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Closed Cleveland schools could be snapped up by growing charter school chain
Jul 12, 6:46 AM: At least one charter school operator has his eye on buying schools the Cleveland school district might close as it consolidates struggling schools and sets its new building plan.
Internet service to be available in rural parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois through Microsoft-Watch Communications partnership
Jul 12, 6:10 AM: Most of us can’t imagine not having access to the internet in our homes or workplaces or at least at the corner coffee shop or library. But millions of people in the United States do not, including 621,000 in Ohio. >
Working into the night, lawmakers fail to reach deal on state budget
Jul 11, 6:10 AM: Legislators also have differed over language changing the state takeover of academically failing school districts and revising high school graduation standards.
Oversight of failed Ohio charter school job of little-known board
Jul 8, 7:17 AM: Are Lucas County voters responsible for the oversight of 53 Ohio charter schools? That question may be on voters’ minds after the latest development in the ongoing Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow debacle, which saw the >
Editorial: Ohio lawmakers have no good excuse for failing to pass budgets
Jul 2, 6:11 AM: With the possible exception of high-priced lobbyists who bill by the hour, no one wins when state lawmakers can’t meet deadlines for passing important legislation.
Providing New Pathway to Higher Education in Ohio
Jul 1, 6:23 AM: The growth of postsecondary online programs is breathing new life into the dreams of Americans, as well as boosting our workforce. But, the advantage of WGU Ohio’s model goes far beyond an online interface to truly bring >
Ohio’s school ‘takeover’ dispute: Suggest improvements — or force them?
Jun 26, 6:20 AM: How Ohio should handle the controversial state “takeover” of struggling schools boils down to a philosophical dispute in the legislature: Should the state recommend improvements to help troubled schools or force changes >
Columbus schools, teachers continue to negotiate as strike planning begins
Jun 25, 6:54 AM: Progress was made, but more than 11 hours of negotiations Thursday still couldn’t bring Columbus City Schools and its teachers union to a new contract agreement.
Columbus school board hires Michigan firm to prepare plans in event of teachers strike
Jun 19, 6:47 AM: The Columbus Board of Education unanimously agreed Tuesday to hire a staffing firm to prepare for the possibility of a teachers strike, and union members and supporters wasted no time in making their opposition known. >
Cincinnati Public Schools Wants To Add Lighthouse Charter School To It's Roster
Jun 17, 5:28 AM: A Madisonville charter school board is voting on a measure that could add them to Cincinnati Public School's roster.
Public and charter schools fighting for more money in next state budget
Jun 14, 6:48 AM: The statehouse now hosts a major debate on school funding as public and charter schools fight for more funds in the next state budget. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is proposing millions more for schools choice as some of the >
Householder: Senate robs from poor schools to pay richer ones
Jun 13, 8:04 AM: Given the poorer rural school districts populating his district, House Speaker Larry Householder takes issue with one education funding move by Senate Republicans.
ECOT sponsor to repay state $879,000
Jun 13, 7:06 AM: The supposed public “watchdog” over the failed Ohio internet charter school ECOT has agreed to repay the state $879,000, a small fraction of the total it was paid by taxpayers for its role in one of the largest financial >
Ohio charter school closure laws could be weakened
Jun 5, 7:31 AM: The Ohio legislature is poised to soften its toughest rule against poor academic performance of charter schools: the threat of automatic closure.
E-school funding reform could be delayed another year
May 29, 5:45 AM: Ohio is still far from solving its controversy over the best way to pay for online schools. Some e-schools, like Akron Digital Academy, whose students are shown above, had to close as part of that fight.
State “takeover” of schools could be replaced by consultants, new state panel
May 29, 5:29 AM: Yet another proposal to rework Ohio’s controversial state “takeover” plan for struggling school districts is emerging in the state Senate: having outside consultants work with individual schools to improve them. >
Family Focus: Northwest Ohio Classical Academy is new this fall
May 24, 6:47 AM: "The nice thing about charter schools or community schools is that they're grassroots,” Principal Phillip Schwenk said. “So the only significant attribution I can give it is that there’s families here that care a lot about >
Column: 'Fess up, who's trying to kill off online college
May 10, 5:50 AM: At issue is the Western Governors University, a nonprofit virtual university that was established by the Western Governors Association in 1997 and became authorized in Ohio’s budget two years ago. It gets no money in the >
House changes could mean fewer schools with failing report cards
May 8, 5:13 AM: Fewer districts and school buildings would face failing report card grades under changes House Republicans are proposing in the revamped two-year budget bill.
Ohio House votes to end state school takeovers, but debate far from over
May 2, 5:26 AM: The Ohio House voted Wednesday to replace Ohio’s controversial system for taking over struggling school districts, though debate on the issue remains far from over as the Senate works on its own plan.



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