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Three years after diploma debacle, Durham charter school being reviewed again by state board
Feb 6, 8:27 AM: Nearly three years after Kestrel Heights high school was forced to close for giving unearned diplomas to 40% of its graduates, the State Board of Education will be reviewing the Durham charter school again Thursday – this >
Opinion: Governor extreme on school choice
Feb 5, 7:47 AM: Parental choice in education has gone mainstream in North Carolina. Among those notables who seem not to have gotten the memo yet is the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper.
Blended learning program to benefit students with lifestyle shifts
Feb 5, 7:42 AM: The Craven County School District is preparing to introduce a new, alternative way for students to attend school. Craven Live is a virtual school program that the district officials say has been in the works for more than >
NC charter schools lag behind traditional public schools in access to nurses
Feb 4, 8:27 AM: North Carolina charter schools, which are publicly funded and privately run, have an average of one nurse for every 3,129 students, while traditional public schools have one nurse for every 1,021 students. Ann Nichols, >
Letter: NC teachers, don’t strike. Work through legislative channels to get better pay
Jan 31, 8:50 AM: Regarding “Should NC teachers strike over pay?” (Jan. 26 Editorial): We have to keep in mind that government employees don’t generate profits, but they do lobby for more tax dollars, as evidenced by the North Carolina >
Letter: NC teachers’ strike would harm students’ education
Jan 30, 6:40 AM: As a retired public school teacher, I can relate to the teachers’ frustrations. However, denying students the opportunity for continuous and consistent learning is not the solution to the problem.
National School Choice Week: About 20% of N.C. students choose private, charter or homeschools
Jan 28, 6:04 AM: The John Locke Foundation is kicking off National School Choice Week with a talk from Robert Luddy, the creator of several charter and private schools in North Carolina.
With so many options, schools are wooing Wake families as application deadlines near
Jan 20, 6:39 AM: The Wake County school system is facing competition from charter schools, private schools and homeschooling for the more than 200,000 K-12 students who live in the area.
As state budget stalls, NC teachers gauge appetite for statewide strike
Jan 17, 8:43 AM: While North Carolina law bans public school teachers from striking, statewide educator groups are gauging teachers’ appetites for extended collective work stoppages.
Opinion: Harassment and school choice
Jan 15, 8:13 AM: Arguments about school choice often focus on academic outcomes. That makes sense. But the case for increased parental access to choice involves more than just academics. In some cases, parents seek alternatives to schools >
Opinion: Dispute over charter school denying opportunity to students
Jan 14, 8:22 AM: Recently, an editorial appeared that stated Old Main STREAM Academy could leak into the District 47 election. The main impetus for this charter school was to provide educational choice for students and parents in Robeson >
NC Charter School Academic Ratings Raise Board of Education Questions
Jan 9, 8:46 AM: North Carolina’s charter schools are seeing troubling trends in academic performance, even as their popularity grows.
Mecklenburg's Charter Boom Keeps Going, Tops CMS Forecast
Jan 9, 7:40 AM: Mecklenburg County's charter school enrollment grew to 21,028 this year, an even bigger increase than Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools budgeted for.
Charter school conversation could leak into District 47 election
Jan 9, 6:37 AM: But to the point of today’s Our View: Oxendine, perhaps by no choice, has become a key figure in an effort, stymied so far, to locate a charter school in Pembroke that would target American Indian students, although it >
Column: School District Argues 'Half Truths' About Charter Schools
Jan 8, 7:45 AM:

It’s becoming something of a seasonal space-filling ritual for The Pilot to air the complaint of Moore County Schools about the impact of charter school enrollment on its budget. The Dec. 8 story “With Student Growth, >

Proposed Asheville charter school to focus on black, low-income students
Jan 8, 7:37 AM: PEAK looks to aggressively address race and income-based academic disparities among Asheville students. Throughoutits application, PEAK rebukes Asheville City Schools and the broad gap in academic outcomes between the >
NC charter schools are 'trying to be even more intentional' about diversity. The state will be tracking their efforts
Jan 7, 8:13 AM: North Carolina charter schools are "trying to be even more intentional" about enrolling more economically diverse students, the head of North Carolina's Charter Schools Advisory Board said during a meeting last month. >
East Charlotte private school closure leaves families stranded in middle of the year
Jan 7, 7:30 AM: The sudden closure of an east Charlotte private school, where most students received state vouchers to cover tuition costs, has left families scrambling to find a new placement in the middle of the year.
Report looked at racial impact of NC charter schools. That section is being removed.
Jan 6, 9:47 AM: Portions of a new state report that questioned how much North Carolina’s charter schools may be contributing to racial segregation have been edited out.
Oxendine outlines path for charter school
Jan 3, 8:01 AM: State Board of Education member Olivia Oxendine extended an offer this week to help a proposed Pembroke-based charter school, whose application was rejected by the state late last year.



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