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Legislation would return tax dollars mishandled in charter schools to the local school districts
Mar 29, 6:37 AM: Ohio Rep. Kristina Roegner says tax dollars recouped from mismanaged charter schools belong to local school districts, not the state.
Do vouchers give kids better educations? Ohio test results are mixed
Mar 27, 4:56 AM: The school voucher programs that some federal and state officials want to expand have mixed test results in Ohio that make it unclear how much more students learn than if they had stayed in their local public schools.
Local private schools use public funds in variety of ways
Mar 21, 5:26 AM: Amid debate in Ohio about the roughly $1 billion a year that goes to public charter schools, taxpayers might be unaware that a growing chunk of government money is going to private schools as well.
Almost all of Ohio’s voucher cash goes to religious schools
Mar 13, 4:49 AM: Almost all of the money from Ohio's main tuition voucher programs - 97 percent of it - flows to private religious schools, a Plain Dealer examination of records from the 2015-16 school year shows.
Cleveland teachers pass new contract killing most of merit pay plan
Mar 10, 7:40 AM: Cleveland teachers have accepted a new contract with the school district after months of heated negotiations, strike threats, a no-confidence vote for the district CEO and after rejecting an earlier proposed deal.
Yost questions if ECOT can comply with state attendance requirement
Mar 10, 7:23 AM: ECOT is showing no interest in following the Ohio auditor's recommendations on adapting to the state's requirements for tracking student enrollment.
Private schools’ $400M public check
Mar 9, 5:57 AM: More than $400 million was diverted this year from public schools in Ohio to private schools. The money was collected from taxpayers, pooled in state coffers and then passed through public schools and on to private >
New DPS Virtual E-School Aimed At High-Risk Students
Feb 28, 6:39 AM: Beginning this spring, Dayton Public high school students will be able to complete their studies online. The new Dayton Innovation Virtual Academy e-school is aimed at students who have already dropped out of school, or are at-risk >
Dayton Public to launch online school
Feb 27, 7:37 AM: Dayton Public Schools will launch an online school this fall with two main goals – preventing dropouts by offering a nontraditional model, and bringing back students who have left for other online schools, hurting district >
Elida board wants reimbursed for charters
Feb 22, 7:30 AM: Elida school board members sent a resonating message to both the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio legislature Tuesday. That message carried a price tag of $3.1 million.
Senator proposes statewide scholarship program for private schools
Feb 22, 6:14 AM: In the continued legislative push favoring school choice in Ohio, a lawmaker introduced a plan Tuesday designed to help middle-class parents afford to send their kids to the private school of their choice.
Voucher money could be saved for college, future tuition under new proposal
Feb 21, 6:49 AM: A new tuition voucher program that will be proposed soon for Ohio comes with an added twist - a way for parents to stash away some of those tax-funded tuition subsidies for books, tutoring or later tuition needs.
Catholic schools are enrolling more special-needs students through scholarship voucher programs
Feb 16, 6:55 AM: Colton is able to attend St. William thanks to the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, an Ohio voucher program launched in 2012 that offers funds for students with learning disabilities or special needs to use toward tuition and >
E-schools and their funding are in state crosshairs again
Feb 13, 7:52 AM: The Democratic leader of the state Senate has put online charter schools in his crosshairs again this year, while Republicans in the state House are sorting out possible new ways of paying for the controversial e-schools.
Students rally against proposed state demands for online schools
Feb 9, 6:23 AM: Parents, students and supporters of ECOT (Education Classroom of Tomorrow) rallied inside the Statehouse Wednesday. They say the state’s proposed demands for online learning schools are unfair.
Area family finding online public school to be viable alternative option
Feb 7, 7:18 AM: Jill Hiles is a mother of two school-aged children. Both of them now go to an online public school after Hiles says the regular public school system turned a deaf ear to her concerns and her daughter's needs.
Kasich names Dayton charter school as innovation leader
Jan 25, 6:36 AM: Ohio Gov. John Kasich recognized seven Ohio schools that lead the way in innovation, including Dayton Early College Academy, a charter school on the campus of the University of Dayton.
Ohio unveils new plan to boost student achievement
Jan 20, 7:42 AM: A new statewide plan to improve student achievement sets a number of goals for reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing the graduation rate and providing more help to children in military families, those who are homeless and others >
Pro-Charter Group Says New Oversight Laws are Making a Difference
Jan 19, 6:21 AM: A pro-school choice group says Ohio’s new laws to create oversight and transparency of charter schools are working.  Its study claims that the law is weeding out the bad schools.
Local schools highlight school choice
Jan 19, 6:02 AM: When the subject of school choice comes up, usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds is the controversial subject involving charter schools. However, National School Choice Week focuses on the many different options of >



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