Connections Academy received its state report card, and like many traditional school districts and charters across Ohio, our school received a “D.” As the superintendent at OCA I know there is no question we must do >
Editorial: Vouching for success
Jan 23, 7:01 AM: If the state had to take on 25 percent of the cost of these vouchers, state lawmakers’ interest in finding ways to help poor-performing districts improve would increase. Rather than pointing to failing schools and counting >
Parents, students urge lawmakers to keep current expansion on 'EdChoice' voucher program
Jan 22, 7:10 AM: Parents and students traveled from across Ohio to urge state lawmakers to keep the EdChoice program as is. The program offers vouchers to students who attend schools that struggle academically, so they can go to private or >
Charter school wants vacant Columbus City Schools building, but district won’t sell
Jan 20, 8:17 AM: The founder of a local charter school network says Columbus City Schools is violating state law by not selling a building that has sat vacant on the Near East Side for nearly six years.
Ohio private school voucher law to change, but devil’s in the details
Jan 20, 7:18 AM: When the House and Senate return to work Tuesday, they’ll have 10 days to get a bill through committee hearings, then floor votes in both chambers.
Letter: EdChoice undermines public schools
Jan 20, 7:16 AM: The rapid expansion of the Ohio EdChoice voucher program threatens to destroy public education in Ohio.
Opinion: School choice a matter of social justice
Jan 20, 6:32 AM: We are duty bound to support parents’ rights to be the primary educators of their children and to provide them educational options. True school choice includes options for public schools, private schools, religious >
Private school leaders discuss EdChoice amid push back from public schools
Jan 17, 7:12 AM: EdChoice Scholarships allow students in schools deemed underperforming to attend private schools, taking associated tax dollars with them.
Education leaders battle over school voucher growth
Jan 14, 6:40 AM: Local school officials are pushing back against the expansion of a school voucher program they say will funnel millions of dollars in much-needed funding from public schools to private schools.
State avoids “loophole” for charter school money, rejects applications for millions
Jan 13, 8:06 AM: The Ohio Department of Education has blocked a “loophole” that would have given millions in tax dollars to charter schools with bad grades by using another.
It’s a mess’: Butler County school leader continues to blast state EdChoice program
Jan 13, 6:02 AM: After pushing a public social media campaign against recent changes in private school vouchers, the leader of Butler County’s largest school district renewed his lobbying over coffee last week.
5 vacant Columbus school buildings to be sold
Jan 8, 7:50 AM: Any unused public school building must first be offered to charter schools at appraised market value before it can be sold, according to Ohio law. “High-performing” charter schools receive first priority. >
Loophole could give F-rated charter schools millions meant for better schools
Jan 6, 8:03 AM: East Academy, Cleveland Preparatory Academy and West Park Academy charter schools each scored an F on their latest state report cards. But school leaders are claiming they are “quality” schools, so they can receive new >
Letter: Ohio’s school voucher program is off the rails. Local property tax dollars should not go to
Jan 6, 7:37 AM: I am baffled about the Ohio school voucher program (“Voucher ‘fix’ gaining support in Columbus,” Dec. 22). I always thought the taxes that I pay would be for public schools in my neighborhood; at least that is how it used >
State lawmakers in a race against clock to limit expansion of costly school choice program
Dec 26, 7:13 AM: After the holidays, state lawmakers say they'll need to make a quick fix to a state scholarship program before the next application window opens for families February 1.



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